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  1. Valid Award Routing? (KEF-LHR-MAD-LHR <RON>LHR-AMS)
  2. This guy’s feet were on our to be shared Admirals Club table
  3. 1.5 hours in DFW A Concourse - worthwhile going to Flagship Lounge in D?
  4. No change fee to change ticket (?)
  5. Flexible fares 7x the cost of non-refundable?
  6. PreCheck not on my mobile BP despite GE number being in reservation
  7. Baggage allowance for AA award on Etihad?
  8. Does AA have the best Premium Economy to South America?
  9. AA and AS relationship becomes further reduced; awards end 3/2020
  10. Which do you prefer? Connect via ORD or DFW?
  11. A modest proposal to improve the boarding situation
  12. due to weather, agent rebooked me to wrong airport 7900 miles away, should I fly?
  13. AA customer relations does not receive calls
  14. SWU on open jaw booking/multicity
  15. upgrade options with no status
  16. free (regular) economy seat selection
  17. AA & Weather Waivers
  18. Partner award reservation (LA) — On Request for ages, now canceled
  19. DFW to Europe - Question on high fares booking short trips
  20. Get on Diverted Flight?
  21. Need help with AA refund
  22. Premium economy vs main cabin extra
  23. AA adds XNA-PHL, XNA-MIA
  24. What Can You Do if an AAgent Misinforms You?
  25. Alaska / AS award on AA allowing upgrade
  26. Transfer Miles Between American and Hawaiian Airlines? (no)
  27. AA Premium Economy w/ Connection on Partner Airline charged as two awards?
  28. RDU-HAN or BKK-RDU ( More In Demand Award)?
  29. "Ticket Number entered is not valid for Business Extra Credit"
  30. Systemwide Upgrade help
  31. Help with a domestic flight in first with infant booked using AVIOS
  32. American Airlines history: TWA L-1011 TriStar and its premiere
  33. DFW A - Au Bon Pain gone (to merge)
  34. Underage (under 18) Admirals Club lounge access
  35. CZ-AA separate ticket baggage limits
  36. How does AA calculate award miles? (to merge)
  37. BA changed departure time but AA doesn't see it?
  38. Need Advice on Seat Assignment Problem ORD BCN
  39. What is up with AA's LAX Service to Hawaii? (Delays)
  40. AA flights with no air conditioning on ground becoming regular occurrence?
  41. AA 2633 14 July 2019 - Cancellation: anyone know why? (to merge)
  42. AA Million Miler Doesn’t Reward Long Term Loyalty... Learn From My Mistake
  43. Flying from SJU on Seaborne as an AA codeshare
  44. Booking BA r/t between AA r/t
  45. Getting to Colombia from London Economically
  46. Planes not on the website
  47. Econonmy Web Special - Great value
  48. Booking British Airways via American - pricing question
  49. Lost reservation but have ticket number
  50. Houston HOU vs IAH experience
  51. Do you exercise your priority boarding when arriving late at the gate?
  52. Platinum Status Purchase Offer
  53. AA/BA - India Lack of AA Marketed Flights Availability?
  54. Flying AA Long Haul as BAEC Gold Card
  55. BA / British schedule change, AA codeshare not updated
  56. Motto reminiscence: “We Are More Than an Airline”
  57. Intl to Domestic connection in LIM and baggage
  58. Will I be charged for baggage if I use my frequent flyer miles to/from Mexico?
  59. Why is AA twice as expensive TATL?
  60. AA 991/992 LAX-EZE-LAX Loads?
  61. AA cancelled an industry-worst 7,500 flights this summer
  62. Number of AA Business seats
  63. Gold Member traveling with 5 others: baggage allowance?
  64. Premium Economy Awards booking
  65. NEED ADVICE: Cancelled flight and additional expenses
  66. Award Travel books into Y?
  67. Codeshare AA-BA service issues
  68. AA award flight available on BA but not as milesaaver on AA.com
  69. 0-mile "Award" issued for future paid flight?
  70. No more sundae on premium transcon?
  71. Rebooking after schedule change - how much leeway to expect
  72. Confirmed Ticket in Z, AA is claiming BA cancelled ticket
  73. AA FAs tell doctor her clothing is offensive, must cover self with blanket
  74. Last Minute Award Flight, Uncertain Date - Options?
  75. Will AA rebook if delay breaks MCT? (LAX-PHX-SFO flight)
  76. EQD from Barclay CC not counting toward upgrade priority?
  77. Colombia Departure Tax on an AAdvantage award ticket on Iberia
  78. How does Parker still have a job?
  79. Using Citi Reduced Mileage Benefit on Web Saver Awards
  80. London LHR T3 best departure lounge for AA fliers?
  81. Involuntary Downgrade Biz -> Main Cabin in Paid J
  82. Consolidated “Goodbye, Cruel Airline” / done with AA thread
  83. AA flat bed seat service to Hawaii?
  84. Crazy Pricing
  85. Mileage Run Help for EQDs on AAdvantage
  86. need advice - notification from AA Corporate Security
  87. Use more miles for J awards or pay max baggage fees?
  88. Business Class on 787 MIA to CUN
  89. Best Way to Fly in F To SJU
  90. American Airlines Combined Incident / Emergency Thread
  91. Request for receipts AA, AY, BA bought from OTA - nobody issuing
  92. Schedule Change and Rerouting Help - LAX to NRT
  93. Combining two award bookings?
  94. Web Special Award Question
  95. GUIDE: American Airlines & Admirals Club Benefits, Lounge Access w/ Fiji Airways
  96. AAs schedule change but outstanding service
  97. Award fees can not be paid with gift card
  98. How SWA flies to Dallas vs. AA- They say a picture is worth a thousand words (humor)
  99. Question about EQD Basic Econ, Partners, and PHX (need 75 EQD)
  100. Add a Name to a Plane - AA Campaign with Stand Up To Cancer
  101. Redemption flight to be missed due to delays
  102. Multi City IRROP and Baggage Check Policy?
  103. Denied access with Citi Executive card at ATH partner lounge
  104. Safety Issues (What to do)
  105. Does AA Oversell / Block Seats Prem Econ DFW-OGG, unassigned seats 6 days out
  106. need miles reinstated but AA keeps denying call!
  107. Implications of Delta competing on MIA-BOS route
  108. Website issues .ie and .de
  109. Does the transfer fee for transferring AA miles count as AA spend for bonus ?
  110. Upgrade with Miles (easier from PE? to merge)
  111. Treated Inappropriately on AA Because of Late Flight
  112. American keeps dropping a flight from a held itinerary (resolved)
  113. Multiple Awards on one PNR?
  114. MEX-LAX via DFW American Airlines In Aug, help!
  115. HNL MCT AA connect to Hawaiian (intra-island, separate tickets)
  116. When will AA Upgrade the Award Search Tool With Partners?
  117. rewards redemptions
  118. SAAver Award inventory exists but can’t be ticketed
  119. Special AA elite price---car rental
  120. Trouble checking-in for connecting flight
  121. Can I get point bonuses from both a CitiBusiness card AND from Citi new checking?
  122. Is Share Miles working right now?
  123. Did AA Give Free WiFi to All Passengers on PHX-ANC-PHX A321neo?
  124. Wyndham to AA miles
  125. AA agent changed my SWU request into miles and cleared it right away
  126. AA ticket booked with BA Avios, system error w/ 2 record #s, bags cant check thru
  127. Checked Luggage - GOT-LHR-MIA, BA to AA
  128. How do I manage this? (Separate ticket AA TUS-PHX to BA PHX-LHR)
  129. PE Upgrading to Biz on BA using AA miles
  130. How to get a specific routing (AKA perhaps I am an idiot)
  131. Citi AAdvantage Cards: Major Reductions as of 22 Sep 2019
  132. AA ? Is this the norm (baggage delivery times, meal options)
  133. Light load flight? (YOW-PHL (AA 4854) Aug 5)
  134. PHX-LHR - BA or AA for Economy Class
  135. adding TPE - HKG to existing HKG - DOH - FRA award, possible?
  136. Most EQM without hitting EXP EQD requirement?
  137. What Food to Expect? (LHR-PHX daytime Business)
  138. Can I reassign AA as my credited program after flying a BA flight I earned Avios on?
  139. AA flight delayed // changing itinerary dates
  140. AA222 LGA-ORD Diverted to MKE - "No gates available at ORD"
  141. AA Site Not Showing Lowest Fares
  142. Are the Unions or weather or non rev pax causing problems
  143. ATC Can't Handle any Flights out of DFW?
  144. Business Class Qantas Milesaaver Flights
  145. Day pass to the Admirals Club with minors?
  146. AMS Business Flight Canceled - Questions
  147. AA 658, LAX to PHL diverted to ORD 6/22?
  148. Hawaii Premium Economy upgrade surprises: bait & switch & upgrade
  149. Would appreciate clarification on Award Travel expectations and availability on AA...
  150. If I miss connection on award ticket, what happens?
  151. Even AA delay notifications are delayed
  152. AA Website question - resetting my home airport (to merge)
  153. Hypothetical Crazy Reroute...Possible? (JFK-LHR-AUS)
  154. Overnight layover and checked baggage (to merge)
  155. Booking CDG-SFO Award Travel with Overnight Connection at JFK
  156. Best oneworld Alliance Partner to book AA flights
  157. Award flight cancelled forcing a short transfer
  158. Never flying AA again / AA is horrid / I hate AA (consolidated 2019)
  159. Chicken Leg? A new low for 77W F LHR-MIA
  160. Connecting Two AA Tickets for Baggage Transfer
  161. Deterioration of treatment of elites during irregular operations?
  162. Fare Rules Not Available After Putting a Flight on Hold
  163. AA Orders 50 Airbus A321XLR at 2019 Paris Airshow
  164. How many times can you be delayed, fail standby? - AA SFO-PVD ordeal
  165. AA Refundable Fare Cancellation Needs Review?
  166. Baggage on combined paid/award travel
  167. MileSAAver award flight changed - Will not rebook me into earlier service
  168. CLT-LHR A330 business class jan 20 2020 - improvements?
  169. Nonrefundable seat upgrade charges when award flight canceled
  170. Follow Capt. Blane Henderson Through 40 Years Flying AA
  171. Admirals Club Membership $650 starting 1 Nov 2019 (CLOSED)
  172. The C.R. Smith MemoriAAl comedy threAAd
  173. 1099-INT from Citi for Promo AA miles?
  174. Irony of the day (AA meal vouchers no good in Admirals Club)
  175. Bang & Olufsen H9i NR Headset Discussion, Issues (master thread)
  176. Am I entitled to any (partial) refund?
  177. Moving to BNA from Chicago, stick with AA or???
  178. DFW-KEF 6-16-2019 cancelled crew “issues”
  179. Weird AA Delay Today: LAS-JFK
  180. Upgrade: 72 Hours Before Flights and Open 1st Class Seats
  181. $99 Companion Certificate Worth Anything?
  182. Gate Agent “couldn’t” add us upgrade list. Is there a deadline, or gate agent issue?
  183. need 30 aadvantage miles quick
  184. Can’t believe AA policy (award difficulties)
  185. Why pay for Premium Economy when you can get it for free ?
  186. WiFi on all AA transatlantic Boeing 757?
  187. Booked BA Award Flight on AA / AA Free Gold Status Offer
  188. Where's the Revenue Based Redemptions when I need one?!
  189. AA-Marketed, BA-Operated: Same Day Flight Change?
  190. AA Voucher for $200 that I cannot use
  191. Is AA safe? Do US airlines really endanger passengers to save money?
  192. Disappearing MileSAAver / award inventory 15 June 2019 [consolidated]
  193. two separate tickets scheduled for same day
  194. Can you change your AA number?
  195. Overbooking question
  196. AA international milesaaver ticket, last leg AS (Alaska), can standby?
  197. No AAdvantage customer support on weekends
  198. Showing AAdvantage Miles for Future Trip
  199. Award ticket missed BA F connection, rerouted to AA, downgraded to J
  200. Crew hotel in Tokyo
  201. AA Status Benefits With oneworld marketed / codeshare or ticket on AA metal?
  202. Flight Changes... No notice - and impossible flights.
  203. Seating question on AA flight (exit row, piggy back, Infant baby)
  204. Codeshare ticketing snafu - BA/AA/IB
  205. How early to start managing possible misconnect?
  206. horrible experience with GA in TPA airport
  207. American Airlines Not Letting Me Check-In Online
  208. No denied boarding compensation if reserved overhead bin space is unavailable
  209. Upgrade procedure quick question ASAP please
  210. FA Training on Regionals?
  211. AAdvantage 5 day award hold, then ticketing (Paying) then canceling within 24 hours
  212. FA funnies (ice hammer “impact adjustment “ on drink tray)
  213. How to check if upgraded ticket has been re-issued?
  214. AA problems are becoming tougher to fix when there is a lack of buy in
  215. Overbooking compensation on AA
  216. Price discrepancy: APP vs AA.com
  217. Best Language For Refund Request and Compensation for Downgrade
  218. Combine BA and AA bookings?
  219. Reservations line redirected?
  220. Buying AA Miles: Is the June 2019 Sale Worth It?
  221. RJ-170 (Alaska SkyWest) AA flight - no seat details available
  222. Using miles costs more than cash price?? (AA Award on BA)
  223. International Flagship First Class Experience (HND-LAX)
  224. BOS-LAX Flight diverted...and that's it? (Removed pax at STL)
  225. Rudeness and incompetence on EXP line endorsing ticket to UA
  226. Flight attendant fills overhead bin with personal items, rude to passenger
  227. Flight Cancelled, Downgraded to Y
  228. Terrible Experience at LAX, Unable to Apply Upgrades, Told to Take Another Flight
  229. AA Codeshare in AS Metal: AS PNR, Seat Seletion, EP Benefit, Lounge Access, etc.
  230. Doug Parker Wikipedia Page Profile, Photo Altered
  231. Award ticket on "subject to government approval" route
  232. Which are AA's miles transfer partners?
  233. AA cancels flight at OKC , DL brings in plane for 41 student group
  234. AA schedule change
  235. What does Flagship* mean?
  236. LAX-PHL AA 1799 6/8 Status?
  237. Same Day Award Flight Changes
  238. Using the new and old award search on AA
  239. AA delayed flight +22hrs = only hotel refund, no food costs?
  240. AA.com not taking my Credit Card
  241. AA in Phoenix (3 hour mechanical delay)
  242. Can I add a companion to an existing PNR?
  243. Round--The-World Award Mileage Redemption
  244. Amex Platinum vs Citi AA card?
  245. American Caught Fibbing
  246. Delay reason for 1465. Yvr-phx. June 5
  247. AA136 - The engine cowling is missing and we fly - no, finally we won't fly (04/06)
  248. Mileage Run Newbie Needs help calculating EQMs (to merge)
  249. Flight cancelled/rescheduled mid-trip, AA refusing to deliver checked bag to home
  250. 8-hour layover at LAX, do I need to re-check bags?