Star booking changed to BA

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Star booking changed to BA

I have a redemption booking on a Star Alliance carrier which I need to amend/cancel. What should I do?

Unfortunately you will be unable to make any changes to an existing booking that you have with any Star Alliance carriers. You can choose to cancel your booking, and where possible bmi will book you to fly on British Airways where they fly a similar route. If you wish to cancel or try to change a booking please contact the bmi service centre.

So if I have a long haul booking with Lufthansa and BA flies the route, can i swap this to the BA flight or would it mean refunding the miles and then rebooking on BA standard terms (and miles) so not really be worthwhile (unless it was essential to change the dates of the existing bookng)?
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This is probably one for the bmi forum, but I think your last paragraph is correct. You cancel the original booking and would have to rebook at the new Diamond Club BA redemption rates. If you go down this route, you would probably be better off transferring your bmi miles to BAEC Avios and redeeming that way (you can also do cash+miles on BA metal).
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This thread has been moved from the BA forum to the BMI forum since it will probably be best answered there as it concerns bookings with BMI Miles.

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You're snookered.

000's advice is good.
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