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Talking Exam time!

I was having a look through some Scottish exam past papers tonight and couldn't help but notice this question in this year's higher travel and tourism exam (yes, there is such a thing)

Now. Which airline could possibly have inspired this? I'll post the answers later if anyone fancies having a go
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Should we deduct marks from the question setter for "chartered airline"?

Isn't the usual term "charter airline"?
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They should have used London Airways

Let's have a go:

a) You've got a higher probability of travelling with chavs on a charter flight.

b) There was no integration just assimilation.

c) UK Airways get access to the Lesser Southern Waiting Room which gives them some nice wallpaper, some funky dog pics and use of the T1 Aga. sbi gets to have Cubic Zirconia Club live on as a means to transfer Haribos to UAEC.

d) Some will end up on the dole. The baby will be drowned.

e) No more threads full of cat postings.
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Thank you, layz
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Obviously I am not familiar with the syllabus of this Scottish qualification but as an almost/potentially former teacher of both Business and Travel & Tourism in England, I'd probably have expected all but a) to have more appropriate to a Business paper rather than T&T.

Personally, I quite liked Q2 of this AS Travel & Tourism paper
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And the answers are...

a) Scheduled: operates according to a published schedule – operate regardless if they aren’t full
Chartered: offers air transport as part of a package deal. If flights aren’t full, they can be cancelled or consolidated, with flight times being changed accordingly.
Any other valid point

b) This is an example of horizontal integration, because both companies involved are at the same level in the chain of distribution (they’re both producers).

c) Benefits for UK Airways:
 Increased number of routes.
 Increased number of slots.
 Economies of scale.
 Increased market share.
 Reduced competition.
 Greater negotiating and buying
power when dealing with suppliers.
 More funding for marketing
 Increased sales volume, larger
turnover, more investment and larger profits.

Benefits for Southern British International:
 Financial security due to takeover with a successful company.
 Jobs will be saved in the airline and its suppliers.
 Shareholder investment will be secure.
Any other valid point

d) One potential negative for staff is the possibility of redundancies due to the merging of functions such as HR, Finance etc.

e) Potential negative impacts for customers could include:
 Reduced choice.
 The possibility of higher prices due to lack of competition and the dominance of the large company created.
 Loss of customer loyalty.

Personally I prefered layz's answers
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