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  1. New AA Uniform / Uniforms: Accepted Dec 2015 [poll, discussion]
  2. Buy / buying AA miles with bonus promotion - good deal? [consolidated]
  3. Integration Problems - Seat changes during online check-in on mixed US/AA itinerary
  4. Speculation: Cranky Flier [Discussion: Should AA employees profit share?]
  5. amex points to american airlines
  6. How Do I Get My Family to The Philippines on Miles???
  7. AA has a sloppy "Earn Miles" Partner web page RE: Alaska
  8. VIP's and 500 mile upgrades?
  9. Ticket Synchronization Issue with AA Issued ticket on US/BA metal.
  10. Locking up award inventory
  11. Minor changes at EXP Desk?
  12. Companion upgrade issues including "link" / split PNR for status etc. (master thread)
  13. QF vs LA - AKL-SYD - 2 different award "prices"?
  14. Award ticket reaccommodation question
  15. Las Vegas to Phoenix no late night depatures
  16. Has AA started allowing TPAC to India?
  17. AA miles to book Jet Airways LHR-BOM
  18. AA - Alaska Airlines partnership going forward (2015 onward)
  19. Upgraded w/out Request
  20. ARCHIVE: Where is my elite status card? v. 2015 status year (consolidated)
  21. [AA or US] Cyber Monday Sale?
  22. IAH has an Admirals Club? [No]
  23. Would AA open availability on their metal due to AB schedule change?
  24. No int'l. AA saaver or SWU availability 11+ days out Being resolved? (Nov 2014)
  25. Awards Reservations From Two Advantage Accounts
  26. OW Ruby privileges
  27. Online Password Issues
  28. Admirals Club Refund
  29. AA International Upgrade Availability
  30. 2 Incidents eVIP / SWU waitlist No Clear then Open on EF
  31. Upgrade Questions - 1) UG for non-status PAX, and 2) Refund of premium seat fees.
  32. Making Plat
  33. AA Mileage Run [ending two segments early]
  34. London to Hawaii in Business [award - what class ConUS - Hawaii?]
  35. Just Need a Few More Points...
  36. Do you need EQPs and EQMs to become Gold?
  37. New LUS CRJ-900 / CR9 w/ AA Livery / Interior / MCE
  38. NEED 7 segments for ExPlat.....wisdom needed!
  39. Envoy Air / MQ (formerly American Eagle Airlines) to transfer 50 aircraft
  40. Will the NEW AAdvantage awards & program be best for me 2015/2016?
  41. AA.com Award Search, Non-Stop Function gone?
  42. How to upgrade for a third party?
  43. LHR - ORD Upgrade Question
  44. E-500s [stickers] left over after making EXP
  45. Cancelled an award 8 hrs after booking cost $300 Need Help
  46. I wanna burn miles on a memorable trip. Got any suggestions?
  47. AA 767-300 domestic "Business class" (should I be concerned)
  48. upgrading from biz to first using miles
  49. Getting AA EQM from TAM domestic flight
  50. Schedule Change Impact on Upgrade Request Time
  51. Search for mileage upgrade availability?
  52. Is AA/US better for VDB?
  53. CLT - Book through AA or US?
  54. Back to back ticketing, mixed AA / US itinerary
  55. Help! AA Agent gave me incorrect info & now my SWU is cleared but my wife's is not!
  56. AA mileage promo
  57. How many legacy accounts in your new AAdvantage number
  58. AAG Mulls HQ Change From Fort Worth
  59. "Valid carriers" on AAdvantage awards?
  60. Hotel status perks, upgrades, etc. for hotel awards booked with Aadvantage miles?
  61. Award ticket pricing BOS-Europe via HEL on AY
  62. Can I cancel 1 leg of a booked award flight without paying a fee?
  63. Split Award Fare Coach and Business?
  64. TATL awards out of SFO
  65. Additionally to AA, which other oneworld carrier for status?
  66. Extra SWUs - what to do?
  67. oneworld Airline Experience to/from China [using AA miles]
  68. Buy or Gift miles promo
  69. First class flights to Asia using AAdvantage?
  70. Question regarding Advantage points, Euro trip, business class and fuel charges
  71. 2 Awards to Get to Fiji
  72. Mileage to MXP had my boarding pass labeled SSSS
  73. RTW / round the world "Explorer" travel / ticket (master thread)
  74. Miles Needed to Earn Elite Upgrades
  75. Is AAdvantage Gold status worth buying if holding Citi Executive MasterCard?
  76. 24 hour change window
  77. Will I miss the deadline? [Miles count for status when one flies, or when they post?]
  78. Admirals Club Menu [at MIA - no Pizza?]
  79. Newb with points for r/t SFO/HKG/SYD (?)
  80. Retroactive credit
  81. Keeping request timestamp for eVIP after change in destination
  82. AA versus US inventory on same flights
  83. Question about booking through Amex travel
  84. Can I use AA miles for Alaska Airlines / AS flights?
  85. Fuel surcharge refund issue for award booked on BA then rerouted on AA
  86. Respectful fact-based discussion: Pilots union negotiation (late 2014, consolidated)
  87. The new "cost" of EXP
  88. Boost to Gold, Platinum, Exec Platinum targeted offer
  89. Hang a coat or jacket in F? and related issues (consolidated)
  90. Award availability / routing tips+help
  91. Reserved US w/AA miles;US screws up;AA saves the day
  92. Speculation fun: Will xxx be the next AA focus city / hub? Dropped? (consolidated)
  93. Can AA 21 day close in award fee be waived for US airways elites yet?
  94. Polite request for advice [When to buy WAS-SEA-NYC flights for April trip]
  95. [Using AA award] Alaska metal bag limits and OAK parking for a week
  96. Respectful fact-based discussion: FA union negotiation (late 2014, consolidated)
  97. Admirals Club or USAir Club
  98. 2015 Renew Elite Status Buyback / Boost Status (10 Nov 2014)
  99. When SWU's clear at the gate who gets their seats?
  100. Do I use US Chairman or AA FF international First/Biz AA flight
  101. AA credited wrong amount of miles with partner airline
  102. Switching from US to AA at MIA [and standing by]
  103. Obtaining elite status on American Airlines
  104. Use non-AA OW status but credit miles to AA
  105. Protection on a "held" award ticket
  106. Mileage/SWU upgrade for AA metal booked under US ticket
  107. AAdvantage Boost Program in 2015?
  108. VIP / SWU Wait List Full / Closed On DFW-HKG Flight?
  109. VIP1 vs. UPG1 priority answer? [Not really]
  110. Advantage Hold for award booking?
  111. JL flight number on KL metal earn AA miles?
  112. Question on EXP- SWUs/UDUs
  113. AA 'Evaluating' Long Range A321Neo
  114. Given bad info by EXP desk & AA says ticket now expired - Advice on how to proceed?
  115. Requalifying -- Mileage Bonus Clarification
  116. Booking with US or AA?
  117. Renaming "first" to "business" (US-> AA alignment)
  118. AA BusinessFirst MilesSAAver Award question (do EXPs get expanded inventory?)
  119. Cross-metal seat selection now available
  120. ARCHIVE: pre-2019 PIT / Pittsburgh International Airport Admirals Club
  121. How far in advance is C availability for upgrades released?
  122. Award travel - AA agents very helpful
  123. AA/US Joint reservation schedule change- what are my rights?
  124. Anyone else get targeted email for 25k miles with 4 Hilton stays?
  125. Award Booking Newbie Question re Calendar Update
  126. Booking JAL Int'l Biz Class with AA miles
  127. Upon merger, what date will be used for "Miles Forfeiture"?
  128. Seeking Help with Avios Anomaly
  129. Aadvantage account "secured"? (locked)
  130. AA FF program - please help understand
  131. Mileage award; number of miles question
  132. Difference between using 500-mile upgrades and Miles + Co-Pay
  133. AA In Canada - Speculate Please
  134. The Economist Magazine @ ACs?
  135. MIA-TPA-MIA upgrades oin USAIR as AA PLT, chances experience, service?
  136. ARCHIVE: Admirals Club "State of the Soup" & Food Issues (consolidated)
  137. Are AA miles worth 1 cent per mile?
  138. Malaysia Award Availabilty
  139. AA Waffles on Status Match to Exec Platinum- Can they do this?
  140. Best Value AA Miles now?
  141. HELP! [Award] Involuntary Change Created Stopover (merged)
  142. Qualifying miles for short segments
  143. Speculation: How can the new AA better compete in the north-western US?
  144. award inventory to MUC
  145. Advice needed: currently short of EXP due to agency/BA crediting to BA
  146. Segment Qualifiers: What is your Move for 2015?
  147. Booking US flight using AA points?
  148. Sfo - ams - ist - sfo award booking
  149. ? using AAdvantage on the outbound and DM on the return (US metal)
  150. AA increases segment requirement for EXP in 2015
  151. AA award ticket to LHR, then BA AVIOS to DUB - can we check luggage through?
  152. Possible to transfer/exchange AA into UA/AC?
  153. REACTION DISCUSSION: Combined AA/US AAdvantage program announced Oct 2014 opinions
  154. HELP: JUST THE FACTS / FAQs: Combined AA/US AAdvantage FFP 2014 on
  155. No upgrades, no avails, no sales-- no way AA?
  156. Buy or Gift AA miles thru 11/12/14 - up to 80K plus 28K bonus for $2200
  157. Good Service - Has AA Done Something Recently with its EXP / Executive Platinum desk?
  158. ARCHIVE: Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Silver and Red Cards
  159. Do Award tickets earn EQM's / AA miles?
  160. Cost/Benefit: Cheap flights vs benefit of gaining miles (DCA-ICN-NRT-DCA)
  161. Best way to get AA tickets using miles (LAX-MIA)
  162. Award for several TLV or AMM to BKK Sep 2015....how now?
  163. Anyone not get put on airport upgrade list?
  164. Question on EQM timing
  165. Maintaining status after moving from hub [wrt new merged AA]
  166. Award travel to Nanning, China (NNG)
  167. Miles Accrual on Japan Airlines
  168. HELP DESK: Will I Have Lounge Access? Which, Access, Rules (2019)
  169. Upgrade cleared early?! 104+ hours
  170. AA elite on US upgrade list
  171. A theory about the almost complete disappearance of International C and U awards
  172. Name the One *Transformative* Perk You'd Add to the New AAdvantage Program
  173. Rumors say... (AA set to announce combined FF program)
  174. Invitation Only "opportunity" by American Airlines... [e-rewards]
  175. Upgrades handling: booked as PLT, flying as EXP
  176. Need help JFK to HNL who can transfer points from?
  177. how to search for AA award on UL (Sri Lankan), and any successes
  178. American Airlines and Jetstar Japan Announce Codeshare Agreement
  179. 2 Heathrow questions (check-in/lounge)
  180. AC lounge access on mixed domestic-intl itinerary
  181. Possible to access LAX TBIT OW lounge flying AA?
  182. Availability of AA domestic award ticket while booking Etihad using AA miles
  183. Need help redeeming AA miles!
  184. Japan Airlines No longer showing Cathay flight? [aa.com not showing some flights]
  185. Advice on achieving EXP this year
  186. AA/US Cargo Operations Merged - (Any Implications for Passenger Services?)
  187. Upgrade for an international segment
  188. Forced to reinstate miles?
  189. Check-in loop between aa.com and usairways.com
  190. Web Sitw problem tonight
  191. Date stamp and upgrade list.
  192. Upgrade List [not showing up on AA app]
  193. Mixed metal, mixed class: bag allowance?
  194. Is Admirals Club worth Business Extra points?
  195. Platinum in 4 round-trips....two of them domestic.
  196. Exec Plat vs. 1k - specific situation
  197. Applying EVIP to TATL US AIrways flight
  198. AA flights don't post to account
  199. What's the min cent/mile conversion you'll accept
  200. Question Regarding EXP Qualification
  201. Pricing issues aa.com vs. us airways.com vs. aaa.com
  202. Totally Useless Miles
  203. Thoughts on the merger
  204. Mileage upgrades on codeshare flight (post booking)
  205. Award Travel to PPT/BOB and then MLE
  206. New Commuter situation - Need feedback on managing miles
  207. GUIDE: All NRT-HND or v.v. connection issues and questions
  208. $900 in taxes on 2 R/T award flights to mexico? (Mexico award fee & tax glitch)
  209. Mileage Run- AA EXP flying on US. Am I paranoid?
  210. Miles Travel between US-Euro naive question
  211. Be aware of British Airways POUG upgrade offers (rebooking as "U" fare)
  212. IDB / Involuntarily Denied Boarding on AA & Compensation (master thread)
  213. Basic EQM questions for US Airways Flights
  214. How can#1 get bypassed for an upgrade in DUS?
  215. Best Way to Rack Up AAdvantage Miles for Canadians??
  216. Status qualification speculation for 2015
  217. In Years passed once you hit 120 they started giving you additional benefits?
  218. calling EXP line from a phone on CENTREX sysrem prob.
  219. What can I do best with (so many / so few) miles? (Consolidated)
  220. Flying Royal Jordanian @ORD- Which Lounge?
  221. Best use of frequent flier miles [questions from a new member]
  222. Can We Finally Get Another AC at MIA
  223. Award Booking Qantas Flts w/ AA Miles (Seat Res Process)
  224. Risks Of Booking An Alaska Ticket Through AAdvantage?
  225. Can I still finish GoGo movies on the ground? [Answer: No (July 2015)]
  226. RE-applying for a second Citi card to get bonus 30K miles
  227. AAdvantage MileSaaver Disappeared While Trying to Book
  228. Does an AA Gold member earn miles towards AA upgrades on a US flight ?
  229. Dusseldorf upgrades for June 2015 suddenly disappeared .
  230. Battlefield SWU Clearance Advice
  231. SWU Upgrade at Booking- Booking Class?
  232. Ugrades on AA / US on itinerary starting with AS
  233. Booking US one-way award with AA miles
  234. EQP accrual from Finnair to AAdvantage
  235. HND to the USA [award]
  236. EXP - why no earned upgrades?
  237. Award routing HELP: FRA - LSE in July [Have both AA and US miles]
  238. If I use AA evip upgrade a flight and then credit mile to alaska, is it possible?
  239. Need help booking LHE-DFW in F using AAdvantage miles
  240. EXP line - new notice about hazmat and carryons (Oct 2014)
  241. Mileage Earn Calculation on US Air ticket - is this correct?
  242. Help with finding MileSAAver seats from ORD to GIG?
  243. AA Awards - Need some beginners help
  244. AA Miles on LAN
  245. Help Needed: OW Award Redemption Business Class BOM/LAX/BOM
  246. Is award routing SYD-YVR-MIA valid [award / using miles]
  247. Fun little award redemption story
  248. AA partners up with Cadillac [for ConciergeKey]
  249. Questions benefits executive platinum (whilst flying US)
  250. Searching award availability on JL & CX