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Newbie Question: Half way to silver but can't get a straight answer!

Newbie Question: Half way to silver but can't get a straight answer!

Old May 27, 11, 1:28 pm
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Half way to silver but can't get a straight answer!

Hi everyone,

I have enrolled in Diamond Club about 2 years ago and then the trip fel through, so only had about 400 miles in the account. I had never received a membership card - but all that changed last December with a trip to Canada for work on Air Canada and remembered the link to BMI. So I put the number in and was disappointed to only earn 1 mile for each mile flown - even though I was in "executive first" and had paid 3500 quid for the privaledge! I am now looking at some possible trips later this year and hopefullly this is where you come in!

Having finally got through to a call centre person, I was told that my enrollment date was August 2009 and my account renewal is December (The AC flight was in Decemeber). So, my question is this - do I have to get to the 16000 miles by August (the anniversary of enrollment) or December (the anniversary of my card)?

I would struggle to make it by August, which would mean I may as well continue to top up the One World account with BA, but if it was December then I would be in with a chance.

Also, is there a minimum number of sectors with BMI rule for going up a tier, or could all the miles be earned on partner airlines?

Sorry for all the questions, but as I didn't really get any sence out of the call centres I am turning to you guys as the font of all knowledge!!

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Old May 27, 11, 3:02 pm
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best bet is to log into your account on the bmi website
it should show you your membership year
mine shows:
Membership year 30/05/2010 - 30/05/2011
and also your total destination miles and status miles

you can earn all the miles on partners

and when booking you may want to pay special consideration to the fare basis for earning

- as you can see C on AC earns 1.0x (shocking!) you need a J class to get 2.0x

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Old May 27, 11, 3:23 pm
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Thanks, but I think there must be something wrong then as when I log on I see the following -
  • Membership number
  • Member level
  • Destination miles
  • Status miles

But there are no dates displayed! I have had a hunt around and can't find anything with any dates on either - am I missing something?
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Old May 27, 11, 5:04 pm
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Hey Sheppey,

I used to be Gold, but over a period of time with very little activity have dropped back to Blue. My activity is likely to be moving back up again soon, so I rang to ask when my membership year ends.

The answer that I got was that as a blue member, there is no membership year, and therefore even if it takes you 4 years to aquire the 16000 miles to get to Silver that is fine - it is only once you get to silver that you then get 12 months to retain it.

Can anybody else confirm this, or was I lead up the garden path by the Call Centre?
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Old May 28, 11, 2:05 am
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No, not quite. You only have a membership year with start and end dates when you have status. When you are blue, they count the status miles accrued in the previous 364 days - so, you have a rolling year for qualification purposes.

So, sheppy26 has til December (the anniversary of his AC flights) to use those particular miles for status purposes. Once he turns silver, then he gets a fixed start day for his silver year - and has 364 further days to re qualify.
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Old Sep 5, 11, 1:31 pm
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Hi all

I made a note to return to this thread a while ago as I was in roughly the same boat as sheppy26, approaching 16,000 status miles which have never reset despite being earned over much longer than a 12 month period.

Anyway, I took a flight this weekend which took me over 16,000, and lo and behold this morning I've made silver (miles posting rapidly, too ). So it would appear that what ajd184 was told is correct: there is no membership year for blues and no status miles expiry as such - just keep going till you've hit the 16k and then sit back and enjoy those extensive silver benefits!

Not sure if this is the way it's supposed to work or just a consequence of bmi's excellent IT systems, but thought I'd post in case it helps anyone else.
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