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Rant: The disappearing BD64/BD65 LHR-EDI / EDI-LHR thread

Rant: The disappearing BD64/BD65 LHR-EDI / EDI-LHR thread

Old Mar 4, 10, 7:58 am
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Originally Posted by ajamieson View Post
Absolutely, I agree about the loads. But what about the yields? Those two dozen people on the 65 might be full fares that only chose a return trip on bmi because the late flight home existed. Take the 65 away, and suddenly the 50 has fewer pax. The BD56/BD59 is probably one of the consistently busiest flights, but it is packed full of Asian tour groups on connecting fares, leisure passengers on T, N or E fares and positioning crew; I can't believe that puts any money in the till. Your faith in the good sense of management is touching
I take your point about the return element but I'm sure if BD65 regularly had 24 full fares there's no way they'd be cancelling it.
BD65 always seems to me to be an off-peak cheap fare special, with the odd business type passenger who's missed the BD63 or BA equivalent by a whisker (myself included once). I cant speak for BD64 though, never used it.

Foolish as it may be, I guess I do have faith that someone, somewhere, is making these decisions based on something - loads, yields, revenue - whatever. There must be some analysis criteria used that dictates they cancel BD64/65 as opposed to BD62/63 or any other combination.
Especially under LH, I cant believe they would be allowed to cancel anything that was making money - assumption therefore being that BD64/65 dont.

The thought of some kind of 'wheel of fortune' random flight cancellation selector being spun round at Donington Hall is a funny one though
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Losing the first/last flight rotation of the day means less bookings for those that need to do a longer day. In the case of my company's bookings for business trips LON-EDI a lot used to go on BD in the past as it offered a later flight back. Now we will be booking BA...
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Whilst I can sympathise that BD need to cut costs to stay afloat, the loss of the last flight is a major inconvenience. It means I have to rush back to LHR on any business days I have in London, but also makes connecting flights home from long haul trips much more difficult. I know LH would prefer people to route through their FRA hub, but with currently only 1 flight per day EDI-FRA-EDI, this is not a realistic option either.

One little addendum:-
I've made an award booking for my other half KUL-BKK-LHR-EDI, returning to EDI on one of the non-existent BD64 flights (11th May). When I tried to make a revenue booking on the same flight, it doesn't exist, so I have to get the first flight home the next morning.
Of course, no word yet from the ICC that my OH's flight has been cancelled, despite me knowing this to be the case for some 2 weeks. In addition, I just managed to use the LH website to reserve her seats on this non-existent flight, and noticed that 3 other seats are already taken...
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