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puchong Aug 24, 19 9:11 pm

Colombo Airport Hotel
Can someone please recommend a reasonably priced hotel near Colombo Airport, preferably with a courtesy transfer service? I really do not want to undertake the long drive to the downtown area - have done it many times already.

mahlerfan Aug 24, 19 11:12 pm

I stayed at the Gateway Hotel Airport Garden (a Taj property). Very nice 4-star property, reasonably priced, about two miles from the Colombo Airport. The web site advertises airport transfers but does not indicate whether it is complimentary.

quarryking Sep 1, 19 9:53 pm

Aside of the Gateway Hotel option that's already been mentioned, you could look at the Ramada Katunayake. Sri Lankan airlines normally put up their long transit passengers here. Guess it wouldn't be as a plush as the Gateway Hotel, but still a reasonable option.

Lastly would be any of the numerous hotels in the Negombo area. Also very close to the airport and a fair bit of options available depending on one's budget.

dav662 Sep 2, 19 6:55 pm

There are very nice hotels in the Negambo area as Quarryking says. Not far from the airport. I guess it depends on the time the passenger has for the layover. By the way it is no longer that long to the downtown due to the highway but still about 30 mins or so I would guess depending the time of the day and what hotel you are going to.

wandering_fred Sep 2, 19 7:30 pm

A couple of kilometers away, not at the airport, nor in the direction of Negombo, the Tamarind Tree hotel has its own, very quiet grounds. Haven't stayed there for a couple of years, but Mrs WF was quite happy with the accomadation.

Happy wandering

mookie10 Sep 8, 19 4:18 pm

I used the Amagi Aria hotel in Negombo for the same purpose as OP last year - perfectly good hotel for an overnight stay with a free shuttle service at 5am

Ryan10 Sep 11, 19 2:16 am

Marino beach hotel is best for your stay in colombo...

eponymous_coward Sep 15, 19 8:43 pm

Originally Posted by Ryan10 (Post 31512896)
Marino beach hotel is best for your stay in colombo...

So you just completely ignored OP's request to NOT have to travel into downtown Colombo for an overnight transfer, and recommended something involving downtown Colombo anyway?

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