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  1. 2015 Q4 pricing - AA- US merger proves expensive to consumers
  2. AA not pricing all connections in search results (many CLT connections not showing)
  3. New Platinum member query [to merge]
  4. AA no longer participating in Entertainment Book as of 2016?
  5. Charlotte airfares
  6. DCA-JFK-YVR Min Connection Time?
  7. schedule change and the 300-mile rule
  8. Fare Code/Rules Lookup on AA.com?
  9. EXP cancel return on award ticket after taken outbound
  10. Question on luggage AA F ticket overnight US
  11. Going 10-abreast on 772 MCE
  12. MIA-LAX 77W / 777-300ER rotation - and service etc. discussion
  13. problem with US domestic seat allocation
  14. Promos/mileage run for AA
  15. Connecting onward on BA? Some flights from T-5 going to T-3!
  16. Price change after payment
  17. DCA/IAD airport change on intl award
  18. another holiday (December) schedule change loaded, check your reservations
  19. LUS aircraft: Bulkhead and exit rows sold as "Main Cabin Extra": bad for ex-Silvers
  20. Flight to Barcelona - Opinions/Advice?
  21. AAdvantage 500 Mile (EQM) Minimum Mile Guarantee (master thd)
  22. AA BarclayCard EQM vs. Points for spending on card
  23. Where Is the Grass Greener? (Delta / DL & AA comparison)
  24. Change in wording on firearms declaration card
  25. New - convert Marriott points to AA miles + 20%
  26. Salvaging value from a non-refundable ticket
  27. Admirals Clubs went "cashless" Oct 1, 2015
  28. Mixed Itinerary Question
  29. Android Pay & Citi AA Executive or Other Citi AAdvantage Card?
  30. Issues booking 9W with AA miles?
  31. AA EQP credit on BA flights [upgraded "O" to WT+ "P"]
  32. Mileage accrual for a Q fare
  33. LAX-SYD AA 73 / 72 Upgrade & Waitlist Discussion
  34. Did merger count as account activity?
  35. LAA A321T (Transcon) Question [SeatGuru not showing correct seat map]
  36. Transpacific Award Combo For Two? [partner awards]
  37. Is there any way to book this award on aa.com?
  38. Seat selection question
  39. AAdvantage Dining by iDine - sign up, spend $30, get 1,000 bonus miles
  40. LHR Connection [checking baggage AMS-LHR-USA]
  41. Piece together award?
  42. EF shows fares that AA doesn't?
  43. Speculation on next BuyMiles promotion?
  44. Did I earn Ex Plat?
  45. American & US Airways Lounge Reciprocity For Day Passes
  46. Citi AAdvantage Card w/ Barclays AAdvantage Card
  47. AA Above • Beyond Event - Marylebone, London (29 Sep '15, by invitation)
  48. AA Android App issues / problems - 2015 on (consolidated)
  49. AA at SFO / San Francisco Int’l. Airport: questions, connections, etc.
  50. EXP Valet Bag When Overhead Bin is Full?
  51. LAN's short-haul business class award not bookable any more?
  52. Purchasing BA Premium Economy / WT+ on AA.com
  53. Food for Purchase when flying First?
  54. first class award booking question.
  55. Cancel refundable ticket and rebook it as restricted
  56. Where Are the International Confirmable SWUs?
  57. AA still doing FEBU?
  58. Live TV on some AA widebodies - 788, 772, 77W (consolidated)
  59. Humor: deserving first-class
  60. Refunds within 24 hours of booking?
  61. instead of refunding phone fee AA refunds miles and cancel award
  62. ARCHIVE: British / BA & Iberia / IB changing AA miles earning 1 Oct 2015?
  63. Large spending coming up- Get two AA exec cards? Alternatives to consider please
  64. AA Vacations - not checking in at Hotel
  65. PHL to MAD Business Class, Disabled Passenger
  66. Anyone else finding the Admirals Clubs over crowded?
  67. Flying Pregnant [op-up?]
  68. (Grandparents) Unable to use NONREF tkt due to (condo) fire
  69. "Rail & Fly" train to airport now available for all ex-Germany flights
  70. Phone Booking Fee
  71. Rather Frustrating SAAver Award Booking Experience - LIFO, Phone fee
  72. Using AAdvantage Miles to travel within India
  73. Award: Choose Airberlin vs Iberia Business Class?
  74. NYC to FLL, PBI, MCO
  75. New TATL flight bonus up to 125k miles [NAF15]
  76. refundable ticket question
  77. LUS: My Last time on US coded flight - what was yours?
  78. EQPs for YCA Government Fare?
  79. AA IOS app update: "Introducing Complications for the Apple Watch"
  80. Post-merger, now in a "Premium" seat - problems?
  81. AA to Japan : Equipment change to 787 next year?
  82. LUS A332 or LAA B777 / 772 in Y
  83. 2015 aa.com PNR Display / Page - Meal Selection temp. Gone, Detailed Fare Rules moved
  84. Criteria for When E Seats for Same Day Change Are Made Available on American
  85. AA:JAL bonus miles
  86. AA international arrival into miami question
  87. AA Fined $20K For Failing To Adequately Compensate Bumped Passengers (Sep 2015)
  88. Disappointed using AA miles award for First Class on LUS
  89. Should I upgrade for 25,000 AA miles ?
  90. AA service interruption (9/17 11:00 - 1:00 CT): DFW, MIA, ORD ground stops
  91. The new American would have been #1 in traffic in 2014 per IATA, US still separated
  92. Missed connection, change of destination, bags go to original destination...
  93. US Baggage tracking live on aa.com (Sep 15 '15)
  94. Made AA Gold, now what?
  95. SFO: AA EXP vs. UA 1K | AA Plat vs. UA Gold / Plat
  96. How does AA determine flight distance
  97. Speculation: When will AA bring back adult-sized coffee mugs?
  98. AA Awards awards were momentarily increased by 5,000 and 7,500 miles
  99. AA accidentally flew a non ETOPS A321 from LAX-HNL
  100. can I get a free bag? [AS MVP flying US = no]
  101. Why can't I see miles required for award flights?
  102. Resumed LGA service: IND, MCO, CVG, MSP
  103. Some Citi® / AAdvantage® Cards Dump Foreign Transaction Fees After Nov. 15
  104. 30,000 miles to Exec. Platinum
  105. How much better is the new AA business than BA club world?
  106. Transfer Delta membership to AA?
  107. LAA A319 F cabin congested, obstructed by Y lav users
  108. Mission Impossible: Newark EWR -> JFK 3 hour layover (intl. depart & MCT)
  109. 4 AA planes standing at EZE
  110. LUS: Business Class on AA / LUS 321 CLT-SJU?
  111. AA and DL / Delta abandon interline agreement 15 Sep '15 (restored 1/18)
  112. Double miles to/from Asia until 15 Dec 15 on select fares
  113. AB long-haul J2+ award availability
  114. AA USA internal flights advice
  115. Upgrade from O?
  116. LUS A320 / 320 – First class seating, best seats (consolidated)
  117. Two Kids Awards and an Adult Paid Ticket: Booking Help
  118. Fax abilities in AC business centers
  119. American racing to the bottom! (Consolidated rant thread)
  120. Wow Chaos!
  121. LAA 737-800 & LAA A319 foot rests in domestic FC?
  122. Glitch AMM-JFK?
  123. Speculation: Will availability of reward / award flights be better due to merger?
  124. AA Schedule Changes - Flights most likely to have a schedule change
  125. EA+ [Emergency Assistance Plus medevac - legit AA miles offer? Yes.]
  126. Flight Changes Nov 2015 - 2016 - Deleted, Seasonal, Gone, Downgauged (consolidated)
  127. Pushing the limit of minimum connection times on different tickets
  128. Will I Fare have Residual Value after Outbound?
  129. Upgrading an economy fare flying AA
  130. AA57 LHR - MCO (via MIA): US immigration?
  131. AA DFW to ICN 281 - Biz Class Reviews?
  132. Admirals Club WiFi now password-protected [2015]
  133. AA leaving ex-HP, US headquarters downtown Tempe 2016
  134. connection time concern LGA / JFK, am I cutting it too close?
  135. What are AA ♦️Gold / GLD Benefits? Are they worth it? (Master thd)
  136. ARCHIVE: 2016 Elite boost/buyback?
  137. Original Gold / Plat Challenge Ended 23 Sep '15. Speculation: New program to come?
  138. Group travel discounts with AA/Business Extra?
  139. American Citi Bank MasterCard
  140. Are there long haul international routes with C upgrade availability at booking?
  141. Prosecco vs Champagne
  142. IS AA really suspending MIA-MEX? [No.]
  143. All corporate or targeted elite status fast track promo / "challenge" / challenges
  144. Can AA make changes to oneworld tickets due to schedule changes? [separate tickets]
  145. Flying to Hawaii
  146. LUS: What happens to US Airways buddy passes under AA?
  147. Baggage Issues - PHX - Pilot Confronts Baggage Worker
  148. Upgrade request disappeared?
  149. Questions on Cancelled Award Flight
  150. MIA: Term G - Term D, can we stay airside?
  151. Seat assignment on mixed AA/US itinerary
  152. Do I get a refund on upgrade award if TATL leg doesn't upgrade?
  153. LUS Based New Aircraft Purchases
  154. Is a cancellation IDB?
  155. Is there an AA executive status?
  156. What does "BOB Flight" mean?
  157. Is there a risk of "Nesting" Accusations / Penalties for this?
  158. Tieing two separate AA tickets together for consecutive flights
  159. Involuntary Reroute Booking class?
  160. After October 16 Exit Rows on US Aircraft Will Be MCE
  161. American Cancels Award Holds as "duplicate booking"
  162. Will be 800 miles short for gold - what now?
  163. US flight using AA miles: downgraded per booking code
  164. SKYWEST contract terminated 17 Oct '15 - Compass to resume routes
  165. Transferring AA Miles to Hilton? SPG?
  166. Which meal to chose if I like Indian food?
  167. 2000 AA miles with Next Issue Trial
  168. not receiving [award] reticketing emails recently
  169. Priority boarding with AA credit card [consolidated]
  170. 15k short for an award ticket
  171. National Car Rental AAdvantage Mileage credit taking longer now?
  172. How much would you pay per AA mile?
  173. On-Time Machine and Something Special in the Air
  174. Advice needed on which airline/plane to take to Europe [on award]
  175. US Code, AA Metal, Flew with AS FF# - Go Back & Ask AA for Miles or Too Late?
  176. Has AA stopped sending DOMESTIC upgrade notifications?
  177. anyway to transfer aadvantage miles to a hotel program ?
  178. ARCHIVE: 2015-2017 GUIDE: LAX / Los Angeles Int’l. Airport - MCT, Connection, etc.
  179. J to F “Upgrade” from 2-cabin to 3-cabin Domestic Flight Using Same-day Flight Change
  180. AA policy for involuntary changes [to cancel non refundable ticket]
  181. PHL: "You must put your own bag on the luggage belt"
  182. AA (Charter) LAX-HAV (Havana, Cuba) began 12 Dec 2015
  183. Outbound Award Tickets Available but Not Inbound?
  184. Account fraud / breach: my account compromised, awards taken, etc.
  185. Seeking award: ICN to ORD, IND, STL or BNA
  186. General question about timing [Awards]
  187. last minute deals
  188. AA miles on an AA flight booked via BA?
  189. HKG AA->KA minimum connection time
  190. Early morning LAX-HNL
  191. No more US Airways site [for post 16 Oct 2015 booking]
  192. How does Cuddle Class LAA A321T pet cabin / kennel in F work?
  193. REP-HKG-NYC Available on BA - not available on AA?
  194. Xmas Eve to HKG canceled... options?
  195. Alcohol service hours policy: Admirals Club, Flagship Lounge
  196. BA points on AA booking
  197. Issue with Hawaii Aadvantage res after Sept
  198. Help needed in contacting AA
  199. Traveling with Newborn (AA Edition)
  200. How to maximise BA Tier Points for JFK-SFO-DEN-JFK on AA?
  201. Help: AA Award for Ride on 747 Upper Deck Before It's Too Late
  202. AA New Flyer Talk Member - Multiple Questions
  203. One World [oneworld] Ruby terrible treatment at MCO
  204. Is there anyone here actively avoiding travel on 17th Oct?
  205. Dormant US airways account (and resulting loss of miles toward million-miler status)
  206. Did AA cancel the DFW-HKG service? [NO]
  207. 3 seats same passenger = 3 x miles? [No. Multi seats miles earning]
  208. FF noob, presented with a corporate deal/ need advice
  209. Fair Trade [value of miles for trade for antique]
  210. My flight changed [non-stop changed to 3 hours in PHX]
  211. Sending luggage ASAP [Success!]
  212. LUS Airbus A321 (legacy US A321-200) master thread
  213. AA First Class Check-in at SCL
  214. seat on partner airline HA award flight
  215. Linens / presentation debate for meal service on AA, US / both
  216. Does AA care if premium customers decamp?
  217. Lounge Choice(s) at LHR
  218. [how positively book upgrade on] Trip to Europe Next Summer
  219. AA agent said they cannot see dragonair / KA award space?
  220. AA dropped my PHL-FCO award flight, never told me!
  221. Gold Calls routing to Executive Platinum Desk?
  222. DCA-PHL Service being cut/downgraded further..
  223. IROPS: Easy way to see backlog (large number of standbys) at airport?
  224. How Bad is AA/US baggage handling right now?
  225. AA virtual giftcard question - can I use to upgrade?
  226. SAN AA/US Degradation of services at airport
  227. Award schedule change: adds a stop CDG-ORD, no direct flight?
  228. What to expect from Admirals Club
  229. Aviator Card - Amazon Purchases [do gift card pchs count?]
  230. Seasonal holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas) cancellations 2015-2016 (consolidated)
  231. Barclay Aviator 20x AA miles (max 10,000) for Williams-Sonoma pchs (Targeted - OVER)
  232. Be sure to double check US upgrades posting to AAdvantage
  233. American/US connection at LGA
  234. Complaints: Use ACPD rather than AA.com
  235. 3 Class 777-200ER / 772 domestic sold as 2-class J questions
  236. [Buy Miles] New AA Sale - Up to 35% off
  237. How accurate are the seating maps?
  238. ID Requirements - domestic travel
  239. Holding two [AA award] reservations for the same day
  240. Strange EQP Quirk
  241. Marriott points to AAdvantaage points question
  242. Seat assignments on JL and JL as AA codeshares
  243. Lowest Prices I've Seen in Ages... ORD-LGA, ORD-LAX
  244. Some AA domestic flights departing LAX TBIT "international" terminal
  245. Tiny Booze Upgrade? - Canadian Club Reserve
  246. Summer 2016 MileSAAver to Europe
  247. 2016 flight prices look high. Will prices improve? (Consolidated)
  248. Cool ideas for international premium award travel from DFW?
  249. Help Suing AA in Small Claims Please [denied boarding - weight restricted]
  250. JAL First Class SYD-NRT sAAver award seats wide open availability