Higher Price if I'm logged in?

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Higher rate if I'm logged in?

I'm not sure what is going on with the website, but I am now finding that I get lower rates if I reserve without my account number. Even with the same AWD code I get higher rates if I add my account. And if I make a reservation without it and then call in to have my account added, it actually changes the rate to a higher one.

What is going on?
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Just had a similiar experience Maybe hoping no one notices?
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Not so sure about them going by my IP I tried it from my work laptop (from work) as well as personal laptop (from my home network).

Originally Posted by kevindorsey
they are going by your ip.

Somethings screwed up with avis.com. The minute i log in, the same quote gives me higher rates! Weird.

If anyone figures out a way around this, please let me know.

Thanks in advance
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The only way I can get around it is to leave my account number off the reservation until I actually get to the counter.

But now that my Presidents club membership has been revoked, I actually have been getting better upgrades by just presenting my "old" Presidents club card at the counter because when they see it they usually offer the 2 class upgrade.
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So I made a reservation without logging in in order to get the lower rate.

Then I called AVIS and had them add my Wizard # to the reservation, thinking that I'd be able to snag that lower rate. It ended up increasing the rental price significantly, more than what I would've paid had I just logged into my account to book the reservation.

Did they close that loophole? Doesn't make sense for me to get a lower rate when not logged in.
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Rate Different when logged in and not

So, I have pretty much stopped logging in to AVIS.com when checking rates as they send too many emails if I don't book. Today, I was checking a rate in MIA, plugged in my Southwest K024700 code and found a $27.99/day rate.

Sweet. So I go back to main screen, log in and do it, only to get a $47.99 rate !! OUCH!!

I cleared my cache and then did separate bookings, one in IE and one in firefox, where I was logged in on IE and not on firefox and low and behold, the same difference.

Needless to say, I did a general reservation, then called and added my wizard #. This is NOT cool. I strongly suggest people double check rates when logged in.

I have screen shots too.

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I have seen this too. If you are a Costco member, go through the travel section of their website. I get far beeter rates with Costco than any other source including the car rental web sites.
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I've also recently had this where I put in my name/wizard # and an AWD that's not my corporate code. It shows price X all the way through the booking pages, but when it confirms, it jumps to a higher price than X. Upon calling, they said "you're only eligible for your corporate rate, no others." I tried to explain "this is a personal rental, not business" and they didn't care. I had them remove the AWD associated with my profile and it worked. Now I just need to put in one whenever I make a booking, work/personal/etc. Works just fine.

Also, one can just put in the Costco AWD when booking on avis.com instead of using the Costco site.
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I found an Avis AWD Number on a Starwood thread this afternoon, and it reduced my costs considerably. It is a different AWD # than the one Avis assigned my Wizard number. Will I have the same problems as alluded to in your comment? The modifications to about five reservations that I just made all reduced the prices when the modifications were priced on avis.com, although on a couple of one-ways, the new AWD # requires a 3.8 cents a mile charge. That said, those one-ways were still much cheaper than they were with my regular Wizard AWD number. Will I have to show anything to Avis concerning this award I found on Flyertalk?
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southwest.com historically provided better rates than avis.com with the WN AWD and my Wizard number. OTOH, for the AA 3k promo, Avis.com is providing better rates for me than the AAVacations link. It's all in the revenue management game :P
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I also am getting this weird behavior as I received Avis Preferred through my Amex Platinum card. It automatically assigns the Amex AWD. And when I try change it to a better AWD, it doesn't give me the better rate.

If I log off, and start with the better AWD, then I can add my Wizard number to the reservation on the final screen in before clicking Reserve. The better rate stays. I haven't yet completed a rental with this technique.
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Higher Price if I'm logged in?

So, I've never seen this happen before, but Avis is quoting me a lower price for a week rental if I don't log in (but use the same Rate code). As soon as I try to add my account information, the price jumps up (from ~$160 to ~$185)?

But without that, I can go through and confirm at the lower price.

Anyone seen this before?
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I just got this one too. It wasn't insignificant, either, it was about 40% higher when logged in than when not. I tried a bunch of different combinations, but the only one that gave me a low price was (a) not logged in, and (b) no rate code. Saved myself about forty bucks.

It happened for a slightly different itinerary I was looking at, as well.

Not cool, Avis, not cool. The question is: is this a glitch, or a deliberate strategy?
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Years on and this is still happening.
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