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  1. Changing flights with Schedule change
  2. COPA Baggage woes to increase
  3. Separate Tickets - Connecting in PTY?
  4. Not Allowed to Board
  5. Purchase gift cards from delta clubs?
  6. Copa internal fares
  7. first three digits copa ticket
  8. Copa flight in PTY
  9. 2 LIM-PTY Flights 15 Minutes Apart?
  10. Fare Bucket availability for changes differs from new purchases
  11. Confirmed and charged flight, denied boarding, COPA
  12. Delayed bags on way to Galapagos, kinda hosed
  13. Random question - printing services in Copa Club PTY?
  14. PTY check in question
  15. Baggage allowance with StarAlliance Gold
  16. Converting United MileagePlus to ConnectMiles?
  17. Copa ConnectMiles - complete scam
  18. Copa check in at yul?
  19. Copa Airlines: Worth Its Star Alliance Status?
  20. No Business CL Lounge MCO
  21. ConnectMiles segments on LH and UA
  22. Award availability using mileageplus
  23. Questions re two business class versions of Copa 738?
  24. Caution with Fare Rules on "Refundable" Tickets (on UA Codeshares?)
  25. EZE-PTY-EZE Experiences
  26. Can I just throw away a segment and buy a new ticket?
  27. VDB on Copa
  28. PTY-DAV on a 737-400?
  29. Copa ticket issued, authorization hold placed but no final charge comes through
  30. Presidential Members - Lost 2018 Platinum Regional Vouchers?
  31. Copa policy on interlining bag on separate tickets?
  32. Z class Different: United Mexico vs Copa Service center
  33. Copa award availability
  34. Copa 737-MAX9 J Lie Flat
  35. Standby for earlier flight
  36. Copa to charge $40 for 2nd Bag (Economy)
  37. Recife to Sint Maarten not possible? why?
  38. Copa lie flat seats
  39. Schedule change almost one year ahead
  40. PTY Layover
  41. "Document checks"
  42. Copa versus ua
  43. what is Avianca Business Promo
  44. BOS>PTY Route extended arrival time?
  45. Flying Copa from LAX - terminal confusion?
  46. 2019 ConnectMiles Enhancements & "Enhancements"
  47. The "right way" to book on COPA for United credit
  48. Copa, PTY looooong layover
  49. missing first out of 3 connectioinflights
  50. New lounge coming to pty
  51. 4 segments for Status?
  52. Missing Mileage Credit - Customer Service/Service Center Frustration
  53. 18 Oct CM 156 diverted
  54. Copa Flight Booking Direct v. Using Miles
  55. 737 Max9 Schedule SFO
  56. Copa refuses full refund on cancellation < 24h
  57. Is this normal service for Copa?
  58. Self-Upgrade to FLL
  59. How Many more $$$ are Premium seats
  60. Copa Air and Third Party Agency Booking Billing
  61. Flight change due to strike in Argentina - problem
  62. New Copa Business Class B737-MAX9
  63. COPA Airside at GRU
  64. 737 Max Inaugural Flight
  65. Account Summary Not Showing
  66. *Gold Baggage Allowance on Copa
  67. New Copa Club Announced - BOG
  68. Which plane?
  69. $150 baggage fee for skis???
  70. Finding economy saver using connect miles?
  71. COPA - any experience with checking Yellow Fever Certificates?
  72. Chicago - Lima (though Panama) - how does Copa Business class stack up?
  73. COPA, PTY domestic connection time
  74. Companion upgrades?
  75. Same day flight change
  76. Physical Card?
  77. COPA flights to Venezuela suspended for 90 days
  78. 17 hs delay. Can I claim a compensation?
  79. Wingo Airlines dodging baggage theft claims
  80. Economy Extra refund policy for Copa?
  81. CM803 (955A JFK-PTY) Meal
  82. AC Rouge - ConnectMiles earning or no?
  83. Seats with best view -JFK-PTY-GYE-UIO
  84. Changes (Enhancements) in ConnectMiles FFP
  85. Premium Seats
  86. I really tried to like ConnectMiles
  87. GPS-GYE-PTY-LIR $275 baggage fee!?!?
  88. Copa Airlines flights
  89. Subscription to buy ConnectMiles
  90. COPA Air Seat Selection
  91. The New Qualification Year - 2018 Status Updated (E-mail)
  92. Looking For Updated Info ON CM & PTY
  93. Earning Copa Points
  94. No-show for the connection flight
  95. Silver status update for 2018
  96. Most incompetent telephone customer service
  97. Copa Award Travel via United pulled
  98. UA Award travel on CM: How do I get a CM Res Code with a UA Confirmation Code?
  99. A 16 Miles dilema
  100. Any update on Status change?
  101. PTY Gold Track Immigration/Security
  102. Seat Assignment PTY-LAX
  103. Global Upgrade Certificate Problem
  104. expectations of business class BOS-PTY
  105. UA->Copa connection at LAX
  106. Any chance for a new Copa Club at CUN?
  107. Booking on Copa Codeshare question and CC question.
  108. Aim Higher bonus
  109. CM "Requalify for 2018" Offers Arriving in Inboxes
  110. AP award ticket CM PNR doesn’t work on copaair.com
  111. Time between flights
  112. Carry on Baggage
  113. PTY Terminal 2: Oct 2018
  114. Claiming points at a later date
  115. UA Award on COPA -- Travel Waiver
  116. 5-hour layover at PTY. Worth leaving the airport?
  117. Birds close PTY 14 Aug
  118. ABC: Teenager opens emergency door and slides down wing in San Francisco
  119. United blocking seats on Copa?
  120. Arrested for sharing a blanket
  121. Who To Call To Apply UA RPU?
  122. Using ConnectMiles for United Flight
  123. Unclear on cancellation policy
  124. Are COPAs and Uniteds FF programs still integrated
  125. 20% and now 40% bonus - can we expect more?
  126. Copa not crediting UA MileagePlus account
  127. PTY Lounge Access Question
  128. Is 35k LIM-LAX/SBA Business class a no brainer?
  129. UA reservation not showing up on Copa
  130. More devaulation - Paid upgrades @ T-48
  131. Anyone Notice Changes to Status Upgrades?
  132. Which airports have no lounge access?
  133. CM 144 PTY to SJO to TGU
  134. Exit on connection
  135. Access to SJO AV Lounge on CM J ticket
  136. 2018 changes
  137. SFO to PTY in July
  138. Are there any good rez agents at Copa?
  139. Rocketmiles to keep Copa Connectmiles Active
  140. Request an upgrade
  141. 48min connection in PTY
  142. COPA to Bocas
  143. fishing rod tubes
  144. What is "business promo" class? Flying Copa Airlines
  145. Missing A Flight
  146. Copa 2 million mile give-away
  147. Can now donate, transfer, buy miles!
  148. Hello, i'm jaymack..
  149. VDB on Copa
  150. No More Physical Status Cards for 2018
  151. Most punctual airline in Latin America
  152. Sitting on tarmac for 3 hours
  153. Copa Website Problems
  154. Copa flight issues and delays
  155. So close to next status, can I boost/buy miles?
  156. Someone used my connect miles account and ...
  157. Can't submit complaint online?
  158. FAST PASS for residents
  159. Status - Calendar or 12 months?
  160. DAV-PTY-(international)
  161. Copa Online Chat
  162. MR for Gold?
  163. Wingo
  164. Buy/Transfer Connectmiles
  165. Cash Ticket combining COPA and United
  166. PTY Connection Times
  167. Status Upgrade or Bid, Priority?
  168. Double Status Qualification Miles Offer - Targeted?
  169. evening luggage checkin for morning flight ex-BOG possible
  170. Flight 660 UIO -> BOG cancelled?
  171. Copa flight
  172. Copa Airline No show fee
  173. Soft landing for copa status?
  174. Online redemptions connectmiles
  175. Trouble checking bags through on two separate CM tickets
  176. How to use UA GPU on COPA flights?
  177. Booking inventory for using UA RPUs on Copa
  178. New CM Website launched July 13
  179. Expanding Copa Club PTY
  180. CM Fares Now Crazier Than Normal
  181. Award seat availabilty question
  182. WARNING! Travelling with Copa to Jamaica
  183. How to get 15K ConnectMiles
  184. ConnectMiles with other SA airlines
  185. Getting partner miles on Copa?
  186. COPA question PTY-EZE
  187. Anyone else on CM unintended "Tour of Mercosur" Thurs-Sat 16-18 Jun?
  188. Miles credited to UA MP with Copa Upgrade to J
  189. Short 1,000 miles - any way to buy those on COPA?
  190. How many elites?
  191. Awards bookable online!
  192. Worthless Certifcates
  193. Claim missing miles
  194. Copa website cannot show booking
  195. Seeking advice for points earning on Copa Airlines
  196. US-based credit card for connectmiles?
  197. 738 Configuration PTY-SFO-PTY Experience?
  198. COPA Customer service standards
  199. Adding Flight to existing reservation
  200. ConnectMiles vs MileagePlus for COPA trip?
  201. Anyone have experience with dealing with a cancelled flight?
  202. Code share with Emirates
  203. Copa airlines fuel stop in Brasilia
  204. Copa now flying from US to Cuba
  205. COPA Connecting Through SJO - Bypass Immigration?
  206. COPA Upgrade certs on UA and/or LH operated flights?
  207. Copa Clubs with United Club Card
  208. Problems Paying on copaair.com
  209. Copa incorrectly crediting miles nightmare!
  210. Can you use COPA RPU's on COPA Award tickets on COPA metal?
  211. In-flight Entertainment on 737-800
  212. Can i get miles buying the ticket of soembody else
  213. qualification segments with partners
  214. Do you believe in second chances? - 15K Bonus Miles Copa Email
  215. Access United Club via *A Gold from COPA
  216. Cheaper Way To Book Business Class Copa Awards Than Using United Miles
  217. Infant bassinet in business class?
  218. Copa J - Toronto Lounge Access?
  219. Website issues
  220. How do you upgrade on COPA?
  221. ConnectMiles after the split
  222. Lost Article
  223. How do you book an award ticket on COPA using Connectmiles?
  224. any rumblings re: Copa and TSA PRE?
  225. Copa codeshare as part of UA ITIN changed twice
  226. Six-hour layover in PTY CM-CM; what can we see?
  227. Questions about bidding for upgrade?
  228. Problem with UA awatd on Copa metal
  229. ConnectMiles Credit Card
  230. where can i buy copa miles? thank you
  231. Credit Copa flights in ConnectMiles
  232. Copa and its new horrible Business Class seats
  233. Copa Lounge Access MVD
  234. Copa and its promos! Ooohh Latin America
  235. Copa and PTY
  236. Using Copa RPUs on United
  237. COPA flight cancellation - which rights do I have?
  238. Copa Airlines [please help me set my expectations]
  239. Copa Connectmiles: How to request deleting flown miles?
  240. Copa ConnectMiles 150K promo. Who can do it cheapest?
  241. Transfer Miles to Copa?
  242. Minimum Check-in time on Copa at Lima
  243. Copa operated by aeromexico
  244. COPA problem requesting seats for J award
  245. Is this normal for Copa Business Class (Clase Ejecutiva)?
  246. I don't understand this free Panama layover from Copa
  247. Unable to lookup my trip at Copa.com
  248. Copa - Terrible Customer Service followed by Amazing Customer Service
  249. Copa: Complimentary Upgrade Experiences under ConnectMiles
  250. COPA msy-pty canceled, extra expense options?