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Hmm, Maybe I did not think this through...

Hmm, Maybe I did not think this through...

Old Jul 27, 15, 8:15 am
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Hmm, Maybe I did not think this through...

So I jumped on the cheap Aeromexico Business fare to Buenos Aires last month (Luxury Beyond Compare!) I was very happy to get a great Christmas fare! However in my excitement I did not realize that I will be probably be getting out of EZE into the city around Midnite Christmas day. I have been to Buenos Aires before, but not at X-mas and my understanding is that I will not be able to exchange USD until the 28th after the weekend and if I want to rent an apartment, that I will have a hard time finding one that will let me in at 1am on Christmas morning.

My questions, what are my options, if any, for trading $$ on Christmas? A Hotel? Will it be difficult getting a cab from the airport or should I arrange something? Would a hotel for a night or two be a better option for this particular situation?

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Old Jul 27, 15, 8:34 am
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You will not have problems trading $$, you will have to stick to the official rate though (banks will be closed, but there will be plenty of exchange houses open mostly in shopping malls), unless the hotel can help you with the unofficial rate.

Regarding taxis or transportations from EZE you won't have any problem either.
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Old Jul 27, 15, 8:51 am
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Thanks for your reply Yakito

To clarify, I was wondering about being able to trade USD for the blue dollar rate on Xmas weekend and if there were any possibility of doing that.
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Old Jul 27, 15, 9:34 am
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I would be surprised if there weren't at least a few "cambio" callers on Florida, but they may not be the most savory and the prices may not be the best. If you take a taxi service into the city, you also might inquire with your driver if he'll change some US$ for you (at least enough to get you through the next 24 hours) - probably not the best rates, but certainly better than official.
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Old Jul 27, 15, 1:14 pm
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Unless you can arrange to get entry to an apartment for your time of arrival it might be best just to book a hotel for the first night or two until everything gets going again. It'll give you time to get your bearings. One of the larger well known chain hotels would be better.
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Old Jul 27, 15, 9:01 pm
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Christmas is celebrated on the evening of December 24th in Argentina, with family toast and presents being opened only after midnight. The whole Christmas dinner isn't over till 1:30/2am to say the least. Some fancy flats have 24-hour doormen who are on duty through the night and will let you in provided the owner leaves them the keys, otherwise I think you might be better with a hotel. Plus the hotel should be able to arrange an airport pick up.
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