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Uruguay vs Argentina... which is truly the meat lover's paradise?

Uruguay vs Argentina... which is truly the meat lover's paradise?

Old Feb 4, 20, 9:30 pm
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Uruguay vs Argentina... which is truly the meat lover's paradise?

Between these two countries, which would you pick for meats, steak.
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Old Feb 13, 20, 11:27 am
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My recent visit to both countries (beg Feb 2020)
Bife de lomo
Argentina - ARS 800 (1 USD = 73 ARS)
Uruguay - UYU 600* (1 USD = 37 UYU)
* VAT refund when paid by CC or DC, so finally 491,80)
Argentine beaf was juicier, softer, tastier :-)
Of course, YMMV
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Old Feb 13, 20, 7:32 pm
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I am Argentine, so Im not exactly impartial.... but I consider myself a "true carnivore" and must say that the average quality of Argentine Beef has declined over the past 15 years. A lot of this has to do with the growth of the Feed-lot System of raising cattle - something that was pretty much non existant in Argentina in the 20th Century. Uruguay and Argentina, have both historically had very high quality meats, and the same situation exists today... but at least in Argentina, you now have to be more selective in which cuts of meat you buy (and where you source them from)… something that you didn't have to worry about 15 or so years ago because all the stuff out there was 100% free range grass fed and hormone free.

For tourists that come to visit, I think that today the quality in both Uruguay and Argentina is excellent, each person will of course have his/her own experience and ultimate preference... But I would say that it will be a very (very) close race between the two countries - I think it would be a "technical tie".
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Old Feb 14, 20, 11:19 am
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Originally Posted by fay637 View Post
Between these two countries, which would you pick for meats, steak.
Argentina you've got, what, 90% feedlot beef now? It isn't that you can't get a delicious piece of feedlot beef, but it doesn't taste the same and it doesn't cook the same. I'd also suggest (but don't want to start a war) that the typical old school parrillero learned how to cook beef before "marbling." You can still find excellent high quality beef, but unlike "once upon a time," when you could just stumble in most any neighbo(u)rhood parrilla and get a decent steak, now you have to do your research.

Uruguay you've got just about (if not entirely) 100% non-feedlot beef. It is so much better for you to eat this sort of beef, which by its nature, doesn't have the quantity of unhealthy fats (and in fact, a ratio of omega 3 to 6 similar to skinless boneless chicken breast)..

That's my take. I've only been to Uruguay twice, while I've been to Argentina dozens of times, so I can't do a proper compare and contrast. I eat a lot less steak in Argentina than I used to. But I'd attribute a good portion of this to finding more interesting and varied things to eat in a burgeoning food scene.
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Old Feb 17, 20, 11:29 am
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Can't say I was blown away with the beef when I was in Uruguay or Brasil for that matter. Having said that I've always thought the beef here was a tad overrated. However if prepared and cooked properly even the cheapest of meat can end up being tasty. Much will depend on where you eat I suppose. As for feed lot cattle versus free range....I don't think the difference is as great as the experts say.
When I'm on parrilla duty at home I tend to make vacio or pork rib and when eating out I'll usually have a bife de chorizo.
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