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1k-all-the-way Jul 1, 03 10:09 pm

connection time advice at LHR
I will be arriving at LHR on a UA flight at 06:25 (term 3). I need to buy a connecting tix on bmi to CDG. There is a flight at 07:55 then another at 10:40. Think I can make the 7:55? what if I miss? If I buy the 10:40 will they let me go standby if I am at the gate? i will be buying cheap web fares most likely. Any advice? (I am star gold if that helps and won't have checked luggage. )

g-wwbm Jul 2, 03 4:48 am

The last time I came into LHR on UA with an onward connection to MAN with BD, I tried to switch to an earlier flight and was able to do so for 25, which of course was subject to availability. I was on the cheapest web-only fare too, but am a UA*S, so don't know if your *G will make any difference.

Hope this helps.

House Jul 2, 03 6:22 am

They may let you go standby, or alternatively the fare rules even for the cheapest fares will allow you to change the reservation up to the day of travle for GBP25 subject to seats being available on the flight. It will definitely be much easier to arrange if you don't have checked baggage - make this very clear to the BD staff when you ask.

Given LHR's general issues with delays and transfers, I would book the later 10.40am departure, on a cheap fare, and then pay GBP25 on the day to change to the earlier flight (this can be done at the BD lounge at Gate 4, Terminal 1 Domestic)

Tall Bloke Jul 2, 03 7:37 am

You will have to pay 25 + any fare difference on the day.

Looking at the BMI site today for flights on Mon 7th July (as an example) you will see that the 7.55 is selling at 114 (web fare) and that the 10:40 is selling at 54 (web fare).

If you are booking far enough in advance to get a good fare on the 7.55 then I might be tempted to take it as you are less likely to have a (large) fare difference if you need to change.

i.e. Assuming the fares don't change before Monday,If I booked a ticket today on the 7:55 for 7/7/03 then it would cost me 114 for the ticket but only 25 to change onto the 10:40. If I book on the 10:40 it would cost 54 for the ticket but 80 to change (25 + 65 difference to Normal fare).

YOWkid Jul 2, 03 7:56 am

I've had two different experiences with this:

a) In April, at BRU, they did not let me go standby on an earlier flight with a V ticket even though it was clear the flight was still wide open. They wanted me to cough up 25GBP. I just went to one of the BRU lounges and ate and drink as much as I could instead.

b) Last Thursday, at LHR, I arrived three and a half hours early for the 0850 flight to MAN and, holding a V ticket, asked to be put on the 0705 instead. No problem -- confirmed on the spot and put in Y (would have been good if I was crediting to DC!). So, it can be done. The gentleman was very nice and quick at doing it -- printed me a BP and told me all I needed to do was go to a business class line up and check my bags.

1k-all-the-way Jul 2, 03 4:19 pm

If I try the 07:55 departure- and my 6:25 is on time - will i make it - or is it too tight to begin with? I figure it should be about 40 minutes from T-3 to bmi check in desk right? or is it longer?

YOWkid Jul 2, 03 6:08 pm

Don't forget you'll be using the Flight Connections Centre -- so that will chop a lot of time off. I think it can be done, but I don't know if it's worth taking the chance -- make sure both files link to one another.

Peter M Jul 2, 03 8:15 pm

Buy the ticket for the 7:55 flight, 1.5 hours is more than enough time to connect at LHR. UA will likely arrive a few minutes early. Bring your tickets or e-ticket confirmation of your onward flights to pass through the transfer center.

Tall Bloke Jul 4, 03 3:35 pm

This discussion shows that you can book the itineries seperately and at least make them both aware that you have a connection to make. Still debating the benefits of this but may be worth watching

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