Avis won't update my profile?

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Avis won't update my profile?

Hi gents,

I never thought I would run in this problem, in short: I'm trying to get Avis to update my address in the Preferred Profile and it seems to be the challenge of the century?

Obviously the first thing I did was trying to do it myself on the Avis.se website, but every attempt to change my profile end up in "Sorry, no can do, call 0700...". Which I did. First operator told me he can only change addresses to current rentals or bookings but not to the profile, I need to call another number 085... weekdays 9am to 4pm. Which I did on the next day, but the agent on that line said, he can't update my profile as well and he will need to send a mail to colleagues to do it. Which was some days ago, nothing happend. I then send a mail myself with my new details and asked them to update my profile. Actually two days layer I got a reply that my profile is updated with the new information... but well... it is not. It still shows the old address and it seems there is no way to get this fixed. Calling in again, it seems to be impossible to find any agent being able to edit the addresses in the profile.

Then during my last rental in SFO I asked at the service desk and the lady told me to contact member services with a kind of "go away" attitude. Then I tried to call the Avis Preferred US customer service and they told me I have to do this through the Swedish team, they can't touch profiles from abroad. Again back to square 1.

Any hint, any magic number? Comm'on, it can't be that hard to update a customer profile, can't it?

I have been quite a loyal customer for years (and for it is worth - or not - President's Club member) but this is driving me crazy and actually I'm kind of close to get back to Sixt and Hertz.

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To follow up. Now my profile is totally messed up

avis.se shows the old address
avispreferred.eu (which I should use to update my profile if avis.se doesn't work according to the support desk) has the new address

But both systems can't align on one common data set. And in both systems, I cannot update my CC details. Avispreferred.eu even insist I'm not signed up for the Preferred Programme. To add some more discomfort, if I log into avispreferred.eu using the mail/pwd combination valid on avis.se it works but at the same times locks the account on avis.se which can only be restored by resetting the pwd. The iphone App plainly refuses to log me in no matter what I do.

At least I finally got an agent which was able to create an issue ticket with the IT support to look into this and sort it out.

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same for me

fassy, has Avis come back to you on this? I've also been trying to update my profile (new address) and everytime I get an error message, either 'update credit card details' or 'we are having problems' or just nothing changed, and it's driving me bananas.

How can their IT be so crap?
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Nothing yet, just got a trouble ticket number and when I replied with a series of screenshots another mail that the issue has been updated with my additional information.

Have been traveling this week, so did not pursue this.

If they won’t come back by end of the week I’ll give them another call. Shouldn’t they resolve this then next week my business gets somewhere else. No patience for such incompetence.
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Still, nothing. Very disappointing, such a miserable customer service.
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Still nothing. I moved on, Avis just lost a customer.
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Same here

System correctly says it does not recognise the combination of the telephone number with the country code.
And it can tell me that the stored credit card has expired.

But on three separate occasions over more than a month it will not let me change telephone number, address, driving licence number, or credit card.
I always get "We’re currently experiencing issues updating Avis Preferred profiles, please accept our apologies."

I will try to remember to go to a desk staffed by real people next time I go through an airport, but not if it means waiting in a queue (the whole point about being pre-registered is to avoid those queues)
Or maybe I should just set up a new profile - given the new driving licence that does look feasible.
Else they have lost me.
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Same here... No matter what I do - I can't update my address or expired CC, every time some error.
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