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cdr01 Jun 16, 03 8:36 am

About to buy Star Alliance RTW, Join DC?
I'm based in Edinburgh, UK

I'm buying a RTW Star Alliance 34000 mile ticket in a weeks time, to leave in a bout 14 days.

I want to get credit for a FF programme. I suppose it's easiest to get one from my home country?

Problem is the online form for BMI DC says I need to have tickets etc.

I saw in a previous post that they will send the card anyway if you are about to travel, although the 2 week processing time is a bit tight.

My question is: can I join the BMI DC if I am not flying with them, but with other star alliance partners?

If not then which FF programme will let me join now, online, even if only flying partner airlines?

Note: I've not worked out the flights yet so I don't know which airlines I'll be on!

Thanks for any help. I'm hoping I've not left it too late.

GoldCircle Jun 16, 03 9:01 am

Hi CDR01,

Join anyway, is my opinion. Simply write to them saying that you've just booked blah, blah... and that you'd like to join Diamond Club. They'll send you a card anyway.

Do the same for UA Mileage Plus, online though, and then do the maths when you finalise your itinerary or even when you get back.

When you know your itinerary, you'll be able to figure out which ailine's FFP will give you the best award/status retun for your money. Since you won't have status before you leave, you have nothing to lose. Ans some of the finer minds here will be able to help you figure out which FFP will give you the best return.

sjharte Jun 16, 03 9:07 am

What class will you be in? Doamond Club is more generous the United's Mileage Plus when crediting C and F fares.


YOWkid Jun 16, 03 9:12 am

If you're doing a 34000 miles RTW, then I would join AC -- especially if you think you'll get 35000 points. You'll get instant *G at 35000 miles which will last you until February 2005. What's your routing? -- you can figure out the math (ie. number of points you'll get) and base your decision on that.

GoldCircle Jun 16, 03 10:55 am

I would definitely take a look at
but take heed of the warning!

Great thread and a wonderful piece of research.

cdr01 Jun 16, 03 10:59 am

I'm flying on the economy ticket.

With either BM or UA, at the very worst can I join them after my year away and get all the mileage from that year credited?

Finally, if I manage to join a FF before I leave, and I start racking up the points, would I actually get to silver status on BMI (16000 miles) say, and start being able to get into the lounges half way through my trip? Is that how it works?

GoldCircle Jun 16, 03 3:03 pm

Golden rule for bmi - six month is the limit. If miles don't post automatically, you've six months to follow up.

In theory, after your 16000th mile you'll become silver, but somewhere on the other side of the world, that won't help you. First, your silver card (when it eventually arrives) will be in Scotland. So, it would need to be forwarded to you. Secondly, *Silver won't get you lounge access in partner lounges, only bmi lounges.

I'm guessing you don't fly very often under normal circumstances. Lufthansa's Miles & More might actually suit you better in the long run, as if you make *Gold towards the end of your year away, it will remain valid for two years thereafter. But again, you mightn't make it, depending on your routing.

Peter M Jun 16, 03 6:34 pm

Lufthansa's program will not be much good to you unless you can accumulate more than 100,000 status miles, that's when the star alliance gold (*G) benefits kick in.

If it's mainly access to BMI lounges on economy tickets you want, then Diamond Club silver (*S) will allow it. If it's access to any star alliance lounge, then the Air Canada *G will allow it, at a lower threshold than the other programs.

The star alliance airlines treat their own Frequent flyers best, if your future flights are to be with BMI, then the choice is obvious!

cdr01 Jun 17, 03 5:07 am

Thanks everyone, that's answered all my questions. I've send off for the BMI DC pack.

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