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  1. Fees for cancelling web specials?
  2. EXP: Highest Avg. Segment
  3. AA won't Acknowledge my Seat Fees Exist
  4. Winter 2020-21 longhaul schedule reductions announced
  5. 737 (10/2019 revision)
  6. AA Award Flight to DPS. Will CX Reroute?
  7. Keep cleared AA upgrades after crediting flight to Alaska?
  8. American Air Gets $5.48 Billion U.S. Loan in Upsized Deal
  9. Paid LAX-MIA on 773 business ticket. Upgrade to F question?
  10. AA account closures and credit cards
  11. Anyone Jumping Ship from AAdvantage FFP to Alaska Mileage Plan?
  12. WiFi for T-Mobile users free is back
  13. Multiple award tickets w/same origin/destination and dates?
  14. Citi AA World Elite card - refunded purchase that got me signup bonus
  15. AA Discontinuing Elite Membership Cards
  16. Will AA offer rapid Covid testing like UA ($250)?
  17. $1 refund to credit card?
  18. Where to "Add Travel Credit" When Paying for Held Flight
  19. Addicted to fees (interim $100 international cancelation fee Sep 2020)
  20. Mom says she was kicked off flight because her crying toddler refused to put mask on
  21. My LHR-DFW Experience Today (21 Sep 2020)
  22. Changing trip after starting it for a lower fare difference?
  23. Business Class Award USA-CDG: Air Tahiti Nui 789 vs AA 788
  24. Admirals Club day passes expiration / extension and use in LHR
  25. Using Flight Credit for relative
  26. American Airlines Bans Wearing Too Much Personal Protection Equipment On Board
  27. Promo: Register by 7 Oct to Earn 250 Award Miles on Each Award Flight Oct 2020
  28. Strategies for using AA Flight credit before Feb 2021
  29. Flying to AMS from ORD.... who do i book with AA or BA?
  30. Best way to book 1 Cash + 1 Award Ticket
  31. Flight Credit in AA Wallet expiration extend
  32. cancel and rebooking rather than changing
  33. AA Plat Exec on Iberia Basic Fare (with Companion)
  34. AA paper voucher expiring - what to do with it? 🤔
  35. Man pleads guilty in AA Gift Card/Ticket Scam
  36. Perplexing Log In Changes (issued new account)
  37. How many times can I change w/o paying a fee ?
  38. The logic of two LAX-LHR flights a day in December?
  39. Anyone fly DFW-HNL lately?
  40. Black Lives Matter
  41. Canceled Segments
  42. AA Adds DFW/PHL-DAB (Daytona Beach, FL)
  43. Woke AA allows BLM pins on uniforms... what could possibly go wrong?
  44. AA itinerary questions
  45. American Airlines Adds Elite Benefits on Basic Economy Tickets
  46. Ticket Pending for 7 days after Reissue - AA (to merge)
  47. Executive Platinum & Platinum Pro elite benefit options survey (Sep 2020)
  48. Help using AA flight credit please.
  49. Premium Economy BA A350 vs AA 787...which one?
  50. Has any USA Citizens Transited thru LHR lately? Any issues
  51. Aa # 9741 hkg-nrt & nrt-lax
  52. Service on OGG-DFW 772 in First during Covid
  53. Cancelling Award Trip & Reinstatement (tix bought by 30 Sep 2020)
  54. The black hole that is AA (TIMATIC, Covid and flight refusal)
  55. Speculation: 2021 Elite Earning Thresholds?
  56. Looks like AA is now charging UK apd on awards (to retitle & merge)
  57. Weekend Getaway Fares
  58. scored a domestic Flagship business class seat for just 20k
  59. New Virus-Killing Coating on Plane Surfaces (good for 7 days)
  60. 500 mile upgrade worth it during Covid?
  61. AA Drops Many Change Fees, Enhances Basic Economy, Other Benefits 31 Aug 2020
  62. 65 Years and Still Going (Flying AA for 65 years)
  63. UA Permanently Eliminates Change Fees - Will AA Follow?
  64. AA Adds Routes Including SJD-JFK/SMF, CUN-CMH/IND/STL and more
  65. Credit (from covid cancellations) with big restrictions?
  66. AA PHX-YVR nonstop?
  67. Need help looking for Web Specials
  68. New route: BOS-JAC
  69. Conversion of tickets? (Upgrade Alaska award op by AA - to merge)
  70. AA Flight Confirmation Request
  71. Has anyone flown MIA-EZE on the "special" designated Argentina flights?
  72. Need clarification on cancellation
  73. Government contractor rate, basic economy required?
  74. Toddler unable to maintain face mask
  75. AA to reduce staff by 40K, invol furlough 19,000, 1 Oct 2020
  76. American Airlines is trying to reach me. Legit?
  77. New AA Announcement re Clean "Commitment": "Breakthrough" Surface Cleaner
  78. Changed from nonstop to 1-stop...refund?
  79. First day of award ticket availability at ridiculous miles
  80. Can one buy up from Basic Economy?
  81. Booking now for travel in March. Do times matter?
  82. Hidden City Audit - AA Demanding Payment or Account Termination
  83. BNA Admirals Club WiFi password denied
  84. Brawl on AA LAS-CLT Flight re Pax Refusing To Wear Mask
  85. Upgrades Held For Airport Control
  86. Canceling a trip
  87. Too many Executive Platinum/ EXPs in 2021?
  88. Any feedback on refunds?
  89. AA's high superstar award generosity now (Aug 2020)
  90. AA Platinum Member Questions - Spouse and Partner Airlines
  91. AA Flight Change Results In Different Origin City Departure?!
  92. Woman refuses to wear mask in flight refused PHX connect assaults GA
  93. AA introduces Flight Credit Wallet (Aug 2020)
  94. Newbie-Advice on Seats Airbus A319 AA
  95. AA Suspending Service to 15 Cities Effective 7 Oct 2020
  96. Weird AA Award Booking Issue - disappearing booking, then seats
  97. Unused Main Cabin Extra
  98. AA Domestic Baggage Fees
  99. AA changed my flights
  100. Live Inflight TV outage? (Discontinued summer 2020)
  101. Europe SOF to Vancouver YVR reroute
  102. AA Saaver Award booking problems
  103. Lots of 60k F award availability to/from LHR through EOS
  104. Goodbye eVouchers Hello Trip Credits (5 Aug 2020)
  105. Airline tracking ticket price
  106. Experiences With Lost/Missing eVouchers?
  107. Admirals Club / Lounges Serving Hot Food Again (Aug 2020)
  108. Award EU American tourist travel in Sep 2020?
  109. AA: Double Lifetime Elite Miles For Travel Through End Of 2020 (targeted)
  110. Booking BA with AA miles? (to merge)
  111. Cancelled Ticket Funds and Covid
  112. New - using miles for better seats
  113. AA app error (to merge)
  114. Award flight partial refund
  115. AA Providing More Flexibility for Customers Buying Tickets through Sept 8
  116. Web Special award - AA cancels flight and rebooks on new flight - can I make changes?
  117. KOA / Kona Keahole - LAX direct flights on AA discontinued?
  118. Itinerary planning for a Newbie
  119. Best Way to HNL in Business: via DFW or ORD?
  120. Flights Cancelled, Auto Rebooked on Other Flights, Kids Given F Seat Assignments
  121. AA Changed my flight and won't refund me!
  122. BA not sharing award inventory with AA?
  123. AA cancelling flights but not rebooking or "sold" out
  124. AA loses $2.1 billion in Q2 2020
  125. AA Credit Card. Citi vs Barclays
  126. Club/One World Access Question (SFO, 3 class F - to merge)
  127. American Airlines says no more mask exceptions
  128. AA CLE GM fired for Security Violation
  129. Curbside Checking / Check-in eliminated except MIA, OGG (07/20)
  130. Can I get a refund?
  131. AA versus BA availability of BA EU connecting flights
  132. AA discontinues Executive Platinum baggage tags (2020)
  133. Monitoring price of award flights booked with AAdvantage miles
  134. Are Those AAdvantage Miles Buys EVER a True "Bargain?"
  135. American Airlines’ “Clean Commitment” Covid initiative (7/20)
  136. AA to introducing “touchless” (no kiosk keyboarding) check-in / bags
  137. Historical AA plane query (1999 LAX-LAS aircraft identification)
  138. American Airlines accused black woman of kidnapping white child: lawsuit
  139. Online check in problem -
  140. AA app changes upgrade list to “waitlist” and reflects 12 hours (7/2020)
  141. AA JetBlue “Strategic Partnership” - codesharing (announced 7/2020)
  142. AA warns employees of up to 25,000 job cuts by October 1 2020
  143. Unexpected and Personalized Response from AA to Suggestion
  144. Return flight cancelled.
  145. Non-AA Captain Flies Revenue on AA, Declines to Wear Mask
  146. Options for extending travel voucher expiration date
  147. Photo Depicts Ted Cruz Not Wearing Mask on AA Flight
  148. FA shakes F pax with two blankets, calls police - AA gets sued again.
  149. New Promotion for Aviator Card-members: Register/book/fly to earn 3X AAdvantage bonus
  150. Anyone experience any recent difficulty with OLCI?
  151. Good planes parked, old ones flying
  152. Today (12 Jul 2020) PHX to OGG on AA. Why?
  153. Flight Attendant No Mask
  154. AA 777 at SYD today (11 Jul 2020 and after)
  155. AA May Cancel Some 737 MAX Orders Due to Financing Difficulties
  156. AAdvantage award: can I transit more than one third region?
  157. DFW busiest airport during covid
  158. Advice on AA Metal August Trip To Punta Cana
  159. AA: some corporate security / fraud practices in DOT complaint response
  160. Using a cancellation credit
  161. help needed regarding "no change fee"
  162. Questions on Existing Itinerary
  163. Seat Selection - “Every Seat Taken” bug
  164. Fashion preferences of AA customers vs. other airlines
  165. Long Haul Schedule Changes & Cancellations?
  166. Help booking an award flight to MLE
  167. Concierge Key & Flagship First Access to LHR Concorde Room. Reciprocal benefit?
  168. AA To Staff Fewer Flight Attendants On Planes Starting October 1
  169. Crowd source: let's create the best AA seating plans out there
  170. AAdvantage miles no longer expire for members under 21
  171. Big AA International service / schedule changes through summer 2021
  172. AA's 777 fleets -- not quite flown in them all (How can I find reg / tail numbers?)
  173. Advice for using a TON of miles
  174. Flagship First font
  175. Symptom Checklist at Checkin for AA Travelers starting June 30
  176. AA Announces No Seat Blocking Starting July 1 2020
  177. What are current state of Admirals Clubs after reopening on 6/22?
  178. Why isn't AA selling coach seats from CDG in September?
  179. Co-terminal changes not allowed on award tickets? (True)
  180. Changing flight booked in March 2020
  181. AA Calling to Reconfirm Flights
  182. Transfer times at MIA & LAX?
  183. E-voucher Refund Question
  184. transcon one way widebodies?
  185. Booked my flights, but couldn't fly, didn't cancel; still earn points?
  186. New ticket from COVID cancelled ticket experience
  187. AA Award Using AT / Royal Air Maroc (master thread)
  188. I believe the NON-STOP LAX-EZE will not be operating when restrictions to ARG lifted.
  189. Miles expiration extension by booking award flight
  190. Will FAs Serve Staggered Meals to First/Biz Pax?
  191. AA Award on Royal Jordanian / RJ not bookable on AA?
  192. AA in the NYT (bans non-mask-wearing passenger)
  193. Adobe is using AAdvantage phone hold music.
  194. Unexpected Premium Services Meet-and-Greet
  195. Buy a refundable ticket, cancel it later if lower fare is available?
  196. Cruise cancelled, options for AA flights paid with Chase Sapphire Reserve?
  197. Huge devaluation for Aadvantage miles
  198. How early to be at JFK for int'l AA flight?
  199. Cancellation Policy for WebSpecial ticketed 4/15??
  200. Seat map under airport control 2 weeks out?
  201. Would you have said something in this situation--FaceTime on flight
  202. Upcoming trip question - connection CLT or MIA
  203. Five of six segments with seat assignments: should sorry about #6?
  204. AA Passport requirements exceeding country of travel
  205. Premium Catering Differences Between JFK-SFO/LAX and PHL, CLT, MIA Transcons?
  206. MIA-DFW 77W in First
  207. AA's incomprehensible Basic Economy change rules (01 - 30 June)
  208. Load Factor for American Airlines to/from London LHR
  209. Route Cancelation, but wanting reroute not a refund
  210. Executive Platinum UDU / Complimentary Upgrade Availability Summer 2020?
  211. CLT Conourse E quick mask survey (to merge)
  212. Super long connection times on int'l returns - STPC / hotel voucher?
  213. This Passenger Won't Be Flying AA Again Anytime Soon (Coronavirus measures)
  214. Rumor: Richard Anderson to replace CEO Doug Parker at AA
  215. AA Interline to AS JFK-LAX-SFO Two Tickets
  216. Best 1st Class Seat on 777-200
  217. Hotel provided on misconnect?
  218. Which WAW-DFW award itinerary would you choose?
  219. AA Flight Numeration and Direction, e.g. AA 1, 3 Westbound
  220. AA at LHR / London Heathrow In Terminal 5-B on 7 Jul 2020 w/ BA, IB
  221. Do we need.to arrive at the airport earlier than normal for domestic flights?
  222. AA Removes Black Man + 5 Pax AA 1931 31 May 2020; They Sue.
  223. AA Announces Increased Flight Schedules (Published 7 Jun 2020)
  224. Double AAdvantage Bonus Miles (Fly Domestic by 30 Sep 2020)
  225. Block Seats or Sold Seats?
  226. Possible duplicate AAdvantage account accidentally created for my aunt
  227. What happen to Web Specials?
  228. AAdvantage President Bridget Blaise-Shamai Leaves; Whither AAdvantage?
  229. Is Anybody Enrolled in the Sprint AAdvantage Perks Program?
  230. AA App “Chat with us” feature
  231. Doug Parker Flies Southwest and Gets Into a Conversation About Race
  232. Speculation-Who do you think will be the 30% leaving AA?
  233. Award travel for Nov - book on 5/31 or wait to 6/1 ?
  234. AA Change Fees & Policy - bookings 1 - 30 Jun 2020
  235. Cancel flight to get refund/voucher, then potential buy back same flights at lower $
  236. Long haul schedule June
  237. Summer 2020 July Change / Cancel policy (Thru 30 Sep)
  238. You want us to come back.... BUT.....(lack of upgrade availability)
  239. Admirals Club / Lounges As Of Reopening 22 Jun 2020
  240. Booking Alaska on AA.com: Any AA or oneworld status benefits? (2020)
  241. Question about flight credits. Advice?
  242. Any very recent MIA AA morning experiences?
  243. AA 191 DC-10 incident (1979) revisited
  244. TWA - 1975 Ticket Envelope, baggage tag
  245. AA Gift Certificate expiring soon: what to do / extend?
  246. Iberia Codeshare operated by AA - earning, basic economy seat select
  247. Help! Maldives award via AA partners
  248. Most efficient transfer OUT of AA
  249. Changing FFP number on AA Booking
  250. Targeted promotion: 3x miles on all purchases on Barclays Aviator Silver Card