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The 2010 Diamond Club FAQ - Everything the Newbie couldn't posssibly know yet (v.4)

The 2010 Diamond Club FAQ - Everything the Newbie couldn't posssibly know yet (v.4)

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The 2010 Diamond Club FAQ - Everything the Newbie couldn't posssibly know yet (v.4)

Index of FAQ No.1

A) The most frequently over-asked questions
B) Understanding bmi Diamond Club - the Programme Basics
C) Understanding bmi Diamond Club - the Bonuses
D) Understanding bmi Diamond Club - Using Your Miles
E) Future developments

This is version 4 of the FAQ No.1, valid from Nov. 2009

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Last updated: 17th November, 2009

The most frequently over-asked questions are here in this post.

How do I contact Diamond Club / Joanna ?

by Flyertalk PM to diamond club
by e-mail to diamond DOT club AT flybmi DOT com
by fax to +44 1623 724099 (if the machine is working....)
by mail to the mailing address

To protect the addressee from SPAM, please do not post actual e-mail addresses on FlyerTalk.com
bmi's HQ (but not Diamond Club) to +44 (0)1332 854000 including Pre-Travel Support

Will bmi Diamond Club become part of Lufthansa's Miles & More programme?
After a considerable period of silence, Diamond Club, bmi's official lurker confirmed that DC will not be migrated to M&M in 2011. Uncertainty remains thereafter. A few countries were forced over already (and the process was up to the usual bmi IT service standard ); on Monday June 28th 2010, bmi's CEO mentioned in passing at an LH Group Investors Day that the roadmap for integration to M&M has been agreed. Further, on bmi's Facebook feed on June 5th 2010, bmi hoisted a discussion looking for feedback on their loyalty programme "Diamond Club/Miles & More" where the entire universe essentially rejected M&M. The general feeling, nonetheless, is that transfer to M&M is inevitable, but that the time-frame may be longer than anticipated - perhaps migration in 2012 for 2013?

Do they comp?
They won’t comp you from a *A member as a rule - YMMV. They do particularly like members of BA’s Executive Club. Aer Lingus Gold Circle and KL/AF Flying Blues members fare well also. In recent years, pretty much anyone with metalic plastic was able to receive a comp, even Americans! However, now that the airline (bmi British Midland for those who have never set foot...) has been sold to Lufthansa, comping is being offered on a more restrictive basis - you need to show a boarding pass for a bmi operated segement, or provide a PNR for a non-refundable booking. In June 2010, we've heard reports that people have been refused, as they now only comp against the BAEC programme. It never hurts to ask, does it? But remember - it's a onetime only thing.

So, get your most recent frequent flyer statement, a photocopy/scan of a current status card along with proof of a bmi operated flight and sent it to the Diamond Club admin office by fax or by email to the diamond club address.

How long does it take? Well that depends on how busy they are, but experiences suggest 1-2 weeks, it happens quietly, and most people only know they've been comped by logging in to their DC a/c. Your pack should arrive by post a few weeks (3-6?) later.

Can I trasnfer miles to or from Diamond Club?
No. Diamond Club does not offer any miles transfer opportunities to or from any other Frequent Flyer program.

What exactly are destination miles and status miles?
For the yanks: RDMs and EQMs
For the newbie: miles you get to spend on free stuff and other miles you get towards a silver or gold card status

I took a flight 5 minutes ago and it hasn't posted yet...
Most bmi flights post overnight. Sometimes it takes a day or two more. If it hasn't posted, ask yourself the 4 basic questions:
1) Did I put the number in at the time of booking?
2) Did I check again at check-in/OLCI?
3) Did I make absolutely sure it was printed on my BP?
4) Is the name on the ticket absolutely exactly the same as the name on my Diamond Club account?

No to any of these? bmi flights not appeared within a week? Just send in the BPs and be done with it.
With the introduction of bmi’s new membership database in the early summer of 2009, new and sensitive security features were introduced. As a result, with any slight discrepancy of any sort, miles are kept as pending – and this has lead to many people reporting that miles have not posted. Now would be a good time to ensure that all account names – for example with Hotel partners, or names stored on corporate TA systems - are identical in every way.

Partner flights? YMMV. Many *A airlines tend to appear in 2-3 days. Generally speaking, *A flights do post if you follow the 4 step procedure - with step 4 being particularly important in this scenario.

How long do I have to retro-credit missing miles? How do I do this?
For new members joining, you have one month from the 1st flights to get your application in. For everyone else, there is a six month time-limit to send in details of missing flights/hotel nights/car rentals etc.

Where to send details?
Well, you can scan the ticket/e-confirmation (incl. ticket no./PNR) and BPs to the diamond club e-mail address or send them by registered post (after having made a photocopy/scan of everything) to the Diamond Club mail address.

How long does it take? I've sent my details in 25 times and nothing has appeared yet...
The Diamond Club admin team is very small, so it often takes as long as two weeks for her to just get to your query. Even longer if they have to weed out a shed load of duplicate enquiries. Be patient - they are nice people who work hard. If you send your stuff to the correct address, they will get to it. Less than 2 weeks seems to be the average. If your missing bmi segments haven't appeared within 4 weeks, then, perhaps you could send an email to enquire. *A segments need to be sent to the partner airline for verification, so that can take longer. Again, most partners can be quite quick, with a few exceptions - notably SA & SQ.

Where are my Hilton miles?
They should be in your account by the 5th of the month - the longstanding issue seems to have been successfully resolved.

Do I need to know anything about the Indian Call Centre (the 'ICC') ?
For normal revenue bookings, for normal passengers, it seems to do its job. However, we're not normal, now, are we? There are persistent rumours that they might move the premium bookings and status passengers' calls to a location in the UK. They even announced a move to the USA last year, but that didn't happen. It will likely not last much longer, as LH's strategy is to centralise all sales operations in each market they work in - and hopefully they won't put up with the nonsense perpitrated by the ICC.

Whatever your opinion, for now the following advice is worth remembering:
  • Beware of calling just before 20:00 GMT, as there is ample evidence on the bmi board of the operators hanging up on you at the stroke of 8, using the old chestnut: "Can I put you on hold for one moment sir?" Click.
  • They are generally very efficient at actually answering calls, so if you have been on hold for more than 10 minutes, you've probably been lost in orbit. Hang up and call again. Really. I'm serious. (Want to test this out? Then use a second line to call again and I'll bet it's picked up sooner than the original "lost" call.)
  • Always note the name of the operator you speak to, ask them to spell if necessary. Also, takes notes of what happens in the conversation - if there are problems later, you'll be glad of them.
  • Ask for any successful seats found to be ticketed instantly, ESPECIALLY Singapore and Shanghai Airlines. Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian have short window for ticketing - less than a week.
  • Keep checking until they have been, as, again, there is occasional evidence of things being screwed up very badly and people losing valuable rewards.
  • You will probably be asked to call back so they can calculate the taxes, if you book something exotic or complicated. When you do, ask for a detailed breakdown of the charges, as they can often be wrong - the operator will insist that the sytem just presents them with a figure, but in fact this figure can be broken down if they know how. Be sure to pre-check the expected taxes in ITA and when ticketed, use Amadeus ITR to check again. If you fail to receive a receipt by email, this link is also useful.
  • Most experienced bmi FTers agree that it is best to deal with the female agent in the call centre and to call on Sundays.

Why don't my bookings appear in the MyFlyBMI profile
This is one of the great mysteries of life. You need to be logged in at the time of booking for them to (maybe) appear. Sometimes they appear later, sometimes never and sometimes 3 or 4 times. Oh, and they disappear just as easily. Also, there are reports that if you have a change of schedule, then your flights disappear also.

Can I upgrade using miles from another *A partner?
No. BD does not currently participate in the *A system wide upgrade scheme. You can not upgrade any ticket using, for example, UA MP miles. Unless of course, you have booked under a UA codeshare, then UA might be able to help - no point asking BD, though. Of course, you can use bmi miles to upgrade bmi flights.

Will my miles expire ?
They do not expire as such, except that if you have no activities for 24 months (earning or burning), your account may be terminated and your miles would then be forfeited. See clause 11.3 of the DC T&Cs. Of course, if the programme expires... so the current thinking is universal - USE YOUR MILES NOW.

Now read the next few posts and let's not have any more numpty questions on the bmi board!

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Understanding bmi Diamond Club - the Programme Basics
Last updated: 20 January 2010

Most Important Links in to the bmi Website
Earning chart - how many miles do I get on airline A, with booking class B
Star Alliance Burning Chart - how many miles does it take to go to... (better value)
Other Airline Partner Burning Chart - how many miles does it take to go to... (poorer value)
MFU - Miles for Upgrade- how many miles does it take to upgrade my bmi flight
Who are the airline partners... (both *A and others)
Who are the hotel partners... (destination miles only)
Who are the car hire partners... (hint: only Europcar - again destination miles only)
Are there other partners? (Parking, airport shopping, AMEX rewards etc. you guessed it, destination miles only)
Is there a credit card?
And bmi's online shopping portal?

38K for Star Gold? That’s a steal! Let me at it!
Yes, you only need to 38,000 miles to keep your Gold card. But you have to earn Silver first (unless you’ve been comped, obviously) which requires 16,000 miles. So, from a standing start (i.e. no status) you need 54,000 to achieve Gold. You may find Aegean slightly easier at 15k, and Air Canada similar to DC at only 35,000 in a single calendar year, but Diamond Club has excellent redemption value thanks to useful options such as using cash+miles.

OK, so I have a calendar year to make 54K?
Er, no actually, you have a bit longer. Diamond Club members have their own, personalised qualification year where the clock resets on achieving each new status level. E.G. you join on, say, 11 June. Your miles are zero. By September 21st you’ve earned 16,000 miles so Diamond Club makes you Silver and resets your status miles to zero again, your destination miles are untouched, with a new membership year beginning the following day. If you are Silver and earn 38k, the same happens again as you become Gold.

What happens if I don't earn enough?
If you are Gold, you get a soft landing to Silver, even if you've earned fewer than 16,000 miles. You don't plummet all the way to the bottom. This is especially nice if you have a bad year - re-gaining gold is not so hard, as at Silver you only need 38K to regain your Gold. From Silver you fall to Blue. Diamond Club has confirmed in mid-2009 that members dropping from Silver to Blue Plus will be automatically offered the opportunity to buy-up for £150.

What if I have 15,500 status miles and a 5,000 mile flight pushes me over the threshold? You said my status miles return to zero – do I lose 4,500 miles?
No. You'll get a credit for the balance which will be available for qualification to the next tier/requalification at Gold.

However, at the end of your Gold year, all status miles are zero'd and will not be carried in to the new year. The programme is generous, but not that generous.

What about Lifetime Status?
A lifetime Gold card is award for members who earn 10 consecutive regular Gold Cards, without ever slipping to Silver status. As yet, no special card or logo has been applied to LGs' cards. They live in hope. But not much hope, as it is not expected that Miles & More will respect LGs status.

All this flying is so tiresome. Can't I just buy the status?
Call yourself a real FlyerTalker??? Get your lazy bum on a seat.

Routepass, nonetheless, is a way to get Silver status up front; this is a product comprising 10 non-refundable pre-paid full-Y or C flight coupons that will earn enough miles to qualify for Silver – they just give you the Silver status up front when you stump up the cash.

Gold members who have more than 55k status miles (not just regular Golds) in their account can purchase a Silver membership for a friend. The cost is 16,000 miles.

Can anyone around the world join?
Pretty much. Membership used to be limited to countries served by bmi flights, but no longer. The list of countries that cannot join DC is growing now - the Netherlands, Israel and Ukraine were all migrated to M&M and no longer participate in DC.

Great, I’m going to sign up my whole family – and the home help and my security detail
Nov. 09 saw the introduction of family membership.
How do I create a Family Membership?
You'll need to log into your Diamond Club account at flybmi.com and select 'Family Membership' in the left hand navigation.

How do I request for other members to join my Family Membership?
Within the application process to create a family membership, you'll add details of each member you wish to invite to join. The member will then be sent an email asking them to either accept or reject your invitation.

How many people can join my Family Membership?
You can have 8 members within your Family Membership. A maximum of 2 members of your Family Membership can be personal staff, this is classed as a paid for employee, employed by the head of the Family Membership.
What benefits does each membership level get?
The chart is here.

What do I get as Blue?
Nothing much apart from a slight weighting on standby lists and a few miles. In IrrOps the same applies, but everyone else with proper status is ahead of you.

What do I get as Silver?
Same benefits as Blue, plus:
  • Access to diamond club lounges, business lounges and overseas executive lounges when travelling on BD flights (not *A partners) in business, economy and discounted economy fares. 1 guest now permitted in bmi operated lounges - YMMV in contract lounges. (There used to be restrictions around TINY fares, but this is now history)
  • An extra 25% destinations miles bonus each month on all base miles flown (more below on this particular concept)
  • Europcar hire 1 class upgrade voucher
  • use of the priority business check-in desk
  • telephone check-in from LHR-T1
  • priority ticket sales desk and check-in at LHR-T1 & DUB
  • priority on standby
  • additional baggage allowance
  • dedicated Silver card enquiry line for bookings or enquiries
  • guaranteed business class booking 48 hours in advance on our operated flights, even if the flight is full

I'm really here for Gold. What’s the deal?
The main benefits include all the Silver benefits above, plus the regular *G status perks, principally *G check-in and lounge access, priority on operational upgrade lists and the like.
  • Gold members have Virgin Clubhouse access when flying VS from LHR (not LGW).
  • access to exclusive diamond club and business lounges, plus Star Alliance Gold lounges with a guest (or two YMMV)
  • four unusuable complimentary upgrades - more detail below in the upgrades section of the FAQ.
  • You also get four Europcar upgrade vouchers (Avis & Hertz are long gone). Again, these are space available and can only be used when you pick up your vehicle (although if you call Europcar and get a note put in your PNR this seems to help). I’ve never heard of an upgrade not being available (although at smaller locations in busy periods I’m sure it could happen).
  • 20kg extra hold luggage allowance
  • priority luggage delivery
  • hand baggage and telephone check-in
  • a dedicated Gold card enquiry line for bookings, enquiries and requests
  • shorter advance notice on bmi free flight redemptions (three working days instead of the usual five)
  • When redeeming on bmi flights, Gold member redemptions are automatically booked into business class on short-haul or premium economy on long-haul, for the economy miles tariff. This is confirmed at booking. Note I did not say Gold Members, I said Gold Member redemptions - get it? If a Gold books with or for a friend, the friend is upgraded at the time of booking, even if the Gold member isn't travelling.
  • a destinations bonus of 35% on bmi operated flights - partner flights will still earn 25%
  • lifetime Gold membership if you've earned Gold diamond club status after 10 consecutive years
  • room upgrades at Grange Hotels (YMMV)
  • exclusive gifts to spend your miles on, plus special promotions on bmi fares throughout the year
  • Gold members with over 55,000 membership status miles can buy a Silver diamond club card for a friend or colleague online
  • Gold members with over 55,000 membership status miles will have any miles over this amount (up to a maximum of 250,000) credited as bonus destinations miles - this is so significant for some people, that we have dedicated a whole section to this below.
  • Also as Gold, an unpublished benefit, is that you can waitlist for the Business cabin (on bmi metal only) when no award inventory is available. Yield management will often release seats for you the next day.
  • Also as Gold, an unpublished benefit, is that the seat beside you is blocked so no one can sit there. Great when travelling alone; great when travelling with someone a on a light/moderate load; awkward when all A/C seats are taken and you cannot get your partner in to the B seat - no matter how hard you try OLCI will always make it unavailable to you.

Do I earn miles on all fares? Can I change my ticket?
Fares earn between 0% and 300% depending on the ticket type, while some are excluded from earning altogether. Full details of the miles earned on each carrier and for each flight are in the earning guide.

What’s a Tiny/BABY fare?
A historical footnote, thankfully. They were introduced to bmi amid a baffling, commercially-suicidal and short-lived experiment in modular pricing to and from LHR. Originally, they earned no miles and used to exclude elites from all benefits such as lounge access but after a customer backlash they then work like ordinary - but deeply restricted - fares. If you find references to this on FT, having used the search function, you can relax and forget all about it.

Can I change my bookings
Economy Saver tickets can not be changed at all. Period.

It is worth noting that the cheapest standard Economy fare is usually only a fraction more expensive than an Economy Saver fare but has far fewer restrictions, earns more miles and can be cancelled within 24 hours of booking for a full refund, while Economy Saver fares are completely non changeable and non refundable. Note: if changing your ticket and the new flight turns out to be cheaper, you do not get a refund of the difference, nor do you get any credit against the change fee.

And on codeshares?
This is a fraught area... YMMV. Please do not make and decisions based on what follows. The main things to consider are
1) whose code is on the ticket
2) who is actually operating the service
3) are either/both *A members
4) are they also Diamond Club partners.

The rule of thumb always is that any miles you earn depend on the airline operating the flight. In the case of codeshare flights with partner airlines, the operating carriers' miles earning structure will apply. Now, it is starting to become a little clearer how this operates, as in the past, you could not reliably predict what your booked fare with the codeshare partner would translate to on the operating partner. Recent improvements on bmi's site now allow you to see what fare bucket is credited. More details here.

Thus, if the operating airline is not a Diamond Club partner (yes, even if flying on a BD code - and this beggars belief) then you do not earn. The current partners are all *A airlines plus Qatar, Transaero and Virgin Atlantic.

bmiBaby is also a partner, but you earn based on the purchase price, not distance travelled - see below. (Also, it now now seems that you can earn STATUS miles on Transaero flights on the LHR-DME route also, but only destination miles on other Transaero routes).

*A code and *A operated, you will earn status & destination miles, as long as you are in an earning class for the operating carrier.
*A code, non-*A DC partner operating, destination miles only
BD code, non DC partner operating, no miles of any description (watch out for BD codes on EK flights)

The airline bmibaby has some great fares. Do I earn miles with them also?
Yes, you can now earn destination miles, but this is calculated by acutal fare paid, not distance flown. And as bmibaby is not a Star Alliance carrier, absolutely no perks apply – no status miles, no lounge acccess, no free sandwiches, not even help in the case of irregular ops. Think of this as a form of shopping bonus. Earnings on the fares, before taxes and charges, as follows:
£00.01 - £39.99 - 150 Miles
£40.00 - £69.99 - 300 Miles
£70.00 - £99.99 - 600 Miles
£100+ 900 Miles

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Understanding bmi Diamond Club - the Bonuses

What about a Status Bonus?
If you are Silver, you get a 25% bonus on your base Destinations Miles (not your Status Miles). This bonus only applies to flown (not hotels, car hire etc.) miles - the actual distance, or appropriate minimum mileage if appropriate, regardless of fares type or class and you don’t get the 25% bonus on your Class of Service bonus. These bonuses applies to miles flown on all *A carriers, as well as bmi partners Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways and Trasaereo (some routes are excluded).

If you are Gold, you get a 35% bonus on your bmi operated flights, and the regular 25% on other flight partners.

The bonus is now applied immediately the flight credits to your account, on a separate line, just below the flight credit.
Example 1: BD133 LHR-DUB fare class T class economy (Stated minimum mileage 800 miles, as BD operated and international route): Silver member earns 25% of 800=200 miles. Gold member earns 35% - 280 miles. These earnings are regardless of fare class – biz, ecoonomy, eco-saver and sale fares all calculate the same way. You’ll note that the Gold member earns more bonus miles on this flight than Status/Destination miles.

Example 2: LH960 FRA-MUC fare class C business (Stated minimum mileage 600 miles (actual distance 186 miles) as *A partner operated). Silver member earns 25% of 600=150 miles. Gold member earns the same, as the 35% only applies to bmi operated segments. These earnings are regardless of the full fare business class fare paid – in the next section the Class of Service(COS) bonus will be calculated.

So, there’s a Class of Service bonus?
Check the charts, as these change regularly, but as a rule of thumb you get double miles for Business, and triple for First, including north-American domestic first services and so-called Q-UP fares (Continental Airlines in a major exception where A class earns x1). And yes, your COS bonus counts for status. There are routine exceptions to this rule of thumb, so watch carefully – the one that seem to catch people out most are Singapore, Air China, Shanghai Airlines, South African, TAP and Turkish ; AC discounted Biz also earns 1x - be wary of codeshares!!! UA-Z now earns x2 - it used to be x1.

However, note that on many airlines, including bmi, there are multipliers of 0.5x and 0.25 on cheaper tickets also.
Example 1: BD133 LHR-DUB fare class T economy (Stated minimum mileage 800 miles, as BD operated and international route): All short haul Economy Saver fares earn at 25% - thus, 800x0.25=200 miles.

Example 2: LH960 FRA-MUC fare class C business (Stated minimum mileage 600 miles (actual distance 186 miles) as *A partner operated). LH C class earns at 200% - thus 600x2.0=1200 miles.
These miles appear simply in the form of triple, double, one-and-a-haffle or less times the distance on your statement, not as a separate entry.

What about the Gold 55K threshold?
Well, for high earners, this is where a good programme becomes truly great. The old complaint was that once you achieve Gold status, well, there was nothing better to aim for. Other programmes offered extra upgrades, or a Platinum level or whatever.
In 2006, bmi came up with this: When you already have Gold status, bmi will "convert" any (up to a maximum of 250,000) status miles in excess of 55k to bonus destination miles - i.e. the equivalent amount of destinations miles will be credited to your account. These bonuses should credit as part of your Gold status bonus - ie. bmi and Lufthansa flights at 35%+100%=135% and partner flights at 25%+100%=125% of the base miles.

For people outside looking in at this with glee, remember that when mving up from Silver status, your destination miles will be reset to zero, so you have to earn 55k status miles on your new/renewed status before this 100% bonus kicks in.

Your status miles total stays the same - the miles aren't deducted once they have been 'converted'. At the end of your membership year, of course, your status miles total is reset to 0 and you have to get back up to 55,000 in your next membership year before you earn any further rollover bonus destinations miles.

If you think about this, you can rack up a serious amount of miles on the back of this. Consider a trip to Australia on LH First, for a Gold member, with more than 55k status miles in his a/c:
  • LHR-FRA-SIN-SYD: 10890 miles x 3 = 32,670 (YMMV)
  • Gold 55K conversion: 32,670
  • Regular status bonus: @25% = 2722
That gives a total of 68,062 miles each way or 136,124 miles return. Or 625% of the distance. Now, if you could combine this with an occasional double miles promo, well then, you could be looking at 825%. Not bad for a day sitting round drinking champage?

Are there minimum mileages?
On bmi operated flights the minimum is 600 miles on domestic sectors and 800 miles on international sectors. On all other partners, the minimum is 600 miles. Remember to multiply these figures by the % figure for the fare class as outlined on the full table of fare earning classes.

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Understanding bmi Diamond Club - Using Your Miles

So I’ve got my status and I’ve earned me some miles. Tell me about the free flights on bmi
Ok. First up you need to book further in advance than with some FFPs. You need to book flights at least seven days out. Gold members have this reduced to three days. Simple bmi-metal oneway and return redemptions can be made online : just bear in mind this function is rather flaky and your may wish to book via the Diamond Club call centre instead.
Reasons to redeem online :
  • you don't have to deal with the Diamond Club call centre
  • you get double miles on the taxes and cash component if you use a bmi credit card to pay

Reasons NOT to redeem online :
  • the list of destinations appears to be random subset of bmi destinations : many are simply not there
  • booking time window is always 7 days : it doesn't recognise the BD*G 3 day booking window
  • it isn't programmed to handle the complimentary BD*G upgrade to business properly
  • booking for someone else to travel doesn't work properly
  • you are subject to the usual bmi website malaise of occasional random crashes and broken transactions
All other redemptions have to be made through the Diamond Club call centre (now is the time to start reading our FAQ No. 4 on the ANA tool and other forms of help available to you).

Gold members also get upgraded gratis on bmi operated redemption flights (short haul economy up to business, long haul economy only to premium economy), if space is available. If booking online, DO BOOK THE UPGRADED CLASS and the system should only charge you the mileage for the lower class.

What about award flights on *A and partner airlines?
Partner flights (including codeshares) must be booked solely through the call centre. It can be hard to secure the exact seats, routes, dates you are looking for, so most people will use the ANA tool to figure out the available routings in advance of calling the Indian Call Centre. See post FAQ No.4 before calling.

And other partner airlines?
You can earn (destinations miles only – not status) and redeem on Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways and Trasaereo (status miles are now avaiable on Transaero's LHR-DME service. Moot point - you should be on bmi's DME service.), however open-jaw itineraries and one-ways are not possible on redemption bookings. It can be difficult to see non-*A partner availability on ANA, so it may be in the lap of the gods.

Also, Emirates recently updated their system to allow for the inclusion of Diamond Club as a partner and while the system was being tested on their Lebanese site, one FTer managed to actually receive some miles. It was then closed off again. This leads us to believe that EK may become a full DC partner at some stage in the near future. Stay posted...

And I can use miles and cash?
You sure can, on *A partners. One of the best features of DC is that you can pony up a few hundred quid and this halves the mileage requirement. This makes flying in the premium cabins longhaul quite easy. See the charts for details of costs.

Lufthansa recently withdrew their F cabin from M&C redemptions, but full miles can still get you a seat.

Additional miles required for z1/2 awards involving connecting flights
If your trip involves more than one flight each way, and the origin and destination are both in zone 1 or zone 2, there is an additional connection charge for each passenger of 7,500 miles per economy return. For a business return, this is multiplied by 1.5. Here's the really bad and ill-thought-through part - if you book an F award, for example to IST, you'll be charged 2.5 times this fee, even though you'll likely sit in a C or Y cabin.

The connection charge does not apply when either the origin or the destination are outside z1/z2, for example LHR-FRA-JFK)

The connection charge is reduced or multiplied in line with the rest of the award so it would be 3,750 miles for one-way economy bookings, 4,000 miles plus £30 for miles+cash economy return bookings, x1.5 for business class etc.

That means the charges, for economy returns are :

Zone 1 to Zone 1 (example GLA-LHR-FRA)
Miles only 16,500
Miles + Cash 8,500 + £100

Zone 1 to Zone 2 (example GLA-LHR-LIS)
Miles only 19,500
Miles + Cash 10,000 + £100

Zone 2 to Zone 2 (example LIS-FRA-FCO)
Miles only 27,500
Miles + Cash 14,500 + £130
The usual multipliers apply, multiply the miles and the cash by 0.5 for a one way journey, and multiply by 1.5 for a business class journey.

So for example, the charge for a one-way business class trip LHR-ZRH-FCO is
Miles only : 19,500 x 0.5 x 1.5 = 14,625
Miles + cash : (10,000 + £100) x 0.5 x 1.5 = 7,500 + £75

If your trip involves 2 connecting flights, example LHR-OSL-TOS-LYR-TOS-OSL-LHR, then you are charged 2 lots of 7,500.

The connection charge makes these sorts of trips poor value unless the revenue fares on your route and dates of travel happen to be very high. You'll also have a coronary when you see the taxes

And MFU - miles for upgrades?
Yes - newly introduced in Nov. 09. We've not had any reports yet.

All details are here. Bottom line is that if you book a more expensive fare class, you can chuck 5k/10k/20k miles at upgrades to a higer class.

I'm short a few miles for an award. Can I buy them?
Yes. This function was added recently, with a predictably shaky start to the IT.

1. Log in to My Diamond Club
1a. If the whole process doesn't work, try this: Change country to UK, if applicable to you
2. On the left bar, click Online Shopping
3. In the main frame, click Buy Destination Miles
4. Choose whether to buy miles for yourself or for another person.

A limit of 24k miles, as of March 1st 2009, purchased by and for yourself applies. However, since the introduction of Family Memberships in Dec. 09, you can buy this amount for each member of your family and then transfer them to your Head of Household account.

What's all this about online shopping?
By using bmi's online shopping portal, you can earn miles with their partners. Very flaky service and only a few reports of miles being received to date.
1. Log in to My Diamond Club
1a. Change country to UK, if applicable to you
2. On the left bar, click Online Shopping
3. Click Shopping
4. Click Start Shopping Now
...after that you're on your own. Read on...

Do they have a credit card?
Yes they do. As a result, we're written an FAQ on this very topic. Click here.

I don’t believe you. You’ve made all this up. Where can I get real info?
Well, you can look at the bmi website at www.flybmi.com but you can never be sure if it has been updated. You might find the Indian call centre more informative

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OK folks, the master FAQ No.1 has been heavily updated following the programme overhaul this morning.

Please help with QA testing: accuracy of information, rules, practises, experiences, appropriacy of links etc.

Anything missing?

Anything unclear?

Any suggestions?

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Buy back Silver Status?

Hi I read in this post that it is possible to buy back you Silver status if you've been relogated back down to blue?

Could anyone help with find out how to do this?

i can't see anythingon BMI website?

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Originally Posted by Flying Squirrel View Post
Hi I read in this post that it is possible to buy back you Silver status if you've been relogated back down to blue?

Could anyone help with find out how to do this?

i can't see anythingon BMI website?

Forget that, if you are FB gold then use that to get a status match to bmi gold.
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Just wanted to say Thanks much for this, GC. I'm thinking of jumping to bmi based on good things I'm hearing on the Hilton boards. Hopefully I'll be able to avoid numptiness after having read all this
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I've just updated the first three posts - notably the sections on "Will bmi Diamond Club become part of Lufthansa's Miles & More programme?" "Do they Comp?" and "Where are my Hilton miles?" have all seen serious changes.
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GC, shoudn't this be a "sticky"?
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Yes it should......which is why it is.
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Technically, it's an FAQ, referenced and linked from the forum Sticky.

We prefer not to clog the top of the forum with too many Stickies. We have enough problems with posters unable to get to grips with a single "READ THIS FIRST" Sticky as it is......
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Gold members with over 55,000 membership status miles can buy a Silver diamond club card for a friend or colleague
Where can I get info on this? How much for a membership?
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16K - and you'll need to call the ICC, unfortunately.
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