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  1. AA Oversold Business class on our flight this week, we lost award seats
  2. Passenger Declined Upgrade: Have You?
  3. EQD for Aviator BUSINESS Mastercard
  4. Please explain upgrade lists? (for paid DODU / LFBU)
  5. AAdvantage Award Five Day Hold Questions
  6. DFW - New Terminal F announced, C renovation to occur (~2020-2025)
  7. Traveling with family members on same itinerary
  8. Did AA make any money out of me on this trip?
  9. Does AA Allow "Same Day" First Class Changes on Award Tickets?
  10. Using Cancelled Award Ticket
  11. West Coast to Moscow
  12. Cape Air to AA connection question at BOS
  13. Purchased points refund due to aa.com not supporting low-vision settings?
  14. Marriott to American AAdvantage BONUS?
  15. Thoughts/predictions on the AA CZ / China Southern partnership
  16. Will AA keep my bags checked during a 12 hour *day time* layover?
  17. Chances this "mistake" holds up?
  18. Unable to use my phone to search/book award tickets on AA. Anyone else?
  19. Tracking and Notification of AAdvantage SAAver Availability and Mileage Requirements
  20. Notifications change: Voice flight alerts are being discontinued
  21. Not a single AA transcon First saver (Z) through the end of schedule?
  22. SAN to JFK nonstops
  23. Citi AAdvantage Card Map
  24. Crediting to AA on mixed *A/OW PNR
  25. AA rebooked me on a flight landing 3 hours after my connection
  26. Standby on award ticket
  27. AA sent me an email notification for my flight delayed
  28. Move from UA to AA - Status match
  29. New voluntary denied boarding / VDB offer via app?
  30. DFW-BOS-DGW aircraft and price question
  31. AA 209 DUB-ORD Priority Pass T2 Lounge at DUB?
  32. Booked when Platinum Pro, flying as Gold
  33. Does AA allow you to book separate tickets to save $$ (yes, but...)
  34. AA changed schedule and now have tight connection at MIA what are my options?
  35. BA to AA connection at BNA
  36. BA 772 vs AA 77W First Class
  37. ORD AA Club / Premium Services thank you note & survey
  38. Upgrade W Miles Question (to merge)
  39. Offered AAdvantage status promo, forgot time limit, AA denies status
  40. Delta IROPS, what would AA have done?
  41. No more DCA/JFK? (merged threads)
  42. Airport arrival time on a holiday weekend?
  43. KWI-DOH on QR No partner awards on Wednesdays
  44. R now becoming a revenue bucket for domestic flights?
  45. SJO / San Jose, Costa Rica AA, baggage check, etc.
  46. AA schedule changes for August flight
  47. Premium Economy: AA PE vs BA WTP / World Traveller Plus
  48. ViaSat disconnecting - common issue?
  49. Cancel or not show
  50. AA Dropping PIB-MEI
  51. Seat changes after equip change
  52. Redeeming Miles for Awards
  53. AA5523 at SDF - PSA pilot arrested for triple homicide 11 May 2019
  54. Keep getting error trying to redeem miles for a family member PHX-IAH flight
  55. separate award tickets to circumvent married segments & through-check baggage
  56. What happened to AA259 LIS-PHL on May 10? (to merge)
  57. More issues with the EXP program (tongue in cheek)
  58. FA just unloaded the snack basket into carryon
  59. Do I notify AA - fall in DCA
  60. Status Pending Bag Tag
  61. "Notorious" DCA Gate 35X again referenced in media
  62. Tablets on International Plane / Domestic Route?
  63. AA adds Domestic/Mexico/Caribbean routes
  64. SNA: 738 and A320 only; why no A321?
  65. aborted landing AA 3200 DFW-COU 5/7/19 -- info?
  66. BA codeshare
  67. Proactive delay/cancellation advice for AA -> SQ (separate tix) connection at LAX?
  68. LGA-CLT 6:55am flight: reliable?
  69. AA Change Fees for Status Holders Per Segment or Per Itinerary?
  70. Why don't displaced passengers call AA rather than stand in a long line
  71. RON flight - unable to get on?
  72. Multi-pax PNR, need to change only one pax
  73. Uniformed flight attendants in F, depart to Y when pax board
  74. Of course the oven smells like food (3 hour+ delay from oven smell)
  75. Wings of Change Americas in Chicago!
  76. (DYKWIA Passenger claims) Unpublished Concierge Key Perk
  77. Transcon Market Share Fight. AA Has Highest Avg. Fare for NYC-LAX/SFO /Fewest Seats
  78. 5,000 miles deposited for 4-hr delay good or bad? (to merge - compensation)
  79. SYD (Sydney, AUS) Airport Check-In Counter Time?
  80. issue - using aa.com to redeem miles for flights
  81. AA Downgrade Policy - Equipment Swap
  82. WWII veteran passes away on return 5 May 2019 Honor Flight to SAN
  83. AA operated IB marketed codeshare - Basic Economy - AA Gold Status?
  84. Groupon miles for AA to prevent miles expiring (to merge)
  85. Flight is diverted - Seeking Advice
  86. Ticketed but CX leg is dependent on government approval?
  87. Brag It Out: How Many Times have you 1A'd this year, and other unimportant topics.
  88. AA mistake (agent dropped Intra-Europe sector) - Need your advice
  89. Question regarding companion
  90. Honeymooners Seeking Advice (award MCK-BCN)
  91. Change of flight at check-in
  92. Why downgrade when re-routing on another carrier
  93. How to find out EQD/EQM of upcoming trips?
  94. BOS-LAX-NAN (AA/FJ) LAX Connection Question
  95. Can I book my return flight to another airport? (Open Jaw ticketing)
  96. Best use of Aviator $25 food and beverage credit
  97. AAdvantage Gold: free MCE sucess rates
  98. DFW Terminal E Satellite - Open 3 May 2019: 15 gates, Club to come
  99. AA adding nonstop flights from SGU to DFW
  100. Etihad EY awards appearing on aa.com
  101. Flight change with no notice - new arrival date
  102. Hkg-lax 192 engine shutdown after landing (Gate 41, 43 tow in)
  103. Tax Refund on Tax Overpayment?
  104. Executive platinum award request
  105. Hosed by Basic Economy Refund Policy after outbound flight canellation
  106. Where have all the CX codeshares gone as of May 1, 2019? (Temporary glitch)
  107. Same day change and fees inquiry
  108. Anyone with post flight health issues AA 8412/JL 708 or AA8476 /JL 8 on 29th April?
  109. DFW C AC closed early (7pm) Tues 30 Apr 19
  110. Emergency Exit Seat Selection for Partner (Avios, etc.) Award Flyers
  111. Flying UK > Mexico, AA rebooked leaving me stranded o/night in TX. Compensation?
  112. Traveling with Large Lithium Battery Power Pack
  113. Splitting and Adding Segments to an AA Award on Hold
  114. AA restricts expired miles reactivation within 18 months of expiration (2019)
  115. Miles Credited - Is this correct? (to merge)
  116. AA cancelation policy on flight booked with eGF / electronic gift card
  117. First class award vs first class upgrade for domestic missed connections?
  118. AA to Offer Push Notifications for Boarding Process
  119. In-app involuntary denied boarding, flight rebook, vouchers, etc...
  120. Combine awards on EY and CZ
  121. Where did AA fly ex-STL at peak # of flights?
  122. Q1 2019 Earnings Call Transcript
  123. Political Survey About Qatar Airways
  124. Another day, another AA 125 (DFW-HKG 26 Apr) issue (ICN diversion)
  125. AA Aircraft Options to Replace Grounded MAX aircraft?
  126. Assigning AA (international flight) miles to Alaska Airlines
  127. Overweight baggage charges-legit?
  128. Is Alaska Lounge the cheapest Admirals Club membership?
  129. Better to buy as a codeshare?
  130. Change date of flight?
  131. Drunk passengers in emergency / exit seats
  132. International upgrade process
  133. AA Miles and Hotels: Earning and Converting, Issues, etc.
  134. 77W - is First worth 27.5K Miles?
  135. New AA USA - Europe services for 2019
  136. AA offers TOD “tens of dollars” First Class & Upgrades
  137. Meal service on morning ORD-LHR flight in J (to merge)
  138. AA PHX-LHR how is it doing?
  139. possible to split a roundtrip award + change date without a fee? (to merge)
  140. QF W to J upgrade possible?
  141. AA2501 ORD-DFW on 4/24. multiple Boeing 787 mechanical issue. Coincidence?
  142. I’m leaving - I guess AA won't miss me
  143. Any fee if I change the date of award ticket after 21 days?
  144. Trying to Find the AA Calming Hold Music
  145. "If you are connecting on the following flights please come forward first"
  146. Process to apply remaining ticket value
  147. Seat Coupon Challenge ("Earn a free Main Cabin Extra seat coupon")
  148. I booked a hotel with AA points, no confirmation? (to merge)
  149. Is AA canceling the JFK/EGE direct flights?
  150. Business Extra website NEW! Suprise doesn't work...
  151. Short (8 hour) overnight layover, will AA make me collect bags?
  152. Award Availability
  153. Unable to book PE on Iberia operated flight on AA website or via phone
  154. Broken LATAM award
  155. Award Booking Strategy
  156. International J Anytime Award - Connecting in CLT, ORD or PHL
  157. Passenger jumps off the aircraft at PHX
  158. Which one more beneficial for AA member (Platinum)
  159. Losing Assigned Seats? (Family w/ children, equipment change)
  160. Paid for C, schedule change on one leg to Y...
  161. AA 1080 23 Apr 2019 dfw-lax on A321 or 77W?
  162. Advantage Mall - best store for small purchases? (to merge)
  163. Two AA record locators on BA ticket/AA operated flight
  164. What American Eagle flights are assigned to LAX cabin crews?
  165. Stand For Later Flights & Weight/Balance on RJs
  166. Married segment issue -- any way to get this upgrade to clear?
  167. Worth getting AAdvantage Card to combat basic economy restrictions?
  168. How many miles for jal / JL premium economy award nrt to lax using aa?
  169. Additional L Gates at Chicago / ORD 2019
  170. Service in Premium Economy on flights to SJU/AUA/CUN
  171. AA confirmed Cancellations August 2019
  172. Where is the SWU available? (Are SWU usable / useful?)
  173. "Spirit isn't the worst airline in America anymore" - they beat AA (USA Today).
  174. Fare difference problems after first leg flown
  175. Things I’ve always wondered about airline costs
  176. Dynamic Award Pricing has arrived via tweak to Economy Web Specials
  177. Pilot says flight canceled b/c of maint issue, AA cust service says weather?
  178. AA Premium Economy vs JL / JAL Economy
  179. Book travel upgrades for 4 as plat pro or wait until EXP?
  180. Premium Economy Sell Up Fares?
  181. If Qatar Leaves oneworld, when will their flights stop counting towards AA status?
  182. BE and Y on same PNR
  183. Help Earning EQDs
  184. PHL-ZRH 767 Economy
  185. Concierge Key event in Dallas 11 Apr 2019...did anyone go?
  186. lucky or glitch? (Miles for upgrade not removed from account yet)
  187. Dallas DFW “D” Admirals Club, Flagship Lounge, Flagship First Dining
  188. Ticket Reissued in V from O, BusinessExtra Upgrade? (to merge)
  189. DCA-BOS shuttle schedule changes?
  190. Refund for only return-portion of round-trip?
  191. AA changes flight time by 6 hours to a plane half the size?
  192. Changes & no first class to EZE / Buenos Aires during summer 2019
  193. Two broken seats
  194. Loud Screeching Noises While on Hold with AA
  195. Another customer's flight/details sent to my parents
  196. JFK/SAN is getting canceled due to the runway construction
  197. AA auto rebooking system made terrible choices
  198. Married Segment and Up-faring One Segment
  199. Checked bag risk (5 hr CLT connection)
  200. Award on hold, schedule change, AA won't assist?
  201. Day of travel information not saving
  202. Options when AA makes a major schedule change
  203. Oct to Europe: of DFW-PHL-CLT-ORD fewest cancellations & delays?
  204. should I accept the new flight given it's a downgrade?
  205. would connecting flight get cancelled in this scenario?
  206. How to compute EQD generated by partner flights on RTW ticket?
  207. AA connectivity to DAL/FTW/ADS?
  208. AA: Re-booking/compensation entitlements
  209. Does a minor schedule change allow flight change?
  210. I'm upset with American today (missed international connection)
  211. Options for cancelled flight
  212. Atlanta Checkin
  213. Unable to book multi city itinerary on AA (married segment logic)
  214. Possible open jaw problem after flight cancellation
  215. Exit row changed on Oasis 737s
  216. Can’t check in or select seat
  217. AA127 (DFW-PVG) hit with hail... 4/13 Storm @ DFW
  218. Flight Cancelled and rebooked to long layover
  219. What is the overhead cabin size for Embraer 175?
  220. Expert Flyer Subscription to Jump Queue?
  221. Have many AA gift cards: best use?
  222. which hub(s) do you think AA really values?
  223. Aircraft swap - 332 to 763? Flight 726 4/14
  224. AA bumps teacher chaperoning middle school field trip
  225. AA needs to fix their paper Voucher program
  226. We arrived... but we didn't (Landed but waiting 1 hour for gate)
  227. Upgrade to J, no seat selection - should I be concerned?
  228. AA-BA luggage transfer at LHR
  229. Boeing 787-8 / 788 w/ J20, Premium Economy / PE / PEY Discussion (refit completed)
  230. “We will lock you in the bathroom during turbulence”
  231. Unable to view PE cabin on B772, certain days
  232. Is baggage handling getting worse?
  233. AA.com Doesn't Have a Drop-Down to Pick Companion
  234. AA 300 (N114NN) hits sign on / about takeoff from JFK and returns (10 Apr 2019)
  235. IAD-LAX shows cancelled
  236. Can you undo a seat reservation?
  237. Discussion for AA JFK<-->SEA nonstop (or lack of) service
  238. Crazy rule about removing a systemwide upgrade
  239. Can I use AA miles/SWU on Cathay Pacific flight?
  240. Pilots forgetting to announce landing
  241. In the Business of Doing Business... AA 2784 IAD-DFW 09APR2019
  242. AA ticket on QF / Qantas seat selection issues
  243. Tiny Gate...missing crew...mechanical...and I am sleeping at my desk today
  244. Upgrade offer to Platinum Pro
  245. Fumigation of checked luggage on arrival at Santiago (SCL)
  246. which one is the right Y seat config on 777
  247. odds of SWU Clearing LAX>NRT/HND on Monday or Tuesday (to merge)
  248. Best alliance partner to redeem award flights with AA
  249. Any Options for Price Disparity JL vs AA?
  250. When does AA stop serving dinner on midcons?