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  1. JL's ORD shift from NRT to HND not yet reflected in AA reservation
  2. Standby Clearing Procedure - When are they supposed to start?
  3. Any way to skip first flight without getting return flight canceled?
  4. Is a main cabin extra worth a connecting flight? 777-200 (HNL-IAH v HNL-DFW-IAH)
  5. Lucky day for someone at PHX tonight! (VDB voucher, upgrade)
  6. Wide Open Award Space on new HND-LAX JL16 Flight
  7. Fuel truck hits two parked A Eagle jets at DFW Airport 25 Nov 2019
  8. Too Late for Change in Requalification Requirements for 2020?
  9. AA Casper bedding coupon code, discount, offers
  10. No meal preorder options for JFK/EGE (1746 miles) in Y
  11. When IROPS (“IRROPS”) works in your favor
  12. Ticketed for 2 different AA flights on same day
  13. Airbus A330 at DFW? (Nov 2019)
  14. flight delayed because of an "oil change"
  15. Salad Dressing (what brand is AA using in self-serve containers?)
  16. Having Trouble Booking Award Ticket--Computer Issues at AA?
  17. Would you do a split ticket itinerary involving AA?
  18. AA miles/BA Avios question
  19. American App WEBSITE and Technology vs UAL
  20. "Blocked" seats? Occupied or blocked for Basic Economy?
  21. Keeping AAdvantage Account Live... booking EI flight
  22. Two AA Business Class Trip: Entitled to Lounge Access?
  23. Problems with AA website re award tickets
  24. Lifetime Plat vs. 1 Year Plat Pro
  25. Elite Qualifying Dollars - $500 short (to merge)
  26. Stockpiling Award Miles?
  27. PHL 5 hour layover; Admirals Club or quick city visit? (to move)
  28. Admirals Club Video Review. Mr. Regular (PHL)
  29. "Technical Difficulties" Booking Award?
  30. AA travel voucher value more than offered
  31. Rate this value: AA award to Japan on JL
  32. Do you need to recheck-in bags when transferring domestic flights?
  33. Delay on AA2376 (IAH-DFW) Pax Refuses to Provide Seat Number
  34. AA 193 (LAX-HKG) Diverted to HNL 19 Nov 2019 (to merge)
  35. 737-MAX
  36. EQDs for Executive Platinum
  37. Aircraft swap and agent refuse to cancel and refund
  38. Can't see pre-order meal options for transcon redeye Flagship
  39. Upgrading award class - domestic AA award
  40. Schedule Change: Your flight has changed. Please check back soon to see what changed
  41. No more AA codeshares on OW partner MH?
  42. Baggage Problem That Didn't Need to Happen
  43. cancelled flight - advice please
  44. Can miles awards on partner airlines(e.g. Iberia) be upgraded?
  45. Award booking using other people's account - credit card
  46. Change to Valet bag check & yellow tag Nov 2019 (nee Yellow valet bag check fail)
  47. 737 MAX
  48. $1.4K vs 120K miles
  49. Questions on AA hotel refund after flight cancellation/ re-routing
  50. I won 2 AA Award tickets that are expiring at end of month. Any way to extend? Option
  51. Average Baggage Claim Wait at MIA?
  52. “This Has To Stop” (rerouted due to Mx)
  53. Upgrade issues and app changes
  54. LAX/LIH First Class
  55. Narita (NRT) Admirals Club Closed March 2020
  56. Etihad downgrade on a confirmed AA mileage ticket
  57. Business Extra upgrades on someone else's award tickets?
  58. PHL runway extension completed
  59. email address for EXP desk about websaver award (booking unaccompanied minor award)
  60. Q: Intentionally delay in claiming air miles?
  61. Larger aircraft in Charlotte ?
  62. The good, the bad, and the ugly of American
  63. Mileage upgrade on Qantas with AA flight number (no)
  64. AA EQD run on BA - Upgrade using Avios. Issues crediting to AAdvantage
  65. DFW-OGG equipment swap Flights 119 and 6 - possible re-swap?
  66. What to expect from a Trip in Vain?
  67. AA136 11 Nov 2019 and the (usual?) MX issues
  68. Pax booked on AA codeshares op by MH / Malaysia need to rebook
  69. Personal space infringement? (standing pax blocking sitting pax)
  70. Stranded at ORD -- You'd think they would be prepared for this
  71. AA charged me $150x2 for a aaward upgrade and a change of transfer airport
  72. website error award search (clear browser history)
  73. AA 4125 ORD slides off runway 11 Nov 2019
  74. Schedule firm through Feb 12th?
  75. Standby Seat Assignments
  76. American Time Table
  77. My Bad [Mild rant about being given non-MCE seat when asking for MCE]
  78. Survey: EQD for future EXP Qualification
  79. Connection problem in ORD w/ separate tickets AA - BA
  80. Business Award Ticket To Casablanca (CMN) Chart
  81. Can AA employees "sell" job perks?
  82. Changing a from a non-ow airline to a ow airline on a booking. Change fee?
  83. Summer JAL / JL F Award Booking Success and Questions!
  84. I paid for premium coach exit row - no one else did but moved there!
  85. New (6 Nov 2019) MSY (New Orleans) Terminal Information
  86. Early check-in at YYZ for AA flight?
  87. Buy-up (“TOD”) Offers and EQM/EQD
  88. What are my options: HND-LAX, Economy, Waitlisted for SWU to Business?
  89. 2021 Elite Qualifying Requirements Announcement?
  90. AAFlight 303 LAX-IAD someone mistook carry-on...any ideas
  91. How long does it typically take AA to issue a refund?
  92. Eastbound Domestic Redeyes out of DFW (around Thanksgiving holiday 2019)
  93. Near loss of AA 4439 (E175 ATL-LGA) Runaway Trim - Nov 6 2019
  94. Hold award ticket today flight tomorrow questions.
  95. Quickly check date to see if widebody is flying - new spreadsheet tool
  96. New (Nov 2019) MSY (New Orleans) - Why No Admiral's Club?
  97. AA status when booking, no status when traveling - seat selection, etc.
  98. Oneworld Emerald & Basic Economy
  99. Fix for Pixel phone on E175 Gogo Wifi
  100. New Promotion on 2X miles
  101. Movies and TV Shows missing on 737 AVOD?
  102. LHR-JFK 777-200 seat map
  103. Buy Back and Boost / Buy Up Status for 2020
  104. Will AA be compelled to disclose Helix score?
  105. gate checking both a stroller and a car seat?
  106. Adding on segment to award booking?
  107. AA to Tokyo then JL / JAL to TPE - need to use two FF#'s - help!
  108. [Secondhand] Outrageous threat and conduct by grumpy AA FA on ORD-BOS
  109. AA300 JFK->LAX operated by regular A321 on 11/03
  110. Kudos to AA Customer Service
  111. Email: Our round-the-world sale is now on!
  112. EQD/EQM if I pay to upgrade to first on domestic
  113. No F for sale but upgrades (A) offered?
  114. Will Alaska flyers still be allowed into Admirals Club in 2020? (yes)
  115. Overnight baggage hold when rebooked?
  116. Main Cabin F/As absent from take off to touchdown
  117. Involuntary downgrade voucher
  118. EPs and PlatPros: Preferred Domestic Companion Upgrade method?
  119. AA "We are Trying to reach you" 10/31 to say sorry for flight delays over the summer.
  120. Which lounge Buenos Aires / EZE is better?
  121. Dilemma: To upgrade or not: J to F on the A321T JFK-LAX
  122. JFK LHR in 1A
  123. Downgrade points
  124. why no AA824 today?
  125. Options for using $600 e-voucher?
  126. Premium Economy to Europe at 57.5k MIles
  127. OW Premium Economy redemptions with award charts
  128. AA reservation cancelled due to "failed payment"
  129. Receipt after SWU applied
  130. Do you have a better American Airlines meme?
  131. AA voluntary Business class training for FA's
  132. Points for flight using AA
  133. AA Dynamic Pricing Run Amok - 6k Miles Award to SYD/AKL - wow
  134. Strange award restriction, what is going on here? KOA-SIN, bookable in Y but not J.
  135. Do I Really Need to Call AA for a Refund After Cancelling a Refundable Ticket?
  136. Changing connecting through airport
  137. Republic Airlines... Delta, United, American
  138. Which outstations no longer confiscate liquids?
  139. Ridiculous Fare Difference between aa.com & americanairlines.co.uk
  140. AA launching DFW-AKL and LAX-CHC in 2020
  141. Fare Class impossible to price with given MPM
  142. Same day change
  143. AA Award Search Error-What's Going on?
  144. Connecting BA-AA at LAX — can I recheck bags and clear security at TBIT? (to merge)
  145. AA1799 (LAX-PHL), 27 OCT - chance of cancelling?
  146. "Your Flight Changed" Check back later
  147. Mileage Reinstatement for EXP award for family member?
  148. Decrease in intraeuropean BA award availability
  149. AA has a great (?) promo now for miles purchases
  150. Getting status booking Cathay
  151. Can’t add infant’s passport info nrt to lax
  152. Online award booking error?
  153. Trying to work out confirmed same day change
  154. Figuring out EQDs / EQMs on flights already booked?
  155. First time flying AA in 15 years. How is Business EZE-LAX non stop
  156. Changed a flight > refund due > no electronic voucher?
  157. DFW/ANC Summer Seasonal 2020
  158. Domestic Widebodies - Three Somewhat Related Questions
  159. AAdvantage Elite status card: How is oneworld status shown?
  160. Cheaper midweek AAnytime J redemptions gone?
  161. Meal choice - AA772 - PHL to LAX
  162. Award Booking Cancelled Online within 24 hours...
  163. Can’t retrieve mobile boarding pass?
  164. Different fares when booking one way for 1 or 2
  165. Flight Attendants arrested at MIA for Money Laundering
  166. Are BA/IB codeshares bookable on AA website? (“All airlines” selection)
  167. Possibly oversold flight from LHR - bump possibility, EC261?
  168. AA International Basic Economy Seat Selection at OLCI
  169. HELP! I need xx EQ D,M,S / miles by date / EOY - 2019-2020 master thread
  170. AA #940 SCL-DFW 21-Oct-2019 - departed 7 hours early
  171. AA Executive Platinum Status: Functional Uses For Domestic US?
  172. AA729 LHR-PHL diverted to DUB lavatory chemical spill 21 Oct 2019
  173. Please help me to get a refund of taxes
  174. Deadline for Qualifying Status for 2020: 31 Dec 2019
  175. Non-stops LAX to EZE - how to tell which days AA operates them?
  176. Citi AAdvantage Exec - Additional Users Reported $175 (web glitch)
  177. New “now boarding” notification on the app (Oct 2019)
  178. LAX terminal 0?
  179. Favorite Flagship Lounge? (Discussion and Poll)
  180. Lounge options LAX and LHR
  181. New AA Process: Bidding for First Class Upgrades
  182. Elites no longer allowed to SDFC or SDSB if bags are checked. (false alarm)
  183. AA Increasing Carry On Bag Enforcement, Audits (Oct 2019)
  184. Understanding Ticket Numbers
  185. PSA - CX 888 YVR/JFK Redemption
  186. Tickets on SAA South African (PHX-LHR-JNB/CPT) - mileage accrual (none)
  187. Leaving Aadvantage, where to go?
  188. DFW-PVR Pricing
  189. Barclays Aviator Business Card Sign-up Bonus Question
  190. Distance or Fare Based? Long Haul Rebooked: R (original) to A (SWU) to F (IROPS)
  191. MCO-MIA then MIA- LHR questions - complicated
  192. Which lounge(s) at LAX can I access?
  193. Seats avail but AA not selling domestic F?
  194. AA app problem
  195. Speculation: Delta Growing, Improving Coach Experience. Will AA Respond?
  196. I can't find a nonstop from JFK to LAS on 10 Jan 2020?
  197. AA-Cascading Catastrophic Failure in process (multiple complaints re AA)
  198. Easiest way to finish getting Status
  199. Significant Flight Time Change - Options?
  200. AA125/13OCT/DFWHKG Diverted to LAX
  201. Where to collect Miles? BA/AA?
  202. Strange Inventory Flux out of SJD on April 18
  203. CNBC 737 Max Article (lost profit)
  204. Reservations Reverses Reissued Ticket Without Request/Consent
  205. Downgrade Compensation on Paid Ticket? (DSR and its use)
  206. What is arrival time? - just missed an issue with tight layover in DFW
  207. AA 105 77W biz seat literally falling apart
  208. Lifetime AC members exempt from Nov 1st rule
  209. Significant changes to UA Mileage Plus program. Impact for AA?
  210. Basic Economy - checked bag
  211. Domestic First, Bin Availability?
  212. Need a lie flat seat from LAX to JFK - AA miles or JetBlue
  213. How to get best J class award seat for SEA-LHR Oct 2020
  214. Large Price Differential Between Basic and Main Cabin
  215. OneWorld Emerald seat booking (in Basic Economy)?
  216. Qantas and American Announce Expanded JBA Benefits Oct 2019
  217. Flight Number Retirement for accidents, etc.
  218. Best option for SWU use
  219. Does EQD calculation contain additional fares collected?
  220. DFW Sweet Spot Award Travel to Europe
  221. Is EQD calculation offset by voucher
  222. Problem Checking In On-Line for Flight Today
  223. Forced Ticket Change due to Agents Misunderstanding Visa
  224. Award flight cancelled, 24 hour delay...options?
  225. Which affiliate on AA live tv?
  226. Booking Special Fares on Expedia
  227. Doug Parker Interview 6 Oct 2019 AA Current State Of AA, MAX, etc.
  228. AA codeshare operated by JL / JAL, where to credit to
  229. Another opinion piece: Parker on the way out?
  230. 130K AA miles enough for business class award to / from Hawaii?
  231. Excellent Day with AA (J LHR-JFK, F JFK-LAX)
  232. Fare in 'R' Class Confusion - Experiences?
  233. One Way v Multi City No longer possible?
  234. Carry-on luggage nightmare at LAX
  235. Help booking flight (MEX-MSY via MIA)
  236. Pillows and Blankets in Economy HNL-LAX?
  237. Flying international business on AA for the first time - what to expect
  238. Preorder Meal Choices Carry Over From Cabin to Cabin
  239. AA 52 PHL-PRG / Prague experience
  240. Lack of direct flights to Europe during Off Peak Season
  241. Totally Sold out first class-way early (to merge upgrade chances)
  242. AA needs to invest in decrepit gates at ORD
  243. Kids traveling for the first time
  244. Help booking lap infant on PDX->NAN on AA with FJ segment
  245. AS first leg on AA Award ticket - Can AS number be used?
  246. SimplyMiles and earning AAdvantage miles - Scam? Good? Bad?
  247. Landing Song - Coming Back to you
  248. AA Catering Cart Incident at O'Hare 30 Sep 2019
  249. Old Checked Baggage Tags
  250. Platinum automatic MCE seat assignment on Basic Economy fare?