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  1. Major schedule change coming in September, another in October 2016 (consolidated)
  2. Rebooking nightmare and delayed baggage- is there anything I can do?
  3. Help: upgrade on Y fare booked into W class
  4. Are elite/full fare seats released at 24 hour check in?
  5. Discounted AA Gift Cards Available - eg eBay $100 for $92
  6. NostalgiAA - What Have we Lost?
  7. Q: AA miles reposition fee coded as 'travel'?
  8. Why No More "P" Inventory JFK to LAX or SFO?
  9. Issue with ticketed, confirmed award reservation on CX
  10. Book w/ Avios, but get AS MVP benefits on AA?
  11. AA has botched my milage redemption (to merge)
  12. Can I apply a AA ticket credit to a BA tickets for an AA metal plane?
  13. AA Cuba Commercial Flights As Of 7 Sep 2016
  14. Help -- change of aircraft tomorrow from FCO-ORD (777 F to 772 - to merge)
  15. FAQ: Skipping Segment - Hidden City / Point Beyond / Throw Away Ticketing (master thd
  16. New Functionality? Unable to Change Seat Before Ticketing
  17. Check In Reminder Email, When does it get sent?
  18. Purged credit card accounts and refunds: it took forever, but I finally got a check
  19. Can I Downgrade My First Class MileSAAver Award?
  20. 2 Years Ago Today (8/31/14) Last Legacy AA Meals Were Served
  21. How to maximize TPA-SEA-TPA
  22. ASF16 promo: Bonus miles to Asia on AA/JL - 1K to 15K per RT
  23. Is it okay to drop last 2 flights of Milesaaver award trip?
  24. Purchased flights, but AA not released bank payment authorisation
  25. Barclaycard Aviator Red 10k annual miles bonus since US Airways status
  26. AA Partner Changed / Cancelled AA Award Tickets (merged threads)
  27. Inconsistent First Class service
  28. Speculation: Why are there so few flights between PHL and NYC?
  29. Non-refundable, non-changeable international ticket
  30. MCT at SJC: BA to AA
  31. AA: Be Nice / Great Flyer advertising campaign 2016
  32. Mesa Airlines / American Eagle - Still cash only for alcohol/food?
  33. AS award inventory online visibility issues?
  34. DOT fines AA (& UA, WN) inadequate info IVDB compo, baggage liability (Aug 2016)
  35. Former weekly flyer: Suggestions on gaining status?
  36. Student Universe and STA tickets + SWU
  37. AAnytime award dynamic tiers: higher costs coming to S Pac "late" Sep 2016
  38. Gatting complete fare details from AA ticket receipt
  39. LGA reconstruction - necessary to change flights to JFK/EWR?
  40. Leadership Shake Up; Kirby to United, Isom named President 29 Aug 2016
  41. The "promo code" field when booking flights on aa.com
  42. How many phone agents does AA have?
  43. New to European travel [AA ex-FCO]
  44. AA domestic positioning flight FAQs?
  45. Dep: ZRH on AA stock, segment 1 BA to LHR. Checkin Desk?
  46. AA Passenger International to USA Arrival and Int'l. to Int'l. Transit
  47. Does anyone else go out of the way to route on a widebody?
  48. AA.COM Says 777 But Seat Map 757
  49. Unintentionally Hilarious Ad For Sioux City Service
  50. RDU emergency landing AA today
  51. JFK-STT nonstop no more?
  52. Discrepancy between EY award ticket (J class) and award (F) (to merge)
  53. AA checked alcohol / beer limit? Checked bag.
  54. aa.com requested upgrades including SWUs, TripCase use for waitlisted upgrades, etc.
  55. Question about luggage transfers AA / BA (to merge)
  56. OLCI But System Can't Put Me on Upgrade List
  57. American Airlines Travel (how contact AA for unspecified complaint)
  58. US Domestic flight connecting through Toronto
  59. AA180 transcon: EXP get 1 class upgrade, OpUp get 2 class upgrade
  60. Questions re: AAdvantage, CX and Asia Miles
  61. BA Award ticket standby on AA
  62. Do credit card EQM count toward additional SWUs?
  63. Timing for C class availability opening up?
  64. Do upgrades cascade up?
  65. Took Scheduled Flight, Marked as a no-show.
  66. Business/First MileSAAver Award-middle flight economy?
  67. How to get a one-way MCI to CLT without breaking the bank?
  68. No more 8:35 PM PHL-LAX (as of 9/6)
  69. Elite status expires before flight/ luggage charge??
  70. Using Miles to "Upgrade" Award Flights vs. Upgrade Purchased Ticket w/ Miles
  71. American changed my pre-selected First seats to LHR
  72. Transcon Definition(?)
  73. 20 Mad Dogs / MD-80 (retiring) to ROW today (23 Aug 2016)
  74. Question About Code sharing with BA
  75. Advice sought: PHX-ORD-LHR or PHX-DFW-LHR in January?
  76. Rant: Upgraded on award ticket, trouble checking in, then denied boarding
  77. Not possible to book 2 tickets (one award one purchased) using aa miles?
  78. Consistently unable to purchase fares through AA.com (to merge)
  79. American or Southwest out of Bob Hope Burbank
  80. change fee confusion
  81. AA Codeshares Within Asia
  82. One LAX-LHR rotation changing from 77W to 772 impacts, flight change possible?
  83. Accidental double upgrade using SWU, what happens?
  84. AA Advantage Awards Showing Available but not Available
  85. Cookies on Disembarkation: Really Nice Finishing Touch From MIA Based FAs
  86. AA discontinuing fare bundles?
  87. Finally: HPN-MIA (2x daily YX E-175)
  88. Excellent service American!
  89. How to Request Same Day Change/Standby Online (or Kiosk)?
  90. Booking trip, entered my CC; system charged to travel agent corporate card
  91. Unsolicited email connected to email address used for AA
  92. How much do you value AA's now free IFE?
  93. Why does AA want your travels to be terrible? (rant)
  94. Which fare class?
  95. Upgrade list on airport monitors / GIDS now missing? (Aug 2016)
  96. Monetize Holds!!??
  97. One for the experts: What would AA do? (duplicate booking)
  98. Recent Transatlantic Aircraft Swaps
  99. Questions Re: First Transatlantic Trip on AA (in business)
  100. Strategies to upgrade the domestic segment of international flight sharing same code?
  101. Qantas Seat Selection, but checking in with AA
  102. When does the Citi AAdvantage 10% back post?
  103. Booking British Airways flight with advantage miles on AA.com
  104. Forgot my Citi Prestige card... Way to access AA lounge anyway?
  105. LHR-BOS return without Saturday night stay - why so expensive?
  106. AMA getting one mainline flight
  107. only ONE jfk-las non-stop in December 2016
  108. Targeted 25% off discount offer to HKG for first / business bookings
  109. Boarding pass for AA/BA codeshare flight
  110. Seasonal Baggage Restrictions to Caribbean apply to SJU?
  111. Domestic Upgrade Requests Dropping After International Segment?
  112. ARCHIVE: 2017 Program Year Elite Status Buyback / Renew / Boost (master thd)
  113. AA website IFE page: out of date
  114. Schedule Change...booking with another airline
  115. JFK T-8,, T-1 affected false shots, bomb reports 14 Aug 2016
  116. AA eliminating "Choice" etc. bundled fares 15 Sep 2016
  117. Award and purchased fares to KEF (Iceland)
  118. AA abruptly ends JFK-BOS AM flight- S.Am connections
  119. Dynamic Pricing
  120. Lima via DFW or MIA?
  121. Benefits of AA miles credited to Partner Airlines
  122. Duplicate, impossible and illogical bookings on AA (master thd)
  123. Flight disappeared from app and online before boarding
  124. Non-refundable tickets reusable value w/in a year?
  125. Why did AA need to reprint my boarding pass?
  126. "A" inventory gone from some routes? [Mostly back now]
  127. A books saaver Y award, B then upgrades A's award to saaver J
  128. Additional DFW-HKG Flight? AA 221?
  129. "American Airlines Continues Moving Operations Out of Phoenix" (?)
  130. Crew 'saving' last 4 rows on intl flight
  131. No F fare shown for JFK-SFO?
  132. AA website fail - Royal Tongan Airline Seat Assignment?
  133. A little game.... How Do You Think AA Customer Service Responded?
  134. Using Avios for American Airlines Flights - How Efficient?
  135. Minor time change in award ticket: still able to cancel for free?
  136. Book Alaska flight on aa.com?
  137. AA metal / BA booked Platinum Advice needed!
  138. Best time to book for best international fare, tools.
  139. Comparison of AA and BA business class long haul (merged)
  140. No saaver award availability to HNL, OGG after mid-May 2017?
  141. Luggage in PHL when flying AA723 from DUB to SFO
  142. Free WiFi Streaming IFE on Personal Devices (with App) 08/2016, expansion
  143. Earning Miles on One World Partners
  144. Impossible to purchase/ticket a flight on aa.com!? (Married segments)
  145. MIA or FLL which has the easiest checkin /Security
  146. #1607 atl-dfw 8/6
  147. Did you earn EXP from travel for business, leisure, or both?
  148. How to credit these flights - AS & AA tickets
  149. HNL -DFW which days of the week are most overbooked ?
  150. Possible to book AA metal, AS marketed flights with AA?
  151. Buying First class ticket but first segment is Economy.
  152. SWU question: If confident that MIA-GRU will clear, should I grab JFK-MIA now?
  153. You have to fly with your bags...?
  154. What time to arrive at small QRO, Mexico airport for 6AM flight?
  155. The logic behind AA flight numbers
  156. Keep flying or shut down flying until Jan 1?
  157. AA Partner Award - What Can I Expect When Cancelled or Delayed?
  158. Aborted landing / unexpected go-around experiences and discussion
  159. Buy up to Choice Plus after ticketing
  160. AA ticket Help (to retitle and merge)
  161. Price for two passengers triple the price for one?
  162. Please help me understand what will happen here..
  163. BA vs AA BOS-LHR??
  164. Has AA closed its South Africa sales office?
  165. Transferring MR or UR points to AA
  166. Upgraded. Did I get all the AA miles I was supposed to ?
  167. Schedule Change / Taken off SWU Upgrade List
  168. book F class only on one leg of multicity/partner trip
  169. Award ticket showing extra segment / hasn't re-ticketed
  170. Autistic minor with severe food allergies FA didn't handle properly
  171. Schedule change and refund
  172. Best way to decline a battlefield upgrade?
  173. IHG points to AA miles
  174. ARCHIVE: 2016 "HELP! I need xx EQM / EQD / EQS by end of year" master thread
  175. PROMO: Convert Starpoints to AAdvantage for 20% bonus
  176. Hedging my Bet Between Buying MCE and Receiving Upgrade
  177. Award: Moved from first class to coach on award ticket due to maintenance issue
  178. Always been this expensive to fly to CMI / Champaign IL? (University-owned airport)
  179. Pre-Security Carry-On Size Checks at BOS
  180. Last possible moment to change FF number?
  181. Airbus A321T / 321T 32B Transcon JFK <--> LAX / SFO Upgrade Success / Help
  182. Oneworld status benefits on AA award flight?
  183. Assigned seat, but no ticket or boarding pass?
  184. Early baggage check-in questions (master thd)
  185. Underseat Storage Rules/Etiquette
  186. Are pilots slowing taxi speeds again?
  187. Salt not allowed in carry-on bags?
  188. Hawaii: probability of 763 equipment swap DFW-HNL on daily non-stop?
  189. CLT: Two unruly passengers removed from AA flights within a week
  190. American Award booking from 2 Aadvantage accounts
  191. AA not giving me confirmed seats
  192. Award seats LAX-LHR-DUB only on BA? (to merge)
  193. Multi-city search not working?
  194. Dramatic increase in J fares LAX- JFK
  195. AA flights chronically delayed / poor on-time performance
  196. 50 min turn at SJU - doable? Same a/c for SJU-MIA as MIA-SJU.
  197. Help: Girlfriend accidentally cancelled our flight (resolved)
  198. CLT AAdvantage & Barclaycard Event
  199. New Asinine Rule Regarding Reservations on Hold?
  200. Any downside to dropping my Citi card?
  201. Requesting upgrades
  202. Different fare classes, same PNR
  203. New non-elite upgrade offer option (28 Jul 2016)
  204. Aviator Silver Baggage Delay Coverage
  205. flying AA again after years away - free or cheap exit seats?
  206. AA (BA codeshare) 1 night LHR layover?
  207. Passport stolen on day of travel on AA ex-LIM. What to do?
  208. Speculation - Admirals club with low volumes & possible closure
  209. Cancelling Admirals Club auto renewal online
  210. Booking LAN Operated via AA vs LAN
  211. AA award obligation as airberlin / NIKI depart oneworld / cease operations
  212. 24 hour cancellation within 7 days
  213. Odd fare reduction on obscure (expensive route) for about an hour
  214. 15 year old (minor) cannot take last flight of day? (to merge)
  215. A couple of questions regarding award travel- booking process and day of travel issue
  216. changes to baggage fees, Latin America/Caribbean as of 26 Jul 2016
  217. AA 2349? (DFW-ORD lateness)
  218. AA Coffee makers and flight delays
  219. PHX-CLT error
  220. Concierge Key Miami - Kudos
  221. New change of Award Rules? Asia 1 -> South Pacific via Asia 2 Not allowed?
  222. FRA to CLT AA705 Consistently Arrives when Customs is Closed
  223. Award Ticket Miles Needed Back
  224. Due to schedule change, I have 40 min at CLT, but AA won't let me change? (to merge)
  225. Tool for easy tabulation of RDM/EQM/EQD w.e.f. 1/1/17?
  226. I need help. Booked with AA miles, MAD to Lisbon, now issues
  227. New International Scrutiny?
  228. Do you fear getting kicked out of the bulkhead?
  229. AA Mileage program may be a good thing for someone like me. (To merge)
  230. Is AA's F on the old 777 THAT BAD????? (scenario question)
  231. Speculation: Possible Routes (Flights) and Hubs, Discussion - (2017 on)
  232. AA plane PBI-PHL evacuated & 17 sent to hospital (21 Jul 2016)
  233. No more 67.5k miles redemption from Asia to America
  234. Talk about a CHEAP upgrade to Tokyo on 787!
  235. Can I give a tip or gift to a flight attendant?
  236. AA tells me bye bye to 3400 Euros
  237. How to thank a crew -- when the "In Recognition of Outstanding Service" tickets does
  238. HKG fares out of whack?
  239. US-India tpac OK: when did this happen?
  240. Flying AA TLV-CDG-JFK-CDG-TLV- Two Legs LY Two Legs AA... Baggage allowance?
  241. Admirals Club in CLT
  242. Extending a layover by 3-4 hours options
  243. Bedbug Infestation Reported on Some AA 77W and 787 Crew Bunk Areas
  244. Non-Elite Check-In Upgrade Over Plat 500-Milers
  245. Speculation: Will Barclay / Barclaycard Ever Offer Admirals Club Access?
  246. AA Seat Selection not saving?
  247. FA wakes me hitting me with full trash bag
  248. Mistake or change? Online check in for Brazil
  249. SPG transer bonus?
  250. Using Miles from a different account to pay for award travel