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bmi FAQ No.4b : A few useful websites

bmi FAQ No.4b : A few useful websites

Old Oct 5, 09, 9:46 am
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bmi FAQ No.4b : A few useful websites

Hi all,
Over the time I’ve been lurking on the BMI board, I’ve learned a huge amount from those wiser than I on how to make the most out of the world of air travel. A lot of this info is now consolidated in a well run FAQ, but there are a few generic websites out there that I have found useful that at present are not covered there. I realise that this is only a small contribution, but if there are websites out there I have found useful, then chances are other FTers will have others to suggest too. They are all mentioned in other threads, but there doesn’t seem to be a single page of references. I realise a lot of these are old hat, but hopefully they will be of use to the less hardened.
Apologies if this is regarded as OT or non-bmi specific.
Anyway, in no particular order, here goes...

Check my trip
Lets you check whether your award reservation has gone through, check and print the details – works with the PNR before it has been ticketed. Also shows the seat map once your seat has been assigned.

Amadeus Asia
Only works once your reservation /redemption has been ticketed, so you can use it to check up on the ICC. Gives a detailed breakdown of your reservation, including all taxes and charges.

For other ticketing systems there are the following websites you can try:
Sabre: www.virtuallythere.com
Worldspan: www.mytripandmore.com
Galileo : www.viewtrip.com
Courtesy of rcs85551 as discussed in this thread:
Expedia booking: no ticket # in checkmytrip

Lufthansa "Manage my bookings" section
Use the Retrieve single booking section to select seats on bookings - including award bookings.
Courtesy of dazz81 and rogerj
See this thread for details:
BMI redemption on TG - how to book seats

ITA matrix
Good general flight search engine, which if you click through to the end, it gives detailed information on booking classes, fare rules (including acceptable routings) and detailed tax breakdown.
You can also check out salvadors web page mentioned in the sticky. http://www.tmtm.com/SA-tax.csv
And littlevoices's evolution of the taxes calculator BMI Redemption Calculator

Star Alliance Route Finder

Courtesy of cheesetoastie, as discussed over on the star alliance forum here:

World Airport Codes
Know your DPE from your DPS - Does what it says on the tin.
Airline Codes
As above

Seat Guru
Seat Expert
Seat plans for most planes, just in case you're desperate to be next to the toilet.

Seat counter
Find out how many seats are still available in a given booking class – useful to predict if an award seat might open up, or the chances of a successfully negotiating revenue management to release an "I class" iGUV redemption .

Award Grabber
Calendar tool to help you plan the all important 330 days in advance award booking

Great Circle Mapper
Three mileage calculators for planning that mileage run. Or even better...

Diamond Club earnings calculator
Courtesy of orudge - if only Owen worked for the BMI web team

And for when it gets nasty...

Denied-boarding compensation system Regulation (EC) No 261/2004
Link to explanation of directive from the European Commission
FAQ on the directive from the Air Transport Users Council
Also see the Consumer Protection section of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, where you'll find their Denied Boarding Compensation advice.

And the Wikipedia page explaining it all, including European Court of Justice rulings

Star Alliance Employee Reference Guide (Courtesy of TravellinHusker
Gives details of *A procedures, so you can re-educate the unhelpful

IATA Airline Guide to Involuntary Rerouting (Courtesy of oliver2002)



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To add to that:

Inline IATA Airport Codes
- If using firefox you can use a mouse-over airport code identifier
- Download Greasemonkey https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748
- Install the Airports Script http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/%7Eabuckley/

My Flight Memory
- Track your flights
- Produces pretty maps of where you've been and stats of how far

- Track flights / miles
- See where your fellow FT'er are flying from/to
- Coordinate lounge visits!
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I think we'll have to add this repository of knowledge to the sticky! Welcome to the bmi FAQ No.4b!

We can add SAS Australia where you can add FFP numbers to reservations made in Amadeus.

Any more useful websites?

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