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  1. SAA Financials
  2. SAA, Mango & SAX consolidation
  3. Is ACC to JNB or CPT possible on a SAA Award?
  4. SAA to increase Accra-Washington services, drop Dakar
  5. 5 Aug 2019 ACC to JNB
  6. Stability of SAA
  7. Question on SAA fare codes
  8. Non-Star Alliance Partner Awards
  9. Transit through JNB
  10. SA missed connection/ IRROPs handling
  11. Best A330-300 Business Class seats for Couples
  12. BA vs. SAA CPT to JNB
  13. SA, Airlink: Baggage and Lounges
  14. SAA to lease 2 A350-900s for JNB-JFK route
  15. Vuyani Jarana resigns as CEO of SAA
  16. AirLink employee stole from our bagsAirLink admitted culpability but won't reimburse
  17. Star Gold Baggage Domestic Flights
  18. SAA best global aggregate ranking by claims website
  19. 35,000 Voyager Miles - spending on Star Alliance Partners?
  20. SAA to SAA International Connections at JNB
  21. Close-in inventory on South African
  22. IAD->CPT in J - ET or SAA?
  23. Redeem Voyager miles for Uber credit
  24. Liquids in carry-ons on flights to Botswana
  25. Johannesburg to Nampula
  26. Missing a flight after winning StepUp upgrade!
  27. 340-600 Business Class Seats
  28. Domestic to International luggage allowance
  29. Codeshare benefits
  30. Best use of Voyager miles for US-based flyer?
  31. Liquids in carry on when traveling domestically in SA
  32. SEAT
  33. SAA203 Meals
  34. $5 SAA business class wines
  35. South African Finance Minister Says SAA Should be Shut Down
  36. SA to fly to Gan, Maldives
  37. Can bags be checked through from LH to SA Airlink?
  38. seat selection
  39. Upgrades
  40. Airlink flights CPT - MQP
  41. Does SAA fly from Senegal to JNB?
  42. CPT - MQP Award Availability
  43. New timing for HKG
  44. Mango - Seat advice
  45. Is South African Airlines a Member of any Alliance
  46. Baggage allowance ZA to Switzerland, SAA connecting to Emirates, economy?
  47. Middle name misspelled--will this be an issue
  48. SA Civil Aviation Authority Suspends SA Express Operating Permits
  49. Help Me Have the Best SA 235 Experience
  50. Pooled Baggage Allowance on MangoAir
  51. SAA Voyager Customer Service TERRIBLE (they stole my 20,000 Hilton Honors Points!)
  52. SAA posts R5.67bn loss
  53. Flight check in status shown as "standby" after step up confirmed
  54. SAA hires bodyguards ahead of mass job cuts
  55. Flight status of Airlink flights
  56. Newbie has basic questions/ NYC to Capetown
  57. Connection to SAA in ACC time?
  58. Bag Charges - SA Express
  59. SAA reduces capacity on IAD route
  60. SAA temporarily reduces frequency to PER
  61. SAA NBO-JNB Business
  62. JNB-LHR SAA Reduces London Frequency / Introduces A330-300 to Route
  63. Can't update FF in booking
  64. JNB - DKR “this flight segment is waitlisted”
  65. mediocre business class catering on domestic routes
  66. Seat Selection
  67. Point of Contact - Change of Flight due to SAA Cancellation
  68. Seat Question
  69. Add United Airlines FFN After South African Airways trip was completed?
  70. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 South African Airways Voyager benefits nominations
  71. JNB-HKG peculiar new timing?
  72. SA Express 7-hour delay PLZ to DUR
  73. Plus Grade - SAA is unable to process offer
  74. Service on the Airbus 340-600
  75. Does SAA Flyertalk Forum say it all ?
  76. Why doesn't SAA fly overseas from CPT?
  77. Paid upgrade to biz at the airport?
  78. Domestic Business - disappointing
  79. SAA Website Hacked ?
  80. No response to written complaint
  81. JNB Transit Int' to Domestic
  82. IAD - JNB fuel stop
  83. JNB-SZK Airmiles (Airlink)
  84. SAX is collapsing
  85. SAA adjusts domestic routes
  86. Step up upgrade - how much should I bid?
  87. Forced seat relocation - Opinions?
  88. SAA makes surprise profit
  89. Best way of getting SAA Voyager Miles Airlink redemption JNB-TNR
  90. Black or white pilots during int flights?
  91. LHR-JNB - always A330 and not lie-flat in J?
  92. Cost of redeeming miles on Airlink?
  93. SAA suspends all Saturday flights between SA and Zimbabwe
  94. Problem with SAA booking super saver fare on SAA website.
  95. Mapping Class names to codes
  96. SAA Upgrade on Emirates - latest?
  97. SAA from JBG to WVB... OMG!
  98. Hand baggage on Airlink Embraer
  99. SA204 (JFK - JNB) immigration lines
  100. Cancelling a redemption ticket ?
  101. Here we go again . . .
  102. JFK and JNB lounges question
  103. SA award tickets
  104. Transiting in MPM
  105. Has flysaa.com been hacked?
  106. SAA 'official' lounge at LHR
  107. Cabin crew to lay corruption charges against SAA execs, board
  108. Experience with SAA Express Skycheck for carryon bags?
  109. Cannot select seats
  110. SAA looks to expand in Africa
  111. Luggage through-check on separate tickets?
  112. getting on earlier flights
  113. Question Re: DHC-8-400 Dash Overhead Lockers
  114. SAA - How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways...
  115. flysaa.com is down
  116. SAA confirms 32 flights cancelled due to cabin crew strike
  117. Extra Baggage Charges - South Africa to Brazil
  118. SAA: Priority vs Premium?
  119. Same day standby/confirmed change
  120. Well, not really (website issues)
  121. SAA reveals billions in losses
  122. Weather Cancellation - Rebook on Another Carrier?
  123. Anyone made an international connection to SA 223 at Sao Paulo (GRU)?
  124. Only initials and surname on E-ticket - is this a problem?
  125. Interlining to Qatar?
  126. Booking by phone
  127. SIN-South Africa-SIN
  128. New A330-300 Pictures (LOS - JNB)
  129. Can aisle arm rests be elevated?
  130. Any seatmaps for the new SAA A330?
  131. Voyager miles to upgrade on Airlink
  132. When to book Kruger flights
  133. Baggage Questions Clarification
  134. Two A320's in DifferentConfig ?
  135. Transit in JNB + baggage interlining question
  136. SAA meals JFK-JBN
  137. New SAA A330-300
  138. Searching for awards - best site, tool?
  139. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 South African Airways Voyager benefits nominations
  140. Business Class Airlink JNB to MUB - three questions
  141. sa or et to iad?
  142. how far in advance do redemptions open?
  143. Embattled SAA at risk of losing skilled pilots
  144. Plusgrade - how much to bid???
  145. is there meal service on CPT-JNB in J?
  146. SAA A320 Bulkhead ?
  147. Basics of using Voyager miles on Star Alliance
  148. IAD - JNB route input (Economy)
  149. Transit time in JNB
  150. A340-300 business class question
  151. Luggage Allowance
  152. Linking Two Separate Bookings
  153. SA Airlink Business Class - Lounge Access JNB
  154. Refunding upgraded ticket
  155. BA business class vs SAA business class - which would you pick?
  156. No JNB intl lounge for *G on SA Airlink
  157. Need some basic understanding SAA
  158. In Flight Entertainment on SAA, what did I watch?
  159. SAA could face court action despite putting ‘unlawful’ deal on ice
  160. No free seat assignments for Star Golds?
  161. Transit in JNB with two different tickets
  162. More SAA Corporate Antics
  163. Will SA check my bags through?
  164. Earn about 40X miles you're flying from JNB to Swaziland
  165. CPT-JNB-IAD on SAA
  166. JNB Hotels that SAA Sends Missed Connection Passengers To?
  167. Seat Assignment on SA
  168. lounge access for *G in LVI?
  169. Champagne no longer offered in int'l J?
  170. Interline bags Lufthansa
  171. seat on SA operated AC booked JNB/LHR in J
  172. New SAA website
  173. SAA Step-Up Program Advice
  174. Who are SA's interline partners?
  175. JNB Domestic lounge access
  176. Change Fees
  177. SA234 (332) or SA236 (343) in business?
  178. Mango Airlines and Credit card at check in.
  179. Keeping SAA Voyager account alive for USA-based flyer
  180. SAA 2015 Annual Report Delayed - Again
  181. Advance Seat Selection on UA award?
  182. Regarding TSA-compliant "tools" on SAA
  183. Video: SAA A346 J FRA-JNB
  184. Time in Lounge or getting on earlier CPT Flight?
  185. Which transfer partners can transfer to SAA Voyager?
  186. Possible to book SA Airlink flights with Star Alliance or other partner miles?
  187. New check-in times for domestic SAA flights from Johannesburg
  188. SAA, SA Express to merge
  189. Does Voyager allow one-way awards?
  190. TK elite status (*G) on SAA
  191. Is Bombardier C Series a good fit for SAA?
  192. SAA scraps AUH - forgets to tell anyone
  193. 737-800 Business/Economy 11A seat
  194. Seat charges for *G?
  195. Connecting DL --> SA and vice versa at JNB
  196. SAA blacklists passenger after R30K stolen in-flight
  197. SAA Online Check-In Issues
  198. SA Schedule Change on NH Award Ticket - Caught in Middle of No-Can-Do on Both Sides
  199. CPT dom lounge - showers?
  200. SA Express Flight - baggage clarification
  201. SAA Technically Insolvent?
  202. saa tickets from United 6 seats
  203. SA Express meal on long (1000 mi, 3h20) flight?
  204. Does SAA really have a customer service department?
  205. Lounge at JNB
  206. Earning miles on combo of SAA metal and codeshare
  207. Video tour of SAA A330-200
  208. Saa j jnb-cpt lounge info...
  209. Coming soon: Star Alliance and Mango (sort of)
  210. Luggage allowance on SA Airlink / Star Gold
  211. Baggage interline @ JNB SAA->CX
  212. "Instant upgrade" fares
  213. Marriott Rewards South African Airways Partnership Launch
  214. SAA management improvement points
  215. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 South African Airways Voyager benefits nominations
  216. SAA LDN to Skukuza via OR Tambo
  217. New SAA VIA lounge, JNB Domestic
  218. Where to put miles on SA flight with EY planes?
  219. Getting onto an earlier flight (booked flexible J)
  220. Using mileage plus miles to upgrade on SAA
  221. Welcome to the new South African Airways | Voyager forum
  222. I'm flying SAA next week
  223. SA Voyager to increase miles required for *A partner awards
  224. SA Voyager marketing to "new" members
  225. Saa partner rewards
  226. SAA First Class, but NO MP points awarded
  227. SAA J class meals CPT-JNB
  228. Getting on earlier SAA domestic flight on award ticket
  229. New SAA lounge in JNB domestic
  230. SA 3172 - operated by SA Express?
  231. SAA Cycad First Class Lounge JNB
  232. "Liquids" on SAA flights Q
  233. SAA J ticket rebooked on CX - miles earning :-/
  234. Arriving at IAD on SAA 207, and connecting to UA flight to DEN
  235. Seat Assignment on SAA
  236. SAA to NRT?
  237. Beware SAA / *Gold Lounge in NBO
  238. SAA business (A330) vs LH new business (747-800 / A380)
  239. rumor: SAA may return to Miami
  240. SA Airlink baggage restrictions
  241. SAA Chief Strategy Officer Barry Parsons Resigns over Dysfunctional Board
  242. South African A340 or A330-2 JNB to LHR
  243. Flying JNB to Madagascar on Airline - can we use the SAA Lounge?
  244. Airlink’s city to bush-lodge network now on sale
  245. International to domestic transit advice at JNB
  246. SAA denies ‘snubbing’ Emirates
  247. south african check in times
  248. Airlink on Miles
  249. SA Voyager "JourneyBlitz" awards
  250. SAA lets pax bid for business class