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  1. CITI Premier & Rewards+ double dip?
  2. Citi Premier - Additional Bonus?
  3. Alternatives to Price Rewind?
  4. Trip Cancellation: Flight booked with ThankYou Points - reimbursement questions
  5. Did Citi remove redeeming Thank You points for eGift cards?
  6. Citi AA Gold spend bonus: 5X for dining, theaters
  7. Someone opened Citi AA card in my name
  8. Will Emirates be a Transfer partner of Citi
  9. Hilton AMEX Aspire upgrade vs Citibank Prestige
  10. Using a Foreign Citi Card or a US Citi Card
  11. Refund of annual fee due to discontinuation of benefits?
  12. Got email saying change has been made to my account - TY points now linked to Paypal
  13. Citi can't expedite new card even after delivery window has passed?
  14. Citi Premier SUB eligibility question
  15. Question about converting Citi card to AA Platinum card
  16. Citi Prestige weight increasing now to 18 grams?
  17. Citi Premier - Cancel mid-way thru but get membership fee back?
  18. Citi Double Cash 2.5% offer for new Checking and Saving accounts.
  19. Is a car dealership a "gas" station?
  20. Citi Purchase Protection Experience
  21. Alternative to Citi Prestige
  22. Citi + Gift Card MS
  23. Citi Double Cash to allow conversion to ThankYou Points (Fall 2019)
  24. Basic Economy booked, not Economy Class
  25. Did World Elite MC (Prestige) quietly drop car rental elite status?
  26. Japan Rail Pass code at 3x? Is there a thread for what codes as travel for Citi?
  27. "Diagnostic Fee" re Refunded if the Repair is Too Expensive
  28. Signup bonus TYP for Citi Priority
  29. Did Citi screw up by being aggressive to win Costco and Amex having the last laugh?
  30. CitiBank Public AAdvantage Miles Checking Offer
  31. CitiGold Paying Subscription Fees, Up to $200/Year
  32. Most Citi "Protection" benefits and Price Rewind discontinued September 22, 2019
  33. Sears Mastercard converting to Shop Your Way - credit info?
  34. Best use of ThankYou points for non-airline rewards
  35. Citi Prestige 4th Night Free - Concierge Bookings - 2020 Stays
  36. Thanks You Points plus cash--refund?
  37. LifeMiles 25% transfer bonus (targeted)?
  38. Disneyland Hong Kong Tickets - Entertainment 2x Points on TY Premier?
  39. Applying for a Citi ThankYou Premier at branch? Product switch to Prestige?
  40. Organic versus Manufactured spend to earn new account bonus with AA mailers?
  41. Cancelling Citi TY Premier Card with existing travel reservations booked
  42. Some Citi MasterCards are not eligible for some new MasterCard benefits?
  43. Booking hotels on thankyou.com without using points?
  44. Application for a Citi credit card before/after a car loan
  45. ThankYou (USA) 30% bonus on transfers to Virgin Atlantic (VS) until June 22, 2019
  46. 30K Citi Checking Offer - Any Success? - Denied Promotion Looking for Recourse
  47. GCs at gas stations earning 3x points?
  48. Applying for a Citi Card when abroad
  49. Citi Prestige Cell Phone Coverage
  50. Best Buy Visa Credit Card
  51. Citi card denied due to SMS verification suspicious
  52. Citi thank you points NYC to Hawaii
  53. Airline Cancelled Flight Booked using TYP Portal - Reaccommodation Rights?
  54. Citi Prestige Insurance Terror Incident
  55. Getting AA Exec World Elite for the EQM
  56. Any claim experience with Citi Prestige rental car CDW/LDW insurance coverage?
  57. Average Spend on Citi Premier (from issuer)
  58. 30,000 AA miles for new Citi Checking account.
  59. Citi moving to Expedia from curent portal partner?
  60. Can One Get Bonuses on Prestige and Premier ???
  61. Direct Phone for Connexions Travel for Citi TY
  62. Citi checking account - who gets the points?
  63. Citi World Elite MasterCard - spend over limit?
  64. Airline partners not those I usually fly
  65. Thankyou merge banking and premier card points
  66. TYP Sweet Spots to/from Asia?
  67. Any Citi Prestige Holders Receive (or not Receive) 5 Points Per $ for Expedia, etc.
  68. 10% Miles back for AA Credit Card Holders
  69. Which Program is best for transferring Citi miles. Closing Account :(
  70. TYP transfer partners w/ longest expiration or easily extended expiration
  71. Stacking Citi Prestige 4th Night Free
  72. Reasons to keep Citi Premier?
  73. ThankYou flight search - no results returned
  74. Anyone able to log into Citibank?
  75. $0 AF Citi card for EU resident?
  76. ThankYou Point Airline Transfer Error
  77. Language Change in Citi 24-Month Rule & Implications (24 months becomes 27...)
  78. Card benefits when using payment processing services? (PayPal, Plastiq, Curve, ...)
  79. Help! I need advice for a Citi ThankYou Points Nightmare!!
  80. Citi AAdvantage benefits booking through Amex Travel
  81. Citi ThankYou USA- Turkish Airlines 25% Point Transfer Bonus thru February 20, 2019
  82. CITI Prestige - 4th Night - Disney World
  83. Tech Support for Citipay App?
  84. Report Citi Prestige Success/Fail $250 TRAVEL expense reimbursements.
  85. Wasted Next Day Air - Is Nobody Home?
  86. Citi Rewards+ apparently to replace Preferred
  87. Citi AA cards: TARGETED offers (includes Mailers, eMailers and Matching)
  88. Citi AA cards: General discussion and PUBLIC online offers.
  89. thankyou travel site artificially limiting seats availability?
  90. ThankYou points + cash Marriott stay doesn't qualify for points or nights?
  91. Citi AAdvantage "gas station" purchases - what counts?
  92. Free Amazon Kindle for being a Citi Prestige holder
  93. Citi Priority Checking AA Miles
  94. Citi Thank you Travel rewards -We Can’t Find This Page (404)
  95. CitiGold Culture Pass ?
  96. How quickly can I get AA miles?
  97. Citi ThankYou Preferred discontinued?
  98. 25% Transfer Bonus To Avianca Lifemiles
  99. Citi cards physical quality decline
  100. Citi Secure Message - now read only?
  101. Converting Citi AAdvantage AmEx to MileUp - 24 Month Clock?
  102. Extended Warranty claim for item purchased with Citi Hilton card?
  103. Offer to convert TY Preferred to Double Cash
  104. Spotify
  105. Citi $400 + $100 bank account bonus - use ACH transfer to meet direct deposit rqmt?
  106. TYP Portal getting craftier about monitoring 4NF back to back
  107. TY points--are they really good (easy to earn)?
  108. Citi Prestige USA refresh: 5X Air,Dine; 3X Hotel,Cruise; Hotel 4NF capped 2X/yr; $495
  109. Closed Citi Priority. Fate of separated points?
  110. PSA: Costco / Visa $20 Cash Card
  111. Strange Bonus Offer Email
  112. Citi TYP to VS Flying Club 30% bonus thru 10/13/18
  113. Are AirTahiti flights available to be purchased through ThankYou.com?
  114. Citi ThankYou Preferred Card Statement Credits?
  115. Citi AAdvantage MileUp Mastercard - 10k/$500/$0 fee
  116. Citi Premier and ReserveAmerica.com??
  117. Citi Prestige trip cancellation fail
  118. Reopen closed Prestige credit card
  119. Purchasing TYPs
  120. Product Change Possible????
  121. Get Citi Premier bonus after being an authorized user on other's Premier card?
  122. Business card: request for more information
  123. Data Privacy Opt Out
  124. Random Lesser Known Citigold Bennies
  125. Citi suspends USA Prestige card applications August 2018
  126. Stolen ThankYou points
  127. Citi AA churn - impact on Amex, BoA, Chase et.al. application strategy?
  128. Citi bank has an "F" rating with Better Business Bureau?
  129. TY portal doesn't show points summary and expiring points
  130. Citibank HK able to help a US account holder?
  131. Refund when price of SW flight booked with TY points drops?
  132. Flying Blue 30% Transfer Bonus- thru 8/29/2018
  133. promo 5x TYP on restaurants, gas, grocery, drug, mass transit
  134. Document bonus offer at application
  135. Citi AA Exec Concierge: change for the worse or fluke?
  136. Does Citi Travel Insurance on the Prestige Card Provide any Benefit on EU Carriers?
  137. Citi prestige vs CSP vs Amex premium rental coverage in europe
  138. Redeeming TYP for Frontier Discount Den fares
  139. Citi Thankyou.com Live Chat
  140. Does Citi offer contactless cards?
  141. Citi trying to push a fraud charge on me (resolved).
  142. Citi changed credit limit to zero without explanation.
  143. ThankYou (USA) 15% transfer bonus to Asia Miles (CX) to 7.4.2018
  144. ThankYou points travel to West Coast (CA/WA) and Hawaii
  145. Thank you points for travel to Asia
  146. What are considered Department stores in the UK, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia & Budapest?
  147. CitiBusiness AAdvantage Benefit Questions
  148. Negative changes to Citi Prestige insurance and protection benefits , 29 July 2018.
  149. Citi Thank You gift card sale
  150. Citi Prestige Hotel Bookings Aspire vs FHR vs Virtuoso
  151. First US Credit Card question
  152. Disaster Averted: Citi 4th night booking cancelled due to wrong card expiration date.
  153. Targeted offer: 50k AA miles for opening Citi Priority Account
  154. Is there a way to tell if I received the $100 GE credit on Prestige already?
  155. Citi bank referrals for credit cards?
  156. What happens if you use expiring TYP for refundable hotel/airfare and cancel booking
  157. When Can You Apply Again (8/65 Clarification)?
  158. Value of ThankYou vs. Chase UR
  159. website issues
  160. Citibank closing statement
  161. Credit card CDW benefit if paying for car rental with airline miles?
  162. Citi automated system closed card when I was trying to reach a representative
  163. Upgrading from Gold MC to World Elite MC, does account opening date change?
  164. Terrible CSR experience regarding parent's death
  165. How long may it take for Citi to post a CHECKING account bonus?
  166. Receive money through MC debit card?
  167. New TY Premier, can I get Prestige too?
  168. Citi AA "Good Old Days" nostalgia
  169. Citi ThankYou Travel Portal - Basic Economy
  170. Missed Event Ticket Protection
  171. Thankyou portal asks u to verify identity by text or call every time logging in
  172. Seeking advice on TY sign up bonus
  173. Which statement month will a refund count toward?
  174. Verifying that Citi is applying the correct points... it's not very transparent
  175. Citi Prestige MasterCard (No public offer, early 2018)
  176. CITI AA Platinum to Executive product change data points?
  177. Finding a Hotel Booking made using TY points
  178. Using Citi Prestige 4th night benefit with mLife promotions
  179. Denied Citi AAdvantage bonus due to Citi closing another account after spend period
  180. File a trip interruption claim? (convoluted situation)
  181. Citi Shutdown 2018
  182. How much did the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit save you in 2017?
  183. Citi annual fee scam for Hilton Honors Reserve card holders?
  184. Does MoviePass code as entertainment?
  185. Citi Prestige MasterCard (No public offer, early 2018)
  186. Citi Premier MasterCard (60,000 points for $4,000 spend in 3 months)
  187. Citi retention offers (all cards)
  188. Is BJ's considered a gas station for the Citi Dividend 5% promotion?
  189. Citi AA cards: All (Platinum, Gold, Executive; Business) 2018
  190. Prestige participate in Mastercard "The Nightlife Program"?
  191. Citibank AA Executive 10K EQM for $40K yr spend
  192. Does Citi Thank You ever have transfer bonuses with Krisflyer?
  193. Why Citi does not have SPG or Skywards as Transfer partner?
  194. Prestige secondary card fee
  195. Citi Just Sent Me A Statement for a Card I Closed 12 Months Ago
  196. Product change from Citi AA Platinum
  197. When is the Citi 24mth up?
  198. Citi Prestige Concierge cancelled my Hotel Reservation
  199. Citi Return Protection denial
  200. Let's Speculate about the Marriott/SPG Portfolio
  201. Citi Extended Warranty [Consolidated]
  202. Refunded membership fee date and account closing date
  203. New to ThankYou, which cards to start with?
  204. Citi Forward accounts being converted to Citi Preferred MasterCard on January 3, 2018
  205. Citi ThankYou dropping Hilton transfers of 13 Dec 2017
  206. Citi ThankYou added Avianca LifeMiles as transfer partner
  207. Use Aadvantage/CITI invitation number?
  208. Disputing a charge on a Costco Citicard from Norwegian Air
  209. Premier earning 3 points for hotels? NOT consistently in my case :-(
  210. Having trouble with citibank dispute department
  211. When will my new account bonus ThankYou points post?
  212. Citi Premier Trip Cancellation
  213. 'No FX' not true, Citi processes credits and debits at different FX rates?
  214. Phone number to call to check Citi Premier card application status
  215. AA boarding
  216. Citi Prestige Pro-rated AU fee refund?
  217. Redeeming ThankYou Points for Hilton Waikoloa Village
  218. Remark on Credit Karma / TU report for Natural Disaster
  219. ATM withdrawal LIMIT?
  220. Help, how do I get Citi points back in my account (refund ticket)?
  221. Citi Preferred 5% Statement Credit Offer
  222. Looking to take fiancee on a first class flight...
  223. Citi: better to close or convert?
  224. 24hrs Cancellation and AA Upgrade
  225. TYP 25% Transfer bonus to JetBlue until 10/25/17
  226. Citi's equivalent of Chase Pay
  227. Citi Prestige considering major changes (again) per survey
  228. TY points, NY to Melbourne on Emirates?
  229. Charges not posted - will this disqualify on min spend?
  230. How can you avoid Basic Economy when booking on Citi Thankyou travel site?
  231. Car rental Insurance Coverage in Ireland with Citi AA MasterCard
  232. Citi Prestige vs AAdvantage Executive
  233. Citi Thank You Adds Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles
  234. Citi UAE promo - 1:5 ThankYou points to Hilton Honors 1:5
  235. Hyatt elite benefits when redeeming through Thankyou Portal with Points (Prestige)
  236. Samsung Pay
  237. TYP (USA) 20% transfer bonus to Asia Miles (CX) to 9.6.2017
  238. Does Citi still send 1099-MISC for redeeming banking earned TYP?
  239. Citi Automated Late Fee reversal
  240. Does Citi know what hotel I am booking when charging to their card?
  241. Refund of annual fee after downgrading Prestige
  242. Citi Prestige Metal Card?
  243. Citi Prestige 4th night free hotel benefit post July 2017
  244. Use Prestige TYPs on AA before 7/23?
  245. [Hong Kong] Avios VS Asia Miles
  246. 65k targeted offer, but limited credit history
  247. Scam call after applying for Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® card
  248. ThankYou to Hilton transfer bonus to 20 September 2017 (1000:2000)
  249. Targeted: Premier 5 TYP points on clothing/office supply/dept stores thru 9/30/17
  250. TYP ticket receipt on united