Calculation of 25% tier bonus

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Calculation of 25% tier bonus

Silver or gold card member, earning a 25% bonus of the miles they have flown during the month.

Assuming a silver or gold member flies on a paid F Class ticket and say the distance is 5.786 miles. In my reading the tier bonus is 1.446 miles (distance x 0,25) and not
4.339 miles (distance incl. class of servic bonus x 0,25). Is this correct?

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I think the lower miles is correct but am not 100% certain:

"25% of the miles you’ve flown during the month."

"miles flown" would seem to be the key wording as opposed to miles accumulated or miles earned. Miles flown to me implies base miles but it would be great if they used the LH approach and multiplied ALL miles earned!

Does the mileage calculator work differently if you are an elite member and logged in? (ie does it show you your 25% bonus?)
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Wow...the bmi board graced by the Blonde Bomber...thanks for posting BB, great website, although this prg change might mean some updating for you !

There are two pieces of contradictory evidence here:

25% bonus for silver and gold members

If you are a silver or gold card member, you’ll also earn a destinations miles bonus of 25% of the miles you’ve flown during the month. This bonus will apply to all flights – bmi, Star Alliance, South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic and LOT.


If I am a silver or gold member, will I receive a 25% bonus each month in status miles as well as destinations miles?

If you are a silver or gold card member, you will receive a 25% destinations miles bonus every month. Your membership status miles will be allocated at the rate earned.

Even though the second quote is more debatable than the first, I still think that the bonus for *S or *G membership will be paid on the balance of miles earned in that month. That is, if you are a *S or *G and you take a C class UK rtn for 2,400 you will get an extra 600 miles (ie 2,400 * 25%) rather than an extra 300 miles (ie 1,200 *25%).

Why? Three reasons.

Firstly, judging by the poor IT implementation of this change, bmi are unlikely to have made the change to distinguish between miles earned and miles flown for this purpose.

Secondly, BA appear to be offering the BA Gold enhancement on top of miles already earned, ie after COS bonus is applied and bmi are at pains to show how they are better than BA, this being one good reason.

Thirdly, to calculate a bonus on miles flown would lead to the deep discount tickets getting a disproportionately high bonus and bmi seem eager to avoid this.

Bottom line - proof of the pudding is in the eating so, we can ask bmi and get an answer but will never really know until the first set of points post in June !
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