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  1. If one gets off, everybody gets off delayed flight
  2. AA cancelled award segment. Options?
  3. What Happened to ORD-MEX?
  4. Transcon F paid, ended up in regular F
  5. AA & TSA Bringing Automated Screening Lanes and CT to ORD, DFW, LAX, MIA
  6. Confirmed Ticket Says First, Will Be Flying in Coach
  7. Class changed from "Business" to "Shuttle Service" - What does it mean?
  8. EZE: Does AC get crowded before departures? Do planes really sit for 12 hours?
  9. Changes for Biz class checkin at CDG?
  10. Is selling AA miles a good idea? [No]
  11. Is this a sign? [Poor experiences on mid-cons recently]
  12. Int'l flights - document/visa verification at domestic outports
  13. Mileage missing in the "Choose Flights" option
  14. Email Offering MIA Premium Lounge as Alternative
  15. Mis-Informed ExPlat Agents Possibly Costing Me $3500-Any Other Recourse?
  16. Aa9246 / aa9248
  17. Getting to ESB (Ankara, Turkey) with oneworld
  18. AA Award Schedule Change VCE-PHL-DTW, 1st leg missing. Help, please.
  19. Booked a flight, AA says I cancelled it but I did not
  20. How to check reason for flight cancelation
  21. Gross AA passengers
  22. Exit row if you don't speak English?
  23. Employees taking / occupying revenue passenger seats
  24. Can no longer purchase tickets in a different currency?!
  25. Request upgrade for single segment on partner itin
  26. Did surcharges on BA awards go down after the GBP:USD drop?
  27. What Happened to "Program to Date Miles"? (Gone Apr 2016)
  28. Negotiated price for multiple tickets?
  29. Barclay / Barclaycard Aviator MC Promo: 30 or 50% Bonus Miles Q3 2016
  30. Zombie upgrade (upgraded after cancelling itinerary)
  31. Does Elite Mileage Bonus from Status Count for Requalification?
  32. AA automatic rebooking question. Why?
  33. Thinking of leaving AA? Compare FFPs with this spreadsheet
  34. 25K miles for F award in A321T BOS-JFK-LAX
  35. Seat Selection Disappeared - Flight Oversold? If so, what now?
  36. Hainan Airlines unable to issue ticket booked through AA
  37. APU failure and evacuation for AA731 A330-300 at LHR
  38. BAEC Silver - lounge access & luggage while attributing flight to AAdvantage
  39. Standby process question
  40. American Maintenance issues once again
  41. Is it a glitch? The 24hrs HOLD Button is back?
  42. Upgrade to first class IAH to FRA
  43. Speculation: Brexit Effect on AA-BA???
  44. 2 tickets, upgrade and checked bag questions.
  45. AA Pre-Checking PreCheck
  46. New Stroller policy: "to 20 lb / 9 kg" - enforcement?
  47. American Airlines Drops Photographer’s $20,000 Camera Kit
  48. AA suspends service to "35 Canadian cities" (several) late 2016
  49. Awful flight attendant, starts shouting at my girlfriend for a blanket
  50. "Linking" Two Travelers.
  51. AKL, HKG, SYD Business flights get pajamas, mattress pads, new food
  52. Pop up ads!
  53. DCA preposterousness
  54. "Based on your itinerary, you may be eligible for a refund of certain taxes."
  55. Fruit For Delayed Flights
  56. OW partner Award reservation on queue - how long does it take?
  57. Phone agent/ticketing incompetence?
  58. AA award / value
  59. Walking time from BOS B30 AC to Gate B8
  60. C class showing up in AAvantage account for Paid Business
  61. Kindness of an AA Pilot
  62. Can I earn AAdvantage miles on CX or BA and upgrade using Avios or Asia Miles?
  63. Using 24h free cancellation for standby process
  64. Fantastic FRA -DFW Business Miscater - Grand Siecle!
  65. Business Class Awards Tickets to BOM
  66. Does AA Have a New Procedure for Boarding Disabled PAX?
  67. Which Partner Itinerary to use 110K AA Points?
  68. Aisle width?
  69. Jumeirah Hotels an AAdvantage partner?
  70. Boston Globe: AA 1086 JFK Diversion 6/19
  71. Clear in MIA - All AA terminals?
  72. Does AA know who we are based on our posts?
  73. Tip: When using Admirals Club computers, log out and clear everything
  74. Is Loyalty Worth It For Me?
  75. Admirals Club One-Day Pass temporarily not sold at Clubs under renovation
  76. Anyone else reconsidering BA over AA?
  77. We supposed to get more award space after deval?
  78. AA gate to taxi at IAD / Dulles?
  79. One free bottle of wine- JFK-AA gates
  80. Changing arrival airports
  81. AA Pax arrested for abusive sexual contact w/ 13-Year-Old UM Girl on DFW-PDX Flight
  82. Downgraded From Intl Business - No Complaints
  83. Recent changes - AA or BA?
  84. Would you fly first or business on AA 777-200 (777) V1?
  85. exercise at DFW - either at Admirals Club or walking in terminal
  86. Disrespectful to Women in Uniform or am I off Base?
  87. Best way to hold a segment you want in an existing award?
  88. AA127 to Shanghai Failures
  89. Passengers on wrong flight/plane
  90. AC Membership Access to Non-AC Lounges - other than in Lounge Dashboard
  91. GoGo Vision on LUS and non AVOD AA narrowbody aircraft
  92. 150,000 miles purchase Plus 100 K bonus
  93. How long for AA miles to post from Fidelity offer?
  94. what's more valuable, Citi TY points or AAdvantage points
  95. American Airlines changing flight itinerary!!
  96. Website pricing/re-pricing problems past 2 days?
  97. Combined 2017 AA International Meal / Meals - menu / photos / etc. (master thread)
  98. Piece Missing From Wing Flap on Recent AA Flight
  99. Quito UIO to Miami MIA award
  100. Can GLD+companion+lap infant standby for later flight if booked on MileSAAver award?
  101. AA ER4 questions
  102. Price spike to GRU (Sao Paulo, Brasil)?
  103. Does PVG really have a 4-hour MCT?
  104. Cocktails on a domestic flight
  105. Class of service bonus on paid upgrade
  106. What the heck did I just eat?
  107. Heathrow - Dallas on Thursday....change of aircraft question
  108. Wheelchair pax + lounges
  109. Upgrade notified by phone
  110. Will AA ever partner (codeshare) with S7?
  111. ExPlat not being added to domestic airport upgrade list — why?
  112. What happens to companion SWU if I cancel my flight after it clears?
  113. Change a segment after ticket issued within 24 hours - possible?
  114. ARCHIVE: SWU giveaway (strictly freely given - no quid pro quo)
  115. Orange shirts in PHL are out of control
  116. "Bathtub caulk and duct tape" BUF-BOS
  117. Open letter to seat 7E smelly pax on AA365 (ORD-LGA) on 6/12
  118. AA Buy/Gift Miles June 2016 Promo
  119. LAX-SEA: New Route (Non-AS)
  120. Redeeming Citi ThankYou points / earning miles on American Airlines
  121. LAX>PHX terminal 4 or 6 departure roulette wheel
  122. Enjoyed flying out of Termial 6 @LAX. How to more?
  123. Moving to new city, what to do with bookings
  124. Earning AAdvantage from Expedia Fare (to merge)
  125. What happens to unused Snack Basket items?
  126. If you were to bank miles elsewhere ....
  127. Confirmed seats from Corp Travel Agent but ... (Concur vs aa.com)
  128. what are some of the longest AA flights on the ERJ-175?
  129. AA cancelled confirmed tickets on 9W. What are my options?
  130. How to get elite status without flying? (currently impossible)
  131. Is there any reason I should hold onto my paltry amount of AA miles?
  132. AA Citibank credit card $100 flight discount - transferable ?
  133. ARCHIVE: USDOT Grants AA Commercial USA-Cuba Flights (Jun 2016)
  134. The 738's in F--Wow!
  135. How family friendly is AA?
  136. Status match with AF Flying Blue Platinum: any chance to get AA Platinum?
  137. Aa 2219 3/19 mia-sxm
  138. International Business Blankets and Pillows (condition of)
  139. which flight to choose? (TPA-CLT-IAD or TPA-DCA <land> IAD)
  140. Middle Exit Row Vs. Standard Aisle
  141. AA Aircraft Technical, Mechanical etc. "ask" "how it works" (master thread)
  142. Speculation: Will AA and Citi / Barclays cards offer EQD waiver?
  143. AA686 PHX-SFO 6/8 3 planes, 3mx
  144. Merging two paying tickets
  145. Mutli-Itinerary Question: BWI-CLT then CLT-CUN
  146. What is Best way to see gate agent is recognized? Not sure of name
  147. Which airline should I stick to? I'm based on Chicago
  148. Missing Seat Map Button
  149. Separate ticketing / PNR: AA, oneworld, through baggage & protection issues > 2016
  150. Another poor service?? No pasta - "Shut up!" (Daily Mail)
  151. Transit Desk facilities available connecting AA to BA at Toronto / YYZ?
  152. What are AA Platinum Pro Benefits? Are they worth it? (master thread)
  153. Upgrade on one leg of continuing flight?
  154. Should I even bother trying to get Lifetime Plat on AA?
  155. SFO to Lisbon with London stopover Help
  156. Earning EQM, EQD, EQS & Bonus Miles on Japan Airlines / JL / JAL
  157. Aircraft swap from 2-class to 3-class 777
  158. Outrageous "Lowest fare on this flight is Fully Flexible" SAN-CUN, MBJ
  159. Miles plus cash for hotel?
  160. Desperate for help: award ticket change strategy
  161. AA to LA at MIA: bp from AA or check in again?
  162. Platinum upgrade % ?
  163. any difference AA flight operated by JAL?
  164. AA 109
  165. $35 Airport Service Fee when only option to purchase tickets - unfair?
  166. Has there ever been a DFW to LGB route?
  167. CNX to DEN Using AA
  168. Which airline to check in with?
  169. Speculation: What will be the abbreviation for Platinum Pro?
  170. GUIDE: Earning EQD / Elite Qualifying Dollars on AA & partner airlines (as of 2019)
  171. JUST THE FACTS: EQD, status tier, other changes announced 6 Jun 2016
  172. REACTION, DISCUSSION: EQD, status tier, upgrade changes as of 6 Jun 2016
  173. ARCHIVE: Speculation about upcoming changes tba 6 Jun 2016
  174. Is there any way I can get CX BP on AA stock at LAX (to get Precheck)?
  175. Domestic business class on old LAA 772?
  176. Trade tickets with stranger at boarding gate?
  177. Capacity madness to EZE?
  178. Airbus 32Q / A321neo densified w/ 196 seats as of 2019
  179. "Renovated" Lounge at SCL- More LIES from AA
  180. AA (LUS) Regional Bombardier DHC-8-300 / Dash 8 (merged threads)
  181. Why not use better IT and artificial intelligence to reduce human agent mistakes?
  182. Booked onto an invisible flight
  183. Stay with AA or Start with BA
  184. AA mobile app issuing me other travelers' boarding passes
  185. Changing dates - fare difference?
  186. AA 737 MAX 8 SSW / 7M8 aircraft in service Nov 2017 (discussion)
  187. Man gets on his knees to beg for timely wheelchair assistance
  188. ARCHIVE: DL to offer all IFE for free to all pax. Will AA follow?
  189. 2 PNR's and Weather IRROPS
  190. Does changing seat assigning constitute accepting changed itinerary?
  191. EWR -> SFO/SJC Business class 25k
  192. SFO->Maldives using AA miles
  193. check in online / OLCI: check bags next day?
  194. No Notification on Changes
  195. AA upgrades for sale on EBay
  196. AA lies to passengers: rolling delays and false departure times
  197. Breaking up a reservation
  198. AAward: Fly PSP/DFW/JFK A321 out of SFO/JFK with AS segment?
  199. Least desirable Routes / more seat availability?
  200. LAX: Contract staff check bags and BP pre-TSA screening
  201. Demons - Booking/upgrade issues
  202. "AA customer service bonus": 20k?
  203. Can multiple searches on the same itinerary trigger price increase?
  204. Bad news coming for AA EQM this summer (unsubstantiated rumor)
  205. MIA ground crew can't deliver gate checked bags to gate
  206. Advice on changing to AAdvantage
  207. Int'l / Domestic Award Flight Change - Need Opinions
  208. Credit card travel insurance that covers AA awards?
  209. Terrible Priority Check in agent at LAS
  210. aa.com "bargains" -- only 2 seats left! (Ultra high pricing)
  211. Able to switch to earlier BA flight mid-trip? Award Ticket
  212. Help. AA Delayed Flight they accomodated my companion but not me (bought together?)
  213. When can and can't you deplane?
  214. AA not playing well with JJ-coded flights? (Fixed)
  215. AA Acronyms / abbreviation not found in FT Glossary
  216. Had a medical emergency... Missed my flight... What to do?
  217. Is AA doing away with the 'AA' in names "brAAnding"?
  218. Agent canceled my award reservation by mistake and AA refused to fix it
  219. How to get precheck on domestic boarding pass if originating abroad on non-AA flight?
  220. Changing AA Reservations by phone. Costs?
  221. Are AA's angled flat J seats flatter than normal? (To merge)
  222. Aer Lingus (EI) flights on aa.com (May 2016)
  223. Admirals Club Rates Up; 30 Day Memberships End (25 Jul 2016)
  224. EY, QR, 9W or GF for AA award to India?
  225. Guide: Child “car” seat or safety restraint / harness on AA (not OK in oblique seats)
  226. Protection / Protect on later flight gone?
  227. Redeye Meals (non-premium domestic First)
  228. Worst AA Experience of All time? (Cancel, delay, lost bags)
  229. Can I login to my AA account and book ticket for others?
  230. Early check-in at SXM?
  231. AA or BA Metal Between LAX-LHR (for Business class)
  232. Speculation: More flights to/from OAK / Oakland, California airport?
  233. ICAO designator AWI - still used?
  234. AA web site not price competitive
  235. Can only change / Cancel AA.com fares and not aa.co.uk
  236. New to miles award- AA flight combinations
  237. AA offers match / challenge for lapsed or "close" previous elites (May 2016)
  238. Travel with four others -- how best to book these tickets?
  239. Advice -Miami Airport | Domestic Travel Connection | Global Entry Interview in Middle
  240. Online Check-In for International-Question
  241. No Stowage Inside 737-800 Arm Rest
  242. Can I add my AB gold card to my AA reservation while crediting miles to BA?
  243. Friday Fun: AA Imploding old HQ (20 May 2016)
  244. Can AA check me in for a flight on China Southern Airlines flight?
  245. OneWorld Emerald Upgraded (on Avios award - to merge)
  246. Receipt for cancelled award
  247. Y-UP Fares to Latin America Flight Restrictions
  248. Use of Standby Crew to Board
  249. Will CLT be downsized as a hub? [Speculation]
  250. Is Eagle flying to Panama City (PTY) AA 4434