Airport inquiry

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Airport inquiry

Dear BD flyers,

I try to access the airport information link on the website, but the links are down. So I decide to ask you guys the two following questions!

1. Which terminal does BD use in London Heathrow and Manchester?

2. How is the transfer process in Manchester (from an int'l flight into a domestic flight)?

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BD use Terminal 1 at LHR. Can't remember which terminal they use at MAN.

Transfer at MAN is excellent. We flew in from EDI to connect with the IAD flight. AT the top of the gate a BD agent was waiting to meet the us and escort us through security and into the lounge.
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BD code share flights with SK use Terminal 3 at LHR.

Welcome to the world of BD flying. They may not match up to BA the whole time but I love flying them. They're "hungry" and BA isn't.
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BD use Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 at MAN. One is for domestic, the other for international (although I forget which is which). AS Gaza says the connection is excellent because the terminals are right next to each other. They just show you through a connecting door. The terminal for international departures (IAD and ORD with BD/UA) is quite new and nice.

I'll second Kovich. I love BD because although they're not in BA's league, they always try that little bit harder, and most of the staff are really helpful and friendly.

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