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  1. Marriott Website Lacks SPG Hotel Pool Info
  2. Premium room awards gone under new Marriott program?
  3. $ Value of a Marriott Reward Point?
  4. Marriott Bonvoy Hotels in Brisbane [Master Thread]
  5. Elite Night calculation for early departure
  6. Is SPG Still Worth it for Hotel Rewards?
  7. Hilton Honors Elite Benefits Grid Update (Sticking It To Marriott Rewards)
  8. Help Planning Nights for Maximizing Status/Benefits
  9. Last day to book Rewards booking for 2019
  10. Sheraton O’Hare: Fire alarm and blocked emergency exit
  11. Platinum Elite - pick 5 elite nights or 5 suite nights?
  12. Beach Properties near Orlando
  13. Le Meridien Etoile - Convention Hotel??
  14. Elite night/3k spend on OLD Marriott VISA card
  15. Any reason to keep the SPG App on my phone?
  16. Cat 1 & 2 Bargains
  17. Received a gift from a hotel staff and later got an email for a positive review on TA
  18. To avoid Marriott group, To stay only at legacy SPG Hotels, My Personal Vow!
  19. Favorite Marriott in Rochester, NY area
  20. Does the web site show annual spend?
  21. Trouble downloading Bill from Website
  22. Marriott platinum for United 1-Ks!
  23. Changes to upcoming old premerger reservation issues (not points)
  24. Problems with payment with Marriott group hotel
  25. Points Missing (Post-Merger) - General Discussion
  26. Hotel removed my status due to my guest?
  27. Marriott expanding branded residential portfolio by 70%
  28. Points calculation at RC properties
  29. Marriott MORE shopping website **CAUTION**
  30. Enhanced/club room on award booking
  31. Residence Inn - Bellevue, WA [Master Thread]
  32. Current Marriott company line
  33. Marriott Platinum Challenge General Discussion Thread
  34. Pre Existing Reservation changed to higher points
  35. Travel Package General Discussion Thread
  36. First Marriott Redemption (In A While) 5 for 4 - What are all these links?
  37. Crazy deposit requirements for an upgraded award stay
  38. "Suite Night Awards" cannot be used at Ritz-Carlton
  39. Three rooms????
  40. Marriott - Change to Certificates, 1-5 category now 1-4. Value remains 25K.
  41. How do I sign up for Ritz Carlton Hotel Rewards program?
  42. Sheraton Bucharest or JW Marriott Bucharest
  43. Birthday elite night credit post merger
  44. Marriott app issue: SPG booking only?
  45. How to access Aloft keyless entry?
  46. Award night points / certificates not refunding correctly
  47. Marriott's new pricing power
  48. Has anyone got a suite upgrade at RC as a PP?
  49. Marriott Bonvoy Lurker(s) - How to Contact (Combined Threads)
  50. SF Proper Hotel - can only book “bunk room” with points
  51. Anyone else experience SPG hotels not showing on search?
  52. Checked out Aug 17, posted after Aug 18, which rules ?
  53. Possible to modify SPG award reservations made prior to the merger?
  54. New limit on points transfers to miles
  55. are starwood pts still going 3 to 1 to marriot pts
  56. Point value change
  57. Hotel staff incorrectly charged my CC. Now they want me to pay the balance.
  58. How many points per event pre-merger?
  59. Platinum benefits at multi room suites
  60. Unable to Book SPG Hotels From Marriott Site
  61. Free anniversary nights
  62. How to Maintain Marriott Status?
  63. Has anyone successfully transferred points to Virgin since the merger?
  64. Overlapping stay credits?
  65. NO airline transfers working since the merger?
  66. E-certs for SPG properties ?
  67. Moving points between household accounts (General Discussion Thread)
  68. Unable to book - Error Message
  69. Marriott's No Blackout Policy, Post-Merger General Discussion Thread
  70. Re Lifetime Status Cheaply
  71. Suite night reward combined with points nights?
  72. Commisionable Rate
  73. Old SPG Credit Card Stay/Nights Credit
  74. Marriott Anaheim lounge/breakfast
  75. Change credit card on reservation
  76. How was your first Starriott stay?
  77. Aloft Abu Dhabi or The st. Regis
  78. Points Reservation -- cancellations and "forfeit"
  79. Upgrading a Confirmed Suite Reward
  80. Acquired a new booking!
  81. Still no points showing
  82. Earning Marriott Points for a Sheraton Booking
  83. What should my 2018 new program status be?
  84. Is anyone else still showing two different statuses on SPG vs. Marriott?
  85. Nights calculation mistake
  86. No Platinum Chat in the new program
  87. Over 100 Marriott nights. What should I do til January?
  88. Unable to use suite nights?
  89. Amex U. S. sync offer (Ritz-Carlton)
  90. What to do about branded credit cards?
  91. Unable to Make Reservation on Marriott.com?
  92. Upgrade monetization
  93. uncleared SNA's not Returned
  94. Anyone else not showing the 'you've achieved 50 nights gift' in Account Overview?
  95. Gold Elite ?
  96. Matched status years counting towards lifetime?
  97. Is there a delay for all activity since the merger?
  98. Marriott SPG Cash & points
  99. Any new promos for Fall (MegaBonus, etc.?)
  100. Westin Brisbane [Master Thread]
  101. Which Credit Card? Chase Premium Plus vs SPG AMEX
  102. Which account to use for new bookings?
  103. Spend $300 get $60 back ($200/40 in 2019) - Amex sync Marriott offer
  104. New Platinum Elite status not recognized at SPG property?
  105. Benefits if Elite member is traveling but not the one booking
  106. Possible to do a Platinum / PP challenge yet?
  107. Curious, why do I manage to get all the benefits of my husband's status when he's
  108. Plat Premier benefit at TownePlace Suites
  109. New email from SPG “you still need to merge your accounts”
  110. Positive upgrade stories post acquisition! :)
  111. Invalid rewards number
  112. New program but old branding = pure confusion
  113. [How to find] My Marriott Bonvoy Status Expiry date ?
  114. Am I supposed to receive a free night certificate? (August renewal SPG credit card)
  115. unable to book SPG through site
  116. W Xi'an China [Master Thread]
  117. Contact properties for manual posting - Data point
  118. Are property owners the real “winners” in the merger ?
  119. Need help with booking a hotel on the Marriott site
  120. Courtyard Taipei Downtown [Master Thread]
  121. Cancelled a SPG reservation but points are gone
  122. Pts not moved from my acct. to wife's
  123. Who is going to tell Amex to change number on SPG card?
  124. Disappointed in Marriott
  125. Old SPG number showing on folio
  126. SPG Gold status not being honored for next year?
  127. Four Points Taipei Linkou
  128. Experience with stays posting after Aug 18th merge date
  129. Spg cravings is closed?
  130. Reservation shows as "In Progress"
  131. Can someone point me to the right link please ?
  132. Points sharing - new limit and exceptions?
  133. Suite upgrades at Marriott properties post merger for plats and PP
  134. Remind me why I should stay at Ritz-Carlton now?
  135. Renaissance Indian Wells Resort Fee Discounted?
  136. Ritz Carlton Plat Premier Suite Upgrades
  137. Yet Another New Cancellation Policy?
  138. Open Letter to Marriott Leadership
  139. Popup ads when booking
  140. All these problems - Impact on Q3 Numbers and Upcoming Promos?
  141. SPG/Marriott Airline Transfer Submitted before Merger "May take weeks"?!
  142. Post-merger status not recognized in Bangkok
  143. Pre-Change Redemption, Post Change Date Change
  144. Everything is down again and hotel can't even check my reservation
  145. Earning two platinum lifetime years in 2018
  146. Leaving Marriott General Discussion Thread
  147. Marriott business card elite night credits
  148. Survey with Marriott (review hotel)
  149. Marriott Lifetime Elite Status General Discussion [Master Thread]
  150. Platinum challenge for gold member by amex Platinum
  151. Downgraded back to Gold Elite?
  152. MASTER THREAD: Executive Lounges Open/Closed on Weekends Worldwide
  153. Recent hotel stays not showing up (SPG member)
  154. NEW Amex SPG card - Canadian offer
  155. How to use SNAs since the merger
  156. Missing annual spend
  157. Reservation/Front Desk Codes Identifying Elite Guests
  158. Best Marriott/Starwood hotel on Big Island / Kauai?
  159. Reservations missing in merge
  160. Want to rebook SPG hotel under new rate..
  161. Deleted "Access Granted" Tweet By Marriott
  162. Marriott’s rocky rollout of new combined program not covered by bloggers
  163. Previous points (SPG) reservation, now cheaper
  164. Hotel Banke Opera, Autograph Collection - Paris, FR [Master Thread]
  165. Anniversary night up to 25,000 points question
  166. Can we still earn 10 SNAs for 50 SPG nights after the merger (not combining accounts)
  167. AmEx Bonvoy Brilliant Luxury Card [General Discussion Thread]
  168. Can you redeem single night Marriott certs on SPG hotels yet?
  169. How are spg points posting to combined account?
  170. 2018 status in both legacy programs giving 2 years of elite credit?
  171. No Good Faith from Marriott
  172. Will timeshare nights count for Elite status now?
  173. New Marriott app doesn’t support cash and points booking
  174. Cat 1 & 2 5th Night Free SPG Hotel Redemptions
  175. Marriott Just Cancelled Our Reservation Out of the Blue
  176. Can't Hide Sold Out - New Marriott Reservations Website
  177. Marriott Event - first meeting
  178. Platinum benefits, what does +1 mean?
  179. this certificate i have and how do i use it
  180. Another pathetic cut from marriott : Make a Green Choice >> -67%
  181. Top 10 & Bottom 10 Category 8 Hotels
  182. Old (Not Newly Issued) SNAs Coming Online
  183. Suggestion - Mods
  184. Confused where my spg points went?
  185. Dining discounts in AsiaPac
  186. New to Marriott- e-certificate?
  187. What are your favorite benefits (as a platinum)?
  188. Apparent errors in new Terms and Conditions
  189. Courtyard USD 10 F&B credit: a bad joke in Europe
  190. Transferring Points to Miles is down - NO ETA to be up
  191. Air Asia is new SPG/Marriott Transfer Partner?
  192. Warning - do not cancel SPG points bookings yet
  193. Huh? Hotel Not Accepting Points Right now??
  194. All together now -- Continuing technical issues from the legacy SPG forum
  195. Any idea when will start the next promotion?
  196. The Marriott, Starwood, and Ritz-Carlton FAQ Thread
  197. Platinum hotline Germany
  198. Refund point difference Cat 7 hotels
  199. Elite benefits if booked via 3rd party?
  200. False advertising and no help (Xi'an hotel is not where Marriott website says it is)
  201. How will AMEX SPG cards points post now?
  202. How is the new 10$ F&B credit being handled?
  203. Definitive answer to getting 2 qualifying years towards lifetime platinum in 2018?
  204. Treatment of existing 'Suite Temptation' bookings after 18/8
  205. How does Marriott count the status night after merging SPG?
  206. Hot Escapes is now last minute weekend deals
  207. Gotta love "Marriot" IT
  208. Platinum for Next Year
  209. Forced Post Merge Marriott Android App Upgrade - Now have Issues
  210. Marriott Bonvoy Hotels in Lisbon, Portugal
  211. Sort by PRICE - Workaround Found
  212. Cancelling/Changing Old SPG Reservations Post Aug 18 - Points Refund Delay
  213. Travel Packages Update
  214. Rewards rate become higher after merge
  215. Marriott BRG Best Rate Guarantee (formerly LNF) Success, failure & discussion thread
  216. Status Question
  217. Lifetime status missing
  218. Aloft Conducting Vocal Competition, Inviting Guests to Sing in the Shower
  219. So... when do Marriott points post to my account?
  220. Bad omen? Fewer availabilities?
  221. Combine Accounts Update
  222. Error: Our server is being stubborn, please try again
  223. When will we see all bookings on one site?
  224. Breakfast at Westin Tokyo?
  225. Points transfer: SPG to Marriott; still possible?
  226. Marriott changing point sharing option (now 100k)
  227. Marriott Branded Credit Cards Free Night Certificate Discussion Thread
  228. Concur booking not showing on Marriott.com
  229. Legacy Marriott past 50/75+ and SNA - what to expect?
  230. Marriott Released Terms and Conditions for its No Blackout Date Policy
  231. Earning SPG plat this year = what next year?
  232. Pre-merger SNA request now showing unavailable
  233. SPG Sub-Forum has SPG Lurker Presence!
  234. Lifetime Platinum Premiers: is your status showing up everywhere?
  235. Marriott LT status wiped out with SPG account
  236. Fifth Night free for Cat 1/2 SPG hotels?
  237. Login Issues
  238. Need both Apps?
  239. Common Platinum vs Gold confusion
  240. Wrong SNA balance (in my favor)
  241. SPG version of new site broken in many ways
  242. Qualifying for 2019 Platinum in 2018 by [25 SPG property] stays
  243. SPG AMEX Posting Issues Post-Merger [Master Thread]
  244. SPG points lost ..hopefully temporarily
  245. Showing as platinum status when I was Marriott platinum prior to merger
  246. Booking challenges after the merge
  247. (New) SPG Website - Earning Preference
  248. Selecting Annual Choice Benefit
  249. Spend Tracker ?
  250. How do you like the new website?