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  1. Travel Technology for Businesses
  2. Can reactivate Midwest Airlines forums?
  3. Premium fare deals: Separate Premium economy from J/F into a separate subforum
  4. Proposed new thread for hotel booking options (resolved)
  5. Suggestion: TAP Air Portugal | Miles&Go forum UPDATE: new forum has been created
  6. Carbon Conscious Travel [probable in near future]
  7. Structural change in the BA forum could improve logistics
  8. The "quick reply" feature is simply confusing
  9. Separate forum for Air Koryo
  10. Why doesn't Spirit have its own forum?
  11. Start a forum for China-based airlines?
  12. Suggestion: change the Avis forum to the Avis/Budget forum [Done]
  13. graduates subscription (to get rid of ads)
  14. Closing old threads
  15. Signature line limitation extension from 2 to 3 or 4
  16. Premium Fare Deals Suggestion
  17. Suggestion: Oman Airlines Forum
  18. "Deals" Forums - Preventing Members from Misposting
  19. Hit and Run Thread Starters
  20. Long yellow FlyerTalk luggage tags
  21. FT Chat status? [NOTE: FT Chat gone for good per Internet Brands]
  22. Shared Ride Services forum? (Exists already)
  23. (Help with) Forum Structure, Finding Things, etc. (to move)
  24. Can Someone Please Alphabetize The Hotel Forum?
  25. On adding a military travel forum under the special interest section
  26. Huge increase in annoying pop-ups on FT
  27. Small Business Owner maximizing miles & points thread or forum
  28. How is it that Antarctica gets its own forum while CEE doesn't?
  29. New Member Introductions?
  30. Whole category (non-chain hotels) missing
  31. Please create a new forum for Norwegian Airlines LCC
  32. Breaking Florida out from South region subforum
  33. should FT add a forum for cross-program discussions?
  34. New autoscrolling threads terrible
  35. Time to Move Kimpton Threads Into the IHG Forum? UPDATE: In Progress
  36. Lounge/Priority Pass Forum? UPDATE: created 10 Jan 2018
  37. suggest to add Guangdong into HKG and MFM forum
  38. Suggestion: Close External Miles and Points Resources
  39. Please moved AirBerlin to discontinued program forums [UPDATE: description edited]
  40. Why are the Caucasus in both Asia and Europe destination fora?
  41. Expand "How to Survive Hotel Fire" Sticky to All Hotel Fora
  42. Please add more smilies
  43. Referral Threads
  44. merger of "Budget N and S American Airlines" into "Other North and South A.." [Done]
  45. Glossary page improvements
  46. Suggestion: Broaden and rededicate iDine / Rewards Network forum
  47. Moving 'Trip Reports' to the main menu bar
  48. To whom do you report inappropriate actions by a moderator?
  49. Like button (Suggest FT add Like button)[live 9 August 2017]
  50. Central/Eastern Europe Forum (Travel/Europe)
  51. expired canadian pp existing US via land
  52. Navigation - Africa forum
  53. Thumbs up/Thumbs down emoji
  54. Request to IB consider Tapatalk use for FT access. UPDATE: IB declines.
  55. Fold IHG Group Stay Forum into the IHG Forum UPDATE: done
  56. Petition for Eva Air forum [UPDATE: forum has been created]
  57. File hosting policy for spreadsheets etc. UPDATE: Internet Brands added function
  58. Issues with travel agent on FT
  59. Why no Arctic Destination Forum? UPDATE: Covered in existing forums
  60. OMNI/PR Donald Trump subforum: UPDATE: not going to happen
  61. Suggestion: Create China-based Airlines forum
  62. Hotel Deals location discussion UPDATE: reverted to original location
  63. Forums for airports UPDATE 24 Feb: Destination forums now show major airports
  64. Quality of Articles on Front Page [UPDATE: controlled by Internet Brands]
  65. Omni/PR Purpose
  66. mileage run deals...departure airport or frequent flyer program
  67. Proposal: Combine IAG airlines into a single board with subforums
  68. How do we integrate SPG and Marriott forum cultures
  69. Mods Changing Thread Titles
  70. Suggestion - Separate Forum for MU (China Eastern Airlines)
  71. Change "Hotels & Loyalty Programs" name? [Now changed to "Hotels & Places to Stay"]
  72. FT App Needed. UPDATE: FT staying with mobile skin
  73. What is our core mission?
  74. Moderator needed for the Italy Forum [Moderator now named]
  75. Suggestion: Section for Motorhomes
  76. Unnecessary Clicks
  77. Welcome! ♦️Information and guidelines♦️
  78. Suggestion: Create MH / Malaysia Airlines forum [forum created]
  79. Automatically detect time zone?