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  1. TAP posts €119.7m in losses in the 1st semester of 2019
  2. OPO lounge
  3. EURO1-NORTH AMERCIA 8700 Miles + 150 EUR
  4. Cheaper Upgrades than Plusgrade?
  5. TP 236 - why no great circle route
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  7. TAP in economy
  8. Baggage delay: Montreal Convention Claim
  9. Left engine of Airbus A320-214(WL) CS-TNS on fire on take off spool-up
  10. Recovering Lost or Misplaced Baggage / Luggage on TAP (master thread)
  11. Upgrade at the airport / counter upgrades
  12. Aeroplan seat release dates? (YVR-POT Sep 2020)
  13. Tickets cancelled after I complained about baggage fees
  14. Discount code - 10% off for US, UK, BR
  15. TAP and 3-12 hour Layover LIS / Lisbon / Lisboa
  16. TP1322 LIS - DUB Safety Demonstration Incident
  17. TAP Lounge in LIS closed 27 - 29 Aug 2019 - alternatives?
  18. Cheaper Business When Booked as Two One-Ways?
  19. Boston: TAP Access Lounge with Showers?
  20. ORD-LIS Flight moved causing Connection Issues
  21. TAP flights to São Tomé TMS
  22. Miles & Go Gold luggage tags
  23. Miles&Go introduces flexible award pricing (Aug 2019)
  24. TAP Air Portugal participates in USA TSA ✅PreCheck program
  25. Tap Business class Lisbon - JFK
  26. What's with the foam packing on the A330Neos?
  27. Seat Assignment Got Changed by TAP with NO valid reason
  28. European Compensation for Delayed Baggage?
  29. TAP Transatlantic Special Meals
  30. Stopover app not recognizing my booking as Stopover
  31. Club Miles and Go Question
  32. Upgrading/Upping a fare classes
  33. TAP Economy Basic Fares
  34. TAP Lisbon Lounge: Midnight
  35. Welcome / Bem-vindos to the new TAP Air Portugal | Miles&Go Forum!
  36. CDG -> SFO on TAP or Air Canada Business
  37. TAP’s brand new A330neo reportedly causing sickness in crew and passengers
  38. TAP Economy Basic seat selection, keep party together?
  39. TAP cancelling flight without sending an e-mail
  40. Does TAP have proper transfer desk at LHR T2 airside?
  41. TAP and mileage credit to OZ
  42. TAP ditched their business class lounge in Dublin?
  43. For stopover fares, Is TAP really a mess, or is there too much whining
  44. TAP SFO>LIS award availability, all gone
  45. TAP joins Ryanair / PremiAir Manchester/ MAN (£50)
  46. TP Carryon (above limit) options from LHR
  47. TP A321 Neo Biz Seats Couple
  48. Cancelling and getting a refund from TAP
  49. Another TAP question : upgrade at airport
  50. TAP...why can't I buy a baggage allowance online...
  51. TAP upgrade with miles - baggage
  52. TP Seat reservation for Star Gold
  53. TP/TAP: Miles for Agent/Consolidator Tickets in Biz
  54. Tap a330-300
  55. TAP Query
  56. TAP manages to make the Air Portugal even more miserable
  57. TAP cancels access to contract lounges for Star Gold
  58. TAP - Food poisoning?
  59. My first TAP experience- review
  60. TAP - are prices legit?
  61. Lisbon e-gates /TAP
  62. TAP Lounge JFK T5... does it exist?
  63. TAP Discount vs Basic
  64. Carry On Baggage Sizes (Vueling, TAP, RyanAir)
  65. TAP Air Portugal one way vs multi city
  66. TAP Business class Rio to Lisbon
  67. TAP - business class cabins on Toronto-Lisbon route?
  68. TAP - cannot register an account
  69. TAP discrepancy: lie-flat or executive?
  70. TAP - Receive an offer for changing your flight
  71. Is this a mistake fare on TAP?
  72. TAP, "J" CLASS zeroed out for most of May and June
  73. How to select seats on TAP site under Manage Booking?
  74. Any luck with the TAP 50% off awards promotion?
  75. Checked baggage contents theft on TAP
  76. TAP Baggage Policy
  77. TAP question - two flight reservations, same day
  78. Is the TAP SFO-LIS inaugural one I should position myself to be on?
  79. TP A330neo J class seats
  80. CI Baggage for *A Gold on TAP?
  81. TAP Miles&Go now allows Star Alliance redemptions online
  82. Canx reason for TP1908 FAO-LIS 03 DEC
  83. Tap Porto - Lisbon flight
  84. Gate-checking with TP (LIS-LHR)
  85. TP Flight booked and shows confirmed, no ticket
  86. TAP: *A miles for Hi fly operated flights?
  87. TAP - Europe to U.S. w/stopover - booking questions
  88. 1st flight on TAP out of LIS
  89. TAP portugal lisbon to Maputo
  90. TAP connection in Lisbon
  91. chance of tap checking bag thru
  92. TAP Portugal. Gate Check Baggage Fee (award ticket)
  93. TAP Portugal YYZ route lie-flat new business class now?
  94. Tap Portugal Airlines [seat reservation]
  95. TAP Portugal from YYZ to LIS
  96. Tap airlines Miami to lisbon
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  99. [TP] Redeeming TAP Victoria miles for Galp fuel vouchers
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  101. TAP Victoria Miles HUGE Devaluation! What to do now?
  102. TAP UK Address
  103. TAP Lounge Question
  104. TAP Long Haul Diabetic Meals
  105. TAP Carry-On / Cabin Baggage Rules and Enforcement (merged threads)
  106. TAP to BSB - extra delayed ? Low priority destination?
  107. Joining two TAP flights for baggage
  108. TAP Portugal vs. Delta for flights from US to Lisbon
  109. Has TP done all that is required?
  110. TAP Portugal flight pass - some clarification?
  111. TAP as Swiss codeshare - OPO to GVA - perpetually late ?
  112. TAP Delay
  113. Lost luggage TAP Portugal
  114. TAP Award Availability
  115. TP: Change birthdate on PNR
  116. TP Website - How to search for flights and prices in C?
  117. TAP A330-300 in business class (LIS-YYZ-LIS)
  118. TAP airlines upgrades
  119. TAP Portugal Checking Baggage Through for Later Flight
  120. TAP Embraer 190 arriving in LCY - rear disembarkation?
  121. TAP Airlines: ticket not matching passport?
  122. TAP 332's and exit rows
  123. Is Tap Victoria Plus worth it?
  124. Tap Portugal Lie-Flat? MIA to LIS
  125. Status of TAP reconfigured cabins on A32S fleet?
  126. TAP PORTUGAL luggage allowance
  127. Can TAP Victoria Portugal book Star alliance award ticket online ?
  128. Airline cancelled flight due to storm that never materialized (TAP)
  129. TAP TP346 - Returned to LIS - why?
  130. TAP Express business class experience
  131. Star Alliance Gold Benefits - TAP Portugal
  132. Complaint about TAP Fare Class Visibility
  133. TAP mile transfer questiom
  134. TAP executive class baggage question - skis?
  135. Got TAP upgrade, TAP won't refund economy seat selections
  136. TAP interlining with Azores on separate tix?
  137. TAP airlines REFUNDS - One Day...Maybe
  138. How do I get someone at TP to deal with my EU261??
  139. TAP Portugal - Pricing
  140. TAP Portugal – ‘Time to Think’
  141. TAP discount fare - do they usually put you next to spouse?
  142. TAP vs. Vuelling BCN-LIS
  143. TAP Strike Feb 9 - 11
  144. TAP automatic seat assignment
  145. TAP: tap corporate
  146. TAP Extra Bag Star Gold ANY fare
  147. TAP shorthaul business class: labour dispute still affecting catering?
  148. TAP - TMS-ACC-LIS one flight, two tickets
  149. TAP Portugal Carryon Policy
  150. TAP Air Portugal [TP] new routes and changes (later 2018 onward)
  151. Tap - eu261
  152. TAP sales promotion
  153. Any way to cancel TAP rez for cheaper prefered route on AA?
  154. TAP lounge closed Dec 7 - 23
  155. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 TAP Victoria benefits nominations
  156. TAP Portugal: Lounge access when crediting to LH but *A Gold w/United
  157. TAP E-Mail contact / No reply to EU261 claim via webform
  158. Alternatives to TAP to get to TMS
  159. TAP Long Haul Business Class experiences
  160. TAP Y: Paying for Exit Row
  161. Misplaced Luggage On TAP
  162. TAP Victoria - how many “status” miles will I earn?
  163. Iberia or TAP business?
  164. GUIDE: TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330-900neo
  165. GUIDE: TAP Air Portugal Airbus A321LR
  166. GUIDE: TAP Air Portugal Airbus A340-300 / A343 (retiring 2019)
  167. GUIDE: TAP Air Portugal Express ATR 72-600
  168. GUIDE: TAP Air Portugal Airbus A319-100
  169. GUIDE: TAP Air Portugal Airbus A321-200 and A321neo
  170. GUIDE: TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320-200 and A320neo
  171. Using JFK T5 lounge as a TP Business pax
  172. Does TAP interline bags on separate Panta?
  173. TAP upgrade using United miles?
  174. Earliest check in time to drop off baggage at Lisbon airport TAP flight
  175. TAP recent J experience
  176. TAP: Am I entitled to claim under EU261?
  177. TAP lounge access
  178. How long does it take to receive compensation on TAP cancelled flight
  179. TAP booking reference not recognised on CheckMyTrip
  180. TAP 1274 LIS-VIE: Boeing 747 operated?
  181. No service on domestic TAP J flight w crew shortage. Any chance of compensation?
  182. Does the TAP A332 (ex-Azul) still have "Economy Xtra" seats?
  183. TP: São Tomé via Accra in an A320 <eek!>
  184. TAP Portugal: Same-day flight change / stand by?
  185. Warning: TAP Changes Fare Class of Discount Tickets
  186. GUIDE: EC261 / EC 261/2004 “EU” complaints, compensation and TAP
  187. TAP Portgual Strike?
  188. TAP - Security Breach Cockpit Visit
  189. TAP new A319 and A320 config "Preferential Seats"
  190. TP: How much transit time needed in LIS?
  191. TP: When will reservation be deleted?
  192. TAP international allowing personal item?
  193. Cheap flights TXL-LIS-SSA on TAP Portugal BUT..
  194. On This Flight, The Cabin Crew Didn't Offer Passengers Any Service (But They Did Eat
  195. TAP YYZ to LIS Flight impressions?
  196. TAP Upgrade to C with points
  197. TAP business class priority security from BOS?
  198. TAP Portugal - redemption chart
  199. TAP Supervisor Gone Mad
  200. Baggage allowance on TAP
  201. TAP: Bought a |PLUS fare but upgraded to C with miles, will I receive any miles?
  202. TAP - how to annoy your customers before they get onboard
  203. TAP: TMS-ACC and ACC-xxx on separate ticekts
  204. TAP Portugal: Need help with Long layover before flight BOS Logan to Lisbon
  205. TAP Business Class LIS-BOS
  206. TAP Victoria. How easy to obtain and retain top-tier?
  207. TAP Portugal Fare Classes
  208. MIA-LIS on TAP M&M econ award: chose seats when??
  209. Tap Victoria Miles
  210. TAP A321 reconfigured cabin
  211. Iceland Air Vs. TAP Vs. Air Europa? Which has the best cancellation/refund policy?
  212. Short connection EWR -> LIS -> VCE on TAP
  213. GUIDE: TAP Premium Lounge at LIS / Lisbon
  214. New intercontinental fare structure TP
  215. TAP disappearing fare?
  216. TAP Operated by White Baggage Allowance
  217. Booking a reward flight with Tap Victoria Miles in Star Alliance companies
  218. Routes for TAP's new A330-900 Neo
  219. Unusual TAP Flight Duration TNG-LIS
  220. TAP Fare Class A?
  221. TAP Flight TP118 march 11th
  222. TAP A320 Business Class. Worth the extra miles?
  223. TAP email response time?
  224. Using MileagePlus Account with TAP Flight
  225. Does TAP have a dedicated phone number for business class?
  226. TAP AMS-LIS equipment changed to A330-200
  227. TAP Arrival lounge in LIS? (No)
  228. So...is TAP airlines THAT bad
  229. TAP schedule change - options?
  230. False upgrade at the gate flying TAP
  231. TAP Portugal A330-200 seats
  232. Help! TAP Portugal won't recognize my UA *G status
  233. BA T5 to TAP T2 connection
  234. Can anyone find the award miles charts for TAP VICTORIA Program
  235. Overnight connection in LIS on TAP
  236. Booking award tickets in Singapore Airlines using Tap Victoria miles
  237. TAP Short-haul seats - A321 vs others
  238. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 TAP Victoria benefits nominations
  239. TAP Portugal - Business Class Lounge at JFK?
  240. TAP - early bag drop at LHR?
  241. TP A330 & A343 Executive / business class seating notes, discussion
  242. TAP: Lounge access in Brazil for Star Gold?
  243. Tap Portugal award zones
  244. TAP started to refit interiors of 48 [A32S]AC
  245. TAP Portugal transfer to Air Canada in LHR T2
  246. TAP Portugal seat plan unavailable
  247. TAP passenger information
  248. TAP Portugal Flight Price Tracking
  249. TAP Portugal Special Meals in Y
  250. TAP OLCI 24 or 36 Hours BOS Departure