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ASUDan130 Mar 12, 17 3:38 pm

Argentina Steak Help
Hello, have an upcoming trip to BA and looking forward to going to lots of parrillas! I have been doing alot of research and the 2 most popular cutes seem to be bife de lomo which is like filet mignon and bife de chorizo which is like a NY Strip Steak. My question is the locals seem to prefer the chorizo bife and tourists seem to lean lomo. How fatty is the bife de chorizo generally? I hate cutting around all the fat to just get a little bit of beef though. The lomo seems to be the more meatier cut though. What is generally considered the best? the photos of the bife de chrizo I have seen have different amounts of fat in it. Can someone break down the differences of cuts you will find in BA and what I should be ordering when I go?

Gaucho100K Mar 12, 17 4:13 pm

The Bife de Chorizo will not have you cutting around the fat, as that will be very clearly located on the outer rim. Locals tend to be more adventurous with cuts so even though the Bife de Chorizo is a classic, its now not as popular as it once was.

If you will be doing a lot of dead cow tasting, I suggest you order both and see what suits you best... but I would also consider tasting these cuts....

Asado de Tira
Bife con Lomo
Ojo de Bife

Would it be correct to assume that you enjoy Red Wine....?

Marambio Mar 12, 17 10:46 pm

Take into account that discussing which part of the cow tastes better is a national pastime in the Pampas. You will have to taste the different plates and then let us know your verdict. :)

I agree with Gaucho, though, that if you are going parrilla hardcore, you should try something different. Bife de lomo and bife de chorizo are a must, but vacío is something very hard to get outside Argentina and Uruguay and tastes fantastic (the raw meat does have fat but it gets crisp during the cooking process, so you can easily remove it in one or two chops).

Eastbay1K Mar 12, 17 11:35 pm

For as rarely as I go out for steak, I'll usually get an Asado de Tira (which are grilled short ribs, cut in a style that you don't really see elsewhere). Never particularly tender, but when at its best, so tasty. The caveat is that I've had it where you end up spitting out half your food (at lower end places).

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