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  1. Problems booking JAL with AAdvantage
  2. Hazards of using Paypal or similar services w/ Citi AAdvantage
  3. Only one of two flights posts to Aadvantage account
  4. Worried my upgrade got skipped somehow, am I being paranoid?
  5. Basic Economy EQS
  6. Experience with fewer miles for Award travel with AA Card
  7. CDG-LAX...better to connect through Philly or Dallas?
  8. business class award SEA-CDG/LHR-SEA can I do better?
  9. Quick Advice : Boston to Seoul (RT) Business Class
  10. American Airlines' pilot union pushes management on delays
  11. Inflatable Footrest OK on AA?
  12. Quick Opinion: BOS: SIN
  13. Flying with a child on their birthday
  14. Tiptoeing to the Aadvantage exit yet?
  15. Can I use AA paper vouchers to pay the tax of an award ticket?
  16. CDG: Fast Track/Access 1 for Premium Economy?
  17. Post purchase mileage increase issue
  18. Transferring Marriot pts to Alaska or American
  19. Upgrade space schedule for BOS-EZE
  20. Routes: South Florida to Halifax?
  21. Seat selection after award booked through BA
  22. Aa1263 dfw/lga
  23. E140s @ Lga
  24. Flying cdg/ord Sun 11/25 (end of Thanksgiving weekend). Any helpful suggestions?
  25. Middle names on tickets - Cathay booked through AA
  26. AA lounge options in Medellin?
  27. Easiest and best "value" SWU to clear?
  28. Which way would you route to LHR?
  29. No Fast Track security @ LHR T3 for EXPs?
  30. Earning EQDs by paying for MCE?
  31. Platinum (Sapphire) Benefits on Other OW Airlines?
  32. Upgrading Econ/"O" to Premium Economy
  33. MCE vs. XTRA Seat Y - International
  34. Flight Status: "On Time" but really isn't...
  35. How would you feel if you were in seat 1C??
  36. "Thanks for flying with us" cards
  37. Inoperable F seat (“Basic First”) - E190
  38. 2018 - End of year roll call
  39. SFO-ZRH should ns econ UA or AA business/econ FF miles both
  40. Why is there no Hawaiian Airline/AA connection shown for flights from KOA to ORD?
  41. Flights delayed out of Heathrow today
  42. Really Bad Luck W/ Viasat Wi-Fi
  43. Routing Rules
  44. EQD for trip returning after Jan 1
  45. Seat Opinion: Last Minute 777-2 Swapped for PE Version
  46. Reason for cancelation AA 4691 on Nov. 14?
  47. PHL-MEX service ending Jan 9th, 2019
  48. club access guest rules
  49. Where is AA Priority at LAX this month
  50. AARP on BA and EQM
  51. Great holiday gift idea for fans of AA
  52. Mileage upgrade award with stop over?
  53. Used 500-mile upgrades. Advertised meal not served. Fun response.
  54. AA still partners Lyft?
  55. AA travel alert - BUR / LAX / OAK / SMF / SFO - 11/10/18 - 11/16/18
  56. what happened on aa 92 (phl to zrh) on 11/10
  57. Citi AA Executive Card: Is Chip-and-PIN Authentication Possible?
  58. Rescinding Mileage credit
  59. 4 AA flights in Feb, Seat assignment changes for much worse in 3 so far
  60. Chronic delays in getting flown miles posted for RJ & MH
  61. AA Website not booking cheaper Multi-City
  62. Will AA allow me to change destination if I misconnect?
  63. When a Joint Venture, well, Isn't (moving to a partner flight with change of aircraft
  64. My Brother booked expensive last minute SFO LAX flight
  65. HNL - DFW backwards
  66. East Coast to SFO - A330 or 321T?
  67. Comparisons of mainline carriers?
  68. Quality of Admirals Clubs compared to the typical domestic Priority Pass lounge?
  69. No more ORD-CDG in 2019???
  70. Compensation recommendations (to merge)
  71. How to get/transfer 4240 points to AAdvantage
  72. AA rep can't see award availability
  73. AA - C Class Tickets
  74. Upfare of One Segment
  75. I need to change my departure time to an earlier flight
  76. Downgraded for a flight on Etihad
  77. Splitting Award Ticket PNR?
  78. Upgrading on BA with AAdvantage miles
  79. Combine 2 one-way award tickets and 10% infant ticket questions
  80. AA.com won't let be book codeshare?
  81. June Award Availability PHL-DOH
  82. Cancel Standby Online or in App?
  83. AAdvantage on JAL aircraft
  84. AA2569 YYZ to MIA diversion - turned around, medical (to merge)
  85. Economy or Basic Economy?
  86. Please help. Current Pro, should I aim for EXP this year?
  87. Broken IFE? Free booze!
  88. AA Entertainment App on Kindle
  89. Does AA interline luggage to United (Separate tickets)
  90. Flight Cancellation (Weather) Change Other Segments
  91. Exec Plat Upgrade on Award Ticket priority
  92. 787 — bucket of bolts
  93. Skipped on Upgrade List?
  94. Missed flight, fly next day: Will I have to pay American Airlines?
  95. JFK to MAD - AA (arriving 8am) vs. Iberia (arriving 6am)
  96. What to do with 61 500 mile upgrades?
  97. Ultra CK, coming soon (speculation)
  98. Domestic Leg of International Itinerary
  99. ExPlat (or everybody???) survey
  100. AA Reporting Incorrect OneWorld Status to Partners? (EXP shown as Sapphire)
  101. AA Advantage website down
  102. Citi Exec Bonus EQM Post Date
  103. Empty First Class Seats
  104. Have i been upgraded?
  105. Boarding for regional jets?
  106. what is the best replacement for AAdvantage ?
  107. Earning EP after booking award travel
  108. AAdvantage Holiday 2018 Promo - Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles
  109. How do you get AA to marry segments on redemptions?
  110. Help with AA [award] flights to Europe (to merge)
  111. Mileage Multiplier Question
  112. Mileage/hotel credit for AA flight + hotel package
  113. MIA to FLL -- reasonable transfer time
  114. Any better than AA at landing to gate to deplane at JFK?
  115. Preboarding policy (for passengers with nut / peanut allergies as of 12/12/18)
  116. Award Travel with Alaska Airlines Flight
  117. Recent 737 MAX 8 crashes and effects on AA 737 MAX 8s (NOT reaccommodation)
  118. Maximum number of segments for through bag check
  119. Tight Connection - Earlier Flight and/or Potential IROPPS Rebooking
  120. Dollar value of Platinum Pro (to merge)
  121. AA-FI / Icelandair Interline Agreement?
  122. Possible FAM, AA.com shows "Choose Seats" CS & Twitter Team Confirms Seat
  123. AA award flight without paying close in booking fee?
  124. AA Business Class Awards to Australia (to merge)
  125. JL Y toothbrush vs AA J toothbrush
  126. Mileage run thread?
  127. Cancel I Fare (to merge)
  128. Is there a number to call for missing AAVacations miles?
  129. Anyone made move from EXP to M&M lately?
  130. AAdvantage Program Changes as of Jan 2019 and EXP EQD Requirement
  131. How early can I check bags?
  132. Domestic baggage allowance, first class no status
  133. AA miles for CX flight and add infant ticket
  134. Delta Diamond thinking about making a switch...
  135. phone number help.... along AA from no AA call center country
  136. Economy Web Specials (no changes) discounted award program begins 2018
  137. AA Flight Schedule Expansions & Additions 2019
  138. EQD earning on mixed AA/BA itinerary
  139. ord or DFW better for copay and miles upgrade to CDG?
  140. Single award or two awards? (to merge)
  141. Basic economy mix of AA vs BA marketed + operated - OW elite entitlements?
  142. Looking for Copies of Baggage Receipts
  143. Unrefitted AA & US A321 / 321 to densified Oasis 321 Aircraft Swap - Seat loss, etc.
  144. Plat Pro Q - does travelling companion get any free luggage allowance?
  145. Bullying young passenger out of seat? Or seat row confusion?
  146. Best time to book for Hawaii in July
  147. Fare rules - how to tell if a fare is refundable
  148. Help Booking Award Ticket
  149. What happened? AA1883 (CLT-ORD) diverted to MKE?
  150. EQDs - how to earn?
  151. Business award downgraded BCN-ORD segment, AA fails to refund equitably
  152. AA award booking to Berlin - trying to avoid LHR/BA.
  153. OWE Benefits on Fiji Airways Booked by AA (OBSOLETE)
  154. selecting kids meal
  155. AA.com showing SWU to PE... is this new?
  156. Quick help: Changing seat assignment last minute?
  157. Non-revs visibility on upgrade list and their priority over elites
  158. where are my miles?? mysterious mileage decrease.
  159. Our throw back prop aircraft MIA LAX (DC-3 Flagship Knoxville)
  160. AA Call Center Information Shortcomings / calculating RDM / award miles
  161. Can check-in be done at another airport or airside?
  162. AA.com indicates systemwide is available; Reservations disagrees
  163. What's up with lackadaisical cabin service?
  164. Buy Back and Boost / Buy Up Status for 2019
  165. Stream To Personal Device Availability
  166. Baggage handler falls asleep in MCI, wakes up in ORD
  167. Question about status and non status on same PNR
  168. AA 125 (DFW-HKG on 10/31) diverting back to DFW
  169. Weird refund and separate gift card issuance after standby
  170. Help Using AA Systemwide Upgrades (To merge)
  171. IB MAD-BOS award availability completely disappeared?
  172. EXP requal question - no 2018 activity
  173. AA Miles Via Citi: borrowing against transfer due, or ?
  174. Cost to Cancel International Award Travel (Two One-Ways)? (to merge)
  175. American Airlines Seat Type
  176. Possible to see ticket cost by segment?
  177. Change return flight to one day earlier?
  178. Upgrading from Premium Economy to Business
  179. Using shopping portal to renew AA miles
  180. AA Cancelled my Boston / BOS - LaGuardia / LGA Flight.
  181. AAdvantage miles for Admirals Club one day passes?
  182. Chances of SDFC or SDS being available for the DCA -> LGA Shuttle
  183. Chances of being upgraded w/ message "Can't display trip details"
  184. Email from Domestic Airline Settlement Administrator?
  185. Has AA Website changed how upgrade requests are shown?
  186. Credit CX flights to MPC or AAdvantage
  187. "Economy Web Special" Award (dynamic price, fewer miles, more restrictions Oct 2018)
  188. JFK-PUJ dropped
  189. Non stop AA flight from OGG to DFW on April 2 and 3 have disappeared
  190. Checking in and boarding pass for AS on AA reservation
  191. MCE 757H vs A321H mainland - Hawaii
  192. Cute comment from EXP Line
  193. Gate checking vs valet checking a bag.... when, how?
  194. American (LUS) A321 cabin tour
  195. EXP overachiever Mileage run? (1st World problem)
  196. How to earn miles without flying to use on AA domestic awards
  197. Does purchase of an upgrade count towards Eqm?
  198. SDC, Downgrade, EQMs
  199. Any Systemwide Upgrades Available?
  200. Two identical complaints, higher compensation for no status PAX
  201. Share or email itinerary on aa.com?
  202. Flight Cancellations / Compensation (to merge)
  203. Proactive refund when downgraded
  204. Where to credit miles for AA flight?
  205. Cash versus miles, what to use? [AA: DFW-CUU]
  206. Gate agent upgrades friend / employee over FF
  207. Do airlines block seats to discourage purchasing of basic economy tickets? (to merge)
  208. West coast to KOA expensive?
  209. Admirals Club Day Pass offers - where?
  210. Flt AA435 25 Oct AUS to PHX departed with empty rows and revenue
  211. Award tinerary allowed?
  212. When will they make it so I book companion tix on the web?
  213. How do upgrades worth if I'm short the required amount on day of travel?
  214. Marriott Transfer need expedited/escalated - help, please
  215. Odd revenue management practices emerging?
  216. Alone in the middle seat (seat chart and seat blocking)
  217. From Heathrow on American?
  218. Qatar Airways, Air Tahit Nui & Sri Lankan Airlines awards bookable on AA.com 10/2018
  219. FAs Flame AA on Private Facebook Page
  220. Why is a first class ticket booked in fare class G?
  221. How many status bag tags is too many?
  222. Can I get a refund from AA somehow?
  223. Short $39 EQD! (To merge)
  224. Wish AA would follow Finair's lead! (AY Customer input event)
  225. Anyone else unable to login to AA site?
  226. Missed Flight-policy or agent being nice
  227. Awards not showing online
  228. Any way to see EQMs to be earned on existing reservation?
  229. Admirals Club day pass DCA - flying on Alaska Air
  230. Redeem AA award on AA or Iberia? Europe and back (to merge)
  231. JFK to LHR Economy Amenities?
  232. Choose Award, Purchased or SWU?
  233. Auckland Airport / AKL for American Airlines flyers
  234. Partner award splitting questions
  235. AA vs chase travel booking, need to book in 3 hours
  236. MCE seat poaching and reclining on ground - no consequences
  237. What's your "use miles vs. pay for fare" threshold for US to Europe flights?
  238. Bad idea to use D1 vacation pass around Christmas?
  239. Very brief, basic AA award cancellation help greatly appreciated
  240. Escalating a pathetic Cust Rels response - cancellation requiring out of pocket spend
  241. Barclaycard Aviator Red no EQD, Silver $3k EQD Only as of 2019
  242. Can I get a refund? (one segment no longer operated by carrier)
  243. Upgrade with miles - Ambiguous current chart.
  244. 60k+ miles worthless Thanksgiving week
  245. First Class on American: broken seat ATL-LGA
  246. Advice kindly sought • "Re-Holding" an AA partner award on AA.com
  247. Premium Economy - Priority Check In/Boarding
  248. Baggage charges on AS operated flight
  249. Delayed Flt Issue (Mait) WWYD?
  250. Upgrade cleared, then taken away - what is protocol?