New BW website design misleading ?

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New BW website design misleading ?

Does anyone else find the BW website redesign awfully misleading (in North America, at least)? When you go room shopping, alongside the Best Flexible rate something called the "Best Value" rate shows up. It is a paid in advance, non-cancelable rate. But there is also a Web Special Rate, which is slightly more than the "Best Value" rate with the same paid in advance, non-cancelable terms. Go one further and there are the 3-day, or 7-day or 14-day in paid in advance rates, which are lower than the Best Value and the Web Special rates and are also non-cancelable. The Average Jane consumer who goes to book a room a month in advance and is willing to pay in advance could easily take BW at face value and book the promoted "Best Value" rate when a 3 to 14 day paid in advance rate actually offers better value. Looks like a lot of smoke and mirrors and a waste or time, not to mention the misleading aspect which may be something for consumer affairs advocates to look into. "Best Value" isn't best value if there is better value - even if it has different name.
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