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Mr H Dec 15, 13 4:15 pm

The Last Post
Let's have a little, last, frivolous contest to see who can be the last poster on the BD Board. Mods or Admins posting to say that the forum is closed don't count. The winner is the last ordinary member or Mod posting in personal capacity.

Prize - sadly not. We have all had plenty of them already over the years. Just the knowledge and satisfaction that you were the last member to disembark from the forward left exit.

LiviLion Dec 16, 13 10:47 am

Ok - Holborn - Rusholme Ruffians Rules in force.

colmc Dec 16, 13 2:54 pm

Perhaps something to do with either

a) A toastie
b) Zone 8 via Zone 7
c) Cash plus miles
d) Nigel

baggageinhall Dec 16, 13 4:40 pm

e) Dennis
f) Trains

GoldCircle Dec 16, 13 5:02 pm

g) Crornington Mescent

Mr H Dec 16, 13 5:19 pm

Originally Posted by baggageinhall (Post 21977255)
e) Dennis
f) Trains

why not combine the two:

colmc Dec 17, 13 1:17 pm

h) [An outsider this, but a golden age of bmi errors we can look back fondly upon]

MAN Pax Dec 18, 13 7:58 am

Originally Posted by colmc (Post 21982576)
h) [An outsider this, but a golden age of bmi errors we can look back fondly upon]

I flew that!

LiviLion Dec 18, 13 11:21 am

Originally Posted by MAN Pax (Post 21987033)
I flew that!


orudge Dec 18, 13 1:49 pm

Originally Posted by LiviLion (Post 21988488)


MAN Pax Dec 19, 13 9:07 am

Originally Posted by LiviLion (Post 21988488)

Originally Posted by orudge (Post 21989562)

And you have to be a veteran BD poster/redeemer to get that :cool:

NewbieRunner Dec 19, 13 9:34 am

I get it although I may not qualify as a veteran BD poster/redeemer. ;)

RedMark Dec 30, 13 7:29 am

The Last Post
The bmi finger

NWIFlyer Dec 30, 13 8:07 am

I'm pretty sure GoldCircle and Oxon Flyer still have a collection of bmi pens and notepads to give away as a final prize - we didn't quite manage to hoover them all up at the last London 'do'.

Although admittedly cocking a bmi finger in the general direction of T5 is probably an infinitely more satisfying and longer lasting experience (well, judging by how long my pen kept working, anyway!).

Mr H Dec 30, 13 1:47 pm

The last day...

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