BW bonus points not received yet

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BW bonus points not received yet

Can someone tell me what I did wrong as I still not have received my BW bonus points into my BW rewards account!

On my credit card statement of April, it shows that I got the 40000 points. I thought that the points would get added to my BW account a few weeks later, but it did not...

On August, I called Mastercard and they told me that they made something to transfer the points over to my BW account..

As of today, I am still waiting for the points to show up... Did I miss something??

Thanks everyone
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Is this the canadian MBNA card? If so, call MBNA and make sure they have the proper BW# attached to it. Had to go through this with my wife and it took a statement to push the points through.

On my card I preemptively called them with my BW# and it worked right off the bat. It seems even though they ask for the # at application time it just gets ignored and you have to call in.
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new Canadian MBNA card after 2 year hiatus

I just used my new Canadian MBNA card, and wonder how long it will take for the 20,000 points to hit my BW account? I cancelled the card in 2017, and signed up again because I need about 20k points for a stay in January 2020.

I'd love to book that stay by October, to avoid the hotel being filled up.

Any experiences with points posting after new sign-ups, especially reapplications, would be appreciated.
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