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Gregory312 Feb 14, 19 9:24 am

Best countries to visit in Central Asia
Hi guys! I'm planning my trip to Central Asia. I need your advice on where to go, which country and cities to visit. Time is limited - about 2 weeks. I'm interested in national traditions and would like to take part. Thank you!

number_6 Feb 16, 19 2:25 pm

Its adventure travel so do your research. The 'stans vary greatly with each having plus and minus but all lack infrastructure and don't make it easy for tourists to visit. Uzbekistan would be my choice as it has the oldest civilization (the neighbouring 'stans were nomadic while Tashkent and Samarkand were cities on the silk road going back thousands of years).

Gregory312 Feb 17, 19 9:50 am

Hello! I see, you consider tourism from a historic point of view. Have you been to Uzbekistan? What can you say about traditional cuisine (my favorite aspect)) and modern architecture?

rankourabu Feb 22, 19 11:57 am

Uzbekistan definitely has the most to "see" - but most of the "old" stuff from the Silk Road was rebuilt in the 90s. Will definitely be the most touristy of the lot

If you are into nature, Kyrgyzstan is the place to go - mountains, and beaches around the lake. Turkmenistan is very sterile but definitely worth a few days detour.

Gregory312 Feb 23, 19 9:53 am

Hello! Have you been to Uzbekistan? What about any unusual activities within reasons? How did you pass your time there? I decided to travel to Uzbekistan.

Gregory312 Feb 23, 19 10:12 am

Unusual activities in Tashkent
Hello! Finally, I decided to visit Uzbekistan. My plane is to Tashkent, so can you recommend any extraordinary activities there? of course, within reason. Pls, share your experience. Thanks!

Scottyrocket Feb 24, 19 9:18 am

As others have mentioned Uzbekistan is a great start. The Pamir highway from down near the Afghan border in Tajikistan to Osh in Kyrgyzstan is amazing too.

Bonaturtle Oct 29, 19 5:01 pm

Heading to 3 of the Stans in a month, surprised no one mentions Khujand in Tajikistan. Seems one of the few highlights to hit in that country, and it's a day trip from Tashkent.

CraigCultureCapital Nov 6, 19 3:39 am

Hereís a slow moving two week itinerary as a starter. Feel free to adjust accordingly. Spent a couple months doing Kyrgyzstan, Tajik, Afghan, Uzbek, and Kazak. If you have less time cut out Andijan. Check out my Instagram for photos @ CraigShubin

Day 1: Fly into Tashkent, overnight here

Day 2: Morning in Tashkent then train to Samarkand late

Day 3 - 4: Samarkand sightseeing. One day is enough but two days doesn't hurt either

Day 5: Travel to Bukhara. 2 hour train so maybe early is best to spend evening in Buhkara.

Day 6 - 7: Bukhara Sightseeing. Similarly everything can be seen in one day.

Day 8: Train to Khiva, 5 hours

Day 9 - 10: Sightseeing Khiva

Day 11: Train back to Bukhara, Then Train to Samarkand sane day. Overnight in Samarkand.

Day 12: Train back to Tashkent, overnight there

Day 13: Visit Andijan region

Day 14: Fly out of Tashkent

Feel free to ask more questions

CraigCultureCapital Nov 6, 19 3:42 am

Also hereís a city breakdown from my blog

Tashkent: Capital City, big and modern. A good place to find clubs if you want that as elsewhere it is difficult. Itís pretty western. Very little to see historically.

Samarkand: this is the first official stop for sightseeing though itís still a modern city. Itís sights are the biggest while also being the most spread out. It can be seen in one day, two recommended but many do three days. If you love history and want a leisurely pace - three should do it. For fast walkers and fast sight seers you could see the major sights in half a day and not miss much. Again the sights are spread out so plan to spend 3 to 4 miles walking, maybe more to/from lodging. As said before itís a fairly modern city where all normal comforts can be found plus good public transportation. There is an ďold townĒ but donít be fooled, itís close to the big sights but not a typical old city where it feels like you are stepping back in time. Thatís Bukhara...

Bukhara - The major sightseeing city. Itís got the most sights, biggest old city, and people typically spend the most time here. The sights are more tightly packed so you can see it in half a day if you choose, one full day recommended but more okay if you like. Bukhara knows itís popular. Itís old city is refurbished and there are hawkers, venders, and tour buses a plenty. Itís great but youíll feel the tourism. Credit cards are somewhat accepted and prices less cheap than elsewhere as tourism more concentrated in one area.

Khiva - Khiva is like Bukharaís chill younger sibling. Itís got a smaller old city which is in the process of being refurbished but itís more relaxed and sees less tourism as itís a bit out of the way. Thatís not to say you wonít see tour buses but itís got a bit more grit and authentic feel to it than Bukhara. The train schedule makes it difficult to plan. The day train from Bukhara goes one way on even days and the other on odds so unless you are doing an overnight to Tashkent (altogether not a bad idea for those doing a shorter trip and catching a flight home in a hurry) itís a bit tricky. Though the old town is small enough to catch, quickily so those doing an evening then morning viewing to catch a train back to Bukhara, you got it. Walk fast and check out the walls. Recommend sleeping in the old city as well otherwise not needed.

npruthi922 Nov 6, 19 3:51 am

Must Visit Places
Hey, I am mentioning some must-visit places in Central Asia:

1. Song Kul

2. Pamir Highway

3. Darvaza

4. Issyk Kul

5. Astana

Bonaturtle Nov 6, 19 7:12 am

Originally Posted by npruthi922 (Post 31706903)
Hey, I am mentioning some must-visit places in Central Asia:

1. Song Kul

2. Pamir Highway

3. Darvaza

4. Issyk Kul

5. Astana

You liked Astana (now new name)? I didn't find much of anything interesting there, albeit only there for a day or so. In the 24 hours I was in Almaty, it was much more interesting than Astana, but overall wouldn't be back to visit either again.

Solivagant Nov 12, 19 5:11 am

In term of culture, the Persian-influenced countries should be the best choices; they are Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
In term of nature tourism, Tajikistan may be the best because of its mountains

rankourabu Nov 12, 19 5:11 pm

Originally Posted by bambardir (Post 31708630)
What are the prices of travel agencies in central asia? I think it is better to book tours from local agencies because it is cheapest way I think. Can I have central Asian tour operator with high recomendatiin in each country thanks.

Advantour has been running a solid operation for years.
I went with them in 2010 in Uzbekistan after travelling through the other 'stans and Iran on my own.

Bonaturtle Nov 13, 19 8:19 am

Tajik better with nature than Kyrgyzstan? I'll only visit Khujand so guess I won't see much.

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