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  1. Booking award tickets before marriage & rtw trip
  2. What is going on with PHL-BOS? [passenger and traffic increase]
  3. (Misreading) EF says yes, TA and aa.com say no
  4. Unrefunded fees & taxes: procedures, chargeback, small claims court?
  5. Buying tickets just for TSA Pre [AA fraudulent booking]
  6. Only 1 Ticket Left - Buying 2
  7. LAX - Walkway opened from T4 to Tom Bradley
  8. Why do Domestic Admirals Clubs have such limited food in comparison to International?
  9. Exploratory Travel PNR & Put on Hold - Despite Not Actually Completing Booking
  10. Will American Airlines lend miles?
  11. 737 - 738 Aircraft Swap Seat assignment issues
  12. AA Flight 85D?
  13. Gems du jour from the AA EXP line
  14. Award both ways to India vs award one way for more $
  15. Need advice about AA responsibility for missed flight and baggage fiasco
  16. 10K EQMs for 40K spend--on top of Gold status?
  17. AA upgrade without request..... but charged me 500 mile upgrades for it
  18. Same ticket number on date change instead of exchange ticket number?
  19. Use my AA credit card to buy brothers ticket, do I get double miles
  20. PDF Timetable
  21. Someone used my email to register at aa.com, I now get their check-in info
  22. (Is this a) Refundable Ticket
  23. checking in luggage early - how early?
  24. Baggage fee when first carrier is not AA, but AS
  25. Any tips/routes for redeeming AA miles for aspirational awards before March deadline
  26. Pay more if you want to earn miles or EQM: AA codeshares vs. BA flight numbers?
  27. Restrictions/Limitations to tickets issued with Citi TY points or Membership Rewards?
  28. Discount Codes
  29. Holidays fare to Mexico (seem high currently - buy or wait?)
  30. AA marketed EY operated flight: if I upgrade w/EY miles, will I still earn on AA?
  31. How long did it take to transfer your hotel points to AAdvantage Miles?
  32. Rude American Eagle FA
  33. AA 1540 (4/21 in particular) SFO-MIA: Lie flats?
  34. DFW-LGA Schedule Oddity - 2 am flights?
  35. Pretty bad experience with AA in HK (denied boarding)
  36. American Airlines 737 First Class seatbelt.
  37. Best possible use of a single SWU?
  38. Does AA codeshare ever match AS fare sales?
  39. Strange Overhead Bin/Cabin Door Close Policy
  40. Earn AA miles with Sprint - new activation 25,000 miles (Feb 2016)
  41. Quito-Dallas A319 Business Class
  42. A32B w/ FC side seat laptop stowage plugged up
  43. New vendor for mixed nuts (domestic AA) [Feb 2016]
  44. Award ticket: What if AA flight misses connection to Etihad?
  45. ticket number changed for award ticket on CX - to merge
  46. AA award schedule change -> overnight connection???
  47. 26 people waiting for upgrade and first class went out with an open seat
  48. If AA had such big growth at JFK, why is it so empty (@ mid day) today?
  49. Nearly half of AA112 (MIA-BCN) EXP
  50. Circumventing 30 day exclusion for buying miles?
  51. Meal(s) in Econ DFW-EZE???
  52. On flights departing at 8:30 PM - are they not supposed to have the snack tray?
  53. Is checking for SWUs on AA.com broken
  54. misleading info from FA, re tight intl connection
  55. AA award flight to Fiji - cyclone Winston
  56. Bought DL flight to avoid misconnect, how to claim reimbursement?
  57. Free alternative to expert flyer? How I got my award tickets in 3 days without it.
  58. Options to South America 2 (SWU/Routing, etc.)
  59. Can I fly to Thailand on American Airline Miles?
  60. No PNR / No Confirmation Email / No Miles Deducted For Award Flight
  61. DFW to NRT 1st Class ?
  62. Baggage / luggage delivery delay, accuracy, issues
  63. creative ways of giving away one SWU at gate
  64. Award booking phone agent
  65. Morning PHL-LHR Flight back in January 2017
  66. $4000 cheaper biz class out of ORD vs DFW
  67. Anyone use https://carhotel.useaamiles.com/?
  68. Frustrating Priority Check In experience
  69. Japan or Cathay regional in coach - EQM and best connection
  70. What's going on with AA 321 ORD-MIA today (2/20)
  71. International / long haul / transoceanic upgrade: worth it?
  72. Way to book AA flights to Japan but JAL back to us?
  73. How many different exits are there at Nashville airport for American airlines
  74. ORD Concourse G Blocked Briefly 1 PM Friday (19 Feb 2016)
  75. Crossfleeting Example: EWR will have 20 738 flights a day in May
  76. AA adds PHX-RDM starting June 2
  77. FF Award Flying to Auckland: top this
  78. The Pervasive P Bucket Fare
  79. can i get AA gold (hilton promo) if i fly ENOUGH Sri Lanka airlines
  80. Can I do online check in with AA while Qantas already issued boarding pass ?
  81. West Coast US to Warsaw (=<2 layovers) w/o Fees - Possible?
  82. Mileage Award Mix Match Question (SAAver + AAnytime)
  83. Why check-in early for a flight?
  84. Would you rather fly a domestic 3 class 777 as EXP or spend time at DFW Centurion Lng
  85. They Don't Know What Kind of A319 it is at the Gate; boarding chaos.
  86. Improvement pojects, volunteers: new AA wiki, seat maps, fleet & hub guides, etc.
  87. standby on multi-leg journey
  88. Loads on AA105
  89. Where have the AA flight sales gone? Over?
  90. Flagship Dining coming to JFK, DFW (expanded), LAX, and MIA
  91. Can I ignore AA's email or will they cancel my flight? [JFK MCT issue]
  92. Rumor: new elite level(s) and low-fare product details coming
  93. DFW-HKG why not midnight departure?
  94. HNL from PHX or LAX - upgrade strategy
  95. Systemwide upgrades-equipment change
  96. AA and FC changes
  97. Aircraft Change A330 to 767-300 on PHL to ZRH
  98. ARCHIVE: 2016-2017 Admirals Club, Flagship Lounge & Dining Changes, Renovations
  99. Best time to book domestic first class PHL to LAX
  100. whoa schedule changes!
  101. ARCHIVE: Domestic SDFC / SDC /CFC Same Day Confirmed Flight Change
  102. Downgraded from F to BIZ on domestic 2 weeks before flight
  103. Downgrade likelihood
  104. Reservations and related problems aa.com 16 Feb 2016 - to merge
  105. Award availability varies between OW or RT?
  106. What tool do you use to search for paid multi-city itineraries
  107. AA 729 PHL-SEA cancelled Sunday (Feb 21)?
  108. Direct turn / same-day turnaround in China
  109. After the mileage redemption devaluation, which is better AA or BA?
  110. Problems calling EXP line using skype through VPN in Saudi
  111. AA seat assignment loss / change / glitch / problem / FAM (master thread)
  112. Extremely Cheap ARN - SFO Fares
  113. What happens if I miss an award flight?
  114. AA sues, settles w/ Gogo over Internet WiFi service (Feb 2016)
  115. Downgraded hours before flight PHX-DCA 498 (Feb 15, 2016)
  116. Using Miles to Upgrade from Full Coach
  117. To the guy who gave up his First seat for me DFW-LAX this morning
  118. QF, CX, or JL in F?
  119. How to find full fare / Upgrading with miles
  120. Non-refundable multiple tickets questions
  121. Tried to cancel Citi Mastercard, was told I would forfeit miles
  122. Change in price at booking?
  123. Choosing seat on alaska flight when booked through American Award?
  124. Snack in First Class - is this the norm?
  125. Miles earned from paid LFB upgrades?
  126. Ineptitude from beginning to end a business class journey
  127. Pax medical emergency next to me in domestic F [to merge]
  128. Award ticket question
  129. DCA Admirals Club wifi sends me to Google Canada
  130. Different service standards / lounge access on red-eyes in F
  131. Musings on "Chicken or Pasta"
  132. Getting miles reinstated - for canceled award?
  133. No Wonder AA is so profitable [fully flex first class fare price]
  134. Asked to repack 50.8 lb bag
  135. Umbrella Strollers delivered back to jetway?
  136. Involuntary seat change at gate - allegedly to favor an EXP
  137. AAdvantage credit for BA / British part pay with Avios (consolidated)
  138. Split milage crediting between AA und BA?
  139. How are AA award flights from SYD to BRU / Brussels routed
  140. Will US Take Flight cert earn AAdvantage miles?
  141. AA and PS, SU interline questions - to merge
  142. Missed connection due to Airline Fault [hotel accommodation - to merge]
  143. EU to UVF in F. 3 award seats zero availability? (To merge)
  144. Family trip to India from LHR - how to be smart with my AA miles
  145. Frustration trying to use BusinessExtra Upgrades to Hawaii
  146. For FLT 64 JFK-ZRH 2/10 CBP agents in passageway
  147. Which departure lounge should I go to at LHR with AA F ticket?
  148. AAdvantage EQM Issue
  149. AA Miles Shown vs Earned vs LUS vs UA
  150. Is it really necessary to arrive at MDE 180 minutes before departure?
  151. Aircraft downgauged; NOT downgraded on award ticket
  152. Use Chase Ultimate Rewards points for non-elite ticket, link AA PNR with elite flyer?
  153. do i need to let CSR know I want voluntary downgrade?
  154. New AA Gold from UA--Comparisons
  155. Why do AA use widebody / flat beds on short runs etc? [reposition, etc,]
  156. Lounge access
  157. Standby question - what happens if you don't show?
  158. DFW to Paris Service [772 First]
  159. First Time AA Points User Here
  160. AA Online Booking Not Working-"Please resubmit your request. (15079 - 421)"
  161. Issue Return International Boarding Pass in Advance; Return is via Separate AA Ticket
  162. Possible to use stickers to upgrade when standing by for a flight?
  163. Quick advice welcome: Simple AA award F versus unwieldy JL award F?
  164. New AA Partnership with Uber
  165. Flight cancelled for light load; AA claim weather reason
  166. Checking in/connect times/alternate airport [checking baggage through]
  167. Getting more cities and layovers for LAX to DPS or CGK
  168. Can't access reservation on aa.com
  169. Denied Hotel Reimbursement -- Options?
  170. Can my friend use my AAdvantage # to give me miles?
  171. Award Ticket to Asia now (pre devaluation) or wait
  172. help please i am getting an error message
  173. AA Elite Renewal Web Page Problem
  174. Clarification on the 331 days out award rule
  175. Unable to check in online (merged posts)
  176. Admirals Club Specials
  177. Key West/Miami Connection times?
  178. Using Aadvantage Miles/copayment for transpacific upgrade
  179. New standby cutoff time as of 14 Jan 2016?
  180. Dumb question (AA mileage earning on Qantas)
  181. Are 500-mile upgrades supposed to be canceled once SWU is applied?
  182. Lax-nrt 777
  183. Can someone get EXP through the ticket buyer?
  184. Etihad upgrade and AA ticket
  185. Announcing credit card aboard when pax busy, sleeping, etc. (discussion)
  186. Options for canceling one segment of paid itinerary
  187. 2017 MileSAAver Awards Disappear, Unavailable [AAnytime now back]
  188. Qantas / QF & AA consider reciprocal upgrades
  189. AA cabin class and lavatory use policy (consolidated)
  190. Changing or Undoing Upgrade Instruments
  191. why offer BOB fresh meals?
  192. Involuntary schedule cancellation Award ticket
  193. Do FA's know your credit card was declined?
  194. Aircraft downgauged; Denied boarding on an award ticket
  195. Change Fee to change class?
  196. Award Travel Change/Upgrade Question
  197. Can AA change route (3 segs to 2) on award itinerary?What happens to fuel surcharges?
  198. ARCHIVE: AA Boarding Priority, Order and Related Issues through 28 Feb 2017
  199. I can't view / trouble viewing my itineraries on aa.com
  200. Retain original status benefits for flights booked prior to 1 March? (consolidated)
  201. Prevent duplicate booking from cancelling
  202. Question re: EXP Status Qualification for Flying Using Amex MR Points
  203. How to extend AA deadline and hold OW awards for a month?
  204. Transit in DFW or CLT
  205. Connections In Boston
  206. AA Arrivals Lounge Access on SWU C-Class Fare (sitting in Business)
  207. Change fee for cancelling outbound flight?
  208. AA DUB-CLT and DUB-PHL Aircraft
  209. Just made plat. How to push to BA reservations?
  210. AA to Build 5 New Gates in Concourse L at ORD [by 2018]
  211. Flying Tomorrow, Super Bowl Options In Flight?
  212. Flying via JFK vs MIA
  213. Online Check In PEK
  214. O,Q,N fares not filed on some MIA routings
  215. I missed my status. Do I change programs?
  216. Family-friendly Forward Cabins?
  217. Long ago announced aircraft refurbs...will they ever happen?
  218. Class of service upgrade for award ticket on the day of departure
  219. Booking problem on AA when paying with a different currency?
  220. American Airlines 5 Star Service
  221. Rebooking due to IRROPS - how much leeway do I get?
  222. Award ticket booked in one account/ticketed in another...
  223. Book J on AA or hope seats open on CX or JAL?
  224. AA - Compass E75 / ERJ-175 seating and discussion (consolidated)
  225. crediting miles rules - question
  226. AA F to Europe?
  227. Schedule Change Email
  228. Minneapolis and AA: 2 Questions
  229. Same flight nbr and two segs problem
  230. No One at AA Could Explain What I Eventually Figured Out On My Own
  231. Silent dropping / non-ticketing of reservation w/LAN segments?
  232. F cheaper than Y
  233. Does American ever take away upgrade?
  234. Compass/Eagle catering---- ecchhhh!
  235. What would you do? Flight attendant body check moved me backwards one or two feet
  236. Good fare MSP to SJU, Biz Class?
  237. incorrect taxes
  238. Suggestions from AA elites re my move to Hyde Park- Midway ok?
  239. Oil prices and the MD-80
  240. seatmap on app?
  241. Connecting flight in different reservations
  242. Access to AC during domestic connection en route to Intl flight?
  243. JFK-??? n/s city pair suggestion?
  244. What a poor customer de-centric company American is [schedule change issues]
  245. how and why am I getting upgraded as a gold?
  246. Route Question DFW-PVG or LAX-DFW
  247. 2016 aa.com buy / gift miles bonus promos (consolidated)
  248. Should i bet on lax-nrt cancellation?
  249. Incorrect 500-Mile Upgrade Withdrawal
  250. AA J or CX J on 77W?