Has Budget eliminated partner miles?

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Has Budget eliminated partner miles?

I just made a reservation online through budget, as I usually do. They have a new website. It seems ok but there is no option to add your airline travel partner mileage program and account number. Three weeks ago it was there, but it has vanished. They have a drop down menu to add miles but that just takes to a recap of your recent rentals.

Is it just an omission in the new website or a change in their program?
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I made a reservation just now, and the usual option, which I've used for the past two years, to enter an airline and ff number is not there. Even went to modify this reservation, and could not find it.

So I also wonder what happened?
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Must use a miles coupon code

Apparently you have to be using a coupon code for bonus miles for the box to pop-up. If you want to get the miles for the base miles, you either have to have a RapidRez or Fastbreak profile already with the miles account attached or add it when you visit the agency.

I do believe this is a clear attempt to reduce the amount of miles awarded.

Not sure if this is true on the Avis side.

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The way I've seen it work, as recently as last month, is you enter the airline code and your FF number when making a reservation, and although I read somewhere what you stated -- profile already with the miles account attached -- but I've never seen any way to enter that info in a profile. Just checked again now in case it changed, it hasn't (for me).

From the Budget website, they say this:
How it works
If you’re a RapidRez Member with Fastbreak, just add your frequent flyer number when you reserve on budget.com – and start earning airline miles, points or credits. Always use your RapidRez Number for the reservation, and then enter your program information on Step 4. Or just stop at the counter and provide your frequent flyer number at participating airport locations. A Fastbreak/RapidRez Number is not required to earn frequent flyer miles. Frequent flyer mileage taxes and surcharges apply.
That last sentence is relevant, because on the receipts there is a separate line/charge shown as "FTP SR", and if you look at the details you do see this when making the reservation.

I'll make another reservation and see if the ability to enter the Air FF # has changed since posting here.

EDIT: Just made a new reservation and the ability to enter Air FF# is back again, ... step 4 as they say above. It looked like they had a new set of website pages to create a reservation (and excluded the Air FF mileage feature), and what I just saw looks like the older set of web pages with the Air FF# entry.

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Running into this issue for the first time. No box in the reservation sequence to enter a FF number. I am getting the "new" pages and can't find a way to have it default to the old pages.

Nor am I seeing a place in my FastBreak profile to enter FF numbers.

Guess I will have to remember to add at the location until this resolves itself.
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Oh great, so now I have to go stand in line with everyone else if I want to add in the FF info. This friggin blows. I thought the whole point of website improvements was to improve and enhance functionality. They must have Bozo the Clown running their IT Dept.
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I just called them and they said they no longer provide this facility. The lady knew jack about what was going on. I wouldn't trust her. Anyway, the bottomline is the new pages suck.
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I made a budget reservation today and I see the Frequent Travel Rewards program fields are present.

For the rate I selected it would not accept an AA no, "this rate not eligible" so I used Hilton.
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As a Fastbrake member it is on my profile page, all the way at the bottom and I always gotten the mileage credit.
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