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  1. 24 Dec. Bad operational day for AA at cdg
  2. AA EQM for UL coded EY operated flight?
  3. AA Flight 717 -- stuck at airport
  4. AA Flight canceled due to air traffic -- [resolved]
  5. Christmas presents for AA staff?
  6. AA Platinum and RDU (Raleigh Durham) - upgrades, comfort, etc for Plat?
  7. Barclay Arrival Vs Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select
  8. MileSAAver Award: "Request Upgrade" vanishes after 1st flight - other still coach
  9. Is There Any Limit to the Number of Forms of Payment You Can Use on One Reservation?
  10. The Atlantic: Flying Business Class as a Millennial (non-FT perspective)
  11. Checking bags across 4 segments and two tickets
  12. How to recover my Aadvantage Platinum MC free-bag benefit?
  13. LAX-NRT or DFW-NRT in Biz
  14. AA agent can't see flight I can book via AA.com
  15. Can an existing award reservation be replaced with a reservation on hold at no cost?
  16. Status Change Timing
  17. It Appears American is Crediting Connecting Flights Less Favorably Than Before
  18. BNA-LAX flight 1867 Sun 12-27 A319: AA "considering plane change" for many days now?!
  19. holiday baggage allowance? [No - was 2007]
  20. Beware - [problems] at PHL today (AA issuing impossible connections)
  21. TAM awards
  22. AA at LGA & 50 seat RJs
  23. AAdvantage bonus miles for round trip flights ex-Down Under
  24. Processing Charge when Sharing Miles?
  25. US Airways metal sucks
  26. Upfaring from Choice to Choice Essentials?
  27. AA processed my upgrade incorrectly
  28. AAdvantage for those not flying much AA
  29. Seat Advice? AA Flight 515 757-200
  30. Around the World DONE4 South Africa
  31. Redeeming miles from one account - Paying from another - Be careful
  32. AA seats in F to Hawaii almost gone Jan/Feb
  33. Flying from DFW to YYZ in January: which route would you take?
  34. Question about mileage deadline [flown in 2015, credited 2016, when do they apply?]
  35. Upgrade - 2 pax - 1 is OWE
  36. Meaning of RSD, CSD, IRD acronyms?
  37. Award: Etihad schedule change screws up flights.. - what to do? [to merge]
  38. Return Trip Issue w/ International Itinerary?
  39. Book UNWANTED first class now, for change after devaluation (sound strategy?)
  40. Does spousal Admiral's Club membership allow guests?
  41. Pleasant flight experience
  42. BUY Miles Promotion 265,000 for $.018 each
  43. Miami Airport Lounge Choices BA Club World ?
  44. BLOCKED Seats - Can you get one?
  45. What's the earliest you've seen an AA flight leave?
  46. PHL winter route upgauges
  47. AA LAX-SYD-LAX AA73 / AA72 (17 Dec 2015)
  48. Speculation: New US-Cuba aviation deal...how many flights for AA?
  49. Admirals Club - PHX - No Conference Rooms? [where can I take conference call?]
  50. tickets about to expire
  51. change FF number: I screwed up, but AA can't/won't help unscrew ...
  52. Outbound delay, will cause missed connection
  53. PHL-DUB in business - lie flat or old recliner?
  54. How bad is AA trans Atlantic economy?
  55. Flight departing one year, arriving or returning next year - when will miles credit?
  56. Business Extra awards: best chances Asia, South Pacific going forward?
  57. Upgrade cleared?
  58. 788 on AAL 86 on Dec 16
  59. 12/15 AA63 CDG-MIA, Investigated upon landing for "suspcious activity"
  60. Enhanced AA airport security screening procedures, questions (master thd)
  61. SWU PHL-ATH ... anyone?
  62. Mileage Run Advice
  63. I Paid for Award Fees with GC & Need to Cancel
  64. 77W domestic website glitch?
  65. [Republic operated] Flight canceled due to Crew Availability
  66. JFK-BOS largely transitioning to LUS A319 effective Jan 16
  67. FAQ: Award changes 22 Mar 2016 - incl. which incur new mile amt, redeposit, which not
  68. American is now ranked behind Spirit (!) in latest DOT Air Travel Consumer Report
  69. Codeshare IRROPs question with separate tickets
  70. Which would you book before the March changes?
  71. aa.com displaying wrong date of travel
  72. Earning AA EQ / Award miles etc. BA / British Airways (inc. upgraded flights)
  73. AA points in year 2016
  74. Does AA send out actual membership card? When arrive? Mine late! Etc.
  75. schedule change can I change departure city?
  76. Cheaper fare for 2 people?
  77. Can you guess what aircraft? F seat config conflicts
  78. AGEUP (Association of Gouged Ex-US Airways Passengers)
  79. Schedule changes to non-existent flights
  80. Opup chances with BA status on AA metal
  81. Remove a passenger from award itinerary?
  82. Schedule Change March 2016 Glitches and Issues (consolidated)
  83. Award space opening up near Christmas?
  84. Lie-flat business class from Chicago
  85. Dividend Miles disappearance post merger
  86. Weird pricing
  87. Miles credited to wrong program
  88. Coach beverage service change? [Dec 2015]
  90. Adverse Schedule Change
  91. Speculation: Will AA offer free snack Y US & Latin America, or stay behind the pack?
  92. AA waive change fee Coach to First?
  93. upgrade request not showing online
  94. Bonus miles on purchased upgrades
  95. [Will I be required to] Show credit card at check in
  96. JFK-SAN weekend frequencies
  97. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 American Airlines AAdvantage benefits nominations
  98. share miles - internal error?
  99. AA 777 London to LAX
  100. Advice on getting to Lhasa / LXA / Tibet using AA / oneworld miles?
  101. How are EQM earned on small flights?
  102. Right to bring my rollaboard onto a regional (ERJ-175) airplane?
  103. Golf Open (IFE) - scores, experience, tips
  104. Award Travel to HKG or NRT before Apr 2016?
  105. No EY F awards available for 2016 ?
  106. New 2016 American Elite Status Challenge Questions (consolidated)
  107. HUACA logging
  108. ARCHIVE: 2015-17 AA Premium Economy / PE / PEY on widebody a/c announced
  109. Which flight to choose [in Y] from SYD: AA or Qantas?
  110. Business seating on domestic 777
  111. 777-200 upgrade J to first questions
  112. AAgent couldn't (or wouldn't) check me in
  113. Question
  114. $25 fee to change a paid first class ticket from "pending" to "ticketed"?
  115. Checking-in at BOS for BOS-JFK-HKG-SGN-REP
  116. Attempting to Credit Miles for Flight on 12/31 to 2016
  117. Verifying Flight Cancelled Because of Weather
  118. What will 50,000 points/miles buy?
  119. rewards upgrade
  120. Does anybody upgrade 600-mile flights?
  121. PNR not located
  122. AA Compare Old & New Award Charts Tool
  123. True Emerald Experience on AA Codeshare with CX (HKG-SIN)
  124. PHL [seasonal] flight reductions
  125. SXM Back to Back?
  126. Is this a true map or not?
  127. Best way to send in kudos to AA?
  128. old US Airways trick of getting exit seat for $0 at T-24 still working at new AA?
  129. LIM Baggage Check Time
  130. Nothing to eat: a hungry in F mini-report [catering fail SEA-PHX]
  131. American Airlines: ‘Hats Off’ to Delta for a ‘Great Job’ in Operations
  132. Seat Selection on BA flight on AA metal
  133. [Technical] Codeshare AA (operated BA) voluntary downgrade--can it be reversed?
  134. American Way in Spanish
  135. AA 127 Dec 6 catering in Y (rant)
  136. Who among us regularly buys first class seats?
  137. What 777 Version Has Exit Rows in Rows 20 and 21?
  138. What recourse do I have? Another schedule change 10 hr layover in ORD
  139. AA (specific) passport policy / policies (master thread)
  140. AA - US integration issues & questions: crew, gates, etc. (consolidated)
  141. Why no coach seats to / from China PVG PEK in <month> 2016?
  142. AA798 Phl-AMS SHOWING A inventory but no C
  143. Shows up w/ oversized baggage a day late for flight... but blames American
  144. Online Check In issues with Checked Baggage
  145. using an AA admirals club day pass for admission into Alaskan board room
  146. Two Seat Assignments for One Flight
  147. Booking miles flight with my miles for a BA OWE: how to get their status recognised?
  148. USCBP Automated & Mobile Passport Control, Global Entry, customs form 6059B
  149. AA challenge on Qantas
  150. AA app change BAD
  151. Anybody know any US-Europe routes with reasonable one-way pricing?
  152. Routing change flexibility
  153. The Sri Lankan scam or AA 's fault?
  154. Can't book a flight on aa.com right now
  155. Where did my flight go?
  156. PHL to LIS - what kind of aircraft?
  157. Snapchat American Airlines
  158. First time on AA
  159. RANT: "Are you priority?"
  160. Choices if F meals suck? [will crew bring food from Y cabin?]
  161. PHX>PVR flt554 Is this the hated 757-200?
  162. Heads up! The number of seats available to pre-reserve are fewer than the number of p
  163. Coca-Cola products [how long served on AA?]
  164. SWU from HAM-LHR-CLT "Not Offered" according to app
  165. AY flight now operated by Privilege Style / P6, equipment change, options?
  166. What happens to all of the US branded china and flatware?
  167. Name the Reservation
  168. LAX- need help getting 40k for exec. Plat.
  169. Mileage credited to wrong aa account now what?
  170. Booking AA through BA as an AA member [to merge]
  171. One way TATL flight - Miles vs. Purchasing Ticket
  172. should AC agent see my EXP status if she had my AA FF#?
  173. Why has AA given up on the JFK-SJU route??
  174. AA61 (DFW-NRT) diversion to LAX (12/2/2015)? [No]
  175. actually paying for full-fare economy?
  176. New Rules / More Questions
  177. question about getting lie flat bed from tpa to lax
  178. Combining paid and award segments in single PNR
  179. getting a replacement plat. card?
  180. Badly Treated at SFO. Normal? How to Mitigate?
  181. Admirals Club Complaints and Improvement Suggestions (consolidated)
  182. Is it possible to add an award ticket within an award ticket
  183. AA.COM not showing lowest fares
  184. To upgrade or not to upgrade - transpacific flights
  185. Changing a pre-merger "CP Envoy Cert" reservation
  186. 772 DFW-CDG Seat Selection
  187. Online Flight Status: Why The Regression ?
  188. Joining a segment to avoid a stopover possible?
  189. Which is the "best" credit card for _____? (Consolidated)
  190. USA to anywhere [J award for five] on AA metal only
  191. AA Mileage Upgrade Didn't Process Despite Availability?
  192. Using Google Flights for American Airlines flight searches (consolidated)
  193. Is the legacy US Reservation System really gone?
  194. Can't purchase advertised multi-city fare on AA.com, how to complain?
  195. non elite does AA offer upgrades for domestic at check in?
  196. BA777 award in F or J?
  197. Codeshare Question: AA Marketed/QF Operated
  198. Platinum member charged $25 to select seats
  199. New Equipment, no F. What happens to my booking?
  200. Flight attendant accused of attacking own crew on Charlotte international flight
  201. Seat advise 777w and 787-8
  202. 2015 Cyber Monday / 30 Nov Business Class to Europe Sale
  203. How many miles does MAN-LHR earn?
  204. Inconsistency in MIA/LAX transcon JF service
  205. AA transatlantic meal service for 8:35pm departure
  206. JFK-PVG - Is CX889 better than JL 3/5?
  207. Best Award Options YYZ-South America?
  208. Combining 2 tickets into 1?
  209. Separate reservation for unborn baby?
  210. LAX TO ROR or LAX to MLE
  211. LAX to DPS (Bali) in J
  212. Computer Bidding Program Botches Flight Attendant Holiday Schedules
  213. Award booking while outside U.S.
  214. AA2462--11/28 4 Changes of Equipment and still T11
  215. Envoy E175 Routes
  216. Finding desired routing?
  217. Standby for upgrade not allowed without status or using miles?
  218. AA / BA config change transatlantic - can I change?
  219. AA operation at PVG for MR
  220. Flight flubs / faux pas I've committed (observation and humor - consolidated)
  221. Standby or same day change in F/J to the Caribbean?
  222. American is the largest Airbus operator (by number of planes) in the world
  223. Ticket re-issued twice due to schedule changes
  224. ARCHIVE: Speculation: AA considers PEY (Premium Economy - 2015)
  225. Need Strategy to purchase Hawaii Tickets
  226. Switching BA metal to AA
  227. How to book ex-SJO fare
  228. JAL codeshare flights - seat, checkin questions
  229. Award flight offering 23:50 stopover in DFW... stopover-worthy on the way home?
  230. AA Service, Manchester to Chicago
  231. Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you to those that have to work.
  232. Booking a backup flight...
  233. [AA award for] Premium Economy on OW Partner Awards
  234. award flight change, short connection time
  235. Post devaluation: Credit AA flights to AS? Need advice
  236. inventory tampering ?
  237. AA suspends Argentina POS ticketing
  238. Response time for TC&II required cancellation verification
  239. Changing award reservation, AA agents can't see availability
  240. aa explorer award back??
  241. PHX or DFW for overnight layover en route to SJD?
  242. Checking in just outside the 24 hour window
  243. Regulated Refuse
  244. Executive Platinum / EP / EXP Desk Frustrations & Inconsistency (consolidated)
  245. Advice on safest drop-segment strategy to avoid duplicate itinerary cancellation?
  246. Fellow United refugees — what are you doing next?
  247. Changing award post devaluation, will I be charged new price?
  248. Can't get a [preallocated] seat on British Airways
  249. AA Domestic to JAL International Flight. Do bags check through?
  250. Oops... CUN-JFK pax skip customs and leave airport [and yet again]