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zrs70 Dec 19, 02 7:01 pm

Question on MAN connections
Travelling CPH-MAN-ORD.... Tight MAN connection. A while back, someone on this board mentioned that I don't need to do security again at MAN. But I seem to recall that the UK has a rule that all incomming pax must go through security again before a connection.

This being said, how likely is a 50 min connection to "misconnect"?

House Dec 20, 02 4:15 am

You should be fine, though of course all flights can get delayed due to weather and so on.

Sounds like you're flying with SAS from CPH (they operate the BD coded flights), which will arrive in the same terminal and concourse as BMI's transatlantic flights. You will rarely be more than 2 or 3 gates away.

Main thing to remember is NOT to follow the arrivals or immigration signs, but to ask the gate staff for a gate number for ORD, and go to the gate. Provided you have a boarding pass (and you will - SK use the same computer system as BD) you will have no problem doing this. Terminal 1 is not "segregated" i.e. you come off the jetway into the departures concourse, much as with the domestic concourse of a US airport.

To give you some idea of size, T1 at MAN has a gate area smaller than T7 at LAX (similar number of gates, just more compact).

You will NOT need to reclear security (unlike certain airports in London we could mention), though you will likely be subjected to the usual random checks at the gate for the ORD flight.

You will probably have more than enough time (the CPH-MAN flight will have been "padded" so if it operates normally it should arrive 15 minutes or more early). I would feel confident of doing this even with 25 minutes.

Enjoy the flights - both offer very good service indeed!

KenF Dec 20, 02 9:13 pm

Just as a little warning, I'm pretty sure MAN T1 is moving over to a segregated model, so gate-gate connections may not be so easy now. T2 has always been segregated, I think it's now only T3/Domestic flights that definitely mix. I'm casting back for recent T1 experiences, and I think it currently depends on which gate you arrive at, but I'm pretty sure there is on-going work to implement segregation throughout.

However, you should not have to clear passport control to connect within T1 (being MAN based, I don't connect there myself!)

Hope you make your flight!


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House Dec 21, 02 6:16 am

I know that there are definitely plans to segregate T1, but as yet nothing has happened. As KenF orrectly points out, T2 (which you won' be using) was designed from the start as a segregated terminal.

T1 was still unsegregated last time I used it 3 weeks ago (connecting T3-T1) so I would imagine nothing has changed. Calling BMI at MAN (the airport switchboard is +44 161 489 3000) might be helpful if you're particularly worried.

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