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Your questions to Diamond Club

This thread has strict rules:

Ask a simple question to Diamond Club. Strictly no commentary, no discussion, no quoting previous posters. Just questions. Only questions. (if a question has been asked no point in asking it again)

We will attempt to get an official response from bmi Diamond Club as and when they have answers to give us.

Any variation from the stated rules will result in the entire post - questions and all - being deleted.

bmi forum Mod team

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Will there be a Star Alliance status match offered?
Will there be a BAEC status match offered?
Will our DC miles be converted to Avios? And at what ratio?
Will ticketed *A redemption be honoured as booked?
When do we lose *G/*S perks?
When can we start booking BA/IB redemptions?
When do we lose the ability to book *A redemptions?
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If ticketed *A redemptions are being honoured, how do we change them? Voluntarily is one thing, but perhaps most importantly for involuntary changes that render tickets invalid?

What if we need to cancel a ticketed redemption - where do the miles get refunded to and how [after DC is gone]?

What about partners - what is the last time non flying partners can credit to BD (e.g., HHonors stays)?

What are MBNA going to do for the credit cards - where will miles credit? Will there be a reduction/pro-rata refund of the fee(s) on some cards when the benefits are now useless (earning BD miles, the lounge vouchers, the 4K status miles, etc.)?
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Will the lifetime gold be recognized? What about those members who are close or almost at this level?
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When will we be able to credit BA flights to DC and vice versa?
Will e-guvs remain valid for bmi flights?
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Booking star alliance award flights is still valid for 330 days in advance with conditions regarding change/cancellation very favorable? Is there a view on how long this will be the case for?
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For how long will we be able to book redemption flights with bmi's Airline Partners?
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Will all miles (bonus, non-transferable and normal) transfer to avios?
Will BD*G/BD*S status be recognised in BA lounges on BA flights?
Will you start to accept BA Gold/BA Silver cards in BD lounges?
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When will *A status (non BD) stop being recognised on bmi (e.g. lounge access)?
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The e-mail from Keeley says we will be able to redeem across the BD and BA network. Will we be able to redeem across the OW newtwork?

If we have booked *A flights in order to regain our BD*G status, for how long will we be able to get status miles from other *A partners?

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What will happen to the Dublin lounge?
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1.) How long will be be able to retroactive milage credits from *aliance partners. Expl. Flights on TG in mid Apr. ( I asume BD still is in *aliance then ), if them not credit, how long we are able to request milage for them?
2.) Will there be any difference in the process , up to where your home-address? Expl. does it make a difference if located in Germany or Thailand or UK ?
3.) Does LH may be offer a transfer to M&M ( only to German accounts )?
4.) Could someone pl. clarify, what exact changes will be with the completition ( 20.Apr.2012 ).
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With IB leaving LHR T3, thus creating lots of space, are there any plans to move some BD flights there quickly?
What effect will this have on the T1 lounges?

If BD leaves *A before the end of the summer schedule, what effect will this have on wetleases (still creditable to *A as Helvetic do for Swiss?)?
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Q1: Come the effective date, when we will be able to earn and burn on BA/IAG airlines - even if the schemes remain separate, many of us will have accounts with both BA Exec Club and BMI DC. As such, we will probably pick one to focus on, will we be able to transfer our status miles into BA tier points to focus on one account?

Q2: Some of us would like or need to remain diversifed between OneWorld and StarAlliance, so we will be opening accounts elsewhere within *A. Are LH Group willing to offer us anything (Status miles transfer, etc) to keep us with them within *A?
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[Some of these are asked from a point of ignorance about how Avios and Exec Club work. Since question discussion is not allowed here PM me with key factual errors/misunderstandings and I'll try to update to reflect.]
  1. Each IAG airline has it's own loyalty programme, such as Executive Club. Will DC be retained, or absorbed into one of the existing ones?
  2. How will partial status attainment be converted into the revised loyalty structure so that the level earning can be completed? In other words, why would we continue to use DC as a status programme now given uncertainty about future recognition?
  3. What changes, if any, would be noticed in irrop situations when flying on revenue or redemption tickets?
  4. Unintended conseqences can be a dangerous thing. There can't be an ongoing 'specialness' for ex-DC members, but a number of small concessions for a period of 12 months or so may go a long way towards transferring not only the programme but also the underlying loyalty. How can we help IAG identify key factors for DC members during this period of change?

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