Avis/Budget “Do Not Rent List” Help!

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Originally Posted by lebandito View Post
Hey all, new to the forums but have been reading for years!

So here's my question, has anyone actually tried to get a new license # and rented a car from an agency where they were previously on the DNR list?
I currently hold Avis President's Club status and I was thrown on the DNR due to excessive mileage on a vehicle that wasn't a connected car. (turned out to be miskeyed by return agent)
anyhow, as I rent so often from the same location over the years, I basically know everyone - high and low, when I found out about the DNR one of the assistant managers made a comment of "well at least you didn't wreck the car, skip out and come back with a new license number" - to which I asked, does that really work? she replied, "if you do it right, and stay under the radar the security department won't know, people do it all the time when they 'accidentally' drive our car's into Mexico".

Long story short, supposedly it's possible if you're smart about it, but I just wanted to gauge how many people have done it (with which agencies) and what steps they took.
(Avis/Budget) Yes, I’ve done it. You’d need a new License from a different state which would have a new number. When booking make sure to use a different email and phone number as well. It worked for me no red flags.

Also another note is if someone high up at a location like the manager or assistant manager knows you well and likes you they can just hit ignore the red flag DNR and override it to rent to you. A friend recently had that done where the manager at a location knew him well for renting for years and was willing to override it for him because otherwise he would’ve been stranded as he was visiting from out of state.
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Originally Posted by m907 View Post
If your DNR was actually because the agent entered the mileage wrong, that should be a relatively easy fix. How long ago was it?
They fixed it in a matter of minutes when I arrived for my next reservation.
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