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  1. Selecting Seats on MilesAAver/T tickets
  2. Aadvantage eShopping Posting Date
  3. AA award miles reinstatement / redeposit fees, issues, questions
  4. ARCHIVE: American applies for LAX-HND [2015 plan delayed]
  5. AA Daily LAX-HND Service Feb 2016 w/ 787-8, applies DFW-HND
  6. AA bonus if already EXP FOR 2015.
  7. GA bait and switch. Goodbye AA. Utter garbage. Never flying AA again. (humor)
  8. American Airlines executive platinum help
  9. Timeline for Merger
  10. Platinum bait and switch - goodbye AA!
  11. AA to BA award flight--tight connect--what to do?
  12. US Airways availability on AA.com and visa versa?
  13. AA Mileage on British Airways
  14. Future US-ordered A-321s and AVOD
  15. AA to start DFW-PEK (AA 88/ AA 89) May 2015
  16. Difference in culture: AA and US Elites
  17. Merging AA/US EQM's? (will be announced when it happens)
  18. How can you really tell if a flight is a Code Share
  19. Downsides of flying US-marketed, AA-operated metal?
  20. AA v US v United in reality
  21. (Is) HSV going to all US/US Express metal?
  22. Never flying AA again / AA is horrid / I hate AA (consolidated)
  23. BA credits my flights with AAdvantage number to BAEC - Caveat
  24. ARCHIVE:Change to through-checking Oct 2014 (interlining) baggage on separate tickets
  25. Targeted: 2 Admiral's Club passes after required spend
  26. Award: Cathay award available on JAL.com but not AA?
  27. EXPERT FLYER: AA/US agreement with EF
  28. 77W, 772 & CIP 763 to NGBC changes, no F / no flat bed J - what to do? (consolidated)
  29. AA / US Passenger Etiquette & Manners
  30. US T R Fares No Earnings on AA. (AA and US integrate flight coding 17 Sep 2014)
  31. This AA/US experience sucks. What are the caveats/tricks I need to know about?
  32. A333 in New Livery
  33. APFA Announces a Tentative Flight Attendant Agreement (merged threads)
  34. AA CEO Doug Parker on FOX Business right now (19 Sep)
  35. PHL Term A BA Club - open to Admirals Club members?
  36. Value of AA EVIPs
  37. Crediting of US seg. purch through AMR
  38. Best strategy for award tickets MIA to CDG for anniversary
  39. Travel Alert Question
  40. New AA PLT trying to get into BA lounge FAIL
  41. National Mediation Board Rules AA Pilot Union Will Be Bargaining Agent for US Pilots
  42. Reservations and Passenger Service Agents vote in CWA-IBT Association
  43. AA Baggage Services: cryptic w/ results of claim
  44. Verifying Equipment and Business Class Seats
  45. Mileage bonus/minimum mileage clarification
  46. Best $/Mile Award Redemption Program LAX to Brazil
  47. Earning Miles to Asia?
  48. AA GA denies US paid F pax switch to AA A321T in IROPS
  49. Changing Concourses at LGA
  50. First 787 for AA on the Way
  51. Connecting with bags in PVG, two separate itins
  52. Admirals Club vs. USairways club (GRU)
  53. LAA 757 boarding cabin door at LAS
  54. Reason for a AW HP US pilot to be unhappy
  55. Thanksgiving Asia AA/OW Trip
  56. NewAASameOldTricks
  57. Help with AA Credit Card Luggage benefits
  58. Lap infant on domestic AA flight (BA award ticket)
  59. AADV UPG Allowed on Bulk Fares?
  60. awards availability
  61. Breakfast in transcon first class LAX-JFK
  62. AA777-300 versus new 763 biz class
  63. Advice on routing, PHL - SIN
  64. Booking a single F Award to North America from HKG
  65. SYD to PPT
  66. Help with awards strategy please.
  67. Book one way AA flight using Dividend miles?
  68. experience with AA Award Flight Partnered With LAN?
  69. Kudos to AA Captain
  70. Maximize usage of 400-500k AA miles on OneWorld Carriers
  71. Advice please: better choice to DUS?
  72. 'Schedule change' or cancellation? Can I insist on having a refund?
  73. Quest about booking on AA.com Intl flight w codeshare
  74. Help needed planning trip from US to PEK
  75. TXK in CA Store Advert.
  76. Seat assignments on US using AA award
  77. Flagship Plane After Merger?
  78. American Is Bunching Up Flights in Miami to Create Peaks and Lulls
  79. Cannot View Award Reservations with AA + Partner
  80. Sweeps of Accounts - Does AA Take Away Miles?
  81. Advice Award booking to BKK
  82. Flights on US Airways with AA Status
  83. Airports with no actual AA employees
  84. "32B" / A321 F showing under AAnytime Biz (not First)-level award
  85. ABQ-DFW changing to Eagle?
  86. Are AA miles only good for AA flights?
  87. UA - Should I switch to the Preferred Trial?
  88. AA/US Merged IFE Programming; US PTVs Within NA Activated
  89. Fly on JAL and earn double miles betw Tokyo and Indonesia
  90. Any availability released 1-2 weeks before?
  91. When does AA open up more Economy milesAAver seats?
  92. AA Award travel to South America--Partners
  93. Next AAdvantage Mileage Promotion
  94. AA 777 coach seat question
  95. America Airlines Load Factor Down for August, Traffic Remains Flat
  96. Why no ORD to Hawaii nonstops
  97. Ease of connecting from us to aa at clt
  98. VBD voucher question (US voucher with US/AA flights)
  99. 737-800: Row 13?
  100. AA changed returned leg of my flight -Options?
  101. AA Losing Ground to Other Carriers?
  102. Are last minute AA award fees waived for US preferreds?
  103. How to Checkin US/AA Flights
  104. DFW / Dallas-Ft. Worth Layover Questions (consolidated)
  105. Flight Time Change on Award Ticket is Causing a Major Plan Disruption
  106. AA Post-merger Heritage / Retro / Vintage Livery / Color Scheme Paint (consolidated)
  107. Trying to book an international ticket with Dividend Miles
  108. No seats available to reserve
  109. AAward ticket booked on US Airways.
  110. How far in advance
  111. SJC-LAX Route - Would like your experience
  112. Finally Done Churning! Requesting SE Asia Trip Advice Please :)
  113. AA metal or US metal to BCN
  114. No bonus miles for JJ domestic flights?
  115. Changes to Hawaii service since merger, late 2014 on (consolidated)
  116. Cancellation of mixed itinerary (D class one way, Q on return)
  117. Will be flying USAirways a lot, but prefer American miles. Could use some advice.
  118. Late 2014 AA/US Combined Domestic Meals - menu / pictures / etc. (Consolidated)
  119. Booking class Z on US operated by AA. Question
  120. New to OW - Start AA or US?
  121. AA award redemption to India
  122. Lifetime status vs need for 4 qualifying statements - which rule rules?
  123. Award Passenger name vs. account / credit card name
  124. [Resolved] AA & US Fares No Longer Available On Orbitz Websites
  125. BA may one-up AA with new Club World business-class seat - how would AA respond?
  126. Will BOS-HKG on CX become an AA codeshare?
  127. AA free one way [did AA stop offering one way awards?]
  128. AA Vouchers on US- No Regional?
  129. American's CEO Doug Parker Accepts the #IceBucketChallenge
  130. Choosing between USs Airbus 321s and AAs 321Ts for a trip
  131. ARCHIVE: Flying IB / Iberia: seat, ticket, PNR, earning, award issues (consolidated)
  132. AA meal order by flight direction & time zone change 09/2014 - no FEBO
  133. Book American Flight With US Airways Miles?
  134. AA SWU on US Ticket for AA Operated MIA-LHR
  135. AA to MIA intl, connecting on US (one ticket)
  136. What happens with Phoenix' U.S. Airways Center name once the merger is complete?
  137. Nobody reads "PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING"
  138. Flying out of a non-focus city... [which airline]
  139. STL to SXM in Paid Premium - US vs. AA
  140. All standby passengers MUST check their larger carry on luggage?
  141. LAX AA T-4 - TBIT secure airside connector (open Feb 2016)
  142. 40 Minute Connection in DUS? Incoming AA outgoing AB?
  143. Mailing address for AA Group management?
  144. AA Gold: US change fee & are difference
  145. AA "77W" / 777-300ER First & Business Class Reviews, In-Flight (master thd)
  146. Checked bags through two tickets on half US/half AA
  147. AA Amex award flight with US Airways Silver Preferred
  148. AA reports July traffic results
  149. AA/US Flight Number Changes and FlightTrack App
  150. EXP / Executive Platinum Desk - Service Experiences (2014+ consolidated)
  151. Is Ba.com not the site to use to check rewards availability?
  152. Parker: "To try to change the program (to revenue based) right now would be foolish."
  153. US credit, AA flights
  154. IrrOps & Stand-by: AA vs. US
  155. Lost a leg on an AA RTW ticket and they are now invalidating the whole thing?
  156. San Juan to Boston - AA or US?
  157. Dropping last or first leg of an award ticket - any repercussions? (merged threads)
  158. DFW - Admirals Club or Amex Lounge for shower and waiting
  159. how to book specific booking codes/fare buckets on AA.com ?
  160. New Admirals Club Membership Cards (2014 onward)
  161. Has anyone ever recieved any miles from those Avis/AA golf kiosks in the AC?
  162. experience on mixed US/AA itin
  163. Can I Use an Admiral's Club Pass at a USAirways Club?
  164. A32B on LAX-LAS flights?
  165. AA departures from the western LAX "200" remote pads (bus from T-3 Gate 44)
  166. Doug Parker's US Magazine Article "Transparent Air Fare"
  167. US Airways Clubs to become Admirals Clubs "next few months"
  168. Exec Plat showing as OW Sapphire on US
  169. Is the lack of program merging plan holding you back with AA/US?
  170. Another Malaysia flight down - I know this will be moved but since it's one world.
  171. My US Airways acct has a different name than my AA acct, should I correct it now?
  172. Award not ticketed - comp? [marked for merge]
  173. Award Ticket from SFO to JNB with Stopover at HKG [AA, US or ?]
  174. Humor: AA to start new Alliance G-ONE world
  175. Earn AAdvanatage Miles while booking on USairways.com?
  176. convert 500-mi upgrades to award miles?
  177. What's been your worst experience with AA/US onboard or on the ground?
  178. Good Existing Deals w/ Points
  179. Let's Speak up and be heard! [Meal change rant]
  180. American / AA or Other Airline - FFP & status & related comparison (consolidated)
  181. Need help booking one way award (LAS-BKK) on/around Aug. 3
  182. US Elites & AA Award Expedited Processing Fee
  183. Double MX: AA 752 @ EGE; US 321 @ DEN
  184. Using AA EVoucher on US Site
  185. LUS Airbus A330-200 or -300 / A332 or A333 vs. LAA Boeing Widebodies
  186. Not getting credit in AA for miles on LAN
  187. Do You Need An AA Ticket To Get Into Admiral's Club?
  188. DFW-HKG AA 125 / 126 77W Upgrade Chances & Waitlist Discussion
  189. US trial or AA plat challenge
  190. Help on redeeming AA/US Miles for Honeymoon flight(s)
  191. Selecting Choice seats on US metal booked on AA.com
  192. Redeeming Mile options... US/AA
  193. AA EXP travelling on US operated flight
  194. Would an AA-AS merger make sense?
  195. AA & US create a huge mess of my itinerary
  196. TWA FAs Sue AA, APFA Union Over Seniority Jun 2024 - Court rejects Feb 2016
  197. Admirals Clubs and US Airways Club when flying domestically
  198. MCT for AA in JFK- am I too crunched?
  199. AA livery A321 at PHX
  200. ARCHIVE: 2015 HELP DESK General Questions Aircraft Equipment etc.
  201. HELP DESK: General questions re aircraft equipment, fleet, seats, IFE, etc.
  202. AA ASIA2 Promotion - Can I earn US Airways Miles?
  203. Reciprocal acceptance of club day passes starting July 2 2014
  204. us card vs citi advantage
  205. Can someone help explain loyalty program?
  206. Forcing a layover on a confirmed same day change
  207. Help. US Airways/American "ignoring" French Air Traffic Control Strike (now over)
  208. ARCHIVED: IAH / Houston Intercontinental needs an Admirals Club
  209. AA/US Free alcohol on international flights in economy?
  210. How to get a refund on a non-refundable ticket?
  211. No elite rewards for 2014?
  212. Hayes, USDOT and AA: "fictitious bookings" and checking for upgrade space
  213. Buy 50' get 50' not added to account
  214. Transferring US Air Dividend Miles to AAdvantage
  215. AA buys LHR slot from Cyprus Air for $31mm
  216. Arrivals lounge at CDG
  217. possible help on changing a return DUB-SFO
  218. US Flights posting to AA time?
  219. Caribbean Front Cabin in combined AA F or J?
  220. my first award redemption. how did i do?
  221. AA Award/US Metal-Nothing in "My Reservations"
  222. Merging AAdvantage accounts...with a twist
  223. AA flight DFW-HKG-DFW experiences, questions
  224. Help booking Business/First (award) from Michigan to Hawaii
  225. This is what an American Airline should be
  226. Award ticket through HKG to BKK - RJ question
  227. Experience using OLCI for Reciprocal Upgrades flying on 6.11?
  228. A320 or A321
  229. Issues with AA website for US FF's with no AA status?
  230. Confused about offpeak awards for AA and US
  231. AA carry on / carryon baggage rules & enforcement (master thd)
  232. Two Airlines…two different messages….
  233. LAA 2-class Airbus 321S / A321H (Sharklets) (master thread)
  234. BEG-FLR in june
  235. Where do you think the A330s will be based?
  236. AA Plat flying on USAirways, any same day change benefits?
  237. Mileage Multiplier
  238. ARCHIVE: BOS / Boston Gate B4 Admirals Club (master thread)
  239. Discussion of Gogo WiFi rollout on Regional Jets / American Eagle (master thread)
  240. Different AAdvantage credit card accounts [invol Barclays conversion]
  241. Getting to Auckland [paid, earn miles on AA or US]
  242. Dog poop forces emergency landing
  243. PNR for typical AA routes now show US metal
  244. brand of beer in dfw-d ac
  245. Earning AA miles on Emirates and other airlines via Qantas codeshare?
  246. SWU / Rewards for EXP and Beyond [more than 200k EQP/EQM - what next?]
  247. Why is AA removing YQ/YR on some fares/routes?
  248. Any Ways / How to Upgrade Award Tickets? (master thread)
  249. Buying status and merchant code
  250. AA booking containing US Airways not ticketing