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  1. AA made us repurchase our tickets. Refusing to refund. Options?
  2. Citi vs. Barclays
  3. Help with booking lie flat for two DFW-LIH
  4. More proof PHL gate agents don’t care
  5. Using AA for HNL-PPG (Pago Pago, Am. Samoa) Award on HA
  6. Best route back from SCL (Chile) to USA using AA award miles
  7. Awesome service PHL-MAN - not!
  8. Veterans Advantage discount, trigger "Special Fare"?
  9. Newbie question (to merge)
  10. AA flight delay with misinformation
  11. Changing Flight date AA without change fee?
  12. Best time to book flights on AA?
  13. Flight Attendant Unrestrained in Seat for Landing
  14. Partnership with Qatar back on or fight is done
  15. Possibly missing my flight - Can my partner still fly?
  16. Upgrade Lists Available T-8 Hours February 25, 2020
  17. Same day upgrades?
  18. AA Premium Economy fare only available on oneworld partner
  19. American Airlines & Qatar Announce Codeshare Partnership + AA Exploring DOH Flights
  20. None priority baggage in business
  21. AA Leaving Duluth, MN (DLH) April 27, 2020
  22. Change Award routing with schedule change on intermediate leg?
  23. AA too cheap to pay for priority lane at BDL
  24. Is it possible to book an award ticket "wholly within Fiji" for 5k miles?
  25. just a few bucks shy of meeting EQD requirements and upfaring
  26. Can you cancel 1 person on family trip
  27. Probably going to miss flight, best strategies?
  28. AA to QR connection: BOS or PHL?
  29. AA Mishandled & Lost More Baggage in 2019...
  30. ARCHIVE: HELP DESK: Earning Elite Qualifying EQD, EQM & Award / RDM AA, Partners
  31. ARCHIVE: HELP DESK: Earning Elite Qualifying EQD, EQM & Award / RDM AA, Partners
  32. New AA transplant questions
  33. delay compensation for 2016 flight USA-EU (to merge)
  34. Any details on the AA-GOL tie up?
  35. AC messed up our flight due to SSSS mistake
  36. Is this a "fake" Flagship First ticket?
  37. Change in award ticket question (to merge)
  38. Speculation: Why didn’t AA buy the A220?
  39. Unavailable Routing
  40. Meal Pre-select comes 11 March 2020 to Regional First
  41. award sfo to jfk bc saaver vs aanytime - which “guarantees” next flight seat?
  42. Questions about my award booking
  43. KOA-LAX snack changed to lunch but no pre-order?
  44. Admirals Club chaos & overcrowding in EZE / Buenos Aires
  45. Booking Via Ultimate Rewards (Expedia)
  46. Building itinerary with Google Flights, but aa.com won't price it
  47. FCO-PHL on AA - Lounge Options in Rome
  48. Upgrading Award flight on AA
  49. EXP Charged for a third checked bag CUR- MIA; this correct? (to merge)
  50. BOS-NYC, interesting alternative to AA shuttle
  51. Should I pay $900/£690 to upgrade to business class?
  52. Available Tool: EQM/EQD Calculator (spreadsheet)
  53. JFK Flagship Lounge "Quiet Room"
  54. DFW-NRT upgrading to 773 / 77W (Feb 2020 at this time)
  55. Did I Mess Up With Rebooking Canceled Flight & Lost Bag Help Needed
  56. Premium Economy reasonable price (WAS to Tokyo)
  57. BarclayCard Aviator Bonus Taking Forever to Arrive
  58. AS Lounge members access to Admirals Club(Do Club members have AS Lounge access?)
  59. Need help deciding between AS and AA DC to Reno
  60. Can I enjoy my AA status if flight is operated by non-oneworld airline?
  61. A Passenger Reclined her Seat, then her Seat Became a Punching Bag
  62. Mileage Upgrade Award Refund
  63. San Francisco / SFO Moved to Terminal 1 2020 (inc. new Admirals Club)
  64. Main Cabin Extra seats lost - only 1 seat refund instead of 2
  65. Change ticket online?
  66. Alaska / AS joining oneworld Q1 2021 (was summer ‘21). AA launching SEA-BLR/LHR
  67. Against the rules to give up your FC seat?
  68. Post-flight survey asked about 3rd party lounges
  69. Disappearing DCA to PHL route?
  70. American Airlines Ticket changing policy?
  71. Admirals Club Access Linked to FF Number (to merge)
  72. Gate agent musings
  73. DCA-JFK service reduction affected my trip
  74. best seating in j class on A333 FCO-PHL
  75. Online receipts unavailable after flight rebooking?
  76. Medical emergency on AA915 MIA-BOG 11 Feb 2020
  77. Seat Padding: Why did it go away?
  78. AA Tests Pay Flagship First Dining @ DFW for CK, EXP Fs Lounge Eligible Pax: $150
  79. AA Paper Voucher $800 expiring 2 days (to merge)
  80. STL downgauged?
  81. The availability of citrus wedges on regional jets.
  82. checking in via app and "have you been to China in the last two weeks" question
  83. AA Trip Cancellation & Coronavirus: Discussion & Questions
  84. AA to EGE (Vail) or DEN and drive to Vail?
  85. on Hold this AM, Schedule Change to Nonsense this PM, Can I still book?
  86. AA flight attendant knocked unconscious, another breaks ankles in heavy turbulence
  87. Fare Code Help
  88. Samsonite 20"centric hard luggage carry-on question...
  89. Complementary Upgrades on JFK Transcons Questions
  90. Speculation- Major collapse of AA coming in next year due to IT?
  91. Satire- AA's new widebody business class layout
  92. Milesaaver versus Aviator
  93. Platinum Challenge Help (to merge)
  94. Arriving to LAX on SQ incoming flt can I bag drop to AA
  95. AA.com Search Results
  96. Will AA downsize the LAX Asian Hub? (With / after Coronavirus)
  97. Endless "ticket pending" -- dealing with a likely "mailer" problem?
  98. How long after EIS until you fly a Max?
  99. New longhaul Business seats being evaluated (789 and more?)
  100. DFW-AKL in J = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  101. Currently sitting on a 787-9 Dreamliner instead of A321. Nice substitution!
  102. Early January award seats available but unavailable?
  103. Rebooked - only Main cabin extra / MCE seats available?
  104. Cruel confirmation of AA's ranking as worst airline (inflexible with BE tickets)
  105. Premium Economy ticket with an economy fare basis?
  106. Business vs First
  107. Fewer Flights Out of YVR
  108. Any way to upgrade to Premium Economy?
  109. "Cash equivalent of bonus miles.
  110. Tornado warning at CLT (6 Feb 2020)
  111. FA Thank you notes: pax trashed several. Worth it?
  112. What to do with an extra segment I've been gifted by an OTA?
  113. Why do you bother with AA?
  114. In flight internet - gogo - fail
  115. Seat help: MIA-BCN Business class
  116. Carry-on-only traveler going ORD-ARN with checked-baggage companion. How to proceed?
  117. JL / JAL award showing available on BA but not bookable on AA
  118. HELP booking flights and changing airports (SKB-JFK//LGA-STL)
  119. Cancel Award Flights to/from Asia (not China) - fee waived?
  120. CX F vs J using AA Miles- Still Value?
  121. End of Jan insufficient miles for 4 500 mile upgrade stickers (2020)
  122. Observations on Buy Up to F Offers
  123. $500 voucher for downgrade: still good with my rerouting?
  124. AA codeshares with G3 / GOL, adds MIA & seasonal GIG flights,
  125. These Numbers Do Not Add Up (in my account activity summary)
  126. Saturday Night Live dig at AA
  127. Pilot scheduled to fly AA1528 SJU to PHL killed in Puerto Rico crossfire
  128. Incorrect status showing on AA (should have dropped)
  129. Cleaning crew theft of wallet left in seat pocket on AA flight
  130. What can I do? American have RUINED our vacation? (RTW ticket issues)
  131. $100 Voucher
  132. My Flight Tomorrow is Under Airport Control (downgauged and oversold in F and Y)
  133. Refund to China UnionPay
  134. 5 hours between flights in Miami, not on same ticket?
  135. Question about code-share flight check-in
  136. higher threat of being bumped with a basic economy ticket
  137. SDC confirmed radio button on confirmed upgrade flight
  138. New A321neo config on DL vs AA
  139. Earn 3X American Airlines AAdvantage® miles w/ Hyatt
  140. SWU upgrade list incorrect?
  141. Where will all the extra planes be flying with China cancellations?
  142. AA drops partnership earnings with Hilton, Choice, Best Western 31 Mar 2020
  143. Delayed due to... live frogs
  144. Answering reservations phone: AA vs DL
  145. AA Check-In at EZE
  146. SWU expiry on multi segment trip and Y->W->C upgrade question
  147. 2 PNRs on One Ticket
  148. AA reaches preliminary deal with TWU-IAM (mechanics and rampers)
  149. AA or BA Metal for IAH to LHR to Maximize EQ Earnings?
  150. Booking BA via AA.com
  151. Can this SDC work?
  152. AA.com problem - SWU availability not shown on multi city search
  153. can't search award flights
  154. Free Bag with credit card or status?
  155. AA Starting OKC-LGA
  156. Questions re travel to Cuba on AA (to move)
  157. How to comfort a loved one losing status?
  158. AA EXPs in DEN? (Share experiences maintaining EXP?)
  159. Is my flight flagship business?
  160. AA and APA / pilot union impasse
  161. oneworld Emerald AA baggage allowance on mixed class trip
  162. Cathay Award Search Using AA Miles - System Update Frequency?
  163. American Airlines with wrong birth date on ticket, will this be a problem?
  164. Main Cabin Extra / 757
  165. Upgrade on AA as a BA/OW Emerald
  166. AA to introduce new longhaul seats in 2023 (inc Business)
  167. AA keep changing my selected seats
  168. JFK-TPE AY vs. CX
  169. How early to arrive in YYZ for immigration?
  170. Third bag fee. AA Commuter to delta international (to merge)
  171. ATL-DFW-HND award in J for 47K each, Comments?
  172. Can child use parent's Citi Plat Select AA card to book flight and receive benefits?
  173. EQM earnings for Premium Economy booked as NLE0C8P1
  174. ORD-SLC Mainline + Eagle
  175. PHL-MAN 787 reverting to 767?
  176. American Airlines seat assignment by AA or purchase?
  177. A novelty even for AA — the literal non-apology
  178. whenever I change my seat after OLCI, I can no longer print boarding passes at home?
  179. Admirals Club Mobile Check-in - Disabled in iOS?
  180. Transatlantic price variations?
  181. Award change only once? (to merge)
  182. Can't get business class fares to appear on aa.com
  183. Some things never change. AA non revs take seats and bins
  184. Multiple Economy GSO-DUB trips: how to maximize to earn EXP?
  185. ORD - SFO ... just demoralizing
  186. Citi AAdvantage Executive Contactless Mastercard
  187. Coronavirus COVID-19 AA paid & award China et al cancel / change / questions
  188. Elite Challenge Question - Royal Air Maroc flight
  189. How likely are miles needed for award ticket likely to go down?
  190. Am I the only experienced FT'er to be denied boarding for forgetting visa?
  191. Seat Testing in DFW EOM Jan 2020 by invitation from Focus Pointe Global
  192. Pillows in F on non-prem dom widebodies? (eg, PHL-LAX)?
  193. What’s VIP movement? (AA delay. Is Air Force 1 at MIA right now?)
  194. Another round of free status challenges, by mail
  195. AA ad: “Fly direct to Boston. End up somewhere totally unexpected”
  196. Unrequited AA Refund, yet no applicable flight.
  197. Double details. Trip within trip okay? (Is it Nested Ticketing?)
  198. can seat fee on basic economy tix be refunded if flight changed due to weather delay?
  199. AA meets (or beats) estimates in Q4 earnings release
  200. What are the newest aircraft that AA is currently taking delivery of?
  201. Basic Economy Ticket, possible to keep inbound leg only?
  202. Combining two AAdvantage Accounts - will status transfer?
  203. A321 two-seat exit rows
  204. International Upgrade Advice (ORD/CLT/PHL-LHR)
  205. BA award repriced incorrectly (?) in my favor, potential problem?
  206. AA Wants Employees to be Volunteer "American Champions"
  207. Skipping Segments on Award ticket? (Hidden City ticketing)
  208. Rumor: AA to announce new ultra-long haul to Brisbane
  209. Unhappy customers over no inflight power or WiFi
  210. Captain greets, gives calling card to EXPs on PHX-LAX 18 Jan 2020
  211. AA Adds Supply & Demand SJC, SFO, MKC-MIA Flights for Super Bowl 2020
  212. what happened to MIA>DFW evening flights spring 2020?
  213. Looking for some advice: upcoming honeymoon to VCE
  214. Costco Travel and earning AA EQ, miles
  215. AA adding center dividers to the Super Diamond center seats (to merge)
  216. Business class upgrade, but all planes on itinerary have only 1st and Main Cabin?
  217. Wide open flights, but only J available
  218. When Did AA1 (A321T JFK-LAX) Stop Flying on Saturdays?
  219. Preferred connection? LHR vs PHL
  220. SWU (“VIP”) “A” inventory - Married Segment? (to merge)
  221. AA Inflight Beverages (information and discussion)
  222. AA - please please train all phone agents to do domestic and international awards
  223. AA miles award with BA status - BAEC Gold (=EXP) How assure 3 bags
  224. Chances of Upgrade Clearing and Availability (2020 master thread)
  225. Even status can't call AA customer relations? Any tips to status match elsewhere?
  226. Business Web Saver Award (Using App or New Award Search)
  227. AAdvantage Miles from Third-Party Promotion (How long to post?)
  228. AA Refused to sell me 1st Class Seat - terrible experience
  229. Premium Economy With Miles for Only Part of the Trip
  230. Assistance by Reservations fee question
  231. Seat availability after rebooking
  232. Dfw wx delays
  233. CAN-LAX using AA miles to book CZ F
  234. Downgraded Equip and no seat assignment
  235. No N inventory when O and Q are at 7+
  236. Seeking advice and information YYZ-LHR-BAH YVA / Government fare
  237. Question on checking in 24 hours before departure
  238. Switching frequent flyer numbers
  239. No more physical membership cards for Gold and Plat?
  240. Chance of a free upgrade for BA Bronze / oneworld Ruby in paid PE?
  241. AA removes award close in booking fees January 15, 2020
  242. Spouses with Points - Combine
  243. Does EXP experience get worse after successfully completing trial?
  244. IDB or not IDB: that is the question (VDB, conditions not honored)
  245. American Ranked Last Again in Operational Performance (WSJ Jan 2020)
  246. AA elites helpline for Oneworld Emeralds?
  247. Best time to buy transcon business?
  248. AA72 SYD- LAX Wed 15 delayed by 9 hrs
  249. No business seats available AA263 DFW-PEK Mar 2 if connecting to CAN?
  250. Admirals Club announces new menus 28 January 2020