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  1. Where's American Airlines based? CEO corrects himself in earnings call
  2. does it really matter--booking US or AA
  3. ARCHIVE: Speculation: Will Aer Lingus Now Re-Join AA in Oneworld ?
  4. American Airlines trip in vain - policy, questions, what now? (consolidated)
  5. Future Silver Status
  6. Booking multiple award tickets at same time with same account
  7. [Not] New Charge from AA for Miles [awards flown in less than 21 days]
  8. Booking award travel online within Caribbean KIN-BGI not possible?
  9. Award: How Long FOR AA To Return Miles Unused/ Charge Fee / Refund Taxes?
  10. Could use some help on MIA-CDG on OW (June) [Have both AA and US miles to spend]
  11. Cost to Plats for int. upgrades on AA?
  12. AA/US Elite Status on OneWorld Partners - Stay or Leave?
  13. Can the AC reticket / issue vouchers?
  14. AA Fare Code "Q" Upgrade with Miles
  15. UA / AA Status Match
  16. different mileage rates on LA compared to QF for AA award AKL-SYD ?
  17. Richmond-Paris FC award trip - HELP!
  18. AA Plat redeeming miles - does traveling companion also get the 2 free checked bags?
  19. Temporary problems using AA miles to book awards on US metal?
  20. Is Citi going to send IRS 1099 for points/miles earning for CC bonuses / spend?
  21. Possible to extend an AA Award flight HOLD?
  22. Need advice: JNB-DFW on business award
  23. JFK-PPT [award] with HNL Stopover
  24. US or Admirals Club Lounge Boston - any preference?
  25. AA's first Boeing 787 / 787-8 arv. Jan 2015; discussion, deliveries
  26. EXP upgrade with 4 ppl on the reservation
  27. Finnair / AY: Earning AA Miles, EQD, EQM Questions (master thread)
  28. Yet Another Mixed Itinerary Question
  29. Booking Award Travel - First Available Moment?
  30. 2015 Strategy for Gold
  31. Strange Combined Fare/Class Display
  32. ERROR aa.com: EXP 2015 Threshold Raised to 120K EQM/EQP [FALSE ALARM]
  33. Switch from Delta Skymiles?
  34. Many AA & US mainline flights shifted to Eagle/Mesa/PSA/AirWisconsin Starting 3/29/15
  35. Issues Booking AA Codeshares in BA Premium Economy
  36. Will AA and US accounts merger count as "account activity"?
  37. Only business class awards available - normal?
  38. US/AA Availability Issues?
  39. Award travel fees for EXP
  40. Downgrade / downgraded on award ticket - what can I do? (Master thd)
  41. AA Announces New Emotional Support Animal / ESA Policy 1 Jul 2018
  42. One-way car rental, SFO-SAN, earn AA miles?
  43. DUB to MCO [AA or US?]
  44. Booking Award Website Shows J Available Until Final Screen
  45. Retro Credit Question
  46. After merging the AAdvantage and Dividend miles, will there any new redemption table?
  47. The week's AA errors continues [missing my recent award bookings]
  48. Does free award ticket time change apply when AS is in the itinerary?
  49. Cancelling an award trip [USDM award on AA]
  50. Does Tim Winship get paid for writing Now is the Time to Match
  51. Is it Just AA? [that keep fares high even as fuel costs decline]
  52. do you know any airport that will only have one airline after AA and US fully merge?
  53. No AA miles on BA codeshares on Aer Lingus?
  54. Airbus A350: Discussion of LUS A350 (cancelled)
  55. Addition of Chobani Yoghurt to AAdmirals Clubs. US Influence?
  56. Agent Skips Over Pax on Upgrade List
  57. CX Premium Economy credit to AA?
  58. when does AA typically release award for SEA-hub in summer?
  59. Getting credit for US flight/finding AA Ticket Number
  60. Miles posting from flying on US Air
  61. ARCHIVE: Speculation: Future changes to AAdvantage program? (Consolidated)
  62. MileSAAver Layover & Same-day Flight Change
  63. Will Post-Merger AA Eliminate Curbside Checkin?
  64. 4 A321T J awards seats not together w kids - wow
  65. Surprise Gift "Enjoy AAdvantage EXP / Platinum / Gold status on us" (consolidated)
  66. Fast Track to Platinum Status HV / HV2PA / HV2T1 Promo [targeted - thru 7 Jul]
  67. AA oneworld & Other Airline Partner Award information, rules (master thd)
  68. Former US Clubs, Now Admirals Clubs, and Fox News
  69. miles transferred (for a fee) - expiration date
  70. AA miles expiration date [will flying AA partner extend?]
  71. How do you book upgradable Economy [to upgrade with Avios]
  72. booked us airways with aa citicard help
  73. can you earn AA miles if you fly Air tahiti Nui? [AA or QF codeshares]
  74. AA award travel can't see CX availability?
  75. A good question regarding changing one of two pax award to purchase
  76. CheckIn Agent denies UG, Kiosk delivers one, hu?
  77. Double Points booking US flight with AA Desk
  78. How long to see flights on AA flown on US [in my AA account page]
  79. AA Refusing Segments for my Executive Platinum
  80. AA points [miles] to Europe
  81. Shortest AA or US flight? (consolidated)
  82. ARCHIVE: Speculation: Possible Routes (Flights) and Hubs, Discussion - 2015 on
  83. ARCHIVE: Which Admirals Clubs Allow Vaping or Smoking Use? (Obsolete)
  84. Admirals Club Services
  85. AAdvantage account data / security breaches Dec 2014 (merged)
  86. Where to search for Lan Argentina Award (4M)?
  87. Any Idea What "Flight Coupon Required" means
  88. Seat selection for US Airways flights on AA.com now possible
  89. Complaint-worthy? AA EXP benefits on US Metal
  90. Last minute credit to BA Avios?
  91. EXP for life? [no]
  92. 2015 First / Business Class Seat Poachers / "self-upgrading"
  93. Reactivate Dormant AA Account
  94. LHR Award One Way...?
  95. What's with these crazy AA/US fares ex-YYZ?
  96. Getting to Autstralia in March/April 2015 [award]
  97. Dublin Lounge access
  98. Cathay cancelled my award flight CX805
  99. Is there any value in booking flex F in new AA?
  100. Lost baggage /luggage delay, loss, damage - advice, compensation, etc. master thread
  101. Alternative options for importing AA itineraries to electronic diary
  102. EQP on upgraded flights?
  103. ARCHIVE: 2015-16 AA Guide: MIA / Miami International Airport, MCT / Connection, etc.
  104. US PP flying AA
  105. "Match Up Your AA and US Accounts Now" / US to AA accounts issues (Master Thread)
  106. Experiences with EXP renewal exceptions
  107. Anyone Doing #30KToNoWhere Trial Preferred Mileage Run for AA Exec Plat
  108. dividend miles on aa
  109. Seat Selection Question for Reward (award) Tickets
  110. Where are the sub-forums?
  111. Earning 500mi upgrades on OW partners
  112. CITI AAdvantage Plat - con only redeem 25k miles
  113. ARCHIVE: Domestic SDFC / SDC /CFC Same Day Confirmed Flight Change
  114. AA awards to BKK [marked for merge to existing award thread]
  115. ARCHIVE: HELP DESK: Lounge Access, Access Rules. Will I Have Lounge Access? (2015)
  116. Speculation: What will the new AA do in the north-eastern US?
  117. AAdvantage Award Booking Policy Questions
  118. As AA Elite on US, Can I UG a Companion on a Separate Record?
  119. American Airlines Group to save $1.3 Billion in Fuel Thanks to Lack of Hedging
  120. Is there a maximum # of segments allowed for domestic one-way awards?
  121. New to AA/US - RDM Earning CC Strategy Help?
  122. Prevent AA miles / account from expiring & spend for other than flying
  123. Do AC members have oneworld Lounge Access?
  124. American Airlines Customer Service [denied free upgrade]
  125. 2 Award Seats in Business from US to LIM, UIO, BOG impossible?
  126. AA Concierge Key / ConciergeKey / CK members (master thread)
  127. "Meals for sale" on "flights over 3 hours"?
  128. Best Way to Book AA [award tickets] for 7 People to HNL
  129. ARCHIVE: 2015-16 Award change date change route all changes
  130. Leveraging AA Platinum Status [which airline will status match?]
  131. Best place to buy Admirals Club Membership?
  132. AA miles but US status?
  133. Legal Routing and how to find award..?
  134. ARCHIVE: AA OSO, IROPS / IRROPS, delay, cancelation etc. resources thru 2017
  135. Changed award flight, now PNR has both
  136. Speculation: EXP boost for 100 segment flyers in 2015?
  137. Admirals club (showers) in CDG
  138. Award Tickets
  139. miles retention
  140. AA miles awards: using / redeeming AA miles on Qantas (QF) & related (consolidated)
  141. ARCHIVE: MileSAAver / SAAver award reduction discussion post-2015 AAdvantage merger
  142. advice ? possible Weather cancellation on Eagle
  143. Best way to achieve US/AA Elite Status in 2015?
  144. Help with status re-qualification before 2/2015
  145. Guide to Admirals Club Treasure Hunt (drink chit / chits / coupons, etc.)
  146. FAQ: Involuntary Reroute and Original Routing Credit (ORC) (master thd)
  147. Help- Award Coupon Marked as Used
  148. [Archived] AA + LUS Celebrity Sightings and Related for 2015 (consolidated)
  149. Routing HKG-EZE/GRU via JFK? And best SWU chance to South America?
  150. ARCHIVE: 2015 Questions about, guide to, and listing of, compensation (consolidated)
  151. No heart for heart patient
  152. Best way to use 150k AA miles for award flights in Asia
  153. Stopover to Germany [on award - no longer available]
  154. WELCOME to AA Forum: Lounge & Airport Hub Dashboards, Resources, etc.
  155. [Archived] 2015 AA.com website & app down, glitch, bug, fix etc. (Consolidated)
  156. LAX <-> MIA: Aircraft Used and Changes, Class Sold, Best Service, etc. (Consolidated)
  157. 2015 AA International Meals - menu /menus, photos, etc. (consolidated)
  158. I hate those "0's" [annual status counters reset]
  159. Mileage Credit to Wrong Account
  160. Any PHL lounges for arriving international AA Platinum have showers?
  161. CX Award Origin City?
  162. ARCHIVE: "Sticker" / 500-mile E-Upgrades & EXP "UDU" Upgrades (2015)
  163. Award ticket business class to Viet Nam
  164. ARCHIVE: AA Awards on Cathay Pacific (2015)
  165. 2015 Combined AA/US International Meal / Meals - menu / photos / etc. (master thread)
  166. 2015 Combined AA/US Domestic Meal / Meals - menu / photos / etc. (Consolidated)
  167. USDM FFN flying AA - Email from AA: "We look forward to seeing you soon"
  168. End of Year Upgrade Options
  169. changed award res shows "canceled" on aa.com; agent says all ok
  170. Merger has ruined award travel to Europe [AAdvantage awards]
  171. Worst Admirals Club lounge?
  172. Has AA done its revenue contribution Exec Platinum yet?
  173. AA rebook flight if missing? (OW connection, separate tickets)
  174. Incorrect posting of "V" fare code EQP's
  175. Reward flight cancelled, AA refusing to reaccommodate - correct?
  176. Expiration of purchased/gifted miles
  177. Why I'm not going to complain about not getting the upgrade to which I was entitled
  178. AA and US EQM can be combined!
  179. Using miles for multi city trip [mixed AA and USDM miles for awards]
  180. Inconsistencies [one-way vs. multi-stop search for award flights]
  181. Use AA miles hotels in Hawaii (Maui)
  182. Club access [marked for merge]
  183. AA & US: 2 Airlines or 2 Brands?
  184. FAQ: AAdvantage Citi / Barclays 10% miles / mileage rebate (ends 1 May 2019)
  185. Switching to BAEC/Other FFP # for Credit After Confirming SWU?
  186. Paid upgrade miles on BA not posting to AA
  187. When does AA release MileSaver seats?
  188. Guests / visitors allowed in First Class? (consolidated)
  189. 2 Questions on Award to EZE
  190. Cancelling an award flight
  191. EXP Using Avios on TAM - Elite Recognition?
  192. Transcon Award/Upgrade. Best way to burn my miles and stickers?
  193. SWU trouble
  194. How to Upgrade on JAL - Flying AA Codeshare
  195. Japan Air Award Flight Reservation Problems
  196. Miles/benefits for Kulula flights?
  197. AA Saaver Availability Doesn't match Alaska Award Space?
  198. LHR-JFK/DFW SWU strategy for new EXP
  199. Most effective use of AAdvantage Miles
  200. AA's Responce to Continued Meal Complaints From Employees and Customers
  201. how to know if upgrade space is available
  202. ARCHIVE: LAA "75L" / "international" 757 CIP to get new Business seats (?)
  203. Questions about Aadvantage Elite Qualification
  204. 2015 Entertainment Book AA Offers
  205. Upgrading a travel companion [on an award ticket] on a different PNR?
  206. [can I upgrade] Econ Award Seat with AB question
  207. Buy or Gift AA miles thru 2 Jan 2015 - up to 100K plus 45K bonus
  208. AA/US fare classes now merged?
  209. Points Rounded DOWN (For the first time for me)
  210. EQP help for Plat status renewal/mileage run
  211. AA and ExpertFlyer "Expert Flyer" issues, questions (master thread)
  212. Help w/ award routing from SE Asia to BOS please!
  213. American Airlines: Arrivals lounge in FRA / Frankfurt?
  214. São Paulo (GRU) Terminal 3
  215. US/AA Flight Number and Lounge Access
  216. International layover [on award]
  217. Best way to use my AA miles?
  218. Award Question
  219. Systemwide upgrades
  220. End-of-year mileage padding for LAS-CUN?
  221. AA Partner Award Manual Review Timing?
  222. Last Minute miles/openings
  223. Turbulence incidents, reports, discussion master thread
  224. HELP! I need xx EQM / EQD / EQS by xx/yy/20zz / end of year - master thread
  225. AA Award Flight [Convert USDM to AAdvantage? Redeem for someone else?]
  226. Name, Gender Difference, Date of Birth, Change, Errors, etc. Account, Ticket, Award
  227. AAdvantage Award on JL / JAL / Japan Airlines (master thd)
  228. AA Extra (Bonus) Miles in Premium Cabin Travel Promo
  229. Completed 4 segments + 50,000 points, account shows gold
  230. Bonus miles for paid F and J for 2015 "currency promo" (consolidated)
  231. Where are the work spaces in Admirals Clubs? (consolidated)
  232. Status loss dilemma, need creative thoughts
  233. Issues with mixed AA/US itineraries
  234. The merged LAA - LUS aircraft fleet - Crowdsourced thread and info
  235. "Grace" for elite status if EQM, EQP or EQS short in 2014? (NO Status exception)
  236. AIRBERLIN - but really a codeshare [AAdvantage earn rates]
  237. Use Dividend Miles or AAdvantage for Europe Award?
  238. DFW-LIM award (more miles for adding CUZ?)
  239. Which instrument? 500 mile Upgrades or SWU
  240. Wife offered 2015 Gold status for $500
  241. Legit place to buy AA miles? [need 17k AA miles quickly]
  242. Extending layover with Mileage Ticket?
  243. How to use AAdvantage miles for TPE-LAX?
  244. Flights on US Dropping off of AA.com
  245. Email: We’re investing $2B in your travel experience
  246. AA Should remove AC access for PLT
  247. Crediting AAirPass flights to BA?
  248. Upgrade order corrupted SWU / eVIP for EXP
  249. How do I retro credit upgrade redemption flights on CX?
  250. Fighting AA for my miles... [I wanted USDM, they credited to AA]