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Bond Boy Apr 9, 03 4:13 pm

Double points on foreign trip thingy
Can anyone recall the offer earlier this year. It was something like "fly oveseas with *A and get double points on the first overseas flight".

I fly with LH to JNB via FRA in Feb and have had the basic points but not the double. Anyone recall this offer and had / not had the points post yet ?


Yorkshire Boy Apr 10, 03 1:54 pm

The offer expires at the end of April, so your bonus miles will go on at the end of April/early May. I have Krisflyer with SQ and my bonus 1000 were added yesterday. I am also waiting for bonus miles (MAN - FRA) to be added and SQ have said these will go on after the offer has expired even though my base miles have already been added

Bond Boy Apr 14, 03 5:05 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Yorkshire Boy:
The offer expires at the end of April, </font>

Had forgotten that bit !

No need to get anxious then.

Cheers YB


Bond Boy May 20, 03 4:55 pm

Bump !

It's now the end (ish) of May and I have not had anything. What about everyone else....?

After all of the shenanigans with the changeover to miles from points, has this been forgotten about?

Have asked bmi so will see what they say

GoldCircle May 21, 03 2:45 am

Nope. Haven't seen any bonus points yet.

bounty May 22, 03 1:50 am

I haven't seen my bonus either.

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GoldCircle Jun 10, 03 5:50 am


I spoke to the DC Helpline this morning and the helpful chap couldn't find any reference to the promotion we are talking about here. He suggested I fax my *A receipts to admin, asking for the bonus double points on [Name of Promotion].

Can you tell us, anyone, what the name of the promotion was? I have about 9000 miles riding on this, so I'm ultra-keen to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

barella Jun 11, 03 8:26 am

Star Alliance Survey

1,000 bonus miles for your opinion, double miles for your next Star Alliance flight

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GoldCircle Jun 11, 03 10:06 am

Awww nuts.

Was it just the first flight? I must admit a poor memory and much confusion on this...

Was there another promotion about simple plain old double points for all *A flights?

barella Jun 11, 03 10:34 am

It's definitely only the first flight as I've only had one-way of my flight credited.

The only other promo with bmi was the Double membership points (now miles) when you fly bmi before 30 June

Bond Boy Jun 11, 03 1:10 pm

I got an email saying that they would be posted within 8 weeks from the end of April. So, look for them exactly 8 weeks from the end of April and don't expect them sooner !!

GoldCircle Jun 12, 03 3:42 am

Yup, was told on the phone this morning that it would be posted by the end of June.

Bond Boy Jun 30, 03 3:58 pm

Might this happen when their systems close off tonight (faint hopes...) as it is still not there for me!

Anyone else have it yet?

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