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  1. What to expect from Admirals Club
  2. Aviator Card - Amazon Purchases [do gift card pchs count?]
  3. Seasonal holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas) cancellations 2015-2016 (consolidated)
  4. Barclay Aviator 20x AA miles (max 10,000) for Williams-Sonoma pchs (Targeted - OVER)
  5. Be sure to double check US upgrades posting to AAdvantage
  6. American/US connection at LGA
  7. Complaints: Use ACPD rather than AA.com
  8. 3 Class 777-200ER / 772 domestic sold as 2-class J questions
  9. [Buy Miles] New AA Sale - Up to 35% off
  10. How accurate are the seating maps?
  11. ID Requirements - domestic travel
  12. Holding two [AA award] reservations for the same day
  13. Strange EQP Quirk
  14. Marriott points to AAdvantaage points question
  15. Seat assignments on JL and JL as AA codeshares
  16. Lowest Prices I've Seen in Ages... ORD-LGA, ORD-LAX
  17. Some AA domestic flights departing LAX TBIT "international" terminal
  18. Tiny Booze Upgrade? - Canadian Club Reserve
  19. Summer 2016 MileSAAver to Europe
  20. 2016 flight prices look high. Will prices improve? (Consolidated)
  21. Cool ideas for international premium award travel from DFW?
  22. Help Suing AA in Small Claims Please [denied boarding - weight restricted]
  23. JAL First Class SYD-NRT sAAver award seats wide open availability
  24. AAdvantage card on website [can I print it?]
  25. BOS: Check in at AA for US / US for AA flight? [17 Oct onward all AA]
  26. American Airlines will no longer transport selected game trophies
  27. Priority tag / tags for checked baggage / luggage (consolidated)
  28. Timing Question [what year will my flight earn mileage?]
  29. Changing award from AA/oneworld to HA/non-oneworld?
  30. Another BA question [purchase BA ticket, MCE on AA?]
  31. Qatar Suspending ORD Flights for Winter 2015/2016? [No.]
  32. EXP Phone/Desk Not Working - Hang Up [01 Aug 2015 - workaround]
  33. AA equivalent of PR-1 or FFCC [get seated in F or J on award voluntary downgrade]
  34. Ticket not issued due to "wrong currency"
  35. Will I get any refund?
  36. Mileage Calculated Differently Now for US flights?
  37. AA/US Airways Nightmare [endorsed ticket issue; printed ticket]
  38. LUS: Nostalgic America West employees celebrate 32 years since airline's founding
  39. Check luggage at DCA for departure next morning?
  40. If you are flying on BA, please note changes in boarding process and carry-on size
  41. Ways to earn AA miles when not based in US?
  42. DEL-AUH-LHR(EY)-MOW(BA) valid award routing?
  43. Quo status? [Does my BAEC status extend to travelling companion?]
  44. Should I be worried? (Award PNR not showing with bookings)
  45. LUS: Old time US pax? Experience switching *A to OW
  46. F on transcon JFK SFO? [MileSAAver F award]
  47. As Alaska MVP75, can we cancel/change the award booking for free?
  48. AA award: AA rebooked on cancelled Delta - who gets me home??
  49. Leaving GDL [for PHX; how much time, procedures]
  50. Is the term 'flagship' still around?
  51. AA Challange
  52. Caution redepositing ex-US awards... 150K miles still missing
  53. How will AA fare when the new LGA / LaGuardia terminal is built?
  54. How many gates does AA have at LGA?
  55. Is my upgrade calculation correct? [what do I need for EXP]
  56. ARCHIVE: service, psychiatric & emotional support animals to 7/2018
  57. Pick Connections on Award Flight?
  58. AA 88 PEK-DFW, 787 Dreamliner damaged by hail [27 July 2015]
  59. LUS: CLT-DUB equipment question (LUS A332 vs LUS 752)
  60. Last flight of the day cancelled: what's the typical reaccommodation?
  61. Questions on historical pricing for LAX-PHL
  62. LAX-SYD, QF A380 or AA757/Hawaiian332?
  63. AAdvantage Promo Code
  64. X3 bad food/seats in first class 757 planes
  65. Award Ticket Fees
  66. How to apply AA FF# when booking on BA?
  67. Thinking Ahead - EXP
  68. Routing rule clarification
  69. Mixed cabin/Voluntary segment downgrade on partner Award
  70. Flight attendent gave away our seats (US A332)
  71. Anyone in ORD Admirals Club this afternoon. HELP
  72. Buying tickets with oneworld miles and gift cards
  73. AA Miles from Europe to South Africa
  74. High fees on (award) return from Europe (via U.K.)
  75. AA sales/marketing/promotions team experiences
  76. AA/US 648 SAN-PHL redeye availability
  77. What's going on with HNL award space?
  78. AA airport Fast Track questions (merged threads)
  79. HAM / Hamburg Contract Lounge
  80. Newbie Questions-New to Airline miles-Need help.
  81. Award booking July 2016
  82. Sommelier thread: AA's Wines discussions and Name of Wine? Etc.
  83. 2 Week Adventure in Nov/Dec - Where to go with my miles?
  84. Need a dummy booking...what sites are completly free to cancel
  85. Push to Executive Platinum
  86. using a family member's Airline miles, to upgrade
  87. Around the World (Award) Flights--
  88. DFW to FRA 2016: Book business or first? (award)
  89. Is it best to book an AA codeshare or direct
  90. EF Shows MileSAAver, Not On AA.com
  91. US Airways flight Number/Service Change to American - Be Warned
  92. What happened to # 42 (ord-cdg) today? 7/20 Cancelled,
  93. Award Ticket and Companion (adding my) FF number?
  94. Seat assignments are unreliable. Getting worse? What's your experience?
  95. Speculation: Changes to elite benefits you would like
  96. DUB to JFK or PHL - which plane in June 2016?
  97. Seating help....US seat map now AA seat map
  98. Las Vegas - LAX (AA) to LAX - PVG (CX) Interline Check-in Allowed
  99. Delta passengers ready to make the switch to AA
  100. What is considered a "weather" issue?
  101. AA fly with short connection
  102. Using AA Twitter social media team: how, what, when (master thd)
  103. How to change your passport info in your aa.com account & existing reservation
  104. Barclays deducting miles from AAdvantage account?
  105. How to avoid this AA fee?
  106. AA / US ends PHL-TLV flights 4 Jan 2016 (consolidated)
  107. Codeshare seat selection
  108. Refused Service by Gate Agent (CLT)
  109. cancellation of two one-way awards
  110. Upgrading a Discount Economy across Airlines
  111. Former WN Frequent Flyer...Looking to fly AA or US
  112. PHL vs CLT for international transit and other questions
  113. Reservation canceled without notice
  114. One leg missing from my award itinerary. Should I be worried?
  115. Seat selection question... American First and Business
  116. ? AA ticket number
  117. Consecutive Flight Holds?
  118. UPgrade award waitlist - how to check?
  119. Which is better J Experience? MIA-BCN or JfK-BCN
  120. need advice for mixed itinerary (US/AA)
  121. NYC - MEX for Thanksgiving?
  122. charge cards
  123. OLD vs NEW livery. American Airlines 757-200 action @ St. Kitts
  124. Upgrading a booked award using AA Miles
  125. Check In with Flexible Itinerary
  126. Avoiding $$ fees on award travel from LHR
  127. AA vs US EWR-CUN
  128. International C/F snacks
  129. Booking BA WT+ with US Airways
  130. Checking for flights on oneworld.com instead on aa?
  131. Odd mileage credit question
  132. Redemption first timer: How do I use miles for KTM to Europe/Asia?
  133. LO > SYD vs LON > AKL weird Trans-Tasman availability differrences
  134. Reward flights
  135. ARCHIVE: "Fast Track" & Corporate Status Challenge
  136. Buy ticket on AA/US now or after reservations merger?
  137. Which should I take? (Offer for status with AA)
  138. BA Flights Showing on AA.com Prior to Trip
  139. AA772 Business or US330-3 Coach
  140. Combine and upgrade US and AA coded flights on single ticket
  141. AA Codeshare Flights
  142. First time on AA to Barbados, what should I expect?
  143. 777 on MIA-DFW route?
  144. Made the mistake of buying US Ticket on AA.com... any way to rectify?
  145. October 17th--how will I know what flights are pmAA vs pmUS?
  146. 500miles clearing on LAX-MIA and LAX-JFK route
  147. AA LHR to NYC, which planes are retrofitted?
  148. Upgrade Costs
  149. Dublin American flights cancelled?
  150. where to buy end tables similar to those in most Admirals Clubs
  151. Help with decision on AA CDG to SFO
  152. Taking one passenger off award reservation
  153. whats the business seat/service like?
  154. AA/Cathay Flights to SE Asia from NYC
  155. LUS: Who flew last US flight? (US 1939 Lv SFO 10 pm 16 Oct 2015)
  156. DCA-GLA Award travel using AA miles
  157. 20% SPG to AA bonus through 30 Aug 2015 (extended)
  158. AA dropped Transatlantic segment on F award.. How to approach?
  159. IAD to LAX Transcontinental Now US Airways / LUS Metal
  160. Award Travel for a Relative
  161. How to deal with AA (American Airlines)
  162. AA / aa.com Losing Known Traveler / KTN# in individual trip issues
  163. Warning: ORD G Concourse Admirals Club Temporarily Closed Morning of July 8, 2015
  164. Award Ticket Finder Question
  165. Can/will agents at the Admirals Club do ticketing? (for a reservation on hold)
  166. Company Targeted Offers?
  167. Award ticket route cancelled help!
  168. Is that possible to reinstate a half-used award
  169. Only 2 nonstops between EWR/LGA/JFK and MIA in April?
  170. What are AA plans at LHR with demolition of T3 in 2019
  171. Checked Baggage and Customer Service Comedy
  172. AA award ticketing mess
  173. Book award, find good price, cancel award: discussion
  174. Infant qualifing for elite millage
  175. JFK-LHR dropping F on 2 Daily Flights
  176. Seeking BA World Traveller+ (AA issued ticket)
  177. Using AA miles BCN to DFW OW in March 2016
  178. Admiral club lounge at LGA
  179. Which AA/US routes seem to be overbooked the most?
  180. Merger Blues
  181. Confirmed flight change with a first class ticket
  182. AA and AB routing rules
  183. Citi AAdvantage Executive card: 75,000 mile bonus signup July 2015
  184. End-to-end itin. in Jan 2016 disrupted by cancellation
  185. Award in First Class - LHR to SYD - Qantas or BA ?
  186. Locator / PNR changes
  187. Good Oneway Fare to LON
  188. Trying to avoid AA award on BA
  189. Apathy..... [AA / US culture of apathy toward customers]
  190. Award refund from US Airways(?)
  191. Ticketing on BA Prem Econ but fly on AA metal
  192. No SFO nonstop awards?
  193. Admirals Club - Liquor in international clubs
  194. Award ticket rebooking after route suspension
  195. Miles return trip (award) reservation cancelled- forced to pay to get home!
  196. US / Admirals Club Gate Passes - No More (incorrect - CLOSED)
  197. Connection / Getting Around DFW / Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport (master thread)
  198. Promotion: Convert Starpoints into AAdvantage miles - Earn 20% Bonus miles
  199. Okinawa booking issues [booking domestic Japan and award limits]
  200. AAdvantage Mileage disappear (Combined with US Airways MasterCard)
  201. Booking RT rewards 330 days out...
  202. Delay w/missed connection, hotel responsibility?
  203. US Chairman's lifetime US Club access - given lifetime Admirals Club access? (Yes)
  204. What's the Deal with 1A?
  205. Any reason to book an AS flight as a codeshare?
  206. Paying award taxes with prepaid Visa/Mastercard/Giftcards
  207. Earlier Flight LAX-JFK
  208. When to buy tix
  209. US Chairman's - How many SWU when transitioned to Executive Platinum?
  210. AA changed our MileSAAver seats after purchase with no notification?
  211. Arrival / arriving at London LHR / Heathrow Terminal 3
  212. Best way to earn 15825 EQP ex-SFO?
  213. Upgrade AS / Alaska Booked Flight Using AA Miles?
  214. Lightning strikes AA passenger on tarmac at CAE / Columbia, SC
  215. EXP AAgent helped an idiot (me) and saved the day
  216. Please lead me to thread discussing AA US cc's
  217. Point transfers to AA miles
  218. Old AA account, no contact info
  219. How much is this going to cost me?
  220. AA miles for international upgrade strategy (business class on corporate budgets)
  221. TPAC award to India? Best award chart intra-Southeast Asia?
  222. AA/US Baggage Recheck Agents @ ORD
  223. Fast Track to Elite Status is back [HV2T1 & HV3T1, targeted]
  224. Ways to earn AA miles other than flying or credit cards?
  225. LHR T-3 Immigration Fast Track questions, discussion (master thd)
  226. Agent shady? (gave away seats to standby)
  227. Mixed partner awards question (pricing as two?)
  228. AirBerlin canceled flight on AA award flight. AA is unhelpful.
  229. Flight changes Nov 2015 through 2016 - New, Added (consolidated)
  230. Maximizing mpm on awards
  231. AA/US Codeshare Purgatory
  232. Award policy when no legal connection available?
  233. changes for AA / US in ZRH (Zürich / Zurich) Jun 2015
  234. New Gate 110 VAC / USB Powered Worktables at Hub, Gateway Airports (2015)
  235. Parker in HKG to Celebrate First Year Anniversary of DFW HKG
  236. AA and US Airways conflicting 24 hr refund policies
  237. consistently horrible coffee at Admirals Clubs
  238. Help routing to RDU
  239. Critique (improve) my plan DEN->ATH -> HER -> LON- DEN
  240. LUS: How long to get miles redeposited to AA account after canceling a USDM award
  241. Discrepancy between award availability table and final quoted mile "cost"
  242. LHR-JFK [UA, BA or AA in economy?)
  243. Not fly return / book new return to different destination
  244. LY cancels award flight, changes to undesirable flight - what are the options?
  245. PHL-LAS Flying Strategy
  246. FF Considering Change to AA from Southwest. Advice?
  247. Europe: MileSAAver Business or AAnytime Coach?
  248. Booking thru AMEX points and Plat Seat Assignments
  249. One passenger, 2 reward seats, same plane?
  250. Would you pay the high fees?