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  1. Looking to get Lounge access with Credit Card
  2. do AA and partner econ awards open up the closer you get to departure?
  3. One Way Fare from LHR
  4. Seat selection strategy on long haul flight
  5. Gettings Seats Together on QF Award
  6. Honeymoon help - Fiji and Bora Bora
  7. Best business class experience using 100,000 AA miles?
  8. Do the GAs of the new AA no longer bother with late upgrades?
  9. [Size difference in lavatories on Compass] E175
  10. MCO > DFW or LAX > NRT
  11. Aa 9758/9423 dfw-swo-dfw
  12. Flt 595 PHX-DCA 11/7 Gate Switched 4 Times
  13. [In light of recent changes] Should I redeem my miles?
  14. Confused about AAdvantage account history and upgrades
  15. Who is with AA only because of the 100% Mileage Bonus?
  16. How to tell what metal I'd be flying on?
  17. How close before a flight can I switch a reservation using miles?
  18. help ruined mr [LAX-CLT diversion]
  19. Can Separate Award Reservations Be Merged?
  20. Inaugural Flight... [anything special?]
  21. ARCHIVE: 2016 AAdvantage Program Changes (formally unannounced, but reliably sourced)
  22. AA.com "reservation name"—no longer can change it & workaround
  23. Re-booking Downgrade Fee but no Upgrade Fee?
  24. Likely to misconnect in a couple hours — grateful for advice
  25. Hit Gold - then 2 Int'l business class upgrades
  26. I am done with American. A chronical of a down fall. SouthEast Region/Delta compare
  27. PIT-CUN, RDU-CUN, MCI-CUN, BNA-CUN Saturday Only
  28. Questions for Plats
  29. Requesting Assistance - Reservation canceled
  30. Delegate for award booking possible?
  31. Distorted seat map
  32. DCA-PHX
  33. Cannot double connect on one award (no backtracking - west to east only)?
  34. Not flying last segment of award ticket
  35. 77W on JFK-MIA 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6
  36. Upgrades Becoming More Elusive???
  37. AA91 (02 Nov)—flight delayed to morning, where did everyone go?
  38. AA in air and BA for credit ???
  39. Thoughts on OW TPAC Crediting to AA?
  40. AA systems [new status not being reflected for getting MCE seats]
  41. Where is the meal preorder function hiding on the new aa.com?
  42. Missing and rebooking to avoid change fee?
  43. No Award Seats between HNL-AKL or inter island awards
  44. I have two flights at the same time, but plan to SDC or standby one to later...
  45. LHR-ORD in Y. BA or AA?
  46. AA MIA/DFW Switched to 772 two class
  47. New Service: LAX-HND Tokyo Haneda to start Feb 2016 with 787
  48. Advice on getting status as a new consultant
  49. 32B
  50. Oneworld Sapphire trying to get status on AA
  51. Rolling Republic Airlines Shortages?
  52. AA72 - Syd/Lax any details?
  53. Are Y Flight Attendants better than F ones?
  54. ARCHIVE: 2015 "HELP! I need XXX EQM / EQP / EQS by end of year" thread
  55. Redeye breakfast
  56. Debacle: My journey to EP
  57. Changes to the ticket - help - Service Desk nightmare...
  58. traveling internationally with only hand bag - must checkin in person?
  59. Insanity in LAX FL Today - Crazed pax DESTROYS lounge
  60. Will canceling my cards wipe out my point balance?
  61. Award ticket irrops
  62. AA Delay Policy Clarification
  63. why release U without C
  64. LAX Check-in
  65. Lower AA Miles Earning from BA / British / IB / Iberia Feb 2016 (OBSOLETE)
  66. FA permitting a "self upgrade" to MCE/exit row after boarding door closes
  67. Any Way To Avoid a Cancellation Penalty?
  68. Do I need to be worried? [mixed awards on AA and BA]
  69. Change J Award to F Award With Miles?
  70. Cruising with American Airlines Cruises - feedback? Experiences?
  71. Observations: US Shuttle now operated as American (consolidated)
  72. Jury Duty: Can I Cancel or Change a Flight Free of Fees & Charges?
  73. big problems continue at AUS [Nov 2015 tower flooding]
  74. DFW Envoy forcing me to leave AA
  75. Interesting Observation on 1 Ticket at this Price
  76. 50K miles for SFO-MCO in April 2016?
  77. AA did not honor 24 hour hold reservation price & customer service issues
  78. Miami AA & UA gates connected behind security?
  79. How to Transfer Term A to B in Tucson Airport (airside)
  80. Frankfurt Lounge on Arrival
  81. Things you miss about US Airways
  82. Last night I almost stole someone else's miles and I have no idea how.
  83. Strange Schedule Change One Week Before Travel
  84. Is this the new AA- Musical gates?
  85. Help! Cannot get seat selection option on AA Code Share flight with JAL
  86. Hellish flight but I Make Out Very Nicely
  87. 1 Ticket Available [aa.com lowest price - - why / when 1 not 2?]
  88. Any benefit to pushing to 75k?
  89. Flight cancellation question
  90. AA business class out of DFW [to LHR]
  91. Seat Blocked [but still available for selection online, why?]
  92. Anyone else have a problem booking Business AAward on AY?
  93. [2016 NEWBIE LOUNGE] Ask Your "Newbie" AA Questions Here (flame free)
  94. Changed to worse seats when flight change despite better seats available
  95. Cheapest way to buy one way fares on AA?
  96. Upgrade shown as confirmed but still in Economy Seat [AMEX upgrade issues]
  97. I don't say this lightly, but this GA hosed me.
  98. Promo AUS16: 5/15/30k Bonus to Australia - Up to 90k total. Feb 1- Mar. 31 '16
  99. AA New "thank you for your loyalty" policy?
  100. Onboard Cabin Service Deficiencies / Complaints / Beef (consolidated)
  101. TATL change fee
  102. Will my First ticket admit me to AA's lounges in LAX and CLT?
  103. Schedule and food-for-purchase: consistent?
  104. 10/29/2015 email: A message from Doug Parker
  105. Sad to see empty First Class seats
  106. What did I fly - 777-200 or 777-300
  107. DFW-HKG flight cancelled, forum advice?
  108. Small claims vs AA. 49 USC 41713 (b) (1) Pre-emption
  109. Guide to AA Flagship First Dining Qualifications, Access & Related
  110. When did AAdvantage MasterCard Platinum benefits become domestic only?
  111. Kiosk Check-in, Change but no Standby
  112. AA 1138 - TSA on jetbridge
  113. AA First Class Meal Service Runaround [breakfast on mid-cons]
  114. 777 TATL Business Seats
  115. Is it possible to split an unused ticket's value?
  116. Avios increases North American 4,500 awards to 7,500 effective February 2016
  117. Involuntary Award Changes / What To Do (merged threads)
  118. Newbie needing help away from Newbie Forum - Segment Run
  119. Same Day Change - BA Stock Operated by AA
  120. First Class Dog ?
  121. Exceeding 150k Points, any additional reward?
  122. Citi- Exec Card Gift- 2 One-Day Passes
  123. Willfully connecting through LGA in January- ignorant?
  124. Missing miles - but aa.com not recognising codeshare
  125. Booked an award ticket for a friend some issues?
  126. AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card buy AA miles, 3 miles $1?
  127. AA DOT decision on held mistake fares DCA-PEK/PVG in J
  128. Seat back video
  129. AA 788 DFW-PEK AA 262 / 263 Upgrade & Waitlist Discussion
  130. Mileage run help for American Airlines
  131. AA brought forward my flight 9 hours - options ?
  132. Could AA possibly think of this as barter? [1 gets outbound, other gets return awards
  133. Seating assignment after aircraft change
  134. AA and seatguru aircraft confusion: “321”, “32B” (and A321T)
  135. ZRH - JFK - SXM : J but in Main Cabin (B757)?
  136. Onboard Upgrade - and what does it mean?
  137. AA Flight Dispute / Reward ticket to cash, need advice
  138. Seat Map Blocked for MCE, exit seats for EXP in 2016
  139. Priority verification message on the boarding pass
  140. Anyone know why PHL is in groundstop
  141. FAQ: aavacations.com / AA Vacations flight & vacation package questions, discussion
  142. Looking for someone travelling 10/30 LGA-YYZ Fl#4280
  143. Nice security enhancement via check in Kiosk - last name insufficient
  144. seat change made during mobile check-in
  145. Upgrade possible even when crediting miles to Alaska Airlines?
  146. HNL to PHX overnight food and drink ?
  147. BOS: AA Plane taken out of service after contractor poses for selfie on wing
  148. Does GoEnvoy (or similar) still exist?
  149. Change Passenger on Held Award Reservation?
  150. Award travel miles calculation?
  151. American Airlines To Compete With Low-Cost Rivals On Fares
  152. Proactively canceled reservation and wouldn't have made it home tonight...change fee?
  153. Upgraded then flight cancelled; have to start over?
  154. AA policy on missing legal connection??
  155. Flight Delayed for Weather - What are my rights?
  156. Passenger Leaves Untagged Bag in Jetway, Doesn't Claim
  157. AA Redemption from DFW to SJU for 6
  158. Drained down reservation printing 037 ticket# on BP.
  159. Is this ticket fully refundable? I'm so confused
  160. BA PNR on AA.com
  161. AAdvantage or Avios for SAN-LHR-MEX?
  162. USA to GIG: F or J for 2 Pax?
  163. LUS "premium" economy seats fee for elites
  164. Flight amenities, overnight flight HNL to DFW in Y
  165. What plane are you the most disappointed to see flying a route?
  166. LUS gate agents do not know AA standby rules
  167. BA & EF show AA SAAver award, aa.com doesn't
  168. Fee to cancel reservation due to time change?
  169. Flying intra-Africa with AAdvantage. Routing problem
  170. Forced to buy 500 mile upgrades, or don't make the flight?
  171. website for aircraft details?
  172. Mileage and lounge access
  173. AA baggage never left on carousel
  174. I've been living in a cave [how did my US Platinum become AA Gold?]
  175. Change to Ticket Confirmation Email?
  176. What is the most expensive ticket quoted on AA and what route
  177. Seat maps, seats available and aa.com
  178. Change to Upgrade Request List on Gate monitors?
  179. Upgrade Windows on American Eagle versus American Airlines
  180. Abu Dhabi preclearance facility not in aa system-help!
  181. Has Virgin America at DAL impacted your DFW loyalty to AA
  182. Issues w/ 25K EQP challenge
  183. "Sticker Shock" - earning / buying stickers / no more LUS UDU
  184. Tight SEA Connection Possibility on AA & AA Partner Award - Advice?
  185. Mileage crediting issue - 2 diff. boarding passes
  186. Ticketed? AA Won't Take My Money
  187. Non collection of luggage
  188. Upgrades on Direct Flights - Differing Availability on Segments
  189. Two MIA-SCL flights with the same departure time?
  190. Advice for 25K miles and JFK-SGN AA/JAL/CX
  191. American Airlines - First Flight [carry-on personal item q.]
  192. How to track EQM, EQD (2017) or EQS on aa.com website? (Archived)
  193. Screwy seat assignment issue on direct [1-stop] flight
  194. Received email about my "upcoming trip." But I have none... [phishing?]
  195. Using a paid ticket and an award same flight, same person.
  196. DFW US Airway Gate E Terminal
  197. DCA-JFK tier point run question [short turnaround JFK]
  198. AA Gift Card / Cards discussion, issues, questions (master thread)
  199. 2 seats/ different cabin allowed?
  200. Aadvantage/Citi credit cards: opinions
  201. Missing / late crew issues (consolidated)
  202. HELP DESK: AA - US CRS & PSS Merger 17 Oct 2015 - Issues, Q & A, Etc.
  203. Seats Under Airport Control - Changing
  204. AA iphone app acting up on connecting itineraries
  205. Need advice to maintain gold status strategy for 2016
  206. Found Someone's AA Advantage Gold Card
  207. Two reservations for 2 seperate airlines on same day [award / BA $ & Avios]
  208. AA/US booking system integration this weekend - ripe for mistake fares?
  209. LUS Airways: 1 cancel, 2 bump, lost luggage, 1 non-existent flight.
  210. Is AA planning to retrofit all their 777-200 planes?
  211. Change Fee and EQP question
  212. List of AA destinations by # of Daily Departures
  213. AA- Upgrade Confirmed - Seat Assignment Still in Economy
  214. Domestic Connections on J/F International Awards Only Available in Y ?
  215. Too late to recapture targeted offer?
  216. List of AA/US non-stop flights to Europe?
  217. CX cancelled portion of award tix - can I ask AA for compensation?
  218. Can I book Emirates flight using AA miles?
  219. SJU Mileage Run - 48 minute turnaround
  220. 2016 Program Year Elite Status Buyback / Renew / Boost (consolidated)
  221. Interesting LAX "Regating" Rumors
  222. EXP via 120, not 100, segments: has it affected you?
  223. Seating query fron PHL/JFK to LAS
  224. In Flight Audio Calls via Wifi on AA International - Why Not Allowed?
  225. Earning Miles on BA
  226. NOMINATE Threads to Move to Consolidated Forum
  227. Spend 27,500 miles or $187?
  228. LUS: Dinner with US FA "GalleyWench" Tue 27 Oct 6 PM Lowell, NC
  229. Donating miles for medical treatments to a family member
  230. new questions check-in zrh (ZURICH)
  231. Combined Forum?
  232. AA v. Google Flights Pricing
  233. AAdvantage Benefits Early Accrual / Rollover / Carry Over
  234. 2016 AAdvantage status cards are already arriving
  235. Choosing between routings to Madrid
  236. Exit Row Rules and Restrictions (master thread)
  237. AAdvantage partners available for redemption on AA.com - and not available
  238. AA Nonstop MIA - FRA No Longer?
  239. AA First vs LH Business: award for 2 adults, child, lap child
  240. Best Route? [UK-JFK-EYW-SFO-DEN-JFK-UK]
  241. Ticket refund experiences: miss, cancel, delays, errors, etc. (consolidated)
  242. Can Afford First Class - Should I Stay Exclusively With AA?
  243. Possibly need to return early from Europe trip; Cancel or roll the dice?
  244. How to tell if the flight is on US Metal or AA Metal?
  245. More Award Availability Via Phone ??
  246. AA PHL Consolidation
  247. LUS: Any way to predict whether your Republic flight will operate?
  248. Paid and Award Travel Booked together
  249. MIA-JFK To Get 77W (Possibly For Only 3 Dates)
  250. Can I make mileage award reservations for other people?