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flybmi.com - weird things happening to my booking

flybmi.com - weird things happening to my booking

Old Aug 16, 02, 6:56 am
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flybmi.com - weird things happening to my booking

Yesterday I used the flybmi.com website for the first time to make a booking (Aug30 BD51 EDI-LHR), because the LH site didn't show any availability for the fare I wanted.

First thing I wondered about was that fare availabilities are resticted between BD and LH, e.g. in this case the GBP 25 fare was available from BD, but sold out with LH.

Annoyingly, it is impossible to enter any *A FFP# except BD Diamond Club in the booking. This ended up in me having to call them (and spending more than the 2.50 online booking discount in the process) to let them enter my LH SEN#. (Based on the experiences described by WKS in the following forum, I thought it a good idea to let them know in advance that I am *Gold.) http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/Forum16/HTML/000180.html

The whole booking got weird, when I checked my bookings on the LH website today. I was checking other flights and didn't expect the BD booking to show up here, as it was booked directly through flybmi.com.

The BD flight was listed among my LH bookings, and it said that the ticket had been issued and sent to my home address. In fact I had left my business address in the booking, and also in my LH profile my preferred address is the office.

Thus I wonder why/how:

a) a booking made on flybmi.com (without my LH coordinates entered in the online booking) is taken over by the LH infoflyway and processed there,

b) they made the connection to my LH profile if my LH details were not part of the online booking process,

c) they deliberately change the mailing address to "home" instead of "office", the latter being explicitely stated both in the flybmi.com booking and in my LH profile.

Viewing the booking in www.checkmytrip.com I noticed that flybmi.com is powered by the "Lufthansa e-Commerce Robot". This could be the connection, although it still doesn't answer the above questions. I am also surprised to see that flybmi.com with its poor functionality is in fact an LH e-Commerce solution. LH's own interfaces are usually a lot more userfriendly.

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Old Aug 16, 02, 8:30 am
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The LH and BD booking systems are based around the same (LH) system. The BD system has been a complete mess recently, because they have changed to a new "low cost" system of pricing flights as single flights.

The LH system in theory picks up any booking made in the Gallileo system (used by both BD and LH) that includes your M&M number. Sometimes this does happen, sometimes it does not.

The LH and BD reservations systems are not directly linked (your Infoflyway username and password will not let you access your profile on the BD website).

I would not trust what you see on the LH website - it is probably adding a lot of the details itself! I would be surprised if your tickets do not go to the address you specified to BD.

Finally, you do not need to reserve over the telephone to let them have your SEN number ahead of time. You can make the booking on the flybmi.com website (with the discount), and receive your PNR reference. Then call BD and ask them to add your SEN number - you get the discount, and they know about you in advance!
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Old Aug 19, 02, 5:03 am
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House, you were once again right. Both tickets (1 purchased through flybmi.com, 1 through the LH Infoflyway) arrived at my office today.

I must say that BMI have by far the nicest ticket wallets I have had in a long time.

The ticket letter from BMI also included SPAM from AMEX, a travel insurance offer for GBP 56 (Europe) or GBP 99 worldwide per annum. Ridiculous! I have the same (worldwide) from my insurer for a lousy 12 Euros!
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Old Aug 21, 02, 11:41 pm
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I've had two lots of wierdness recently...

Last week I was checking in for a UK domestic flight which I had reserved by ringing the number for BD gold card holders. At the time of reservation I didn't give any FFP details. I presented my LH M&M card, and they said "It's OK sir, your number is already in the system". I assumed they'd put my BD number in, but, no, it was my LH one.

Secondly, this week I flew ORD-SFO with UA. I was ticketed on a BD flight number. The boarding pass said UA161. But it has posted to my M&M account with a LH flight number.
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Old Aug 22, 02, 4:11 am
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Weird indeed. There seem to be links between the booking engines and FFPs of the various *A carriers, but they seldomly make the right connection. UA flights often post differently from the booking. I'd say that two thirds of the UA flights I've booked on an LH flight number did post as UA, but never as a third carrier.
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