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Eastbay1K Jun 23, 03 3:17 pm

Carry on bags
How "strict" is BD going to be with carryon as a connecting passenger at LHR, from UA F to BD C? (A standard 22" roller...) I know that if I was checking in, they'd probably weigh and pull it. Thanks.

Bond Boy Jun 23, 03 4:24 pm

I've never had a real issue with this type of thing on bmi but I have seen it happen. They can be very inconsistent. I think that transiting from F onto C will help a bit, and *G status cannot harm if you have it.

kt74 Jun 23, 03 5:23 pm

Depends on the plane and the load. If it's an Airbus and it's empty, you'll be fine. If it's a Fokker and it's full, I've seen them confiscate rollerbags at the gate several times in the past couple of months, particularly out of LHR (... and rightly so IMHO - rollerbag owners who hog overhead bins on full flights are selfish b*ggers)

C class and *G won't help you at peak times when the first 10 rows of a F100 are C and it's fully booked (eg last Thursday night out of CDG)

Check aircraft types and approximate loads in advance here

BlackCat Jun 24, 03 11:59 am

I saw two US PAX being told to check some large/heavy carryons at LHR yesterday getting onto an Airbus bound for GLA.

They seem to be very strict at the gate at LHR but have never questioned my carryon at check-in. But vice versa at EDI/GLA.


Tall Bloke Jun 25, 03 8:55 am

My Hand luggage was weighed at check in at LHR yesterday night despite being on a half empty Airbus to BRU. Problem with the Fokker aparently

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