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  1. AA Adds Daily BOS-LHR, more MIA-GRU, LIM, SCL; earlier seasonal Europe (2020)
  2. AA A319 Seating Question
  3. February 2020 Schedule Change?
  4. Need 8,000 EQM on AA to get Platinum Pro
  5. Tax & Fee Refund After Flight Change
  6. Advice CDG-LAX-TLS business class on AA or BA?
  7. AA 45 CDG-JFK : Confirming AA's lousy service
  8. International Business - Can I Delay My Onboard Meal?
  9. Upgrade still processing or did I get lucky?
  10. Good first “real” AA experience
  11. Using AAdvantage ORD-CAI: Etihad (AUH) v RJ (AMM) connection
  12. Is it effectively impossible to book AA award from Baku to JFK?
  13. 24 Hour Hold question
  14. Should I earn AA EQM for this reroute from BA to EY?
  15. Award Booking Emergency
  16. JFK > LAX Announcement: No Power in Cabin (prior to takeoff)
  17. EXP - Waitlist priority for Purchasing First or Business Class Seat
  18. Airport upgrade list when one leg of award unavailable: “DSR”
  19. LATAM to exit oneworld 1 May 2020: AA impact
  20. Crew goes the extrAA mile in Recovering Phone Lost in Seat
  21. Confirm in PE waitlist for C (paid flight) no longer possible?
  22. AA fare pricing for international connection over 24 hrs
  23. WSJ Thread on AA 988 LIM-DFW 9 Sep 2019 75L Cancellation
  24. Website crash during booking resulting in price change (resolved)
  25. Expired Mileage (want award but miles expired:- help)
  26. Comedy from the AA Pilot
  27. International Flight Cancellation - What To Do Next Time
  28. Mesa rant - bad day (delays, cancellation 23 Sep 2019)
  29. Last straw with AA? (Humiliated by GA, upgrade attempt = cancelled itinerary)
  30. Piedmont dba American Eagle ground stop 23 Sep 2019
  31. Citibank: Correction to Introductory offer message on CC statement
  32. $200 to cancel last segment of itinerary
  33. Inaccurate inventory on aa.com but good news
  34. Change to upgrade options on codeshares operated by BA? (SELLUP, BUYOUT)
  35. Downgrade F to J (aircraft change from 77W to 772)
  36. Current Gold Benefits with Economy fares?
  37. Split Existing Reservation
  38. Domestic First Rebranded Business o/a Sep 2019
  39. Can AA disclose easily understandable fare rules
  40. Hold email discrepancy: Business vs. First
  41. Passenger pops blood blister on flight - sprays blood on passengers and wall
  42. Reduced Mileage Award- -origin city won't trigger discount?
  43. American Airlines passenger pops blister, splashes seatmates with blood: 'Disgusting'
  44. ERJ First Class Bin Hogs
  45. Are you comfortable flying AA?
  46. Advice for a refugee from BA please
  47. Where can I find the confirmation or ticket number for a partner connecting flight?
  48. Purchasing >150k AA miles - glitch or new rules?
  49. Quick Reschedule Call or Online Question
  50. Forgot to claim a bag at customs
  51. AA award flight on hold and release question
  52. Unusual (and brief) pricing for city pair
  53. HND Catering Issues?
  54. Activity not updating, but EQD and probably EQM updated
  55. EQD Run Help MIA-MXP
  56. Bangkok Run: Flagship Lounge at DFW, JL vs. AA, and a few other notes
  57. Oneworld lounge at LHR T3
  58. HNL/KOA flight departure question (lie flat seats)
  59. Multiple tickets on the same booking? (All same destination, but differnet origins)
  60. Aadvantage dining points.
  61. AA change fee on I fares?
  62. Status Match
  63. SWU not shown as used...
  64. Question - 126 HKG-DFW SWU Upgrade Chances
  65. Recent AA experience
  66. ARCHIVED: SWU / VIP Expiring by 31 Jan 2020 giveaway (NO ASK; terms & conditions)
  67. SWU / VIP Expiring by 31 Jan 2021 giveaway thread (NO ASK; terms & conditions)
  68. Valuing AA miles
  69. How long before flight can I check in at LHR
  70. Tipping at AA Flagship First Check In?
  71. AA/QR Business class lounge (LAX)
  72. Is renewing EXP worth it with current EQD requirements, or should I drop back?
  73. HELP DESK: Will I Have Lounge Access? Which, Access, Rules (2020)
  74. Butterscotch Topping Option in Ice Cream Sundae
  75. New Airbus planes to track cabin movements; will AA buy in?
  76. Poll and Thread AA Customer Service Experiences Oct 2018-Sep 2019
  77. Window Shade Closer
  78. Got a connecting time below MCT at JFK (to merge)
  79. How do I book a specific routing (DFW-DBV, FCO-DFW)?
  80. Best airport app for services
  81. Mis-Connect - Award ticket
  82. Is AA right on this married segment rule?
  83. Urgent: FlightAware says delay, AA says no delay
  84. A319 FA disappears after meal service for 40 minutes
  85. 120 knots to zero on aborted takeoff just now!
  86. Concerning statement on Qantas Award Travel
  87. AAnytime Awards Not Available?!
  88. Best flights in business to Jakarta
  89. AA ticket, AZ flight
  90. Questions about possible last minute equipment change for flight next week.
  91. Aviator question and current CC miles deal?
  92. AA's OpX race to the bottom, a rant
  93. BA and CX Protection from AA
  94. Aviator Mastercard credit for JL / JAL internet on AA codeshare?
  95. Query ref: Disability Assistance
  96. Does American offer upgrades at OLCI or the desk?
  97. Over weight bags - International to Domestic
  98. Requesting a downgrade?
  99. AA090 (Poor experience in Y, daytime ORD-LHR)
  100. Anyone at DFW today? Disabilities and lounge access problems
  101. Anyone at DFW today? Lounge access and disabilities
  102. Reduced Mileage Award - cannot change after 9/30?
  103. Protection for SWU J —> F Upgrade?
  104. Traveling w/ children on AA.
  105. MCE Seats and Complimentary Alcohol
  106. AA Travel Alert: SFO (runway closure 7-27 Sep 2019) OVER 21 Sep
  107. AA award strategy for PHL - HNL Summer 2020
  108. Credit Card benefits for Award Travel...without having the card any longer?
  109. Soft bulkhead on new aa flights?
  110. Travel Alert: Typhoon Faxai - Japan
  111. “This flight does not permit seat selection” AA tix & BA, IB seats
  112. The Problem with Champagne on the Ground is It’s Prosecco
  113. potential involuntary downgrade or denied boarding on Award tomorrow
  114. One reservation, two award accounts?
  115. AA twitter went above and beyond rebooking me (oneworld protection)
  116. Question on recent domestic F/B purchases close in
  117. Your Flight Changed - Check Back Soon
  118. Seatmap for LAA a321 post Oasis?
  119. Moderator Note: New Moderator training in the AA forum
  120. What will happen? (drop ticket 1 last segment, fly ticket 2)
  121. AA flight delayed 10 hours missed connection (separate PNR)
  122. Different cabins on same PNR?
  123. Rebooked on CX -How are miles calculated
  124. Ways to upgrade my AA flight (ticketed through BA)
  125. Should we have to pay Expedite Fees?
  126. AA Mechanic Sabotages Plane at MIA 17 Jul 2019, arrested
  127. Happiness flight 556 (pax upset full bin in First, GA berating FA)
  128. Admirals Club Update: Free Digital Publications Downloads
  129. Admiral Club access (same day qualifying flight required - 1 Nov 2019)
  130. A flight of filth ... (dirty aircraft for SFO-JFK)
  131. AA Flight time Changes
  132. Falling short of EQMs to qualify for platinum
  133. Main Cabin Flexible/Fully Flexible
  134. Avoid change fees?
  135. EU Domestic Upgrade on BA while on AA itinerary?
  136. Alcoholic beverage service in F vs MCE / Main Cabin Extra
  137. Aangel Management 101 - agent who couldn’t help did
  138. Splitting Record & Maintaining Free Bags?
  139. AA / Oneworld flights from Europe to St Louis (STL)
  140. Does distance flown matter on AA anymore?
  141. 8 hrs at FCA - the story of FCA-LAX on 9/2
  142. Award Redemption Availability
  143. Award ticket cancellation period
  144. Exec Plat - Requalifying with new baby....
  145. AA ignores oneworld protection when mech causes delay
  146. Service mini- horse on American Airlines
  147. Replacing lost flight credit certificates - any advice or experiences?
  148. Can FAs tell if you’re paid/upgrade F/J?
  149. Upgrade process when change of gauge?
  150. aa-ey connection at lax
  151. Seeing original aircraft after Itinerary change?
  152. No BOS-EWR Options?
  153. Upfare and EQD Calculations
  154. International outbound award return paid
  155. Crew Shortage Today (31 Aug 2019)
  156. No water in lavatory - and no announcement made (AA2373 DFW-SAV 31AUG19)
  157. Schedule Change for December 2019
  158. 5 years ago today - RIP legacy AA catering
  159. No water in LAX eagle nest this morning (31 Aug 2019)
  160. Baggage allowance and seat selection on AA award with Avios?
  161. Can't see upgrade request online or in AA app
  162. Minimum layover time for crew in Santiago (SCL)?
  163. Possible misconnect to last flight of the day
  164. Non-refundable Basic Economy Ticket Repurposing?
  165. AA132 diverted via ORD or not?
  166. Why do you pay for an Admirals Club Membership?
  167. AA to add seasonal flights to Montana and Alaska In 2020
  168. 787 in IAH
  169. AA Upgrade list on another carrier’s ticket
  170. 2 AA flights out of same airport in one day due to last minute travel change. Don’t
  171. Passport Info Needed at Online Check In-Redundant?
  172. Earning Stickers/Change of Status
  173. Boarding priority isn't inherited for pax on same PNR?
  174. AA International and Domestic Check In Time Cutoff Questions
  175. Round-Trip Discounts
  176. Origin of catering CDG-JFK
  177. Switching WN to AA?
  178. Help - Boarding Pass / Passport mismatch
  179. Connecting in Europe - luggage query
  180. Booking BA F LHR-->DME with AA miles
  181. American did me right today
  182. Change fee for cancelling flight from Asia to Mexico (routing through US)?
  183. Hurricane Dorian- Labor Day 2019
  184. Speculation: Will AA follow united and Delta, miles don’t expire?
  185. Voluntary Change of plans due to TS Dorian
  186. Cancel segments of booked trip without issue or fee?
  187. BA cancelling AA award ticket legs - Not passed through
  188. Does AA limit how many Saaver awards they will allow per flight?
  189. AAdvantage Companion Certs and Aviator EQD questions
  190. Phone call for voluntary downgrade?
  191. Customs/Connecting through ORD vice MIA ?
  192. SFO Closing Key Runway Sept 7-27, 2019
  193. Credit Options for 12 hour delay and downgrade?
  194. Figuring out AA EQDs on changed flight (to merge)
  195. AA945/940 DFW-SCL Price (Jan 2020) unusually high!
  196. AMEX 250 airline credit? LGA Admirals Club Pass restriction?
  197. Can't rename trips anymore on AA.com?
  198. 24 Hour Cancellation - No Automatic Refund on seat selection
  199. Connecting Flight Leaves Calendar Day After 1st Flight, What Day Miles Credited?
  200. Is Premium Economy impacting Business Class sales? AA overselling PE.
  201. Company Travel - AA.com or 3rd Party Site?
  202. International award flight on Japan Air, and connection with AA Luggage Question
  203. Checking U and C class upgrades on AA
  204. AA169 LAX-NRT Returned to LAX - Reason? (to merge)
  205. TUL-ANC-TUL F for $22,140.00?
  206. LHR-JFK-LHR showing A1 before and after VIP upgrade
  207. Stuck SWU
  208. Ticketing Expert needed: American Ticket with BA segment cancelled due to strike
  209. EXP transfer to BA Gold line
  210. Heads Up if connecting to BA-BA Pilots Announce Strike Dates and AA Support (2019)
  211. AA business class voucher to anywhere taxes/fees extra (no codeshare)
  212. Creative/Cheap ways to earn an extra 2,600 EQM?
  213. Best way to report FA in F, HKG-DFW
  214. Tips for earning more EQD?
  215. Award Tix and Switch from BA to AA - fees refund?
  216. How do I pay for checked baggage after checking in online?
  217. Your Upgrade is Confirmed Email
  218. any RECENT experience with GF meals in TATL Biz?
  219. Change fee: how can I determine my change fee?
  220. AA to UA - bag recovery and claim question
  221. Denied Original Routing Credit
  222. Multi-city ticketing BOS-DFW-LAX
  223. AA pays $22 mil fines falsifying mail delivery records
  224. Ghost Systemwide Upgrades?
  225. EQD calculation on BA: AA CS made an error?
  226. Support Animal in Flagship
  227. Way To Search For Cheap AA Flights Out Of CLT? (Status runs)
  228. AA Nightmare (missed ORD flight connection & staff issue)
  229. AA Policy About Cabin Suit / Garment Bag
  230. Complete Run Around-14 Days in Africa with no luggage
  231. Săo Paulo-GRU domestic-international minimum connection time LA-AA
  232. Delayed Fight - No Auto-Upgrade Request on new Flights
  233. Are certain business class seats on 787-9 considered exit row?
  234. Partial AA Credit on a partner flight
  235. Can I travel on same PNR with SO but seperate returns
  236. Can't be on both the Upgrade and Volunteer lists?
  237. Award ticket: book companions into MCE?
  238. Gate agent counting duty free purchases as carryon at POS (AA policy)
  239. Somewhat surreal experience 18 Aug on AA 5216 (early departure + delay)
  240. OneWorld No Longer a Fit, What Would You Do?
  241. I have Temporary Platinum through Oct 31 + 20 500-mile upgrades - how best to use?
  242. how is Ex Plat for mostly Caribbean/Lat. Am. travel?
  243. How to find flights that allow “mileage multiplier”?
  244. Seasonal / holiday cancellation / flight reductions 2019 (master thd)
  245. EQD's posting by distance rather than fare paid (Concur / World Travel)
  246. AA survey targeted hub & key cities Aug 2019
  247. FLL back to YYZ in February 2020: routing thru CLT or ORD?
  248. HELP PLEASE: Can I add stopover in AUH to Etihad Award Flight (JFK-AUH-SIN)?
  249. HUCA to the rescue on separate ticketing & delays
  250. Award Travel, Business Class to JNB