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  1. Award advice needed: Quality of Product vs Ease of Schedule
  2. Using AAdvantage Miles for flights to Europe?
  3. AA restoring complimentary domestic Y snacks, expanding free IFE (Feb 2016)
  4. MR ORD-HKG for $635 to secure/retain Plat status. Would you do it?
  5. Flying F vs Flying Y
  6. Help me get an extra day in Bali! aka should I stick with my QR award?
  7. Booked into Y on business fare?
  8. Carolina Panthers team charter - CLT-SJC 1.31.2016
  9. AA 154 NRT-ORD Delayed 17 minutes
  10. LHR Security issue and mysterious cancellation [31 Jan 2016]
  11. AA at MCO Is a Mess [MCO gates confusion]
  12. International Delays due to mechanicals becoming common?
  13. AAdvantage Elite status achievement "accelerators"
  14. Explain duration of elite status for 2016 and beyond please
  15. One thing that's no worse with the new AAdvantage: SH partner earnings in Y
  16. Platinum Status - Redeeming Miles - Perks
  17. Lost query
  18. Did I screw up, buying miles
  19. "Fast Track" & Corporate Status Challenge (master thread)
  20. Just need to know where a plane went next.
  21. Schedule Reliability: AA 777-300 / 77W
  22. MileSAAver Award DCA-FCO via LGA - JFK to Europe?
  23. AA 2016 Fleet Plan / Aircraft Changes
  24. Comping Full IFE after IRROPS / OSO
  25. CX J or AA F? Decision.
  26. Ruminations about award strategies, destinations, F vs Y, etc.
  27. WWFTD - 77W J vs A332 J
  28. American changed my award flights, what do I do now?
  29. Time stamp (or date stamp) for Upgrade?
  30. miles earned on QF incorrect?
  31. any chance of biz flat bed for PHL to LAX route
  32. How are loads on DFW-ICN?
  33. Some flights not showing when booking round trip
  34. Should I switch from BAEC to AA (or Marco Polo Club)?
  35. 4K mile promo from RocketMiles
  36. AA112 MIA-BCN on 16 April 2016: Which 777 configuration?
  37. Arrived late to the airport, check-in took a while, missed my flight
  38. Change or missing connection deliberately on AA awards
  39. Business or First award EZE-MIA-LAX on AA 777?
  40. Mileage Calculation
  41. AA F vs JAL J
  42. Summer TATL award space wide open
  43. upgraded to business, but is it lie flat?
  44. Separate one-ways cheaper than open jaw?
  45. Economy Award Flight LAX-CDG on 12/25/16 availability?
  46. options to pay for upgrade to Business Class when checking in
  47. LAX-JFK first class flagship check in use?
  48. Changing Award from CX/AA to only AA
  49. Baggage Allowance: Domestic - one pax Gold, one Citi Platinum
  50. Is it really this expensive to give my miles to someone else
  51. Anytime award levels
  52. Received free Platinum status til 5/31 need MR advice
  53. What LGA terminal does MSP-LGA operate to/from?
  54. Not allowing F food items sent to Y pax: New policy or newly enforced old policy?
  55. Linen-lovers rejoice! Linens on domestic F trays Feb 2016.
  56. Speculation: Book your CX awards now...CA just bought a big chunk of CX
  57. What I got vs what to expect on a split DG?
  58. AA Unveils New Cole Haan Amenity Kits Jan 2016, appear 1 March
  59. AA109 returning to LHR 'medical emergency' (27 Jan 2016)
  60. Recourse When Airline Changes Your Times And You Miss Your Connection Due To Customs?
  61. Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Silver Card - Companion Certificate
  62. Need help booking flghts for a Honeymoon! What Oneworld Partner?
  63. AA: Views Over the Wing [AA in-flight photos]
  64. Using Air Berlin Status on AA [and crediting to AA]
  65. Forbes:American Airlines Pilot Union Leader Blasts 'Culture Gone Awry' After US Airwa
  66. Detailed Breakdown of Taxes / Carried Imposed Fees (AA)
  67. Question about changed flight please
  68. RESPECTFUL discussion of 2016 AA labor union relations issues (consolidated)
  69. Best first option to UK with aa miles
  70. International travel to Europe in business with a family
  71. No more AM flights DFW-EWR (AA952) until March 14
  72. Problems having award flights accepted by operating airline
  73. Thank you & Goodbye
  74. pmUS fares no more
  75. New policy re: cancelled flight rescheduling and keeping miles and copay upgrades
  76. airport personnel can't change award ticket?
  77. [how can I get a] Voluntary downgrade from paid F
  78. Outrageous DCA GA
  79. Changing FF number on AA reservation after flying
  80. Transcon F Much Cheaper than J
  81. Using an unused portion of an old ticket
  82. OAK AAgent customer service = speechless, what would you do?
  83. 32B vs 321
  84. MIA to EZE with Baby in Lap Cant change seats
  85. Would you spend $2750 to fly ORD-CLT-CDG and LHR-ORD in business on the A333/763?
  86. spent $3000 on the same day AA credit card arrived, when will 60000-mile be credited?
  87. Dash 8-400s in AA's future?
  88. New AA operational performance in crappy weather
  89. ARCHIVE: Which 777-200ER / "772"? J, MCE, PEY, 45J to 37J
  90. AA Dynamic Reaccom Allows Limited Self-Reaccommodation in IROPS / OSO
  91. Aircraft guide: Which 777-200ER / 772 / 777? (2019 on)
  92. Matching a mail-in offer for newly-opened card?
  93. Interesting AA Survey
  94. Getting Miles from a Refunded Ticket [Used for Daylong Lounge Access]
  95. Oneworld award flight Singapore to London
  96. India to Africa one award or 2? Africa to Africa 1 award or 2?
  97. Lists of good movies on AA IFE (2016)
  98. aa.com "oops" did I accidentally cancel my reservation?
  99. Flying AA metal on BA ticket - should I do online check in on AA or BA site.
  100. ALL Service to/from PHL Cancelled Saturday 1/23
  101. Citi AAdvantage question RE travel insurance
  102. Fare glitch today
  103. Checked baggage fees for companion of gold member same PNR
  104. AAdvantage Status on BA - Baggage Questions
  105. Dallas Flyers: Southwest vs AA
  106. Too tight? Fort Lauderdale to MIA gate
  107. App caused Upgrade Fail.
  108. Buy transatlantic upgrade on AA marketed operated by BA
  109. Best option to return CGK-ORD (outbound on CX)
  110. Chancing flight out of JFK Sunday evening? AAVacation Package
  111. Promo Code for AAdvantage Sign Up?
  112. First time in FC on newly merged airline
  113. Lesson Learned: AA/AB AAdvantage Award Complaints
  114. FAQ: Miles + Copay Upgrade / Upgrades (master thread)
  115. New passport: what changes do I need to make on aa.com?
  116. What's happening to AA? [frustrated, observations]
  117. Disabled and kicked off flight
  118. AA Policy for Zika Virus: Refunds, etc.
  119. Flights You'll Get a tablet on
  120. Fast-tracking to Platinum, then to Oneworld Sapphire?
  121. Will AA know about the temporary Brazil Visa Waiver?
  122. No E-Ticket Itinerary and Receipt Emails Arriving
  123. Finding a good fare during a busy weekend
  124. Impressed with AA customer service
  125. Need advice with 2 tkts DCA-JFK / JFK-MAD in advance of possible weather issue
  126. JFK-DFW at 10:15pm at night on an A321T
  127. Expediting fee confusion
  128. QR flight. Should I stick with my AA miles or set up a QR account?
  129. Intra-Europe connections on award tickets
  130. Status Reset
  131. YX & Eagle sued: 4 men made to leave YX-operated YYZ-NYC flight
  132. Non USA Citizens AVOID JFK T7 (BA)
  133. CX/KA award ticketing through the Mandarin language line
  134. Type of Aircraft??
  135. MIA-EZE-MIA receives one 77W rotation effective April 5/6
  136. Turning 65 this year
  137. Best way to use AA Miles for BC to Italy
  138. Booking LAN codeshare on Qantas metal using AA miles
  139. EVIP/Miles Upgrades AA/BA
  140. Caring gate crew at YYZ
  141. Admirals club eames lounge chairs
  142. Minimum turn around time at LAS
  143. AA coffee
  144. AA Phl Ath 2016 start date?
  145. Aadvantage Credit Card Offer(before 24 month cycle)
  146. Terrible time finding F aadvantage availability this November....
  147. Downgraded from first to business on on a purchased fare JFK GRU
  148. YEG -PHX axed?
  149. Admirals Club Pass giveaway thread
  150. How do I always get the "prettier" find-a-flight menu?
  151. Fly First Class or Reinstate Miles
  152. Are FC Privileges dead
  153. Getting a disruptive guest kicked out of an Admirals Club
  154. EY or QF between Middle East and Brisbane
  155. JFK-ZRH flt 64 on 1/13/16
  156. Rare MSY Sighting: LAA 32B
  157. Aircraft swap drama - Refund on MCE, lounge access if upgrade?
  158. IAD - the most neglected major AA airport in the USA?
  159. Going Standy on a Direct / Nonstop Flight with a Saaver Award
  160. TPA Like You Neve Seen It
  161. Which airline responsible for rebooking missed connection
  162. Single reservation for two people/tickets - 1 in J, 1 in F possible?
  163. will AA combine two tickets to check the luggage?
  164. Booked award ticket - schedule change causes misconnect - options?
  165. ARCHIVE: Domestic Same Day Confirmed Flight Change / SDFC / SDC / CFC / "Standby"
  166. American Writes Off $592 Million Cash Trapped in Venezuela
  167. Misconnecting in PHX - what if question
  168. AA check in time accurate?
  169. Award Change and Re-deposit Fees for Gold Members? I wasn't charged....
  170. AA 757 with MCE ex-PHL?
  171. Flight discrepancy? Flt 57 16/01
  172. Online Check In Issue
  173. You know you travel AA too much when....
  174. Good service but inconsistent
  175. Admirals Club agents can't make changes to future day's flights?
  176. Buy miles for family/then use those miles for myself?
  177. Hurricane Alex
  178. Status Match Scam PM
  179. Looking for some guidance with the new(ish) hawaii awards
  180. AA and LATAM apply for joint business
  181. BRU etc to JNB - Award Options
  182. Looking to book a return 1st class trip to US next January
  183. JFK-DCA Award Patterns
  184. Getting on earlier connecting flight?
  185. Travel Alert on Codeshare? Jakarta bombs and gunfire Jan 14, 2016
  186. Sri Lankan Air Taxi using AA Miles?
  187. AA Guide: JFK / New York J F Kennedy International Airport - MCT, Connection, etc
  188. WSJ: The Best and Worst Airlines of 2015
  189. Service dog in training
  190. American Airlines Hotel Vouchers
  191. AA policy on non-AA oneworld flights misconnect
  192. Winter Storm Jonas 22-24 Jan: Cancellations at CLT, DCA, BWI, IAD, PHL, JFK, LGA, EWR
  193. Pay attention to changes when changing flights for your upgrades
  194. Schedule Change - Freedom to Monitor Prices and Rebook?
  195. Fair comp for 9hr mech and lost luggage?
  196. Question about forcing an AA codeshare on QR
  197. lounge strategy for 4 hours at LAX, going to PPT
  198. Award Devaluation Strategy when and where to book?
  199. What's With High "Carrier Imposed Fees" on AA Tickets?
  200. Call from the Past..
  201. Open Skies Earning?
  202. How can I tell which Airbus is which?
  203. LAX Growth Announcement Week of 18 Jan 2016
  204. Film broken on AA IFE: Sound problem on AA's copy of Kubrick's "2001"
  205. AA vs. IB / Iberia comparison: which is better, etc. (consolidated)
  206. What is your favorite AA hub?
  207. AA Mileage Question
  208. is this a valid routing?
  209. All weekend nonstops DCA-TYS cancelled?
  210. Same-day flight change without added cost?
  211. Can't figure out why this routing isn't permitted.
  212. 32b dfw-sfo?
  213. MileSAAver Awards Available on AA.com/EXP Desk Couldn't See Them
  214. Strange Upgrade Day at ORD
  215. Help: Schedule Change on a MilesAAver Award
  216. possible to upgrade to first from coach in 3 classes of service?
  217. Expiring (29 Feb 2016) SWU / VIP giveaway thread [PLEASE READ WIKI!]
  218. uprade using miles within 21 days
  219. Book AA Off-Peak to Europe by 3/22 questions
  220. Upgrade Request - Not Working Correctly
  221. Mileage and segment calculation for same-plane connection (to merge)
  222. BA: GVA-LHR-NCE -- applying Emerald ? (AA ExecPlat status)
  223. Does AA handle BA check in @ PHX?
  224. Downsized aircraft which will not handle all passengers
  225. Hearing other conversations while calling AA
  226. Upgrading to Business Class w Miles
  227. Aadv award routing
  228. TSA Pre-Check / PreCheck Known Traveler program for AA FFs (2016 onwards)
  229. Retiree travel benefits ?
  230. Cancel an Upgrade request?
  231. New Business Class Award Inventory LAX-PVG
  232. How do i price a ticket on the chinese website?
  233. Strange P/A Messages at CDG After Boarding [paging passenger]
  234. JFK-LHE rt: Appealing to the powers for highest value itinerary
  235. Shortchanged on EQMs for paid F on short flights?
  236. Something weird happened on my AA ticket [unexpected TSA PreCheck]
  237. PHL: Sir please put your tagged bags on the carousel. ...???
  238. OP-UPs on BA for AAdv elites
  239. AA Business Class - Lie Flat Changed to Old - AA Advertize All Flights Lie Flat
  240. Guide: Infant / lap child fares & fees for AA travel, including award & upgrades
  241. MIA Baggage Service -"we have one hour...."
  242. Transportation Voucher / vouchers / "MCO" FAQ and master thread
  243. Baggage Agreement AA:AS on Intl trips?
  244. AA Changing Policy on "Pets" on Cabins?
  245. AA flights booked close together
  246. Won 2 Business class tix--where to go
  247. AA schedule changes - free flight change / cancellation / refund (consolidated)
  248. Where does American fly the A330?
  249. How get premium seats with oneworld sapphire status?
  250. Early Upgrade / Before Window Started?