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  1. Book BA flight or AA codeshare? (BA metal)
  2. Speculation: Will AA inherit US's free beer/wine in [US Shuttle] coach?
  3. Analysts still think AA should shrink to help the industry (and help AA)
  4. Two MIA-MAD-MIA busn awards avoiding UK
  5. US to SE Asia (Thailand) in March 2016 - best award/upgrade routing
  6. [How is AA for a] Atlanta based AA flyer?
  7. Any way around phone to ticket a held reservation?
  8. American CEO vows to compete with fares with low-fare budget carriers
  9. how to search for cathay award using miles on AA (or other?) website
  10. When not being able to pull up your reservation on aa.com is a good thing [upgrade]
  11. Using AA miles for First Class - Separate TSA line at MSP?
  12. replacing AAdvantage award on BA with an AA
  13. AA Award "Select Flight" screen blank
  14. AA refunds me for a non refundable ticket. Why?
  15. Connecting in PHX
  16. Help! [AAdvantage]
  17. Do AA / US Open Last Minute Award Space in Y?
  18. AA Service Phone Voice Recognition / IVR Issues (After May 2015)
  19. American Airlines Preferred seats (master thread)
  20. Tracking EQPs [tips, tools?]
  21. Canceling one of two tickets in a award
  22. Why no last minute U class (Biz milesaver) on AA?
  23. Trying to book 9 without ticketing fee
  24. BRU - PHL or FRA - DFW?
  25. CFO Kerr: AA focus on merger, just starting on changes (May 2015)
  26. Award flights and free checked bags
  27. Splitting Business and Personal travel
  28. Award Availability Showing on AA.com?
  29. Help constructing a trip from NYC to CHI
  30. First class mileage bonus
  31. Should I do this upgrade
  32. Birthday change on award ticket
  33. US Club membership, now Admiral's Club - Regus benefit?
  34. SEA-CDG: Business class award: via ORD or DFW?
  35. US / american no show policy?
  36. Quickest way to oneworld Sapphire - would this work?
  37. Can I " force" an overnight on an award ticket?
  38. Using eVIP on DCA-PEK fare. Agent's warning and mileage credit
  39. Cathay to restrict F award availability for AA/OW/AS? (Yes)
  40. which website will remain? usairways.com or aa.com? (aa.com)
  41. DFW AA Integrated Operations Center / IOC (open 14 Sep 2015)
  42. Schedule changes on mixed AA/US itin - difficult to fix!
  43. Reviewing my Frequent Flier alternatives
  44. MileSaaver award to Caribbean blocked out over summer? [temporary block]
  45. Bonus AA miles for Kaligo?
  46. Purchasing an AA/BA ticket on BA website
  47. EQM for paid ticket without flying
  48. LUS: Reminisce / Nostalgia: "Goodbye US Airways" - tributes, photo essays, etc.
  49. AA Awards redemptions - Cathay vs Japan Air?
  50. Are these fees/taxes are normal?
  51. JAL F can't be confirmed, needs to be input manually within 24 hours?
  52. Status Match / BA Equivelant
  53. Charging Platinum for exit row [on US]?
  54. Cancellation fees for award and pay tickets
  55. Entire Airport Access to ACs
  56. Controlling costs or drunks? [short pours in F]
  57. ARCHIVE: AA - US Reservations Merger 18 Jul - 16 Oct; US code / brand end 17 Oct 2015
  58. Flew AA op by US but shown as No Show
  59. How to minimize $ damage - change fees
  60. Booked award flight last night, shows as ticketed for 0 miles?
  61. Iberia BCN-MAD leg keeps dropping off my US award
  62. How to ticket a Award if reservations is too busy (weather)
  63. Call from AA Customer Service?
  64. checking in - how early can I? (TN at LAX TBIT)
  65. Redemption of miles from two accounts
  66. Does it Make Sense to get AA Gold Before Getting Exec Platinum Status on AA
  67. Paying fee for award ticket with CC that doesn't match account holders name
  68. Flight from US to Australia -- AA or Qantas?
  69. 321 US vs 738 AA in F
  70. How long till we see AA service to/from Cuba?
  71. Which partner to use AA miles for Turkey/Greece
  72. Flying NYC-FCO without giving my first-born to BA... (Milesaaver award)
  73. Flight rescheduled by 5 minutes 72 hours before departure - why?
  74. Admirals Club and a DC Drivers License Woes
  75. AAdvantage Award on QF SYD-SCL
  76. Domestic and short haul upgrade: is it worth it? (consolidated)
  77. Domestic & short / mid haul upgrade: worth it?
  78. AA & US Air Status Challenge Question, HELP!!
  79. Which award flight should I choose? MIA->SFO
  80. Need help earning 10K AA EQP
  81. usair itn not showing on aa.com
  82. Not quite bereavement fare ... not quite make a wish... (trigger)
  83. Blackberry users trying to track AA upgrade status
  84. American Spotlight - free IFE streaming
  85. Canadian getting miles via spending?
  86. Hiccups in transfer to the airport upgrade waitlist?
  87. ARCHIVE: AA - BA 2015 Europe Transat Promo: earn to 115k miles on 3x RT in J
  88. Dreamliner 787-8 / 788 Zodiac Business Seats & Reviews (master thd)
  89. Strange PHL-AUA pricing
  90. FCO Rome Terminal 3 Fire May 6: Help with Info re Arriving & Departing on US/AA?
  91. Is domestic First ALWAYS full?
  92. is it bad that everyone in my family uses the same email address for AA accounts?
  93. Are you getting boarding passes on your iPhone?
  94. PLS to MIA - $87.50/fee per ticket?
  95. What the Heck Has Happened to Chairmans Phone Service
  96. Which has better first class from DFW-CLT: AA or US?
  97. Royal Jordanian- no more availabilty?
  98. Upgrading an Award to the Caribbean
  99. Duplicate Ticket
  100. Valet Tags on E175- Ever Get One?
  101. Domestic Upgrade: Both People or Neither?
  102. To Australia from East Coast in F: AA or SQ miles?
  103. Recommended Intl-Intl MCT at LIM
  104. paid upgrade int'l US operated?
  105. Purchase tickets from AA or US
  106. Interjet / 4O: AA Codeshare on Some Mexico Flights
  107. Y fare as exp [upgrading Y and B fares for AA elites]
  108. When is Aadvantage Off Peak? [for economy awards]
  109. Checked bags through two tickets AA/JL
  110. Chances of AA acquiring 6 Malaysian A380's ? - Let's speculate!
  111. Additional legs? [award questions]
  112. Free checked bags for flights to Canada from US with Citi card?
  113. AA Awards: RT vs 2 one-way
  114. Freddy Awards winners announced
  115. How to add reservation to AAdvantage account?
  116. Booking award tickets separately, seats next to each other? [on Qantas]
  117. How do I reach US Airways Chairman's Desk now?
  118. display my video on new AA seat backs?
  119. A cancel / change question: move cancellation credit across countries?
  120. Post-flight AA Survey - questions, issues (consolidated)
  121. Business Traveler Moving to Dallas - WN or AA?
  122. Upgrade emails
  123. Beware: Auto upgrade requests not going through
  124. Open Letter to Doug Parker Regarding Status (rolling status earning period)
  125. Found a funky pricing bug on aa.com - who to tell?
  126. New short red-eyes to DFW (rebanking hub and US/AA optimization)
  127. American cancels award booking 3 times without notification or cause, then reinstates
  128. Best ways to use miles?
  129. Agents confused me about the fee of $150 when chainging flights
  130. Changes to the upgrade priority list [NOT for AA]
  131. Guide: AA SPML - Special Meal (vegetarian, gluten intolerant, child, etc.)
  132. Are All AA Flights Now Earning Double Miles For Discount Economy?
  133. 1,000 Free AAdvantage Miles for Quiz [watch 6 videos on AAdvantage University"]
  134. LAA Hawaii 752 / 757s / narrowbody
  135. Operational Upgrades (op up) - all about and "I got one" (consolidated)
  136. Making the most of layovers in PHL and JFK
  137. [Current UA 1K] Which Status Match? and When?
  138. Reward travel to Greece.
  139. AA / EY Codeshare Expanded 29 Apr 2015
  140. Upfare AA flight with cash or rebook into F? Other options?
  141. What's the minimum check in time for bags?
  142. Tax variations AA Vs United
  143. AA to embark on Admirals Clubs refurbishment (2015 - consolidated)
  144. Current AA.com home page promotion looks like tsunami approaching
  145. BA Peak Awards using AA Miles / BA Avios Devaluation & AA
  146. Base Fare Change on AA International Award Tix after schedule change
  147. TSA patrolling Admirals Club
  148. Confused about booking award ticket on US (and selecting seats)
  149. Curbside check in at ATL / Atlanta is gone (27 Apr 2015)
  150. Some good Customer Service @ CLT
  151. Accumulated miles of questionable value
  152. Maximum AAdvantage points (miles) in 1 Year?
  153. How to manage merger of 200k AA and 200k US Airways miles?
  154. Access to Liaison for 037 (US) - Award Tickets
  155. Using Miles for Honeymoon Question
  156. Nice Gift From AA [EXP just short of Challenge reqs]
  157. Question About Upcoming AA Award Flight
  158. Help: Redeeming AA Miles: IST-MIA (OW end of May)
  159. Credit card benefits on codeshare flights purchased on AA.com
  160. Can't upgrade (some) N Fares? (CAT25 group fare?)
  161. Quick AVOD question
  162. Changing itinerary/reprice/options
  163. Help with AA award ticket FCO to USA
  164. Refund on nonrefundable ticket if visa is not granted
  165. Mileage when flight is diverted.
  166. Cancelling and rebooking a held award flight?
  167. any luck with refunds in this situation?
  168. Best method to track EQP
  169. ARCHIVE: Where exactly does AA fly to Europe? Which routes have good business seats?
  170. Taxes and Charges on AA awards Connecting Through LHR
  171. Need help avoiding UKAPD with last second J x 2 booking to LHR
  172. Phantom Schedule Changes
  173. EXP Status disappeared today - has this happened to you?
  174. Mileage Posting - Miles, Flights, EQD Post Issues & Discussion (merged threads)
  175. MIA/FLL to AUH in F May 14 or 15
  176. How much you paid in fees for an award ticket on AA
  177. Mesa goes supersonic :) [time zone glitch]
  178. Oh oh, question about checking bags with Aa, flying hawaiin
  179. 'Merged' elite account issues?
  180. Please advice for skipping last leg one way award booking .
  181. Bulkhead without status
  182. Upgrade Requested Display?
  183. Doug Parker now taking his salary as stock (consolidated)
  184. Need to buy a ticket to DXB: Strategy for comfort & miles
  185. MIA or CLT to SJU?
  186. FoundersCard AA Platinum Status for 3 months (2015)
  187. AA Award on CX: LAX-HKG-PVG-HKG-TPE - Allowable?
  188. SAN / San Diego Int'l (AA) integrates AA - US and will cease AA ops at Commuter Term
  189. AA fails to refund J award when changed to F award (re titled)
  190. CX HKG-TPE F Award Ticket w/ AA Miles: Aircraft Change - No F Cabin
  191. 2015 Additional Miles program
  192. Upgrading a segment with cash?
  193. Trade Seats (between Y and J) during mid flight?
  194. Doug Parker's response to idea of revenue- based FFPs (Apr 2015)
  195. Change 1 person's departure date on 2 passenger PNR?
  196. AA First Class Award Travel at LHR
  197. Cancelled AA award on CX - CX still showed confirmed
  198. terminal transfer at BOS / Boston B to E
  199. Use miles or pay for the tickets
  200. Help: AAward on Air Berlin - Air Berlin Liaison
  201. Cancel or Walk Away?
  202. [2015 NEWBIE LOUNGE] Ask Your Consolidated / Combined AA Questions Here (flame free)
  203. SFO/SJC to SYD for 2016 - seems many stops? (award tix)
  204. PHL - CUN 11/21 thru 28 SWUs
  205. Switching from AA to AS mileage credit on AA ticket on US metal?
  206. bumped from seats after upgrade
  207. Same Flight, Two Different Prices on AA & USair
  208. Redeeming Miles for an EXP in a non-elite Account
  209. Seat Selection - Upgraded to A, but US shows Economy
  210. Dilapidated furniture and chairs at the DFW AC
  211. US Airways International Upgrades?
  212. Any experience upgrading with Avios?
  213. Guide to Admirals Club Food / Snack & Beverage
  214. 90 minutes (@ JFK) enough time for luggage?
  215. Combined SAAver & AAnytime?
  216. Refund - Cancelled Flight
  217. Improvement in Transcontinental Upgrade Chances
  218. Award reservation says cancelled but AAgent says it's not?
  219. Just completed an Admirals Club member survey
  220. HELP DESK: 2016 American AAdvantage Miles etc. Math Calculations
  221. ARCHIVE: HELP DESK: 2015 or Prior AA Miles and Points Math Calculations
  222. Merged Reservations Systems???
  223. Deadheading FA in civilian clothes with no displayed credentials sits in jumps seat
  224. Up to 10,000 bonus miles on round-trip flights between L.A. and Osaka
  225. CLT-DUB breakfast?
  226. AAdvantage relationship to OW
  227. No dinner on us A330 Phi-Dub Envoy
  228. booked coach (not supersaver), upgrade to business
  229. Business Seats ORD-PEK
  230. Would this be a valid route for award?
  231. Award travel ticketed but not enough seats on on leg--strategy advice request
  232. Current AA co-terminals policy JFK/LGA
  233. Onboard Purchase Receipt takes 7 days to post?
  234. AA business fare sales?
  235. Saw this on "The Boarding Area": [Empty F cabin, not all for sale] Any insights?
  236. Extra EQP for Paid F Not Posting
  237. The slow end of an era....the retirement of the AA MD-80
  238. EXP Upgrade Questions
  239. Question about passport at check-in
  240. Award travel on Etihad or Qatar?
  241. Double Dipping 10K Rebates
  242. American Airlines changed my schedule, what can I do?
  243. Guide: AA HKG / Hong Kong Intíl. Airport Connections, MCT, Arrival & Departure, etc.
  244. Great news! Your upgrade is confirmed. Huh?
  245. Ticket Fare Classification
  246. Wondering if my situation warrants AA Advantage Card
  247. AA 2, Dec. 1 Miles&Cash to upgrade past experience?
  248. Want to upgrade International BUS award to FIRST
  249. Earn up to twice as many elite-qualifying points (EQPs) when you purchase and fly on
  250. AA passengers' histrionics at missing flight (video)