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  1. AA DFW-DUB begins 6 Jun 2019
  2. SEA-BCN in PE, trying to maximize EQDs (& comfort)
  3. Reduced-mileage-award destinations now posted for February-May
  4. Avios award booking on AA, EXP upgrade?
  5. AA Gold Benefits If Flying Using Alaska Mileage Plan Miles
  6. Redeemed AA miles for QF domestic J award and bumped to Y
  7. Keep my AAdvantage miles from expiring if fly using otherís miles? (No)
  8. AA new A321neo / 32Q / A321-253NX RC Meridian Main Cabin / MCE seats
  9. AA new A321neo / 32Q / A321-253NX First / Business RC MiQ seats
  10. AA just received first Airbus A321neo / A321-253NX / 32Q 1 Feb 2019
  11. What I missed and didnít miss when flying Non-AA flight
  12. Crew rest issue when flight delayed more than 24 hours before departure?
  13. Remarkably uncomfortable seats in F A321T 3-class
  14. Flight 969 1/31 delays, crew absences
  15. Booking with AA gift cards and need insurance.
  16. Bag check cutoff time?
  17. first class upgrade & status downgrade
  18. Can I still get AA miles retroactively for partner flight?
  19. Chance AA Bumps Previous Upgrades to Pax With Higher Status?
  20. Compensation Advice, Ticketing Failure
  21. Lap infant on AA partner award ticket in J
  22. Admirals Club internet password miscue
  23. Best way to earn award miles efficiently and quickly?
  24. Can I check an upgrade list before buying 500 mile stickers?
  25. I was "that guy" jumping upgrade queue and poor CK phone service
  26. extra fees may apply for voluntary domestic connections over 4 hours
  27. American Airlines/ Apple Music Partnership
  28. Booking query - together or separate tickets?
  29. AA pulled wrong (2018) SWU...will they "fix" it?
  30. facial recognition for boarding at LAX Gate 41 as of November 2018
  31. When might C upgrade space open on BOS-EZE
  32. Same day flight change or standby
  33. Extending elite status?
  34. Add pax to existing itin or re-ticket existing itin into new booking?
  35. AA limits 787-8 / 788 Business seat sales to 20 (2019 Q1)
  36. First Class Seats on A321 / 321 Pre-Oasis LUS
  37. Timing for Expiring SWUs on 1/31/19
  38. 6 Ck's on my flight and CK Rep and GA made sure only they boarded
  39. Can someone else check baggage in for me?
  40. Something I had not seen (weight & balance) CLT-ORD Sunday AM
  41. Who gets downgraded first? Aircraft swap 738 -> A319
  42. AA2830 MIA-AUS delayed at gate 2 hrs due to seat cushion
  43. AA flights diverted?? Cancun CUN to Merida MID 27 Jan 2019 (to merge)
  44. It looks like DFW-BUR / Burbank is coming back
  45. Consolidator fares question - can I earn AA EQM, EQD etc.?
  46. QF Gold, First time on AA. Upgrade path PE to Business?
  47. Business class LAX-HNL. Which miles to use?
  48. Does AA Vacations code as airline for credit card miles earn?
  49. Premium Economy DFW-HNL low service standard
  50. Assistance with flight to COR / Cordoba, Argentina
  51. AA ORD recent entry Eagle First Officer pilot earns $38 an hour
  52. In need of Bounty Hunter to help plan an AA trip (compensated)
  53. Issues traveling with partner with lower status
  54. AA website frustration!
  55. Question about booking a OW RTW through AA
  56. MileSAAver award availability within seven days
  57. International AA flight arrival at LAX / Los Angeles: which terminal?
  58. Basic Economy to Main Cabin?
  59. AA fudging on time departure
  60. Chicago ORD / Midwest cold weather travel waiver late Jan 2019
  61. American Airlinesí Roadmap to ĎLong-Term Successí
  62. FAA Airport stops & slowdowns affecting AA - Jan 2019 govít shutdown
  63. Lost Apple earbuds inflight longhaul 24 Jan 2019?
  64. Paid domestic business and trying to standby? Read This!
  65. Redeeming Paper Voucher at the Airport Requires Repricing?
  66. Loss of F perks when changing award flight / requiring IROPS service
  67. Does AA Gold or having a baby allow us to choose seats when booking Basic Econ?
  68. Cancelled ticket credit / voucher questions (to merge)
  69. Passenger acceptance: Can Passenger complaints get you kicked off a flight?
  70. AA miles transfers or redemption question
  71. No Award Seats for Nov 2019 in Business Class to Doha from any US Gateway
  72. American Airlines 2019-2021 Fleet Plan Update (24 Jan 2019)
  73. Standby questions for LHR-MIA and MIA-SJU today (24 Jan 2019)
  74. American Airlines post-merger reflection... 6 years later?
  75. Advice on which city to fly through Philadelphia to Tel Aviv
  76. Seat assignment question
  77. AA Flagship First Award worth 50k miles over Business MIA-EZE?
  78. Y-up fares
  79. Premium economy award redemption as of 24 Jan 2019
  80. Tendency of A321s to fly low
  81. Doing AA to DL Plat challenge, some DL vs AA comments
  82. Concierge Key: 11,300 CK Members in Jan 2019....?
  83. AA status recognition if I book using Chase (Expedia)?
  84. Farewell to BOS boarding area AA Eagle Neon (2019)
  85. Can you upgrade J to F on 321T using 'stickers'
  86. Some LHR Club AA Agents Donít Know About 2017 AAdvantage Changes Yet
  87. Double Award Miles offer (targeted)
  88. AA FLT#692 delayed for nearly 24 hours
  89. EQM/EQD earning estimation on AA website?
  90. Program/Service Enhancements in Bad Economic Times
  91. 500/sticker upgrade list vs miles & money
  92. refund on expensive ticket
  93. Purchase MCE when booked using AVIOS
  94. SkyWest Weirdness: Impossible ETA Updates
  95. BA Or AA Lounge at ORD?
  96. Rude to suggest that people line up before boarding?
  97. Row 11 Overhead Bin Restriction A321T LAX/JFK Transcon
  98. Anyone ever get two guests into flagship?
  99. "Influencer" Contact for AA
  100. Transit in LAX domestically on a seperate ticket
  101. Stupid Question: Earning on UL b/t CMB & SYD
  102. fare showing on ITA Matrix but not on AA.com
  103. Basic Economy vs. Main Cabin LHR-JFK as Platinum Pro
  104. Domestic/e500 flights: R published before C?
  105. Rumor: Changes coming to Aadvantage Program in March
  106. Question: AA Routing Rules to Southeast Asia? Any Tips?
  107. Admirals Club access for Club members while flying on AS / Alaska
  108. AA125 DFW-HKG landed at MFM / Macau (to merge)
  109. Need help with insurance documentation
  110. AA Broke my passport
  111. Travel waiver: AA flight change due to weather
  112. LAX-HNL (AA31) Wifi?
  113. Physical Cards for Lifetime Elite Status
  114. AA just canít figure out my award tickets
  115. Unaware of separate ticketing baggage policy, I paid the price. Donít like it!
  116. MAX & Oasis big bins: Agents told not to Proactively Gate Check Bags Jan 2019
  117. Same Day Flight Change
  118. What is the Longest Upgrade List Ever????
  119. A Cautionary tale...Did I do the right thing changing award booking?
  120. Interesting upgrade list SYD-LAX
  121. Where can I find out what fare bucket my ticket is in?
  122. Priority checkin for Y/Y/PY
  123. Married segment logic for awards
  124. Seat blocking question with lap infant
  125. Who has the lowest AAdvantage number, oldest AAdvantage card?
  126. LIR / Liberia, Costa Rica: lounge ?
  127. Award chart 16 Jan 2019 (increases dom F flat bed seats, HI Premium, some AAnytime)
  128. Travelling from Chile to Galapagos or Easter Island with AA points
  129. HELP with AA traveler documents vs. passenger info mismatch AFTER first flight seg!?
  130. Miracle on the Hudson (US1549) 10 year anniversary
  131. what to do w (small #) of expiring miles
  132. Need help gaming out options for potential WX on TATL separate tix from JFK.
  133. Admiral's Club plan for DTW: what happened?
  134. Change or cancel cheap revenue AA ticket?
  135. Do Intl Award Flight Avalibility Open Up For Business?
  136. Bumped from business to economy due to missed connection
  137. Zodiac vs B/E seats
  138. Premium Economy Fares Skyrocket?
  139. Buying seats worth it?
  140. Advice: Change in miles needed for reservation on hold
  141. First Trip of The Year
  142. AA (oneworld) MIA- MUC flight advise
  143. AA booked via Chase UR
  144. Question two, RE: policing overhead bin storage.
  145. Question one of two (inherit their spouse's elite status)
  146. Only reasonable transatlantic AA prices are with IB codeshares?
  147. Proof of reservation / printout requested or needed to check in
  148. Front of RJ200 reserved for crew?
  149. No Welcome Spiel by FA on Arrival
  150. Travel Waiver: Winter Storm Gia (Jan 11-13, 2019)
  151. How do I spend my miles?
  152. Anyone know what "improvements" AA is making this weekend ?
  153. AA at Milan Malpensa / MXP departure timing
  154. Business class fares with stopovers permitted
  155. Maintenance truck crashes into AA at PHL 11 Jan 2019
  156. Did AA Just Diss Me? (Offered Challenge to retain EXP)
  157. AA Lost A Customer For Life (AA didnít renew my CK)
  158. Good news for a change
  159. No News Channel Viewing at ORD Admirals Club Bars
  160. Rude or not? (Denying pax seated aft my backpack bin space)
  161. Mobile boarding pass not showing status
  162. Streaming Entertainment without headphone jack
  163. no SAAver awards EWR>BKK?
  164. this this routing 'legal'? (2 x 1 way vs round trip)
  165. oneworld Emerald perk: NO Fast Track access <arriving> at certain airport terminals?
  166. Flight [xx] Cancellation / Delay / Diversion etc. on [date] 2019 (consolidated)
  167. Excluding BA metal on AA Awards
  168. Really Traveling for Work--Need Advice
  169. America/Iberia show different flight schedules
  170. Should I burn a SWU to go J -> F on HKG -> DFW
  171. Got downgraded from Business to Economy AA flight
  172. AA suppressing certain routings?
  173. Change of departure time - unnotified
  174. What's better for the AAcount? (EQM, EQD earning AA vs JL)
  175. AA125 - 1/10/19 - Equipment Change?
  176. How Early Can You Drop Bags off at the Airport (Specific to LGA)
  177. FF Status change whilst on a trip
  178. AA495 ORD-SFO - Are you kidding? (aircraft change, increased fare)
  179. Good customer service on a change fee waiver
  180. Options for missed flight with short, separate ticket HNL connection
  181. Separate ticket GRU misconnect - conflict w/ ticket counter supervisor
  182. AA FF benefits cut on at least 50 items according to blog
  183. Short check Luggage
  184. AA comp interim status + challenge offer / targeted promo 2019
  185. Availability of In-flight Entertainment on AA Provided Device
  186. AA 777-300 vs LATAM A350 in Y
  187. ARCHIVE: 2019 IROPS "IRROPS" - OSO, Weather, etc. Affecting AA Flyers (master thread)
  188. AAdvantage ticketing with another's credit card?
  189. AA routing via AA/JL/CX: SFO-ICN-HKG-SFO
  190. BusinessExtra for 2 people (to merge)
  191. award reservation on hold
  192. 2 PNRs 1 EVIP?
  193. Award travel to Vietnam, Cambodia (to merge)
  194. retaliation by American Airlines suing in small claims court?
  195. Best J or F award travel SFO-NRT?
  196. Baffling customer service experience at check-in (Fresno / FAT)
  197. Summer 2019 schedule changes as of 4 Jan 2019
  198. Credit AA flight to BA after reservation made with AA FF#
  199. LAX-PHL-MAN (& Liverpool by ground) mini-report
  200. W class coach seat on Business/first Fare?
  201. Questions for 2019 about, guide to, listing of, compensation (master thd)
  202. Compensation for spilt coffee (burn and shirt)
  203. J seat map full, yet tickets for sale
  204. Partner award instantly ticketed (CX) - how did this happen?
  205. Awards and Revenue Roundtrip Ticket?
  206. Luggage assistance by Porter at AA DTW?
  207. Need Advice: transatlantic Flight LAX-ATH
  208. Which Airbus A321 / 321 / 321T / A321neo / 32Q, A321XLR, Oasis, LAA, LUS, etc.
  209. 246% fare increase "based on the passenger information you entered"
  210. AA Celebrity Sightings and Related for 2019 (consolidated)
  211. systemwide upgrade inventory check... no status.. HELP (to merge: SWU thread)
  212. Booking international award tickets while traveling in Europe?
  213. fares help on this odd one -- open jaw basic v regular Y
  214. To New Zealand: AA or Qantas (code share?)
  215. Booking AA marketed / codeshares on QR / Qatar using AA.com (not possible)
  216. Way to See / Get Notified of Updated Seat Availability?
  217. 1,000 AA miles for $15.24 -- rental car and gas included
  218. AA has been taking a beating on Twitter the last few days
  219. Baggage allowance and lounge access on T Avios redemption?
  220. best time to get first class award ticket
  221. Pricing Out of CLT has gotten out of hand
  222. Maximum weight for ski/snowboard bag?
  223. Pay Cash or Miles? Domestic F
  224. AA Concierge Key invitations / renewal for 2019-20 status (out early 12/2019)
  225. How will AA determine EQD for this (HAN-IAD)?
  226. ARCHIVE: Boeing 787-8 / 788 Premium Economy / PE / PEY progress and seat info
  227. Adding QFF # to AA Booking?
  228. AA Corporate Security takes aim at my circuitous routing (ticket validity)
  229. Anyone else receive an email like this... today (2 Jan 2019)?
  230. AA927 B767 MIA to GYE any info on
  231. Award price changes Jan 2019 (Hawaii up, Canada as US)
  232. AA.com Seat Map Issues
  233. Colleague applied SWU to my flight, but AA withdrew them from *my* account (to merge)
  234. ARCHIVE: 2019 AA NEWBIE LOUNGE sticky thread
  235. Rebooking first class award flight in coach with availability up front
  236. "Flight closed" but not departed? (Barred or let aboard)
  237. FAs made us count off several times
  238. Award Deposit for EP for another person
  239. Earning EQM / Elite Qualifying Miles on AA, AY, BA, IB, JL F and J Alignment 1/1/2019
  240. AA ORD to Manila, HKG?
  241. No EQM etc info on line when buying a ticket
  242. Combined 2019 AA International Meal / Meals - menu / photos / etc. (master thread)
  243. AA vs. UA refresher
  244. earn 1000 bonus miles
  245. January 1, 2019 all account accrual values reset to ZERO & related
  246. Combined 2019 AA Domestic Meal / Meals - menu / photos / etc. (master thread)
  247. Chances of Upgrade Clearing and Availability (2019 master thread)
  248. Need advice: Vacation to Italy/Greece from Vancouver/Seattle
  249. At least one AA ramp agent is having fun!
  250. Qsuites from CCU TO PHL in Feb 2019 - is it possible?