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  1. Business Suite Mini Review MH 89/4 NRT-KUL-LHR September 2019
  2. Taxes back on non-refundable booking ?
  3. Two bookings - Check in at once?
  4. MH Network improvement
  5. Did MH just introduce additional surcharges?
  6. Promotion (WL BONUS)
  7. 2x Questions: MH-SQ interline and Golden Lounge on arrival
  8. MH Irrop well handled, kudos!
  9. Upgrade Advice
  10. Lost Bag Malaysia Airlines and very poor Customer Service
  11. Earning enrich miles on OW flights
  12. Update to business class?
  13. Earn enrich miles on EK codeshare
  14. Rookie question re/ MH LHR Lounge
  15. compensation for delayed luggage by MH
  16. Points upgrade on Malaysia Airlines
  17. VN to MH, International Tranfer at KLIA
  18. Back to back at BKK
  19. Options for overnight at KUL before flight in the morning
  20. Meal Service on MH138 in J?
  21. Move to new Daxing airport in Beijing
  22. Misinformation from Malaysia Airlines
  23. MH Upgrade for Economy Promo
  24. KUL-SIN vv service improvement
  25. "Miles" Only Redemption Online?
  26. First flight w/ MH LHR to DPS - any special advice?
  27. KUL KLIA First class check in
  28. A330 swapped for A380 MEL - KUL
  29. Why can I only find "Business Flex" tickets?
  30. Newbie to Malaysia Enrich Needs Booking Assistance
  31. Forward checked bags to final destination
  32. Throwaway ticket + connection new PNR, risky?
  33. How to view MH award inventory for EK?
  34. KLIA VIP/Business/First Immigration Line
  35. Is this a legal itinerary? Cabotage?
  36. KUL SIN flight switch
  37. Do Operational Upgrades Exist with MH?
  38. Do you find pilots’ announcements infuriating?
  39. Class of Service: ‘double’ downgrade. What are my options?
  40. Any chances for go show in KUL?
  41. Zeroed out J availability on BKK-TPE
  42. Malaysia Golden Lounges at KLIA pay for access
  43. Non-interline connection at KUL
  44. Malaysia Website Doesn't Recognize Booking Reference # Provided by American Airlines
  45. Condor Codeshare MH or SK
  46. Double Elite Miles Campaign – ex SINGAPORE
  47. What don't I understand KUL-SUB
  48. MH does not want to sell Business Suites!
  49. First time using KL Sentral bag check in - advice please
  50. Economy Lite - Adding Additional Baggage is Expensive
  51. Phnom Penh checkin
  52. Check in a bag airside @ KLIA?
  53. MCT at KUD - 15 mins doable?
  54. NAIA Manila Priority check-in time?
  55. Higer Fare Class
  56. USM-KUL-NRT connection time
  57. Aircraft downgrade - options?
  58. Can't check in online ex-TPE
  59. Malaysian to Vietnam Connection.
  60. Does Malaysia release j award seats to ba avios?
  61. Analysts suggest MH should shut down after failing to be profitable
  62. Malaysian airlines upgrade bids to Kota Kinabuku
  63. Service Changes in Domestic J ?
  64. EK Codeshare to South America
  65. Medan back to back
  66. Golden Lounge Bathrooms
  67. MH A332 KULAKL and AKLKUL J
  68. MH J Red-eye DEL-KUL MH191
  69. Best use of MH Enrich miles for value?
  70. LHR-KUL in F
  71. Deciphering fare rules
  72. Domestic business lounge KLIA
  73. Upgrade After Booking Confirmation
  74. Business suite offer
  75. Chef on call business class to London
  76. Airport Upgrade HKT/KUL
  77. Are MH First Class Awards Still Bookable?
  78. KLIA Main Building or Satellite?
  79. Anyone know when the next MH sale will come along?
  80. MH Boeing 737 MAX business class
  81. Getting BP while in transit at KLIA
  82. Landing music
  83. Oneworld protection and transfer in KUL
  84. seat assignment for one world sapphire?
  85. Qantas lounge at Sydney for Malaysia Airlines passengers
  86. MH should really learn how to treat Enrich elite member better
  87. Business class food
  88. MH to axe First Class, rebrand and reposition as Business Suites
  89. MH Upgrade
  90. NRT-KUL First Class menu
  91. MH First Class lounge access
  92. MH ‘deals’ not pricing correctly this week
  93. MH check in at PVG
  94. How to send a compliment for an MH flight?
  95. Enrich Platinum upgrade Q
  96. Firefly suspending all flights to Singapore
  97. BKI lounge move (no more Golden Lounge)
  98. Travel blogger ‘bullied’ by MH after posting mid-flight bad review
  99. International transfer at KLIA
  100. “We dont waitlist” issue booking DEL-JFK
  101. Which Lounge in KLIA
  102. Alcohol on short haul flights
  103. Upgrade Baggage
  104. Check in time opening LHR
  105. transfer between Malaysia and Etihad
  106. MH PayPal refund
  107. MH not following OW lounge access rules
  108. Moved out of reserved business class seats
  109. Upgrading for long-haul - MHUpgrade best bet?
  110. claim SEP2018 flight on next year Jan [for elite miles]?
  111. MHExplorer - student discounted fare
  112. Ex Air Berlin A330 business class seating chart error?
  113. Flight loads to Brisbane
  114. MH Champagne
  115. Using the lounge on arrival at KUL
  116. Booking error
  117. Connection in KUL
  118. I Class on Malaysia Airlines
  119. status match Imposible?
  120. Seat Number With Prefix “U”?
  121. A380 J-Class Mini Cabin
  122. Crediting Malaysia Airlines Miles to BAEC and Qantas FF
  123. F Pyjamas for sale now?
  124. MH at Shanghai PVG
  125. Infant turning two during journey
  126. 24hr cooling off period [likely cancelled BA redemption, recovery of seat fees]
  127. Names on booking tranposed
  128. KUL-BKI costs 250% more during 23/05/18 to 16/06/18?
  129. DXB-KUL-NRT Flight with short connection in KUL
  130. SIN-PEN booking issue
  131. MH morning flight Check in open time at LHR ?
  132. Route advise & Various questions: KUL-PVG, PVG-DFW-GPT
  133. New time machine at KUL
  134. Chance of A330 aircraft swap
  135. Middle Name on AA issued award
  136. Malaysia Airlines Lounges Guide
  137. MH randomly cancelling flights (domestic problem only?)
  138. Overnight layover KL - checked bags
  139. MH KUL Check-In opening times
  140. MH App
  141. schedule change acknowledgement
  142. MH's New Policy on Baggage Allownce for Domestic Flights!
  143. No landing cards
  144. MH First Class in the worlds top 10!
  145. Mixed Class Bookings
  146. MH KUL to BKK, Departure on Business, Return in Economy
  147. MH3 Cancelled 2 days in a row
  148. Best seats on MH A359?
  149. Redemption booking: MH going from bad to worse
  150. Website seems to not allow BKK-MNL bookings ?!
  151. MH routes with F
  152. So far no smooth flying for me with MS...
  153. MH Lounge in Jakarta
  154. J companion fare promo, is it incorrectly advertised?
  155. Best Credit Card
  156. MH/QR long connection questions
  157. MH Cancelling Multiple BKK Flights
  158. 5x elite miles promo - omg
  159. Current Sale on BKK-KUL-LHR
  160. Golden Upgrades?
  161. Malaysia Airlines Go Show
  162. MH "out of sequence policy"
  163. F&B International B738 vs A33x
  164. Business class upgrade from bidding - full J?
  165. MH airport agent training video on interlining - can anyone translate?
  166. First female cadet pilots for MH
  167. Young person travelling alone lounge access & check-through from QR
  168. All Expenses Spared, Crap A350 Biz Class Seat
  169. Video Trip Report: Singapore - Kuala Lumpur
  170. Cost cutting? No more guava juice.
  171. Interline with TK?
  172. Booking an Economy K/M Class Ticket
  173. Best way of transiting in KUL
  174. Lounge at LHR T4?
  175. Bali Denpasar Transit Time
  176. Anyone from Singapore playing mileage run on O/W?
  177. Dont take MH on A332....no entertainment
  178. KL - Langkawi
  179. Enrich silver- seat selection
  180. mileage calculator
  181. Seat reservation on MH booked flight on KL metal not possible ?
  182. MH no show fee
  183. Is MH195 (BOM-KUL) dinner or breakfast?
  184. Promblem with claiming missing miles.
  185. Lost Baggage Help
  186. MH Golden lounge operating times at heathrow
  187. Lounge access on arrival, no connecting flight
  188. Enrich Status Match Program
  189. [Help] MAS refuses to refund my tickets
  190. 1h20min layover: Are my bags likely to make it?
  191. MH J Menus 2018
  192. Kota Kinabalu Lounge on Arrival
  193. Self-serve kiosks airside @ KLIA ?
  194. SYD-KUL from SYD T1: how early can I check in?
  195. Malaysia Airlines Promo
  196. Bangkok Airways ticket Operated by Malaysia Airlines
  197. MH fanfare sale
  198. How much time to allow from domestic arrival at kl airport to intl departure
  199. MH staff not bothered by unattended bag..
  200. Mileage run to PEN
  201. Business class check in klia
  202. Elite sector - enrich
  203. Flight connnection on different ticket
  204. Overnight connection at KUL - will our check-in bag be sent on the new plane?
  205. 16 hour layover overnight in KUL when flying business class. Sleeping options?
  206. Counter Opening Hours at BKK
  207. FireFly flights now earn Enrich miles / elite sectors
  208. upgrade to A380 first?
  209. Golden lounge hours
  210. Booking SilkAir on Malaysian Airlines website
  211. If taking the train from KL Sentral..
  212. B2B turnaround at PVG/PEK possible?
  213. Call Centre Service Fees
  214. What have I done? First ‘First’ on MH and on A350
  215. UAM booking
  216. Gamarjobat Asia Tour 2018 - Singapore
  217. What is the system that malaysia airlines used?
  218. Upgrade with cash and miles posting
  219. Has anyone claimed EU 261/2004 compensation with MH before?
  220. Malaysia Golden Lounges at KLIA (Post Renovations)
  221. MH 3752/3753 KCH-MZV withdrawn?
  222. Free onboard wifi
  223. Online booking glitch - malaysia airlines
  224. Overnight layover in KUL - troubles?
  225. MH140 SYD-KUL meal
  226. Q to Z Class or refund?
  227. KL Sentral bagdrop and go show
  228. Is TPE the same aircraft turnaround?
  229. Standby?
  230. KUL to ICN now on the A380
  231. duty free - domestic transfer
  232. Credit card not yet charged: problem?
  233. Singapore Lounges - Flying Malaysian
  234. self drop baggage counter
  235. Short overnight transit at KUL - where to stay?
  236. New Re-qualification Rules?
  237. Self-connecting: MH 072 to CX 0101 in HKG
  238. Malaysia Airlines [baggage question]
  239. MH122 Returns to ASP with engine failure
  240. Mail not reaching reservations?
  241. Cabin Baggage Secured With the Seatbelt?
  242. Galley disturbance on MH longhaul A330.
  243. Oversize / Bicycle
  244. 'Additional Services' on Manage Booking
  245. Switching flight/last minute booking on sold-out fligh
  246. Manila MNL Miascor Lounge
  247. Selecting seat in row 5 on the B738
  248. MH - All Electronics Must Be Turned Off During Takeoff and Landing?
  249. Personal information on Flight Add-on updates
  250. 4am MH-AK Transit (KLIA-KLIA2 early morning transfer)